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Great Reads

by Martin Mitáš
How to support scrolling within your controls.
by Higty
This article describes the mail sending process using the SMTP mail protocol.
by David Rogers Dev
Learn how to load related entities using the Entity Framework with simple examples
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Derived work based on the article by Sergey Ryazanov "The Impossibly Fast C++ Delegates": this good solution is fixed and further developed using C++11.

Latest Articles

by Akhil Mittal
Directly check in VS extension to Git repo and automatically deploy to staging server via continuous integration
by Shao Voon Wong
Example of making HTTP REST Request in C++
by Howard 9448490
Creating a reusable editor for C# Applications using the RichTextBox Control
by Cinchoo
Easy way to sort large CSV files using Cinchoo ETL

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Visual Studio 2013 

26 Feb 2018 by Martin Mitáš
How to support scrolling within your controls.
9 Dec 2012 by Higty
This article describes the mail sending process using the SMTP mail protocol.
24 Jul 2014 by David Rogers Dev
Learn how to load related entities using the Entity Framework with simple examples
11 Mar 2017 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Derived work based on the article by Sergey Ryazanov "The Impossibly Fast C++ Delegates": this good solution is fixed and further developed using C++11.
30 Jul 2015 by Tom Chantler
UPDATE: 2015-07-30 - Works correctly in Windows 10 RTM (10.0.10240) with VS2013 and VS2015 - If you're running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and you don't want to disable User Account Control (UAC) - which you shouldn't and quite possibly can't in a corporate environment - then you get an annoying prompt
26 Nov 2017 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
A shoot'n'up HTML5 game made with Phaser game framework
25 Dec 2016 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we'll demonstrate the implementation of k-means clustering algorithm to produce recommendations.
15 Jun 2016 by JosipK, Marko Kozlina
C# and VB.NET console applications that demonstrate how to create and send an email reply with IMAP and SMTP protocols in .NET Framework
22 Mar 2017 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Addresses questions on graphics, threading with UI, form development, printing and more
9 Jun 2019 by Hung, Han
This article is a tutorial on how to code your own Sudoku game using VB.NET
15 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
Open source library for music engraving in desktop, mobile and web applications
2 Feb 2018 by wmjordan
This is a fork of "fastJSON" with new power to control many aspects in JSON serialization and deserialization, such as, serializing interface instances (polymorphic serialization) and private types, including or excluding members, performing data conversions, conditional serialization, etc.
2 Jan 2014 by tetsushmz
This article explains how to dynamically create RDLC.
5 Dec 2015 by Daniel Miller
This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance user/role security principal hierarchy.
21 Feb 2018 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
In this article, I'll show you how to create interceptors to implement AOP techniques. I'll use ASP.NET Boilerplate (ABP) as base application framework and Castle Windsor for the interception library.
27 Apr 2016 by Clayton Rumley
There are those who think I am crazy, and this just might be the proof.
15 Mar 2015 by Marc Clifton
What you may not realize about memory allocation and threads, and a little known thing called "Server Mode"
28 Oct 2018 by Andrew Kirillov
The article demonstrates usage of ANNT library for creating convolutional ANNs and applying them to image classification tasks.
25 Feb 2016 by J.Starkl
A windows-service which can handle different operations in separate threads and which can be controlled by a small GUI program
23 Jun 2015 by Kel_
Presents a real-time gauge implementation that can be used for building dashboards
9 Feb 2015 by Rahul Rajat Singh
In this article, we will try to understand what is Factory Pattern, what are the benefits of this pattern and how we can implement this pattern using C#.
11 Jul 2020 by Ryan S White
CudaPAD is a PTX/SASS viewer for NVIDIA Cuda kernels and provides an on-the-fly view of your Cuda code.
24 Feb 2017 by Marc Clifton
Hashcash is a proof-of-work system used to limit email spam and denial-of-service attacks, and more recently has become known for its use in bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) as part of the mining algorithm.
10 May 2017 by Petrov Vladimir
Former NeHe OpenGL Lessons adapted to MSVS-15 pro MFC in INICODE and the samples of the Joystick implementation
24 Mar 2016 by Wolfgang Foerster
3D Tools for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
24 Aug 2016 by Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF triggers
16 May 2016 by Christ Akkermans
An introduction to the strange world of mixed language programming with FORTRAN and C# .NET code
21 Feb 2018 by Christian Dalle
Calculate a wheel profile matching a road profile.
31 Mar 2015 by Shenwei Liu
A complete sample application using AngularJS, trNgGrid, ngTable, and ASP.NET Web API to access and display data with server-side data filtering, sorting, and paging.
13 Oct 2016 by Vincent Maverick Durano
This article will walk you through on building a data-driven web app from scratch within the context of ASP.NET Core 1.0 using Angular 2 and Web API 2.
5 Aug 2014 by Magyar András
How to create Office 2013 style splash screen for Windows Forms
13 Aug 2018 by Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can implement a thread-safe events (similar to .NET events) mechanism using the standard C++ library.
1 Feb 2017 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
How to build my own 3D graphics engine from ZERO step by step
14 Feb 2022 by Howard 9448490
Creating a reusable editor for C# Applications using the RichTextBox Control
24 Oct 2017 by Emmanuel Nuyttens
Example on how to use Event Sourcing in C#
8 May 2018 by Igor Ladnik
Handy component for asynchronous TCP connection. With the same code it is available in .NET Core and Desktop versions.
20 Jun 2019 by Uzi Granot
The attached open source C# .NET library is an SMTP client implementing implicit SSL and OAuth2 protocols. The library answers the question: how to send email message using Gmail as a server. Or, how to send email message using email server that implements implicit SSL and port 465.
11 Sep 2017 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way to provide silent automatic updates with no server side code
15 Jul 2014 by Vasily Tserekh
A simple 3D exploration of a plaza in OpenGL and C#
30 Sep 2014 by Bernardo Castilho
The article presents an ICollectionView class that supports filtering and sorting.
7 Mar 2016 by DataBytzAI
Get on top of memory leaks and improve user experience when using JQuery/KnockoutJS in a SPA or SPA based Hybrid Mobile Application
10 Nov 2018 by Bjørn
Editing GIF colors without touching the image data within
29 Dec 2015 by Bert O Neill
Query Hadoop using Microsoft oriented technologies (C#, SSIS, SQL Server, Excel etc.)
2 Dec 2014 by Omar Gameel Salem
Implementation of the dynamic programming solution for the Travelling salesman problem
19 Jul 2016 by Sergey Kizyan
10th article from my series. We will talk about LINQ in general and LINQ to objects deferred operators
1 Mar 2017 by Clifford Nelson
This is a more comprehensive example of how to implement a project with MVVMLight
21 Mar 2016 by Marc Clifton
Based on Razor template engine syntax, a straightforward, extensible, easy to maintain implementation of a templating engine.
29 Jul 2016 by Igor Krein
A library of simple extension methods that could be useful for data generation tasks
22 Mar 2017 by raddevus
Part 1: Master the ASP.NET MVC Project Template & Technologies (Razor, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS). Part 2: Build an ASP.NET MVC app which runs in the browser but feels like using a desktop app.
3 Aug 2016 by Avelino Ferreira
The easiest way to implement the ToolStripControlHost and ToolStripDropDown classes, in a UserControl, in order to display a Container/Control beyond the limits of its Parent Container and Parent Form, with very few lines of code. Let's uncomplicate ...
18 Dec 2015 by Mohamed Kalmoua
This article describes how you can deploy your application using ClickOnce and Windows Installer technology.
5 May 2017 by Habibur Rony
This will cover how to use Domain Driven Design in your application according to the Onion Architecture. There are short descriptions about architecture Category / Style, N-Layer / N-Tier Architecture, Template Method Pattern and Facade Design Pattern.
2 Apr 2018 by Clifford Nelson
This gives the code to create a cursor from a character in a font.
28 Sep 2016 by Massimo Fabiano
I know that "returning DataSets from WebServices is the spawn of Satan" but...
4 Oct 2014 by Marco Bertschi
A really basic 3D Cylinder chart, drawn on a WPF canvas
27 Nov 2015 by Christian Vos
How to use Microsoft Unity Interception as a solution for cross cutting concerns in a .NET application
5 Aug 2016 by Grasshopper.iics
Live Streaming Multi Modality Controlled Intel Edison Smart RC Car
7 Sep 2016 by George Swan
An articial life algorithm that attempts to solve a problem by flying a swarm of entities through a range of possible solutions where each entity is guided by the performance of other members of the swarm
14 Feb 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
Create collaborating projects easily
30 Jan 2017 by Michael Haephrati
Chrome stores all passwords and other credentials in an encrypted database but guess what: they can be retrieved by anyone with the proper knowledge. This article will show you how.
1 May 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post, we will get an overview and generate a basic level code using our database table column that will help in development.
1 Aug 2021 by David A. Gray
Though useful and mostly harmless, pitfalls can lead unwary developers astray.
23 May 2015 by Mostafa Asaduzzaman
Simple Message/Reply app using MVC 5
4 Jun 2020 by Vincent Maverick Durano
This article will talk about how to implement a custom wrapper for your ASP.NET Core and Web API applications for managing exceptions, providing meaningful and consistent responses to consumers.
10 Jul 2017 by Yaseer Mumtaz
This article helps to understand the architecture and use of simple data grid developed in Angular 4.
11 Oct 2018 by JL Doty
Overriding the quirky zoom in MS Chart, and scaling axes with nice round numbers
15 Feb 2018 by Igor Ladnik
Basic infrastructure for massive continuous data acquisition and processing using ZooKeeper-Kafka and Redis
19 Aug 2015 by Ganesan Senthilvel
Stimulating journey on evaluation of .NET Testing over the years
5 Dec 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article we will learn about EventAggregator and IActiveAware interface and its uses in WPF application using Prism. This is continuation of second part of article series having total three parts.
2 Jul 2016 by defwebserver
You can easily create a Bot and deploy it on Facebook.
7 Aug 2016 by Grasshopper.iics, Moumita Das
An assistive technology initiative for patients with upper body disability
17 Mar 2017 by Leif Simon Goodwin
How to create a basic system tray app in C# and WPF
13 Dec 2022 by Akhil Mittal
Directly check in VS extension to Git repo and automatically deploy to staging server via continuous integration
21 Jan 2015 by Syed Umar Anis
ExcelXMLExport is a Microsoft Excel 2010 / 2013 Add-in that generates XML data from Excel sheet.
15 Dec 2014 by Hassan Mokdad
In this article I will demonstrate two things: First a very basic and simple code snippet to show how we can use task factory to make our web applications more responsive, the next part will be on how to use the SignalR to broadcast messages from the Web Server to all the clients connected.
28 Feb 2016 by WuffProjects
WuffProject.CodeGeneration is an easy to use, reliable and powerful code generation framework
13 Apr 2016 by Simon B.
How to localize an ASP.NET MVC application and read all text from a database while still using DataAnnotations.
21 Jul 2016 by Gourav Jain MCTS®
This article will give a kick off start to build an application using .NET core on Linux and Windows
1 Feb 2017 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will discuss about the implementation of the SVD++ AI data mining algorithm to produce recommendations based on ratings prediction
15 May 2017 by Charles d'Avernas
A ready-to-use solution for dynamically querying an Entity Framework DbContext in ASP.NET
1 Jun 2018 by Alvaro Carballo Garcia
Comprehensive unit parsing library
28 Aug 2017 by Daniel Vaughan
Use, and learn how to build, a Markdown Monster add-in that outputs HTML compatible with CodeProject's article submission wizard.
25 Feb 2018 by Petrov Vladimir
Weiler-Atherton algorithm in MFC codes demo implementation
19 Jan 2013 by padmore
Getting started recording audio to WAV with WASAPI in Windows Store apps
20 Apr 2015 by Rahul Pawar LogicMonk
A quick look at a Simple WCF RESTful Web Service!
27 Jul 2015 by dgb77
Library to enable simple & secure client/server communications
12 Nov 2015 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
In this article, we started from Generate Inserts procedure, then go through how generates inserts SQL files with this procedure and runs these inserts SQL files to import data.
29 May 2016 by Kenneth Haugland
A simple WPF chart control that draws a 2D line chart.
31 Oct 2016 by phil.o
This article describes the building of Markov Chains and their use for generating random names or words.
3 Jan 2018 by Jasper Lammers
A method to easily toggle the way exceptions are being handled (either being thrown or handled by custom code), while still conserving the stack trace when exceptions are not being thrown.
31 Mar 2018 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
An entertainment app written in C# language for the Xamarin Forms and Android, using a SQLite local database
9 Sep 2018 by Philipp Sch
Finding a fundamental Cycle Set forming a complete basis to enumerate all cycles of a given undirected graph
21 Nov 2014 by CodeFate
Revision of the Global Mouse and Keyboard Library from Brian Geiman
21 Jul 2014 by _Plutonix
An easy to use, customizable Collection Editor; with inheritance support
6 Oct 2014 by Nick Cosentino
Are you excited to get your Myo armband from Thalmic Labs? If you're a C# developer, then check out this open source library to help you control your Myo! The post appeared first on
18 May 2017 by Yuriy Magurdumov
Lazy Joining and Grouping IEnumerable extensions for ordered sequences
22 Dec 2016 by Attila Kúr
Scan a bill barcode with your smartphone and snap! Your PC's money transfer form is automatically filled with all the data from that bill.
29 Feb 2016 by Kenneth Haugland
How to connect hot observables to Rx
25 Nov 2016 by kannankeril
This article is an attempt at splitting out the controller layer to reduce its complexity and improve quality and maintainability of the resulting code.
11 Dec 2016 by Russ Osterlund
Code Obfuscation in 64-Bit Land
8 Aug 2017 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, Iqra Ali
Since I wrote an article previously, I had been asked on various occasions to share the code on Yahoo! or Bing, etc. I wanted to write an article, with the code, which covers all of those vendors as well.
22 Jan 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Implementing text highlighting in a WPF TextBlock control with MVVM
9 May 2016 by ChristianLavigne
As a first application that involves hardware, I decided to keep things simple. The idea is just to hook up a couple Inputs and Outputs and have a program that will work with the GPIO to read/write the values.
30 Aug 2017 by Geek2Simon
Use Excel worksheet's cells as pixels to render real image (for fun and experiment)
2 Jul 2014 by Shemeer NS
Color Picker tool for Visual Studio IDE, VSPackage walkthrough
22 Dec 2017 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on De/Serializing object graphs with XML
4 Jan 2016 by tetsushmz
This article shows how user inputs can be validated dynamically with FluentValidation and INotifyDataErrorInfo in a WPF/MVVM application.
25 Apr 2018 by Clifford Nelson
Concept to create a Singleton for WPF MVVM Binding, and using Weak reference for the property that is bound to.
20 Jan 2017 by Ansel Castro
The article shows how to render 3D graphics with C# in .NET using an API Igneel.Graphics.
28 Mar 2016 by ntg123
Using binding over Graphic-elements to template Tabcontrol to a folder's Cardboard-splitters look
25 Nov 2013 by Fady Aro
Schedule your wifi status
6 May 2014 by Igor Vigdorchik
How to use the Transient Fault Handling Application Block
2 Apr 2015 by ChRi$m0rG@N
An article about an omni directional Arduino Yun robot, and an alternative .Net implementation of CmdMessenger
3 Apr 2017 by Edgar Maass
Display a Point Cloud grabbed by the Microsoft Kinect v2 in a OpenGL control
11 Jan 2015 by SarmadAsghar
Building on My SQL Storage Engines and APIs to Conduct Complex Analysis Using SQL Query Language: Part 5
28 Feb 2015 by Pooja Baraskar
Make your app usable by people who have limitations.
30 Mar 2015 by Eugene Sadovoi
Integrating third party tools and libraries into Visual Studio (MSBuild) configuration environment.
13 Apr 2015 by Anton Chibisov
This tutorial showcases how to implement C++ delegates which are capable of being bound to methods and functions having arbitrary signature, i.e., any number and type of parameters and return value.
17 Nov 2018 by MarkWardell
Undo/Redo Commands implemented with Minesweeper game example
24 Aug 2016 by Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF bindings
28 Jan 2016 by ahmet_uzun
An alternative Tor Browser built with C# using CefSharp and Tor.NET.
19 Apr 2016 by Clifford Nelson
A set of extension methods to support conditional Expression Bodied Functions and Properties
5 Jun 2017 by Mahsa Hassankashi
phenomenon prediction and simulation by Markov Chain Mont Carlo
8 Jun 2017 by David A. Gray
Historically, ETW has been portrayed as having a very steep learning curve, along the lines of the effort required to summit Everest. Realizing its potential value, I set about to reduce the effort to that required to summit Pike's Peak.
30 Oct 2017 by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter
“Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch!” - LEWIS CARROLL
22 Sep 2017 by Dirk Bahle
A list of advanced tips & tricks on Virtualized WPF TreeViews
27 Feb 2018 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Users Guide
16 Oct 2017 by Anton Kleshchev
Coding jQuery widget to accept Bitcoin payments
8 Dec 2017 by Dirk Bahle, Alaa Ben Fatma
Tips & tricks on visting and searching nodes in WPF TreeViews
20 Apr 2018 by Eric Lynch
Part 3 in the LINQ series, this provides an introduction to IQueryable, IQueryProvider, and LINQ expression trees.
15 May 2018 by Eric Lynch
Extends .NET reflection to decode the byte array returned by System.Reflection.MethodBody.GetILByteArray(), discusses the techniques to achieve this, and provides a brief primer on .NET reflection.
20 Aug 2018 by TheQult
Simple middleware to add server side analytics functions to ASP.NET Core
17 Dec 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
To work with Regions effectively in a Prism based WPF application, we must understand the relationship between WPF Controls, RegionAdapters and Regions. In this articles, we will learn about process of Region creation and critical role played by RegionAdapters with a demo application.
16 Feb 2016 by Clifford Nelson
This article presents a behavior that can make another UIElement visible when the mouse down event occurs on the UIElement this behavior is attached to. Have extended this to directly support fading of a Popup control
5 May 2016 by Clifford Nelson
This presents a way to capture a PropertyChanged on a DependencyObject, in this case to capture when the Content on a ContentPresenter changes and setting focus.
30 Mar 2015 by SSDiver2112
Interactive Design Time Control Overlays to make editing custom controls easier.
6 Nov 2012 by Yvan Rodrigues
A head start for App Innovation contestants
30 Nov 2015 by Nejimon CR
Implement WCF web service access from WPF with busy indicator and premature cancellation feature without using delegates, background worker, or separate event procedure
27 Aug 2018 by amitthk
RunCmd is a windows batch file editor,runner utility. It can be used to automate our repetitive tasks using commandline batch files.
27 Oct 2015 by Daniel Pfeffer
A faster method for performing interval arithmetic
26 Feb 2016 by Clifford Nelson
There are cases where it might be desirable to support character input without a keyboard attached in a more embedded application where the keyboard is displayed as part of the window.
26 May 2016 by Wolfgang Foerster
A WPF 3D simulation to visualize the phase space trajectories of a double pendulum
16 Jun 2016 by Joel Ivory Johnson
In this article I take a look at setting up a system for HoloLens development, the compatibility of the applications with other UWP platforms, and introduce Unity for making a 3D application
11 Mar 2017 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Rather insane yet simple approach to the named function parameters
21 Nov 2017 by Shmuel Safonov
Using Bison/Flex for creation of the code convertor from subset of MATLAB language to C code. The converter is used for building native applications and libraries from MATLAB code.
14 Dec 2019 by Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET.
10 Apr 2018 by Nick Polyak
Achieving separation of concerns using Roxy IoC Container and Code Generator.
7 Sep 2018 by Robert Vandenberg Huang
Experiment, run and compare different pathfinding algorithms and heuristic functions
3 Nov 2018 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way for sending WhatsApp messages to an individual or to a group in C++
26 May 2018 by Victor Dashevsky
Processing the positioning information of visual objects detected by Pixy camera and received on Raspberry Pi via I2C, and using common design patterns in a C# program parsing robotics sensor data
20 Dec 2015 by Nick Polyak
continues explanation of basic WPF concepts - multibinding, control templates and styles
11 Mar 2018 by Petrov Vladimir
Weiler-Atherton algorithm in 3D codes demo implementation
24 Aug 2017 by Daniel Vaughan
Using steganography to conceal text within a document or watermark a code file, using a whitespace encoder. Hide text in plain sight!
14 Jan 2013 by DaveAuld
In this section, we look at the basics to get going.
12 Aug 2013 by William SerGio
SwipeClouds HTML5 Canvas Framework for JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap & Cordova
16 Aug 2014 by dietmar schoder
An introduction to trees: generating and drawing.
9 Oct 2014 by Louie Bacaj
Web API was introduced and was recently streamlined into Web API 2.0. This framework is heaven for C#/.NET services developers. It allows you to get a RESTful API in .NET up and running in less than an hour. As you'll see it's also just as easy to consume that API in another programming language.
4 Nov 2015 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
Using replication, you can distribute data to different locations and to remote or mobile users over local and wide area networks, dial-up connections, wireless connections, and the Internet.
23 Apr 2016 by Kenneth Haugland
Create B-Spline and NURBS curves and learn how to use and manipulate them.
4 Mar 2017 by Robert Vandenberg Huang
An introduction to make a simple 2048 console application in C#
29 Jun 2017 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
This toolchain (v.2) helped me to accelerate article writing, reduce the number of mistakes and save tons of time; some of my recommendations could help
26 May 2017 by John Trinder
Comprehensive Multi-Slider(-Range) that can add, delete and move arrows (thumbs)
18 Aug 2017 by VisualMonsters
Magic blocks -Simple logical game tutorial
20 May 2018 by Eric Lynch
In this article, we explore the implementation of a Visual Studio editor that allows editing of a fictitious "Colorful" language. The editor minimally implements both syntax classification / coloring and IntelliSense completion.
1 Aug 2018 by Habibur Rony
This article mainly covers how to setup and configure Azure AD tenant and integrating Azure AD into ASP.NET Core 2.0 web app for authentication and role based authorization.
21 Nov 2015 by Clifford Nelson
This article shows how to create a very simple control in C# that overrides the ArrangeOverride, GetVisualChild, and VisualChildrenCount to create a panel that shadows and disables contained controls.
1 Apr 2016 by Clifford Nelson
This article presents a simple bar graph using an ItemsControl with a custom DataTemplate
2 Jun 2015 by Johnny J.
A custom drawn TrackBar that looks like the one in the classic Winamp skin
5 Sep 2015 by Maxim Kurayan
EF Dynamic Report is a small open source project which allows you to use Entity Framework mapping between types and tables as a dynamic report data source
13 May 2018 by Nick Polyak
New simple but powerful IoC container
26 Aug 2017 by Dirk Bahle
Implementing a WPF/MVVM Control libray (with backend) that manages a Most Recently Used list of files.
14 Jul 2014 by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter
How to access controls created from ASP.NET template...
9 Jun 2015 by beep
A full WPF sample application demonstrating IronPython business rules
2 Feb 2016 by Clifford Nelson
A problem with the WPF MVVM design pattern is closing a window from the ViewModel. This article presents a method that allows the use of dependency properties to be used to control the closing of a window
29 Feb 2016 by wells cheung
Privilege Control System based on MVC and WCF.
23 Mar 2016 by Rubén Hinojosa Chapel
Prototype for a plugin architecture based on the Prism Library and the Modern UI for WPF (MUI) toolkit
4 May 2016 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post I am going to demonstrate how to use Angular UI Grid with server side pagination in ASP.Net MVC application.
4 Jul 2016 by Avelino Ferreira
"Don't care about Google Maps/Routing/StreetView programming. This Control gives your WinForms applications the power of Google Maps API v3". - my previous article. Unfortunately, since Dec.2015, Google Maps JavaScript API applications requires authentication and the program stopped working properly
13 Sep 2016 by Sergey Kizyan
Next article from the C# series. Continuation about LINQ operators for LINQ to objects
28 Dec 2016 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article we will learn how to use Unity framework with ASP.NET MVC 5 application to register and resolve dependent objects.
18 Jun 2017 by Dr. Song Li
This is a note on Owin (Open Web Interface for .NET) hosted services.
26 Aug 2017 by Erik Drent
Simple POCO mapper for EPPlus
25 Nov 2017 by Daniel Carvalho Liedke
Project to generate Excel Spreadsheet from DataSet with auto size (AutoFit) columns, auto-filter, alternating light blue background color with Open XML using ASP.NET MVC
29 Nov 2017 by raddevus
Get Started in UWP (moving away from WinForm) Chapter 7 Saving journal entries in the file system
8 Aug 2017 by LostTime76
A custom panel which allows elements to be resized using splitters
28 Jan 2018 by Shao Voon Wong
Always use Erase-remove Idiom to erase vector elements
16 Dec 2014 by Suvabrata Roy
Here is a help on NxBRE (Rule Engine) for basic business rules
4 Jul 2014 by Stein Borge
Enables automatic view model generation of properties, look up values, command, event and model linkage
24 Oct 2014 by Yvan Rodrigues
Quickly count the number of pages in a collection of PDF documents
21 Dec 2014 by arussell
How to use C# to create WPF 3D graphics.
6 Apr 2015 by HKHerron
A C# API Library for Discovering, Registering and Controlling Sony devices equipped with a LAN or WiFi port.
24 Aug 2016 by Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF resources
29 May 2015 by beep
Introduction to the Aim framework for dynamic scripting
12 Jun 2015 by Steffen Ploetz
Currently none of the big Linux/Unix (X11) GUI application frameworks (GTK+, KDE) support XAML based application development. The Moonlight project (including XAML support) was abandoned on May 29, 2012. This article reviews a XAML based application with WPF geometry objects (shapes).
2 Jan 2016 by Atish Dipongkor
Creating Custom Date Picker, People Picker and Choice for SharePoint 2013 Apps or Content Editor Web Part using AngularJs/jQuery.
30 Jun 2016 by Simon Gulliver
Really? Then why is so much effort wasted writing boilerplate which can be more accurately and efficiently automated?
8 Nov 2015 by koolprasadd
This article help you to create word table using OpenXML without interop object
18 Feb 2016 by Kuv Patel
Debug stored procedures in Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.
6 Mar 2016 by Hiske Bekkering
A simple explanation of how to synchronize custom painting with a ProgressBar's default painting.
27 Mar 2016 by Kenneth Haugland
Create cold observables, intercept observables and split observable into async tasks.
1 Aug 2016 by douglas young
Drag and drop programming
4 Nov 2016 by UberGeoff
A reusable MVC popup message box with Ajax functionality - that can bind to any model
27 Sep 2016 by Clifford Nelson
This is an alternative for "How to Embed Arbitrary Content in a WPF Control"
3 Oct 2016 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
In this article I talk about how to use ASP.NET Core MVC, Fluent NHibernate and Angular JS to implement a CRUD SPA (Single Page Application).
26 Oct 2016 by Clifford Nelson
Presents a concept for creating a masked TextBox, and has the implementation for a TimeSpan and double value
14 Nov 2016 by Peter N Robinson
Press either CTRL key to find out where the mouse pointer is...
30 Jun 2017 by Daniel Ziegelmiller
Connecting WPF with Windows Workflow (WF)
27 Apr 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will formulate and discuss CLOPE data mining clustering algorithm that allows to drastically increase the quality and efficiency of categorized data clustering and can be easily used for recommendation-specific purposes
14 Aug 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post, we are going to implement dynamic highchart with Angular6 and ASP.NET Core.
2 Sep 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this brief article, we will demonstrate how to deploy a Node.js application and run it on Docker's Windows Server Core 2016 Containers
14 Oct 2014 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
The ShellScript is originally developed for the debugging of my "genome-in-code" virtual cell simulation engine, but now it becomes a script language for a .Net program.
4 Dec 2015 by Nejimon CR
This article describes how to put your WCF client configuration in a class library's config file instead of client application's config file
16 Jun 2018 by Shao Voon Wong
Overloaded Operators to write concise code on STL Set Algorithms
29 Oct 2014 by Steffen Ploetz
Currently none of the big Linux/Unix (X11) GUI application frameworks (GTK+, KDE) support XAML based application development. The Moonlight project (including XAML support) was abandoned on May 29, 2012. This article shows 'how to' a XAML based ribbon application with the Roma Widget Set (Xrw) in C#
19 May 2014 by databaseobjectmodel
10 Oct 2014 by Steffen Ploetz
Currently none of the big Linux/Unix (X11) GUI application frameworks (GTK+, KDE) support XAML based application development. The Moonlight project (including XAML support) was abandoned on May 29, 2012. This article shows 'how to' a XAML based dialog application with the Roma Widget Set (Xrw) in C#
12 Jul 2016 by David A. Gray
Share Win32 string resources without the risk of conflicting resource IDs
7 Dec 2016 by Kuv Patel
Convert a class library of POCO classes to datacontracts for use with WCF without having to write DataContract and DataMember attributes directly to the POCO classes.
12 Apr 2016 by Kenneth Haugland
The origin, design and usages of octave band frequencies and designing weight filters
1 May 2016 by Pritam Zope
In this article we will automatically close the HTML tags when starting tag is typed in RichTextBox in C#
11 Jun 2016 by kaviteshsingh
A simple utility to find duplicate files in a folder (including sub-directories).
29 Aug 2016 by Ali Adly
A simple example that shows how to create detail grid template at runtime using ASPxGridView
29 Sep 2016 by Tanvir Ahmad Arjel
There are lots of ways to implement Uniqueness or Unique Key attribute on a model property other than primary key, but here I am going to discuss two possible best and easiest ways to do so in two parts of these series. This is Part 2.
7 Oct 2016 by Stefano12777606
How-to setup log4net logging tool, create different objects configured to store their own logs in their own log directory and zip older logs
11 Nov 2016 by Mehedi Shams
Coding a simple magic with cards!
21 Dec 2016 by DataBytzAI
A quick look at data quality, and using expression trees to automate QA data testing
19 Sep 2017 by Igor Krupitsky
Application lets you copy tables from Paradox to SQL Server
5 Apr 2018 by Jay Kang
Introduction to a new approach to distribution
10 May 2018 by Jack Xu, USA
This article provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use ASP.NET Core MVC to create charts in web applications with data from either the client or server side.
30 May 2018 by syed shanu
This article will explain in detail about, how to create an ASP.NET Core Blazor Filter and Sorting for HTML Table using Entity Framework and Web API.
6 Jun 2018 by Shao Voon Wong
Simple Permutation and Combination Parallelism Examples
24 Oct 2018 by Mark Kruger
Visual Studio loader with arguments
31 Dec 2016 by Andrew Lai
This is Part 2 of my Raspberry Pi traffic light and weather station project - The mobile app
28 May 2015 by Magnus Rindeberg
An implementation of VariableSizedWrapGrid for the Windows Desktop.
27 May 2015 by syed shanu
MVC, AngularJS and WCF Rest Service for Master / Detail HTML Grid
11 Jan 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on using checkboxes within a WPF treeview.
4 Aug 2016 by BouncyTarget
A sample Role Playing Game using SpriteLibrary to do the graphics
14 Dec 2016 by Rahul Sabharwal
Setting up Angular2 in Visual Studio 2015 update 3
27 Jun 2014 by Super Lloyd
A fully featured yet short (only 436 lines) replacement for datatables
22 Dec 2014 by Turay Melo
This is an alternative for "Creating an Outlook 2010 Add-In"
27 Jan 2015 by luckylaxman
Create, read, update, delete,Log in and Log out, (CRUD) operations are easy to perform in ASP.NET MVC. By using the default T4 scaffolding templates and strongly-typed views you can quickly build a web application that can create, update, and delete records.
8 Feb 2015 by tkontos
A WTL based, XML driven shortcut replacement
18 May 2015 by Tony Jen
Let's try to use validation in AngularJS using ng-message.
10 Sep 2015 by Kenneth Haugland
Create HLSL files, compile them and use them in a WPF appliction. A light Shazzam Shader Editor tool for Visual Studio
27 May 2015 by DataBytzAI
How to develop a single page application (SPA) without a framework using MVC and SammyJS
7 Dec 2018 by Yuriy Magurdumov
This article describes more scalable implementation of MessageQueue.ReceiveByCorrelationId method.
15 Jul 2015 by Bryan Tubbs
This article will show how to create and/or a list of a particular class type from a SqlDataReader object by dynamically creating a lambda expression to carry out the process of populating the list.
27 Oct 2015 by Bill Menees
AT&T’s vertical and horizontal coordinates can be used to calculate the latitude and longitude for rate centers and wire centers as well as the distances between them.
11 Nov 2015 by Jeroen Richters
This article describes a validation framework for MVVM based WPF controls.
10 Nov 2015 by Steffen Ploetz
Currently none of the big Linux/Unix (X11) GUI application frameworks (GTK+, KDE) support XAML based application development. The Moonlight project (including XAML support) was abandoned on May 29, 2012. This article introduces a XAML based Minesweeper game with WPF.
20 Nov 2015 by stebo0728
MDI Case Study Purchasing - Part V - ObjectDataSource
29 Nov 2015 by MatthewThomas
Adding design time support for regions in Prism 6
27 Dec 2015 by Sotirios Diamantis
You have a problem with your app, and limited computer resources; this code will help you find the problem, by giving you the sequence of function calls that caused it.
16 Jan 2016 by Najeeb Shaikh
Unlike SQL databases, Redis does not support querying by columns natively, which means that you have to maintain your own indexes. As it turns out, Redis provides a rich set of data types to the programmer to ease this task.
15 Mar 2016 by Satbir S
A worker thread gives you parallel processing power
8 Apr 2016 by V.
Convert FITS file to known image formats and use those images for a "zooming" functionality (image transparency)
1 Nov 2016 by Sleeper 11888211
A beginner/hobbyist project that uses Visual Basic to send gamepad data via a Bluetooth connection to control an Arduino remote tractor is presented.
3 Mar 2017 by Paolo Foti
Save and restore your design work using a persistence manager based on XAML code
15 Mar 2017 by slarres
Low impact method for using a Session variable + custom Action filter to allow end users to select a test date of their choosing, thus overriding the default date used during web requests.
25 Mar 2018 by Christiaan van Bergen
Automatically validate your AutoMapper mapping after each and every build with AutoMapperPostBuild
2 Dec 2017 by Alvaro Carballo Garcia
Library extending the .NET numeric support
4 Dec 2017 by Pierre Nortje
We do not want to keep asking for information. Let's create an API to send push messages regarding the current cryptocurrency stock market.
12 Dec 2017 by raddevus
Get Started in UWP (moving away from WinForm) Chapter 12 Working with the ListView - Setting up ListView style via XAML, using data binding and anonymous types in C#.
27 Jan 2018 by Matej Pavlů
MVVM friendly ways of connecting MediaPlayer to your ViewModel
10 Mar 2018 by Joe Dillon
This article describes the security techniques required to create a secure offline password manager and how the Libsodium library has been used to achieve this. YAPM stores passwords with AES encryption and authenticates users with an Argon2 hash.
3 Mar 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post we are going to secure our NodeJS API’s with customized security token generated by logged user and HTTP actions.
26 Mar 2018 by William Hey
Factoring classic integers
30 Mar 2018 by Milan Stanacev
How to use EF Core code-first approach when DB schemas are split into multiple projects and DB contexts.
4 May 2018 by Marc Clifton
Examples in C#, C# with ClearScript + Javascript, and pure Javascript
13 Aug 2018 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see how to develop our first ML.Net application to predict the Item stock quantity.
16 Aug 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post, we are going to implement braintree payment gateway with ASP.NET Core 2.1
30 Oct 2018 by Leonard E. James
Create initial object model and database and display first Razor Page
20 Oct 2018 by Rahul Jain (.Net Developer)
In this article, we will learn to setup log4net in our application for the very first time.
2 Dec 2018 by Leonard E. James
Add Project and Project State Processing
19 Jul 2016 by Khunt Suchit
How to use a WCF Service without adding a Proxy or Service Reference in MVC Application
19 Dec 2014 by Prafulla Hunde
Shows how speech recognition can be used with WPF.
18 Jan 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on de/serializing Tree View based content with XML
22 Apr 2017 by Cinchoo
Easy configuration management in .NET
25 Dec 2014 by Yin Kan (Gavin) Lee
Stream large result set from Web API to WPF on background thread and display on Datagrid
28 Jan 2015 by Kemeny Attila
Repository layer which creates proxy class for an object which is implemented in a different component.
2 Sep 2014 by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat
This article will introduce how to use a client-side template in ASP.NET (Web Form / MVC) with Mustache.js
23 Jun 2015 by Kel_
A game of life "MMO", with a persistent simulation running on the server.
21 Jul 2014 by Bert O Neill
Mock (moq) your service in your MVC controller
28 Jul 2014 by Bryan Croteau
A technique for generating ViewModel objects dynamically, with foreign key-like references.
7 Aug 2014 by JIANGWilliam
TERESA is a compact CSS Selector based Selenium WebDriver wrapper and enabler that provides a pattern to develop Automated tests more efficiently.
11 Dec 2019 by kametepe
This article shows how to simply create .rdlc report in Lightswitch Html client without using WCF RIA Services
3 Sep 2014 by _yaRus_
Frontend design for ASP.NET web applications
13 Oct 2014 by S.Prateek
A fast draw to make a rating control for Windows Phone 8.1
5 Nov 2014 by Mario Majčica
A technique to ship your snippets via a VSIX package
25 Nov 2014 by David Killian
A reflective approach to providing stored procedure based data access methods with a reuse pattern based on polymorphic Types as arguments in ObjectResult
4 Dec 2014 by Ivan Yakimov
In this article, I'll show you how to modify expressions which are used to create Entity Framework queries.
3 Dec 2014 by Bruce Greene
An alternative MVVM implementation that employs a set of proxy control classes to act as a sort of "Platonic Ideal" WPF page for interaction with the view model.
12 Dec 2014 by Yuriy Magurdumov
Calling native methods from .NET application via standard Windows Named Pipes
21 Dec 2014 by BobbyPhillips
Step-by-step guide to building a WCF Web Service hosted in a Windows Service
7 May 2015 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
You see, this small utility tool save much of your time, this is another happy day! I hope you can enjoyed this code.
21 May 2015 by Shai Raiten
Lync Add in Development, How to add custom context menu and CWE application using single code base.
3 Jun 2015 by Yvan Rodrigues
Store and retrieve messages in a central repository with SMS using Twilio and ASP.NET.
21 Sep 2015 by Atish Dipongkor
Synchronize Active Directory (AD) users to a SharePoint List. We will create a timer job for that. This timer job will periodically sync AD users to a SharePoint list.
29 Sep 2015 by DotNetSteve
Variety is the spice of life - rewarding PDF AcroForm reader
30 Sep 2015 by Steffen Ploetz
Currently none of the big Linux/Unix (X11) GUI application frameworks (GTK+, KDE) support XAML based application development. The Moonlight project (including XAML support) was abandoned on May 29, 2012. This article introduces a XAML based 7 segment LCD display utilizing a WPF UserControl.
16 Oct 2015 by Bert O Neill
Validate your Restful Service Methods using SoapUI (which can then be integrated into TFS build CI)
13 Feb 2016 by Paulo Henrique S.S.
Getting started with MongoDB 3.2 and C# driver 2.0
29 Feb 2016 by DataBytzAI
Fast way to post pre-prepared twitter updates, without using the API
4 Mar 2016 by Ondrej_Uzovic
Simple example showing how to implement secured authenticated communication using the SRP protocol.
24 Mar 2016 by lw@zi
Simple way to do basic mathematical operations on large positive natural and decimal base 10 numbers
26 Mar 2016 by Amit Kumar Tiwari
.NET to Hadoop connection using Keytab file
13 Apr 2016 by Steve Grundy
This article describes using the Windows MIDI API functions in a managed environment.
24 Apr 2016 by Marc Clifton
A road trip to implement generic TaskCompletionSource for non-generic message event types
12 May 2016 by Sibeesh Passion
How to enable the API descriptions for better understanding of how our API controller works and what exactly it is supposed to do
26 May 2016 by Dilip Nandakumar
Using Dependency Injection to manage navigation and assigning data context in MVVM design.
30 May 2016 by Cinchoo
Tip: Asynchronous abortable long running tasks using Cinchoo framework
24 Aug 2016 by Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF Templates
15 Jul 2016 by Gabor L Ugray
A quick Windows programmers' guide to building a secure .NET Core web app for a Linux VPS and NGINX
5 Oct 2016 by Sushil Sh.
How to configure Angular material with Requires JS (AMD)
20 Sep 2016 by douglas young
Visual Programming Language
4 Oct 2016 by Martin Lachman
How to create a system on MS SQL Server for detection of actual changed records in a database table.
10 Dec 2016 by Alexey Chernobaev
Date and time source interface allows to use different actual date and time sources (e.g. current system time or accelerated system time) in your C# code to simplify debugging, simulation, etc.
24 Mar 2017 by Steffen Ploetz
This article introduces a small tool (much simpler than sandcaste help file builder) to create HTML help for .NET/MONO assemblies and reviews the XAML based approach to create GUI application with the Roma Widget Set XrwXAML.
3 Mar 2017 by wim4you
Launch additionally a limited number of hand picked Programs, Documents or Folders from the taskbar
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Interesting Coding
6 Dec 2017 by raddevus
Get Started in UWP (moving away from WinForm) Chapter 10 Refactoring sometimes means fixing bugs -- Getting the DailyJournal FileName format working.
7 Dec 2017 by raddevus
Get Started in UWP (moving away from WinForm) Chapter 11 LoadFileFromStorage - When changes from this chapter are complete you'll have an app which saves all entries and loads them from files.
16 Mar 2018 by Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
Adding Support for Microsoft Kinect to ThiefWatcher application
24 Mar 2018 by Ehsan Sajjad
This post outlines why we would implement Equality for a Reference Type and how we can do that.
13 Jun 2018 by syed shanu
In this article, let’s see how to create our own ASP.NET Core Blazor Master Detail HTML Grid with Sorting and Filtering using Entity Framework, and Web API. We also use the Dynamic Content features of Blazor to create our Master Detail Grid.
1 Oct 2018 by asiwel
How to Deploy Trained Models Concurrently
2 Dec 2018 by Leonard E. James
Complete Initial CRUD Pages
9 Nov 2018 by YasIkeda
Tutorial about how to add authentication functionalities to your existing ASP.NET Core project using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UI package
21 Feb 2016 by Abdullah Al-Muzahid
This is a RAD tool which can be used to generate codes for CRUD operation in ASP.NET and C# automatically based on Database Model Diagram.
1 Feb 2015 by Nick Polyak
Present Roslyn's code analysis capabilities in easy samples
8 Apr 2018 by Sem Shekhovtsov
The how-to article that summarises best practices for unit testing ASP NET Core MVC controller using NUnit and Moq framework
1 May 2016 by vulf
Dictionary with keys and indexes
28 Mar 2018 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
How to build an app with chat capability using Azure Redis cache
8 Sep 2014 by cogi83
A SW to send your WAN IP and other info via email
14 Sep 2014 by padmore
How to call Nest API from .NET using FirebaseSharp
20 Dec 2014 by john_1726
A guide to constructing an application using Expression Blend and Silverlight for the front-end which obtains data from a WCF service and SQL Server back-end
3 Mar 2015 by Gaston Verelst
This article describes how to set up the deployment from VSO to an MS Azure website
30 Mar 2015 by Jeroen Richters
This article describes a technique to interact with the user from view-model level.
5 May 2015 by Asif Bahrainwala
26 May 2015 by Ondrej_Uzovic
Simple example showing how to implement live video streaming from Windows Phone 8.1 (Silverlight) to a standalone desktop application
13 Sep 2016 by Atish Dipongkor
How to create a Sandboxed Workflow Action for SharePoint On-Premise (2013 or 2010)
7 Oct 2015 by Roger500
Detect and correct unresponsive forms
12 Nov 2015 by Alvin Ashcraft
Open source software (OSS) development has reached the mainstream .NET community and created a whole new customer segment for development tools. Microsoft has responded to this need by creating the Visual Studio Community Edition.
14 Jan 2016 by Mr.PoorEnglish
Organize your DelegateCommands hierarchical in one Viewmodel-Object - A Style generates a proper Menu from that. You also can set individual CommandBindings, to Buttons or MenuItems.
23 Jan 2016 by Peter Devo
This article presents designing and creating a WinForms User Interface using the DevExpress WinForms controls (version 15.2).
18 Feb 2016 by Admir Tershalla
Learn how to control Windows services via ServiceController in Windows Forms Application
15 Feb 2016 by Ahmed Amer Jaf
Fast n Easy Way to parse Json data
26 Feb 2016 by Pavel Sinkevich
How to programmatically change schema name in database project before deployment
1 Mar 2016 by William SerGio
Angular Editor for the Angular Shopping Cart I posted here on CodeProject
18 Mar 2016 by Robert Gowland
Reduce duplicate code in your unit tests with NUnit's parameterized testing attributes. Learn how with this easy refactoring exercise.
28 Aug 2016 by George Sefcik
This article will show an easy way to add the ability to print, or save as an image, each screen (Window) or FrameworkElement (UserControl) in your application.
10 Apr 2016 by AIT SALEM BOUSSAD
This first part of the article presents how to inject a DLL inside lsass process by using Windows service
23 Apr 2016 by Simon B.
This article shows a cool trick to display a loading animation while waiting for a download to start. If the download starts, the animation is automatically hidden.
2 Jul 2016 by Abhishek Mishra - Dotnet and Azure PAAS Architect
This article demonstrates how to create a new Azure storage table and perform CRUD operations on the table.
7 Jul 2016 by Abhishek Mishra - Dotnet and Azure PAAS Architect
This article demonstrates how to build a basic Bot using C# and debug the Bot using Bot Framework Emulator
14 Jul 2016 by Dinezh Dinaz
To show a list of records without knowing number of columns using WebGrid
13 Sep 2016 by ArindamNayak
This article explains how to get code coverage from website, web application , web service, stanalone executable etc..
3 Apr 2017 by ATUL_LOONA
ILP using Google linear optimizations
13 Nov 2016 by Jack Vanlightly
In this article we'll look at common patterns in batch processing and how the Taskling libraries provide a simple and reliable way of using those patterns in your C# batch jobs.
12 Nov 2016 by Daniel Vaughan
Using resource switching to support multiple deployment scenarios in Xamarin.Android projects.
12 Apr 2017 by PJ Arends
This is an alternative for "An AutoRepeat Button Class"
13 Apr 2017 by zapsolution
Stereo mix audio capture with peak level display
19 Jun 2017 by Alexander Sharykin
LibraryCommander is a personal desktop application to manage my texts (e-book) collection, classify and search them by categories and tags.
3 Jul 2017 by zapsolution
Windows 10 multimedia player 64-bit
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Architecture and design decisions
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Job Scheduling Code
14 Sep 2018 by wmjordan
Circumventing language obstacles and optimizing performance with Dynamic Methods, Dynamic Assemblies.
26 Dec 2017 by Ivan Yakimov
In this article, I'll describe how to find typos in JSON document which must be deserialized in a .NET object. Also, I'll show how to deal with obsolete properties.
23 Jan 2018 by Emmanuel Nuyttens
Brief example on how to use an IO Bound Async / Await process
31 Jan 2018 by Pawel idzikowski
How to replace the web API request query string to provide case insensitive OData search
19 Mar 2018 by Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can extend the ObjectPresentation library behavior.
1 Apr 2018 by Daniel Vaughan
Learn how to leverage the asynchronous ICommand implementation in Codon FX to support commands that kick-off long-running operations.
24 Apr 2018 by Yisrael Lax
Library that provides custom casting functionality from one type to another between properties with disparate names and types
28 Jun 2018 by charles922
Anagram Generator
21 Mar 2015 by Joe Dufresne
A small utility app which uses the excellent NAudio library to help organize backing tracks (audio files for band minus one situations), chord / lead sheets, lyrics, etc. Intended for Windows tablets running a full version of Windows 8.1.
14 Sep 2016 by STalha.Munir
This article explains the security concerns in respect to URLs with plain ids and unique identifiers and presents a solution using custom attributes in ASP.NET MVC 5.
9 Nov 2014 by Cinchoo
Easy to create and use windows system tray applications
6 Jun 2013 by freedeveloper
A tutorial to catch the Model in your client side and use client events to show filtered information without returning to server
5 Oct 2014 by Scott Kuhl
Use WinJS 3.0 to create a cross-browser web app that can also be extended as a native Windows app.
21 Oct 2014 by greggma
Demonstrates how to extend RX with fluent extensions using an synchronised, pausable and batch observable.
5 Jan 2015 by Emiliano Musso
Entry-level examples on MVVM pattern, explaining the basic methods to mantain separated a program's graphical interface from its business logic
26 Jan 2015 by debiprasadghosh
To get referential transparency (no side effect) of Collection and List, C# added ReadOnlyCollection and ReadOnlyDictionary, which is been extended to ReadOnlyCollectionTree and ReadOnlyDictionaryTree in this Article.
16 Feb 2015 by Robert Vandenberg Huang
A example project about how to "manually" control HTTP caching in Web API.
19 Dec 2015 by RiniBoo
Automatically update your dynamic IP address, supports multiple DNS Providers and IpCheckers. Project was started to update Amazon AWS Route 53.
13 Mar 2015 by Gaurav Aroraa
Introduction In these days RAD (Rapid Application Development) is growing at its large. There are numerous framework available to develop Web Applications or Web Projects. We can use either ASP.Net or ASP.Net MVC from Microsoft or any other framework. Although, NancyFx is having its own support for
26 May 2015 by FrankSzendzielarz
Here I share the code of an R&D experiment to explore an alternative approach to data virtualization, using Rx and a XAML ListView in a Windows Store app, where I consider the IObservableVector as an "Observing" collection that reacts to UI event streams
23 Jul 2015 by David MacDermot
A class to implement SPI in C# using DAQmx C api and pInvoke.
16 Sep 2015 by _Plutonix
Helper class to add, change and delete Registry based Explorer Context Menus from your app
24 Jan 2016 by Steffen Ploetz
Check OpenGL as a basis for appealing applications, that are not necessarily games.
3 Feb 2016 by Michael B. Erickson
Add rich reporting of exceptions to improve error reporting to users and diagnostics to development.
18 Mar 2016 by Zohaib Sibte Hassan
Getting started on using LevelDB for your UWP application
20 Mar 2016 by Sumit Samediya
In this article we will learn how to use existing sqlite database in WP 8.1 apps.
29 Nov 2016 by Kemeny Attila
A complete example of using the WCF data contract surrogate
10 Apr 2016 by Dmitriy Gakh
One new method of explaining of boxing and unboxing
22 Apr 2016 by Khademul Basher
How to use client side JavaScript toolkits such as Gulp and Bower with ASP.NET 5 project using Visual Studio 2015
30 Apr 2016 by Christ Akkermans
Part II of the FORTRAN Interoperability with .NET series where we introduce the ISO C Binding which greatly simplifies interoperability.
11 Jun 2016 by Vikas Srivastava
Pluggable Audit Framework using Unity, Interception and Reflection
3 Aug 2016 by Vyacheslav Chernykh
F#-implementation of algorithm for incremental construction of minimal deterministic finite automata through adding and removing strings.
10 Sep 2016 by Midi_Mick
A set of extension methods giving System.Data.SQLite access to Savepoints
17 Dec 2016 by Dr. Song Li
This is a note on a stupid, brutal force, terrible, yet not very horrible method to deploy the big Angular 2's 42.8 MB "node_modules" folder.
30 Jan 2017 by Darren G441
How to build a matrix display to represent a many-to-many entity relationship
24 May 2017 by raddevus
Use SignalR to create a Slideshow app which asynchronously updates all web clients so they see the same slide you are seeing.
18 Sep 2017 by Shmuel Safonov
Creation a numeric library that calculates with quadruple floating-point precision and used from MSVC C/C++ code
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - The CSV and Excel Importer Code
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - How Packages Are Run
14 Dec 2017 by Sergey L. Gladkiy
Simple edit control for physical data input
30 Dec 2017 by Shao Voon Wong
C++ Summing For Loop Benchmark yield interesting results and assembly code across different compilers.
16 Mar 2018 by Nick Polyak
Describes new important Roxy features for mapping the interface and its implementation wrapper
19 Apr 2018 by Zoltán Zörgő
One application, multiple SignalR endpoints with different hubs
19 Apr 2018 by charles922
AngularJS and REST API Tutorial - Part 2
27 Apr 2018 by Member 11896794
This custom database first approach token authentication will enable you to apply token-based authentication in your application in a simple way with no hassle.
14 Aug 2018 by charles922
Demonstrate Clipping Plane in WPF 3D
7 Oct 2018 by David A. Gray
This article demonstrates a class library that supports command line parameters with default values stored in application settings.
22 Nov 2015 by emeraldcutinc
Set and use Shared Access Policies with storage tables and containers to provide an extra layer of security for your Azure credentials.
17 Apr 2016 by leon de boer
In this second part, we will create an OpenGL MDI application
1 Jun 2018 by YangManWoo
This article describes how to create custom controls using strategy patterns.
22 Aug 2014 by Carmelo La Monica
Geolocation is one of the most frequently used functionality within mobile and beyond, with it we can retrieve the location and information about the place where.
1 Sep 2014 by Variya karan
Navigation in Windows 8 with data
8 Oct 2014 by Israel Sant'Anna
This is an alternative for "Links with arbitrary text in a RichTextBox".
24 Mar 2015 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
I want to develop a simple wrapper operation to do the hybrid programming data conversion job automatically. This makes my laboratory scientific research job happy!
20 Apr 2015 by Sergey Kizyan
This is a sample article that describes ho to implement RESTfull service for Azure for both GET and POST methods
10 Sep 2015 by Wladis
IML on the example of popular app ToDo MVC
9 Mar 2016 by Tadeusz Kaliszewski
C# .Net command line application to create calendar events in Exchange calendars with impersonation
23 Oct 2015 by alex_lviv
In this article, I will try to describe my vision on creation of simple 3-layer application based on .NET technologies.
16 Jan 2016 by Prajnan Das
Sparsity is the percentage of "dot" elements (= 0 code check-ins) in a code churn matrix (developers X dates in a sprint)
24 Jan 2016 by RickZeeland
This is an alternative for "SMO Tutorial 3 of n - Scripting"
27 Mar 2016 by M.M.Mohseni
This is a comprehensive windows C# application which watches specific folders and upload their entry to a SharePoint lists or document library
9 Apr 2016 by Southmountain
A discussion on how to upload NLog configuration into version control system for beginners. Two configurations are given here.
19 Apr 2016 by mbarbac
Intercepting the Garbage Collector with Listeners that allow us to create C# Soft References and truly Weak Collections
3 Aug 2016 by senthill
Let’s discuss about how to display logged in user profile picture in SharePoint Site
23 Oct 2016 by Matthew So (Hong Kong)
A task processing server with RDLC Implementation and extensible to customized handlers
25 Oct 2016 by Matthew So (Hong Kong)
Select All jQueryUI widget developed by TypeScript using Visual Studio 2015
4 Nov 2016 by Nagaraj Muthuchamy
Design and implementation of custom pagination and cascaded filtering with rad grid.
4 Feb 2017 by Shao Voon Wong
Boost Lexical Cast Wrapper to provide more exceptional information
7 Mar 2017 by Ansel Castro
Describes the basic steps to render height maps using the graphics engine of Igneel
21 Jul 2017 by Roman Kiss
This article describes the design, implementation and usage of the invoking the Microsoft Workflow Foundation (WF4) from the Azure Function.
31 May 2018 by charles922
Math Function Tutor: Part 3
6 Jun 2018 by Gunnar S
Third article in a series of three regarding NServiceBus, WebAPI and Azure Service Fabric
5 Feb 2019 by charles922
Demonstrate Clipping Plane in WPF 3D - Part 3
25 Feb 2019 by EAHMK
This is an alternative for "Multiple Colored Texts in RichTextBox using C#"
18 Apr 2016 by Shawn1Xu
OData Interoperability with .NET C# and Java applications
15 Apr 2018 by Petrov Vladimir
Word Bookmark Editor for Word Reports easy handling
29 Oct 2016 by HadyAllam
Describe Website deployment on Azure App Service and manage your Website.
20 Jan 2015 by Tim Cadenbach
Using Razor for SPA View´s
2 Mar 2015 by Sebastiaan Meijerink
Creates a MVC site with user inputs to change the bootstrap variables and generate a custom branded bootstrap.css
3 Mar 2015 by Sebastiaan Meijerink
Creates an MVC site with user inputs to change the bootstrap variables and generate a custom branded bootstrap.css
20 Jul 2015 by Dave_Voyles
In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the steps of how I set up my container to host all of the .mp3s of the podcast.
22 Jun 2015 by Terence Wallace
The primary purpose of this article is to provide quality sample source code for VB.NET developers interested in building data-centric applications using the .NET Framework.
3 Jul 2015 by Nathen Drees
Today we will be looking at how to integrate data with Salesforce using SSIS and CData’s SSIS driver.
20 Jul 2015 by Juan Pablo G.C.
ListView with MVVM grouping, context menu, templates in detail.
20 Jul 2015 by Terence Wallace
A demonstration of Finite State Machines (FSM) where agents inhabit an Old West style gold mining town called West World.
4 Sep 2015 by ntg123
A simple and elegant way to apply Bevel-Effect in WPF
18 Sep 2015 by Frank Rem
This is a single page ASP.NET application for splitting and stitching PDF documents.
1 Oct 2015 by LEADTOOLS Support
This “How To” adds document viewing with page thumbnail navigation and full page view to an ASP.NET MVC 5 project.
9 Nov 2015 by Frank Rem
This article explains the basics of PDF graphics and how graphics can be edited if you really have to.
3 Jan 2016 by Frank Rem
This article explains the basics of PDF forms. In particular it provides sample code for processing PDF form data in an ASP.NET MVC application.
20 Jun 2016 by Frank Rem
This article explains how to create PDF documents from any XML format.
12 Sep 2016 by Redgate Software, Dan Nolan
In this article, I’m going to show you how you can continue using EF Code First to model your database, while also using ReadyRoll to do the actual deployment of T-SQL change scripts and overcome the challenges of the Code First approach.
4 May 2018 by Marc Clifton
Learning how to programmatically manipulate SVG in Javascript
25 May 2015 by César de Souza
Explore your data using statistical distributions: explore, initialize, create, estimate and use statistical distributions from the Accord.NET Framework using an application based entirely on reflection.
10 Jul 2016 by Florian Rappl
This article introduces MAGES - a very simple, yet powerful, expression parser and interpreter.
14 Aug 2014 by Meshack Musundi
Using CreateJS and TypeScript to create a simple HTML5 game
11 Jul 2017 by Doug Duerner, Yeon-Chang Wang
In this article we explored a theory; would it be better to not utilize a heap construct when dealing with very large objects in .NET, in order to avoid Large Object Heap (LOH) fragmentation?
2 Dec 2014 by Kenneth Haugland
Implementation of Bezier curve, Derivative Bezier curve, Cathull-Rom spline, Bessel-Overhauser spline, Lagrange interpolation and convex hull
13 Mar 2018 by Florian Rappl
JSON Schema may be the answer to most problems in dealing with JSON files. We explore JSON Schema from a practical point of view.
30 Dec 2018 by Chinmoy Mohanty
Multiple techniques of implementing The Observer Pattern in .NET
29 Apr 2015 by Pete O'Hanlon
In this article, we're going to look at how we can start building a client side CodeProject API that's suitable for all C# developments.
23 Jul 2014 by W.Walker
It explains step-by-step how to develop a basic IVR voice menu system in the most simplest way and explains how to create such professional VoIP functionalities as blind transfer and human speech control.
8 May 2020 by Intel Corporation, Arthur V. Ratz
I will discuss how to deliver the modern code, using Intel C++ Compiler and OpenMP 4.5 library, that implements the parallel "stable" three-way quicksort, based on the parallel code that has already been discussed in the previous article.
30 Jun 2015 by Arthur V. Ratz
The following article describes how to implement sorting of custom non-generic collections by overriding the functionality of the generic IComparable and IComparer interfaces used by the LINQ’s Enumerable.OrderBy clause aggregate method.
29 Oct 2017 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
New thread wrapper (v. 2.0) offers programming model based on blocking queue and delegates supplied by other threads
26 Apr 2015 by Roy Ben Shabat
Developing robust client-server applications with the .NET framework and C#
24 Nov 2014 by Wonde Tadesse
ASP.NET Web API related projects. It touches most parts of the technology through the articles on Data Streaming, Working with HTTPS and Extending Web API Documentation.
9 Jan 2017 by Michael Haephrati
How to fetch and decrypt Wi-Fi stored credentials
3 Apr 2019 by Mahsa Hassankashi
Best approach for having more secure channel to transfer user information throughout the web
10 Nov 2014 by Thomas Duwe
A month calendar and date picker with culture awareness.
9 Jan 2019 by steveb
Describes all aspects of MFC serialization mechanism
7 Jan 2016 by Ratish Philip
The most effective way to manage your environment variables
4 Oct 2015 by Marc Clifton
A mid-level simulation of biological neurons
12 Feb 2014 by Joel Ivory Johnson
A walk through on modifying an RC car to be controlled by a Windows Phone
22 Jul 2016 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this post, I am going to walk you through creating your own central hub to allow your connected devices to authenticate people using facial recognition system.
4 Sep 2021 by KristianEkman
A comparison of Dijkstra and Astar
22 Jun 2016 by Paulo Zemek
Learn how to create a math expression compiler and a special WPF markup extension capable of using it to generate bindings.
31 Aug 2016 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
An e-commerce application made with Asp.Net MVC, ReactJS, ReactJS.Net and React-Bootstrap
6 Jan 2017 by Midi_Mick
Accessing the Windows Property System in the Shell
8 May 2017 by Akhil Mittal
How to create API with ASP.NET Core
5 Aug 2014 by Babu_Abdulsalam
A Simple Profiler for C++ apps on x64 platform
20 Feb 2019 by JL Doty
Minimalist app to monitor a system's sensors
12 Aug 2016 by Florian Rappl
We utilize the Microsoft Bot Framework in conjunction with LUIS to make a Node.js powered bot available online via an ASP.NET Web API proxy. A software mock for the smart home system is supplied. Likewise a tutorial for a hardware mock using the CC3200 and / or sensor tags is provided.
10 Dec 2015 by Rogai Lorenzo
Flexible server that use User Created DLL to handle incoming/outgoing client packets.
13 Dec 2018 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way for sending WhatsApp documents and images to an individual or to a group in C++
29 Aug 2016 by Sergey Kizyan
This is 7th article from my series about C# and it is about Reflection
26 Aug 2015 by Nick Polyak
Navigation and event propagation on generic trees
25 Jun 2014 by Philipp Katscher
How to draw a compass and feed it with NMEA device data (i.e. a GPS Compass)
25 Mar 2017 by Wolfgang Foerster
Or why isn’t the earliest sunset on the year’s shortest day?
19 Mar 2017 by Marco-Hans Van Der Willik
This article explores the performance, scalability and limitations of the various .NET Threading Implementations.
9 Mar 2019 by AlexeyYakovlev
This paper demonstrates a technique of building Sprache parsers using grammar inheritance.
10 Jul 2015 by Rahul Rajat Singh
In this article, we will discuss about the services in Angular.
11 Jan 2015 by Nick Polyak
Describe Roslyn code analysis functionality providing easy samples
6 Apr 2013 by Sergey Morenko
Your own extensible and configurable Thread Pool.
20 Mar 2017 by Tomas Takac
Comparison of CSV parsers plus one custom implementation
19 Apr 2016 by Marla Sukesh
In this article we will talk about Server Sent Events in detail.
2 Jan 2018 by Pat Dooley
This project solves the Pentominoes problem that fascinated famous Science Fiction Author Arthur C. Clarke.
22 Mar 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Drawing large amounts of items quickly with WPF.
27 Sep 2014 by Nick Polyak
Describe architecturing a flexible and extensible WPF application with the help of WPFWidgetizer framework
8 Nov 2015 by DotNetSteve
Using delegates to group, conquer cross cutting concerns and create dynamic validators
19 Jan 2018 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Thread wrapper (v. 2.0) based on std::thread offers synchronization, status control and termination in safe encapsulated manner
19 Feb 2016 by Dave W Hunt
Wouldn't it be nice to use a partial view with its own model on multiple pages?
7 Apr 2016 by DataBytzAI
Automate your webscrapes - build a point and click web scrape engine in JavaScript and C#
24 Jun 2016 by Ashwini Verma
File upload without page refresh in ASP.NET MVC
11 Feb 2020 by Chris Gannon
An Azure-driven service for Arduino based PID controllers designed for control and monitoring of grills and other cooking devices
11 Aug 2015 by Florian Rappl
Login, get the data, logout. AngleSharp has everything we need to submit forms and transmit everything we need to get the desired data.
12 Mar 2015 by TarikHuber
SQL Table Toolkit is a Class Library offering a quite large amount of tools for fast and easy work with SQL Tables
3 Jan 2015 by Espen Harlinn
Using the Facade Pattern to simplify development with COM based APIs
9 Oct 2015 by Irina Pykhova, Greg Lutz
This article describes the implementation of an extended GridView control that enables drag and drop with grouping and variable sized items.
10 Dec 2014 by Snesh Prajapati
Developing Mobile Specific Views using jQuery Mobile in ASP.NET MVC 4 - Part 1
27 Aug 2014 by César de Souza, Diego Catalano
Scientific computing for Java and Android.
27 Oct 2018 by Steffen Ploetz
Give an brief overview of text rendering options for OpenGL/OpenTK especially for MONO/.NET.
13 Oct 2015 by Henrik Jonsson
An efficient solution for adding semantic meaning, strong-type checking and validation to your data members.
9 Nov 2014 by DaveAuld
Low Energy Bluetooth meets Arduino compatible microcontroller in a small form factor, is this just a fairy tale?
17 Oct 2016 by Vincent Maverick Durano
In this article, we will learn how to implement a simple Real-Time poll vote results using SignalR 2, MVC, Web API 2, jQuery and HighCharts.
19 Jan 2016 by Kim Togo
Use Web Services for real-time file publishing and sharing.
3 Apr 2019 by Mahsa Hassankashi
This article enables you to generate table in any database such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite, Sybase, etc. just by typing table name and its fields. Then you can use NHibernate facilities to make query for data layer.
11 Mar 2020 by Dan Letecky
Create an AJAX monthly event calendar (with drag and drop support) displaying data from SQL Server database in just 10 minutes (including a coffee break).
11 Sep 2015 by Johnny J.
A ToggleSwitch that presents on/off values in a more interesting way than a standard CheckBox
18 Aug 2018 by Jitendra Selvam
This article is on how to upload and retrieve images from your .NET core 2.1 API.
10 May 2017 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
Inthis article, I talk about how to use ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework Coreand Angular 2 to implement a CRUD SPA (Single Page Application).
30 Jan 2017 by Frakon
Deep cloning code made with Linq.Expressions. Tests and test classes are enclosed.
11 Aug 2014 by dietmar schoder
How to solve the "eight queens puzzle" with a simple tree algorithm.
28 Sep 2018 by Akhil Mittal
Code First Approach and Migrations in Microsoft .NET Entity Framework
27 Sep 2016 by Tanvir Ahmad Arjel
There are lots of ways to implement Uniqueness or Unique Key attribute on a model property other than primary key, but here I am going to discuss two possible best and easiest ways to do so into two parts of this series. This is Part 1.
7 Jun 2016 by Andreas Michael Kreuzer
This article is about collision detection for convex polytopes using the simplex method.
10 Mar 2016 by Marco Bertschi
Serial communication with an Arduino Board via C# and the SerialPort class from the System.IO.Ports namespace
16 Jun 2015 by Nick Polyak
Implementating Attached Properties and Bindings outside of WPF, in plain C#
13 Feb 2015 by Kashif_Imran
An easy to understand and use language interpreter, run time parser and calculation engine from scratch in C#.
15 Aug 2016 by Sergey Kizyan
6th lecture from my series. This lecture is about attributes.
8 Jul 2014 by Sam Lombardo
Dynamically map a DataTable to type-safe business objects using reflection and generics
13 Jul 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article, I will go through different stages of programming a server/client application framework in native .NET framework using TCP protocol library of System.Net.Sockets namespace.
5 Apr 2017 by Daniele Fontani
A simple POC to demonstrate how to use GitHub API and Oauth to create a real application
9 Nov 2013 by Jakob Lithner
Extension to the TreeView control making it very fast to load items
17 May 2018 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see how to create a simple CRUD application for ASP.NET Core Blazor using Entity Framework and Web API.
22 Dec 2014 by Gerald Degeneve
Draw or render a Windows Form directly over the Wallpaper, behind the Desktop Icons in Windows 8+10
18 Jan 2014 by Jan van den Baard
A fuel logging app for Windows Phone
6 May 2015 by Pete O'Hanlon
In this article, we're going to extend the work done in Part 1 and start reading in from the REST API.
26 Feb 2016 by Dr. Song Li
This is a note of loosely coupled 11 small examples in the general subject of delegates, events, anonymous methods, and closures. This note is intended to answer the following questions.
9 Jan 2017 by kdmote
A simple program to translate numbers into their textual representation. (To turn 1013 into "one thousand, thirteen").
14 Jun 2017 by DavidHancock
Describes an algorithm that solves the Countdown number puzzle written in c#
9 Dec 2016 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll demonstrate an approach the allows to increase the performance (up to 600%) of the code that implements the conventional distribution counting algorithm (DCA) using NVIDIA CUDA 8.0 Runtime API
20 Jul 2016 by Super Lloyd
Introduction to MVVM for absolute beginners
3 Mar 2015 by MatthewThomas
Dragging and dropping in WPF with a MVVM style architecture
10 Dec 2015 by Daniel Miller
This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance role-based access control list.
13 Dec 2016 by jamuro77
This article explains how to create a simple Multi-Language ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Application. I'll show how to translate texts, localize images or entire views as well as how to deal with URL routing to support several languages.
2 Dec 2017 by Nick Polyak
TypeScript tutorial for object oriented programmers
10 Sep 2018 by Evaldas Jocys
JavaScript class library which partly replicates Microsoft .NET Framework structure and functionality.
23 Jul 2014 by Stuart Wheelwright
An introduction to MarkdownLog - an open source .NET library designed to produce Markdown formatted log files
28 Mar 2018 by Paulo Zemek
A beginner article about how to write a simple list class in C# and in C++
19 May 2016 by Mohamed Kalmoua
In this article, I will discuss a PDF password recovery tool that I created in WPF using Visual Studio 2015.
7 Jan 2015 by Pooja Baraskar
Making the App World-Ready by adapting it for a specific culture and language.
30 Jul 2014 by Dirk Bahle
This is an alternative for "A WPF File ListView and ComboBox"
20 Nov 2016 by Thierry Parent
A C#, C++, Delphi, ActiveX , Javascript , NodeJs and Java trace framework and a trace viewer: Tail, OutputDebugString, event log, and with Log4J, Log4Net, and Microsoft Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF) support. This also comes with full support for Pocket PC, Silverlight, and Android.
12 Apr 2015 by MatthewThomas
This article shows how to combine LINQ expressions to dynamically append where clause criteria when building search functionality
7 Apr 2016 by DataBytzAI
Designing a web crawler using C#
18 Sep 2016 by syed shanu
In this article, we will learn how to create a simple web based music player system using MVC, AngularJS and Web API.
25 Feb 2018 by #realJSOP
Abusing attributes, and loving it.
15 Apr 2018 by Christophe Bertrand
An universal and easy serialization library for .NET and .NET Core.
27 Jul 2015 by Marla Sukesh
This article is a continuation article of the series “Learn MVC project in 7 days.
13 Sep 2007 by Petr Ivankov
An article on universal scalable engineering framework applications to automatic control and processing of signals.
26 Nov 2017 by raddevus
Get Started in UWP (moving away from WinForm) Chapter 3: The Challenges of Making Our Apps Look Good
8 Sep 2016 by Thomas Daniels
This article explains how bitwise operators work and this article explains also several purposes of them with examples in C# and VB.NET.
13 May 2015 by Mike Oberberger
Compute a velocity vector which allows a first moving object to intercept a second moving object given known positions and current velocities within a game or simulation environment
15 Aug 2017 by Wendelius
Simple linear trend calculation with different types for X values implemented in C#, VB, and F#
6 Nov 2018 by Dirk Bahle
How to create a new tool window in AvalonDock [2.0]
24 Sep 2014 by Denis Lysikov
In this article I'm going to tell about the features of working with DVB-T2 TV tuners and the nuances that you can expect in this work.
13 May 2015 by Ryan.McD
An explanation of TWAIN basics
26 Nov 2017 by Nick Polyak
I describe reusable implementation of the collection behaviors that make items behave in a certain way as long as the items belong to a collection.
23 Aug 2017 by Clifford Nelson
This is a generic class that makes it much easier to create another class in the background. It also provides a good sample of how to use the Task.Run with the ContinueWith clause.
5 Feb 2017 by James J M
How to display and edit an object's properties using a DataGrid.​​​​​​​
7 Nov 2014 by Adriaan Booysen
An example of a nearly complete unknown type being used accross EF, WCF and consumed client side
4 Aug 2015 by dmihailescu
A windows explorer extension for easy binary/text file comparisons and calculating the MD5, SHA1, SHA256 hashes.
7 Aug 2015 by Jeroen Richters
This article describes the dynamic insertion and removal of columns in a WPF datagrid.
7 Oct 2016 by digital performance
This article shows how to access Windows API with plain x64 assembly programming language (MASM style). It shall also give an overview, how to apply some programming techniques like OOP and multithreading on a low level.
24 Sep 2014 by Meshack Musundi
A WPF 3D Rubik's Cube application
1 Mar 2015 by mbarbac
The seventh version of the dynamic, configuration-less and self-adaptive Kerosene ORM library, that provides full real support for POCO objects, natural SQL-like syntax from C#, and advanced capabilities while being extremely easy to use.
2 Sep 2014 by Ben M Watson
Understand the performance tradeoffs when designing your classes, as well as what to watch out for when using the various language and CLR features in .NET
2 Sep 2017 by Dirk Bahle
Rename an item via textbox overlay as in Rename of Windows Explorer
2 Jun 2014 by Fitim Skenderi
A small MVVM framework using RX
19 Aug 2016 by Clifford Nelson
This is an alternative for "A WPF Custom Control for Zooming and Panning"
4 Jan 2017 by Wolfgang Foerster
A tool to easily mount/unmount VHD files from Windows system image backups
11 Jul 2014 by Arindam Jha
Understanding of complex jQuery Datatable tricks and Save it's state in SQL Server with a basic concepts of jQyuery template. Sample Application used .NET 4.5, Entityt Framework.
8 Aug 2017 by Valerii Tereshchenko
Objects Comparer for .Net
22 May 2016 by Ehsan Sajjad
Repository pattern implementation in ADO.NET using Generics
11 Aug 2016 by Vincent Maverick Durano
This article talks about how to perform Fetch, Edit, Update and Delete (FEUD) operations in our ASP.NET MVC 5 application.
16 Dec 2013 by Rafid K. Al-Humaimidi
Easily support caching in your C# application to improve its performance.
26 May 2014 by L. Michael
This article provides a practical approach for exposing a .NET assembly to COM.
27 Feb 2018 by #realJSOP
Spell it out! No! Wait!
16 Sep 2017 by Dirk Bahle
A list of advanced tips & tricks on WPF TreeViews
3 Dec 2014 by John M. Baughman
Demonstrates using MEF in an AppDomain and allows the exchanging of MEF parts while the application is running.
9 Dec 2012 by Higty
This article describes the mail sending process for beginners of the mail protocol.
27 May 2014 by Shuqian Ying
Implementing a unified structured query system of service based relational data source with build-in intelligence.
6 Dec 2015 by Michael Chourdakis
Load an EXE file as a DLL in another EXE and execute the functions
27 Sep 2018 by Akhil Mittal
In this article, we look at how we can leverage Entity Framework approaches and, as per need, use those.
6 Jul 2014 by Richard James Moss
Helper class for configuring which version of Internet Explorer is used by the WebBrowser control when hosted in a Windows Forms or WPF application
8 Jul 2018 by Mark J. Caplin
Cross-platform development with Microsoft ASP.NET Core 2.1
3 Jun 2015 by john morrison leon
An alternative approach in which dialogs are entirely specified as C++ code that requires neither IDE support to be written nor IDE generated resources to be executed. Powered by the C++ type system.
30 Sep 2016 by PureNsanity
A high level overview of the latest threading technologies and patterns with examples.
26 Oct 2014 by Bimaln
Describe about the SOAP message in WCF with example.
14 Mar 2017 by Mladen Janković
Crossword generator implemented in F#
1 Oct 2018 by Akhil Mittal
ASP.NET Web API 2 with Entity Framework 6 Code First Migrations
5 Jul 2014 by Nick Polyak
Article describes WPF and XAML patterns for code and functionality reuse.
17 Jul 2015 by Nick Polyak
Implementing powerful property bindings in plain C#
29 Dec 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article, we will learn about DelegateCommand and CompositeCommand provided by Prism Framework. To grasp the concept, we will create a simple demo with minimum functionality to highlight these concepts.
25 Feb 2014 by Dirk Bahle
Save/Load AvolonDock layouts without DockingManager references.
23 Jun 2015 by Kel_
Streamed chart implementation using modern HTML5 features.
1 Feb 2015 by vijay venkatesh prasad N
jQuery - File Management widget
9 Nov 2014 by Mahsa Hassankashi
If you know C# or VB you are ready to learn desirable and Simple way for monitoring your environmental condition (measure temperature, humidity, GPS coordinate position, vibration) and set alarms (turn on or blinking LED, buzzer and etc) by installing NET Micro Framework and buy compatible board (F
6 Nov 2014 by Nicolas Dorier
Build all transactions with the TransactionBuilder : P2SH, P2PK, P2PKH, Multi Sig, Stealth, Colored Coins
15 Nov 2015 by Rahul Pawar LogicMonk
Simple Demo Entity Framework - a tutorial explaining Code First!
6 Aug 2016 by Vincent Maverick Durano
This article explains how to create a Login page and create a custom role-based page authorization in ASP.NET MVC 5 application.
27 Dec 2014 by Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the small tool, tester for Windows Azure Service Bus Messaging.
22 Mar 2018 by Angel Gabriel Valdés Sarduy
This project is an ASPNET Core MVC site with a generic controller for CRUD and searchs.
17 Mar 2015 by Tsuda Kageyu
Provides the basic part of Microsoft Detours functionality for both x64/x86 environments.
26 Jan 2015 by Daniel Miller
Application error handling in ASP.NET
1 Mar 2016 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see in detail how to create a simple Student Master CRUD (Create/Read/Update and Delete) using scaffolding.
15 May 2018 by SlavaUtesinov
How to deal with expression trees, presented at C# as generic Expression type, to achieve some practical goals, for example - translating them to specific language like T-SQL.
1 Feb 2017 by Dave Clemmer
Using Mo+ to augment a test driven approach to develop an application.
8 Oct 2015 by Irina Pykhova
This article describes the implementation of an extended GridView control for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
23 Apr 2017 by John Underhill
Twofish 512, Serpent 512, Rijndael 512, the HX Ciphers, Ring-LWE, NTRU, McEliece, Rainbow, GMSS, DTM-KEX
19 Jul 2016 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
ASP.NET Boilerplate is a starting point for new modern web applications using best practices and most popular tools.
24 Jul 2019 by Mehdi Gholam
NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters (now with standalone Server mode, Backup and Active Restore, Transactions, Server side queries, MonoDroid support, HQ-Branch Replication, working in Linux, .net
7 Aug 2014 by Zhuyun Dai
Deeply investigating HTML5 File API capabilities and compatibility with different web browsers with code demonstrations.
28 Aug 2016 by Rodrigo Costa Camargos
This article presents how to implement a well-known agglomerative clustering algorithm in C#.
30 Mar 2016 by koolprasadd
Read write Excel file without interop using OLEDB in C#
10 Sep 2017 by Bart-Jan Brouwer
Old and new style all in one project
3 Mar 2016 by Ranjan.D
This article is all about Voice over IP (VOIP) and SMS implementation for IOT devices. We will be making use Twilio API's in coding this solution.
21 Oct 2014 by Steven T. Schowiak
This article will describe and demonstrate a technique for resizing and storing image files on the local file system and image meta data in SQL Server using ASP.NET 4.51.
14 Oct 2014 by Mario Majčica
When and how to use the Callback method on Moq in your unit tests.
12 Nov 2014 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article provides an overview for creating a .NET WCF Web Service project that can be used by web applications or devices connected to it through the internet connection.
17 Dec 2019 by Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET
8 Feb 2016 by Pavel Evgenjevich Timoshenko
In this article I would like to discuss about “nameof” operator supported by C# 6. It allows to map strings to named code elements.
5 Aug 2014 by dietmar schoder
Example for the usage of classes and interfaces when working with hierarchical trees
16 Apr 2018 by Valerii Tereshchenko
Example of implementing logging using Aspect Oriented approach with DispatchProxy class
22 Aug 2017 by David Belmont
An example of how LINQ could be used to let users build their own filters to query lists or even databases
10 Feb 2015 by Mostafa Eissa
This is a beginner’s level article that explains Skip Lists, their implementation and how they differ from AVL trees.
14 Sep 2017 by Arthur V. Ratz
This article introduces the implementation of an algorithm written in Visual Basic .NET that allows us to quickly and easily parse and evaluate the resulting value of various mathematical expressions
25 Jan 2016 by GravityPhazer
This article demonstrates how you can simply enumerate any generic tree depth-first as well as breadth-first using the described construct. Trees can be serialized binary (using the BinaryFormatter), custom binary and as XML.
5 Dec 2014 by Marc Clifton
A Bare-Bones Series Article
20 Oct 2019 by Lance A. Endres
The algorithm presented by Radhakrishnan, et al., originally used to segment well logs for the oil industry, has been ported to C and C#.
21 Jul 2017 by Rahul Rajat Singh
In this article we will This article we will try to understand what is composite design pattern.
16 Dec 2016 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we'll discuss an approach of using jQuery's Ajax requests to implement an indexed search filter based on an example of creating a simple phone book web application with ASP.NET MVC.
11 Oct 2017 by Mr.PoorEnglish
"TextAffinity": human-like ranking of similar texts
10 Mar 2017 by Dave Clemmer
Going over key features of the VITA open source ORM and .net application framework, with sample SPAs using the MVC/AngularJS/WebApi/VITA technology stack.
2 Jan 2020 by Alexandre Bencz
DotNetPELib is a library which abstracts managed information such as namespaces, classes, fields, methods, and instructions. The information can then be used to generate assembly language source files, or PE executables or DLLs.
18 Aug 2014 by Sul Aga
Using Autofac IoC container in MVC application to resolve dependencies. Scenarios included: controller, custom filter and view dependency injection
3 Jan 2018 by Alex Schunk
This how-to shows the usage of Cauldron.Interception.Fody and its capabilities.
15 Dec 2016 by Mirnes Mrkaljevic
This article shows how to make WinForms testable
22 Apr 2017 by Juri Krivoruchko
This article shows real-world example of solving LP and NP optimization problems with Microsoft Solver Foundation
12 Nov 2014 by amitthk
JPickList is a simple JQuery plugin used to display Picklist of selection items. It can also be used to display hierarchical data in picklist format.
8 Jun 2015 by Stefan Wloch
An introduction to custom roles based access control in an ASP.NET MVC application using the Entity Framework.
8 Nov 2017 by DataBytzAI
Using JSPlumb with ASP MVC to create flow-chart and work-flow applications
19 Jan 2016 by David A. Gray
This article documents issues that I have identified in the new secure overloads of the CRT buffered print routines.
28 Apr 2018 by LiYS
Finalizer case explained
5 Apr 2018 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see in detail how to display role-based dynamic menu after a user logs in. For this, we will create a Menu Master table and insert a few records to display the menu and link the URL to the menu based on the logged in user's role.
10 Nov 2016 by Marco Bertschi
In this article, I try to cover most basics of creating a portable (Windows, Mac and Linux) ASP.NET Core application and discuss possible use cases for a web app using ASP.NET Core.
30 May 2014 by Paulo Zemek
This article presents important architectural decisions that must be considered if you want to create a really expandable remoting framework and, well, those decisions may apply to any kind of framework.
2 Oct 2015 by Mark J. Caplin
Single Page Applications and the Model View Controller Design Pattern
15 Oct 2016 by Prabu ram
A complete automatic generation of menu in ASP.NET MVC using attributes applied on controllers.
22 Jul 2016 by Ashish Shukla - as
Create a single responsive website for different device sizes such as for large desktop devices, laptop devices tablet devices and on mobile devices. This article describes the basic concepts of creating responsive website using Bootstrap.
5 Oct 2016 by Vladyslav Chernysh
Simple library that parses a string according to custom patterns.
25 Aug 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article I will explain Windows.Media.Capture namespace's MediaCapture element and how it can be used in Windows Runtime to create applications that make use of camera, for capturing photos and videos. Plus, the article shows how to capture the list of photos or videos that are recorded for p
17 Apr 2018 by User 4835047
Small, customizable control for displaying JSON data similar to a GridView
5 May 2018 by George Swan
This article illustrates how to solve the Dining Philosophers' Problem using the Task Based Asynchronous Pattern
25 Nov 2014 by Robert Vandenberg Huang
A step-by-step walkthrough of implementing the HTTP 206 Partial Content
31 Mar 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Lessons Learned on Software Design with WPF
12 Dec 2017 by Valerii Tereshchenko
Example of implementing logging using RealProxy class
15 Oct 2015 by Saillesh
Webgrid in ASP.NET MVC
13 Oct 2016 by Daniel Vaughan
A fun UWP implementation of the game Sokoban, demonstrating some new features of XAML and C# 6.0. Part 1
10 Jan 2015 by Dan Thyer
Use a Microsoft Kinect to control the home automation in the house. Lights can be turned on an off from speech recognition or from pointing at them and waving your other hand one way to turn on and the other way to turn off.
5 May 2016 by Wolfgang Foerster
Exploring the rich dynamic behavior of a simple physical system that shows deterministic chaos
9 Dec 2013 by V.
An overview of the difference between "programming" and "software development"
23 Aug 2016 by Florian Rappl
This article describes the most important details of creating a useful bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework.
21 Feb 2018 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
Implemented unit and integration tests on ASP.NET Boilerplate framework using xUnit, Entity Framework, Effort and Shouldly
15 Jul 2014 by Florian Rappl
Architecture, design and implementation of a cross-platform Windows Desktop / Windows Store space shoot-em-up game.
14 Dec 2014 by Martin Arrivets
WPF automated trading application
21 Dec 2015 by Fiyaz Hasan
Integrating Cortana in Windows Apps (Foreground & Background interaction)
21 Sep 2016 by Clifford Nelson
I have had two projects that I have worked on that required a lot of graphics. In general there has been minimal interaction between the user and the graphics, so the implementation has been very straight forward.
2 Apr 2017 by Wendelius
This is an alternative for "What You See Is What You Update"
9 Oct 2017 by DaveMathews
Integration of a Chatbot in a C# application using SIML (Synthetic Intelligence Markup Language)
5 May 2017 by Robert Vandenberg Huang
An example about streaming large JSON array in ASP.NET Web API and HTTP chunked transfer encoding
20 Nov 2016 by Ehsan Sajjad
File Uploading in mvc without reloading complete page using IFrame
2 Jun 2014 by Woong Gyu La
This is an alternative project of "OraLib - a lightweight C++ wrapper over Oracle's OCI library"
8 Mar 2017 by syed shanu
In this article, let’s see how to create a ASP.NET Core CRUD web application with Angular2 Animation using Template Pack, WEB API and EF 1.0.1
8 Mar 2016 by Linjith Kunnon
This article explains how to use Castle DynamicProxy interceptors for implementing a decoupled logging architecture in C#
22 Aug 2015 by Arthur V. Ratz
This article demonstrates how to implement the Huffman adaptive compression alogrithm to compress graphics images of 256 colors depth and other multimedia files
24 Aug 2016 by syed shanu
In this article you will learn about Insert/Select to database using Angular2 and WEB API in ASP.NET Core1.0.
24 Apr 2016 by Maxim Komlev
Example of WebBrowser customization and http/https server on localhost as engine for cross-platform application based on web technologies.
3 Nov 2016 by Don Fizachi
A set of C# classes to create and manipulate JSON Schema and Instances.
22 Mar 2018 by Scott Clayton
Build a recommendation system using collaborative filtering and matrix factorization.
2 Jan 2018 by Altaf Ansari
Integration of SignalR with ASP.NET C# WebForm Application in Real-Time Chat Application
1 Jul 2015 by Woong Gyu La
How to create a server-client network quickly using IOCP TCP template server-client framework, EpServerEngine.cs (C#).
29 Feb 2016 by Clifford Nelson
This article presents a control that makes it very easy to create an Image control from a font symbol, with special support for Font Awesome.
22 Jan 2017 by syed shanu
In this article you will learn about ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 Master Detail HTML grid using Web API and EF 1.0.1.
10 Oct 2016 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article we will understand Abstract Factory Pattern. This article is third part of Factory Patterns article series and continuation of Part 1 (Simple Factory Pattern) and Part 2 (Factory Method Pattern).
26 May 2014 by CatchExAs
How to make best use of current technology for computationally intensive applications?
12 Feb 2018 by Roman Ginzburg
A .NET API for the libVLC interface so the vast majority of VLC functionality could be utilized in managed applications
24 Jul 2019 by john_1726
Two SignalR Demo Projects: Self-Hosted Windows Service and Broadcasting Application
21 Feb 2015 by Wendelius
How to log information into a table from inside a transaction, even if the transaction is rolled back.
16 Oct 2015 by Mike Barthold
Easier than MemoryCache, less distraction
7 Feb 2018 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
FileExplorer is a WPF based control that has most features of the Windows Explorer, you can use it to display shell objects or any hierarchical data.
2 Feb 2016 by syed shanu
In this article we will see how to use ASP.NET Identity in MVC Application for creating user roles and display the menu depending on user roles.
20 May 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Write your next CodeProject article using CodeProject.Show, a WinForms application
2 Jul 2015 by Pooja Baraskar
Sharing code and views in Universal Windows Apps
10 Jul 2014 by santosh poojari
Steps to setup IIS Warmup module. Describe usage of Preload- System.Web.Hosting.IProcessHostPreloadClient
7 Feb 2020 by Ozesh Thapa
An implementation of a Zkteco (K14) Biometric Device using C#
8 Jul 2016 by icemanind
A Winforms control that looks like a console screen, with full reading and writing support.
12 Jun 2017 by Yaseer Mumtaz
In this part, we will enhance our user management application to have search/filter, global error handling and debugging functionalities.
28 Dec 2017 by lepipele
Detailed guide on building C# ASP.NET website checkout that accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other Crypto Currencies.
15 Jan 2015 by Guruprasad.K.Basavaraju
An MVC application to make a copy of CodeProject articles in your Browser Cache using HTML5's AppCache feature
3 Nov 2016 by Don Fizachi
A set of C# classes to create and manipulate JSON Schema and Instances.
13 Nov 2017 by Alexander Semjonov
The paper presents simplest byte-code formula compiler using C++ BNF-like embedded domain specific language (EDSL). It introduces BNFLite template library and implements byte-code for parallel computations.
16 Oct 2015 by Andy Feng
The article introduces a complete C# solution to grab Html data through POST request from remote server and extract fields from the Html source through parsing its DOM structure.
14 Sep 2018 by Mahsa Hassankashi
This article describes MSMQ technology (publisher and subscriber) in order to communicate among distributed systems in the heterogeneous network and platforms.
13 Aug 2016 by Shashangka Shekhar
In our previous article we have seen how to startup with .Net Core. In this article we will take a look on database operation according to previous sample application based previous concept.
3 May 2018 by Måns Tånneryd
How to extend the Entity Framework with bulk insert functionality, using DbContext
20 Apr 2016 by _Noctis_
To save you from doing this every time you want a WPF/MVVM project, here it is, all rolled into one.
9 Feb 2015 by Wonde Tadesse
ASP.NET Web API related projects. It touches most parts of the technology through the articles on Data Streaming, Working with HTTPS and Extending Web API Documentation.
31 Mar 2015 by Pradip Koli
CMMI Process and Agile Methodology for Software Development - A practical approach with ASP.NET
14 Jun 2013 by Hasibul Haque
How to work with tabular data using Kendo Grid in web application
7 Apr 2015 by Mike_Liu
Manually implement a basic WCF Service (.NET 4.5) from scratch, step by step, with clear instructions and precise screen snapshots.
9 Apr 2015 by João Matos Silva
A near real world example of usage of the Interceptor Pattern to leverage new behavior without changing implementations
12 Jan 2015 by Dan Thyer
I built my own Internet of Things, IoT, home automation system that is controlling 30 different things with 4 different types of microcontrollers with nearly 150 commands. This article talks about IoT design patterns and the lessons learned from the design patterns that I have used.
18 Jun 2016 by Patrik Mlekuž
Image Control for viewing most common image formats with advanced features included (Import Image, Preview, Resize, Position, Pan, Zoom, Export Image, Extract Resource Icon).
8 Oct 2014 by khem thapa
Code-First Approach with Asp.Net MVC Framework
17 Aug 2016 by Edgar Maass
Open and display point clouds using a simple user control. Technology used: C# and the OpenGL library via the OpenTK port to .NET.
4 Nov 2014 by Dennis Shchuka
Pattern for representing monetary value in your applications.
25 May 2014 by Vedat Ozan Oner
Arduino data logger implementation using WCF Windows services
4 Oct 2016 by Sergey Kizyan
Third lecture from the series I'm running. Related to class definition and gives basic understanding about what is type in .NET
20 Jul 2014 by Khademul Basher
Single Page Application development using Knockout JS, ASP.NET MVC 4 and Web API
25 Apr 2016 by Igor Ladnik
ASP.NET Web API, SignalR and AngularJS / Angular 2 work together
9 Mar 2015 by Steve Messer, Emma Burrows
Windows XP supports multiple keyboards, but by default, the .Net Framework will treat them all as one. This article explains how to use the Windows API Raw Input methods to support multiple keyboards from a C# application.
18 Nov 2014 by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat
This article will provide answers to the following questions relevant to relationships in Entity Framework: whether or not to create a database, how to add / remove a field from an existing table, how to avoid data loss and how to get a database script that has the changes.
22 Nov 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
In this series of articles, we will learn about Prism Framework by creating a demo Composite WPF application. We will learn how to use various components of Prism to build a Composite application by mocking practical organization level scenario.
6 Oct 2014 by Pavel Durov
This article will explain briefly how to use a basic encryption/decryption on Android and on .NET platforms, with focus on passing encrypted data from Android to .NET.
22 Dec 2016 by Abdulrahman Emad, Muhammad Magdi
A generic CRUD control implemented based on the MVVM pattern
13 Feb 2013 by Babu_Abdulsalam
Subclassing a window using the DLL Injection technique.
6 Jun 2017 by VINEET MISHRA 086
This article explains how to use data source for representation of data in TreeView structure using ASP.NET MVC and Gijgo treeview JQuery plug-in, The TreeView control can display a hierarchical (or nested, or recursive) collection of data in a tree of expandable nodes.
20 Apr 2018 by NavnathKale
Part 2 – Extending AngularJS to make it more simple and dynamic
2 Jun 2016 by stebo0728
Learn to create dynamic menus, inline editing controls, and custom dialogs, including a simple image selection dialog, allowing image selection from gallery. Uses image-picker and bootbox third party libraries.
13 Feb 2018 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
A step by step guide to create a web application based on ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Boilerplate frameworks with automated tests.
6 May 2013 by Yahya Mohammed Ammouri
ASP.NET Date Selector User Control based on calendar control.
11 Oct 2017 by Yahya Mohammed Ammouri
This article describes how to add a fully client side Multiple File Upload functionality to your page. Include select multiple files at a time, Select from different folders, Apply validation, show files in thumbnails and remove files from the list.
28 Jan 2016 by hemanthk119
Genetic Mutations of Neural Networks to produce better offspring in fish like virtual creatures
28 Feb 2016 by Emiliano Musso
In this article, we will create a simple binary clock using C# and WPF. The project itself will serve to show some peculiarities, like the use of Tasks, how to manipulate the UI of a WPF page, and basic data conversions.
6 Oct 2014 by Mathew Soji
Basic introduction to Data Annotation in .NET Framework
9 Aug 2016 by Alеksey Nemiro
Authorization users using OAuth for websites and programs. Using API of different providers: CodeProject Forums Viewer, Dropbox file
25 Jan 2019 by David Lafreniere
Simplify passing data between threads using this multithreaded, portable C++ asynchronous callback framework
7 Jul 2014 by Atique Rahman
Describes development procedure of a Wndows Media Player Plugin that will allow us to display captions using common subtitle format files such as srt
29 May 2016 by Tuhin.Towhidul
Configuration transformation for different environment.
30 Sep 2016 by Florian Rappl
Exploring WPF capabilities, limitations and work-arounds to create state-of-the-art applications with multi-touch features.
16 Oct 2018 by JL Doty
Fully exploit features of OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll
17 Nov 2014 by Florian Rappl
Connecting an existing JavaScript engine to AngleSharp to perform DOM operations and provide a working headless browser.
8 Nov 2016 by Paulo Zemek
This article presents the PropertyPathObserver class, which allows for faster bindings and more.
4 Jul 2016 by Mahsa Hassankashi
This article is a practice for nodejs on Microsoft .net platform with javascript language
25 Jun 2018 by Dirk Bahle
A quick guide to managing 100000'ish records efficiently with SQLite and C#/.Net.
11 Jan 2015 by Mohammad Dayyan
A C# library to use PersianCalendar as easy as DateTime
9 Aug 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
I would talk about Windows 10 from a developer's perspective. Windows 10 has not yet been released, but it is better to know the tool to get your hands ready to develop applications.
25 May 2016 by Clifford Nelson
Presents simple MarkupExtension for accessing the Properties.Resources and Properties.Settings files. Also, with Resources, which are always strings, conversion is supported.
4 Mar 2015 by Sudheer Reddy K
The article shows how to use the simplegrid which is used in knockout examples to which i've added support to accept column template to interact with outside DOM bindings, and stylish and simple pager and also multi select option.
4 Jan 2015 by Nick Polyak
Continue describing usage of NP.WrapperGenerator.vsix visual studio extension. Present more complex cases of multiple inheritance including diamond multiple inheritance.
25 Dec 2014 by Kewin Rausch
How to add obfuscation at binary level to protect your technology
1 Mar 2018 by Omar Saad (IREQ), Eric Ouellet
A very fast Convex Hull algorithm and its implementation in O (n log h)
26 Sep 2013 by Babu_Abdulsalam
Various Smart Pointers in C++11
2 Aug 2017 by Andrew Rissing
GenericParser is a C# implementation of a parser for delimited and fixed width format files.
13 Jan 2015 by Jacques Fournier
Sudoku is a program built in C# with a WPF user interface.
18 Sep 2018 by BenHall_io
This is a robust solution for FileSystemWatcher firing events multiple times
15 Oct 2016 by Saineshwar Bageri
In this article we are going to have a look on how to secure WEBAPI.
10 Dec 2017 by syed shanu
In this article lets see in deep on how to work with WEB API, EF for performing a Inventory Management priority based Reorder level system CRUD operation using Angular5 and ASP.NET Core application
14 Jan 2016 by Pat Dooley
In this article I will describe the approach I took in creating a VB.NET implementation of the Spider Solitaire Game.
20 Jul 2016 by syed shanu
In this article we will see in detail how to create a Dynamic MVC Dashboard display using AngularJS and Web API
26 May 2014 by Dolinka Márk Gergely
First one of a series of tutorials about C# code reweacing using Mono.Cecil
9 Jan 2015 by DriveByCoder
General exploration of WPF validation
25 Sep 2017 by Meshack Musundi
A WPF control for displaying and recording video from a webcam
24 May 2015 by Evgeny Pereguda
Simple lib for capturing live-video from web-camera by using Media Foundation
28 Jun 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Solving the Classification problem with ML.Net Version 0.2.
11 Jun 2017 by Jasper Lammers
Using Autocomplete in Windows Console Applications without losing key functions when using Console.Readkey().
25 Feb 2019 by Mehdi Gholam
Smallest full text search engine (lucene replacement) built from scratch using inverted MGRB bitmap index, highly compact storage, operating in database and document modes
18 Feb 2018 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
Building an NLayered, localized, well-structured Single-Page Web Application using AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, EntityFramework and ASP.NET Boilerplate
11 Aug 2014 by Omar Alani
How to use ASP.NET Web API 2 with Individual User Account from AngularJS client with CORS enabled to issue a Bearer token.
20 Nov 2012 by Johnny J., Brisingr Aerowing
Get the operating system version and edition, updated with Windows 10
14 Jul 2015 by Arthur V. Ratz
This article demostrates the C++ code that implements AI binary distribution evolutionary algorithm for finding the "nearest" neighbor values of the given value of x in the array of N elements.
4 Nov 2018 by Michael Chourdakis
A ready to be used hotpatching library with five methods!
3 Apr 2019 by Mahsa Hassankashi
This article illustrates how to use Node.js by WCF which is written in C# and using node.js as real time communication technology with the aid of C# code to connect MS SQL Server.
8 Jul 2015 by L. Michael
This article introduces two free, open source, tools that will make your unit tests more declarative and compact and a lot easier to read and understand.
13 Sep 2015 by Clifford Nelson
This article presents an implementation to support IDataErrorInfo with attributes on the properties for WPF. It also covers other aspects of displaying error information using WPF.
9 Jun 2016 by thund3rstruck
Fetches torrent files from online sources based on rules
7 Aug 2014 by Shenwei Liu
Using an EF designer-based data context for stored procedures returning multiple result sets in a data access Web API application built with the Code First approach
13 Mar 2017 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
The same advice applies to many other item types, and not just with lists. More exactly, such items can be used, but unexpected behavior may make it a nightmare.
6 Apr 2015 by Gary R. Wheeler
A small, easily embedded language for text editing and transformation
4 Oct 2016 by scastelli
Combobx component that display multiple columns from any Datasource
22 Sep 2015 by Jerry Evans
Adding cross-platform round-trip JSON serialization to C++ classes
3 May 2017 by dmihailescu
A Visual Studio add-in that inserts some commonly known OO patterns into your working project and searches your highlights online.
4 Sep 2014 by Dukhabandhu Sahoo
Explore the Entity Framework Code First convention and configuration for creating primary key
3 May 2016 by Lai Taiyu
A simple image binarization
13 Aug 2018 by Shao Voon Wong
Outline Text Part 2
6 Feb 2015 by Richard Protzel
I decided to create my own sample project which connects to a named server (anSQL 2008 R2 server on my local machine – will also work on SQL Server 2012Express
1 Feb 2018 by Ehsan Sajjad
This article demonstrates how to implement advanced search on a gird using JQuery DataTables in mvc 5
29 Sep 2014 by Ben M Watson
Understand exactly what happens during object allocation in .NET, why it's extremely efficient in the common case, and how to trigger slower code paths
9 Sep 2015 by syed shanu
Use AngularJS and WCF Rest Service to create an online Mind Reader quiz game
11 Oct 2015 by Nick Polyak
Describes Collection Bindings and Two Way Property Bindings implemented in plain C# (outside of WPF)
12 Jul 2016 by David A. Gray
The Excel powered resource generator, version 2, is vastly improved and better documented.
19 Feb 2015 by Yin Kan (Gavin) Lee
Create Excel File using Openxml without loading the entire DOM
30 May 2016 by Evgeny N
Combinatorial tests are helpful to cover a lot of various input data combinations, but their out-of-the box support in testing frameworks can easily bloat your continuous integration server times. Not necessarily...
31 Oct 2016 by Mercede
Generic data manager provides thread specific IUnitOfWork repository tailored for your entities and takes care of all the plumbing and cleaning in a thread safe way.
29 Dec 2016 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article we will learn about Content Negotiation and its default use in ASP.NET Web API. Further we will see how to implement Custom Content Formatter to fulfill client’s request with a special format.
11 May 2015 by R Potter
A guide through a Vector type in C# using Cartesian and Euclidian Geometry
26 Nov 2014 by Jeremy Falcon
Provides a base to use when programming OpenGL-enabled applications for the real world, rather than a simple hello world.
12 Dec 2016 by D. Infuehr
Make programs 5x faster - the easy way. Now on every GPU!
10 Apr 2018 by Igor Ladnik
The sample provides Web access to devices status and displays dynamic metrics charts with ASP.NET Core 2.0, SignalR, Angular 5 and Chart.js.
28 May 2017 by KristianEkman
Chess engine and simple chess user interface
16 Sep 2015 by _Plutonix
Framework for NET based Shell Context Menus using VB, C#
27 Jul 2015 by Marla Sukesh
In this article we will take our MVC 5 Project into next level by introducing Data Entry Screen and Database Communication.
1 Mar 2019 by Igor Ladnik
This article presents a simple framework for parallel computing applicable to managing operation flow for machine and process control, gaming, simulators, etc.
20 Mar 2015 by DataBytzAI
Using a tri-stack of cool tools to give live insight into the usually darkened room of Windows Services and other remote server hosted code...
10 Oct 2014 by Kalvin Lawrence Ernst
Generate a web app instantly, directly from a database (SQL Server)
9 Apr 2015 by Thomas Daniels
An algorithm to classify whether text is gibberish or not, and an implementation in C# and Python.
26 Nov 2015 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A utility to help turn flat files (.csv, tab separated, etc.) into type-safe CLR objects with validation using attributes
26 Sep 2016 by Sergey Kizyan
I'm starting a set of C# lectures for our engineers. The first lecture is about C# built-in types also known as primitive types.
17 Feb 2015 by Wendelius
This article shows how to build a responsive directory size browser application utilizing threading. The source code includes both C# and VB.Net
20 Jan 2017 by Ole Oren
Fast and simple REST development for SQL devs
1 Apr 2016 by Ryan Seghers
This article presents a from-scratch implementation of cubic spline interpolation in C#.
27 Jul 2015 by Marla Sukesh
This article is continuation of day 5 for Learn MVC Project in 7 Days.
21 Aug 2014 by Lucas Ontivero
A class library for port forwarding in NAT devices that support Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) and/or Port Mapping Protocol (PMP)
27 Oct 2015 by Wonde Tadesse
An article that explain hows to expose SignalR feature through an ASP.NET Web API, which helps applications that can use REST service and to broadcast a real-time message to their clients.
2 Nov 2014 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article I am explaining three ways to upload image (by Browsing File, by Dragging and Dropping and by Capturing using Webcam) from an ASP.NET MVC web application to server and accessing those back to display on web page.
15 Mar 2015 by Sergey Morenko
TinyMapper is a quick object-object mapper for .NET
28 Jun 2015 by NightWizzard
Simply add a single code module to add instant design capabilities to all windows forms of your application!
27 Nov 2014 by Craig A. Moore
Creating sheets of labels within a PDF document using PDFSharp
2 May 2016 by Clifford Nelson
Presents code to display bindable HTML text in a WPF RichTextBox or a WebBrowser.
9 Jan 2017 by Jack Xu, USA
This article demonstrates how to convert the WinForm version of the Microsoft chart control into a WPF and MVVM compatible chart control and how to use it to create various charts in a WPF application.
22 Dec 2013 by Kashif_Imran
The article shows the proecess of creating and using a discrete value slider for Silverlight.
3 Aug 2016 by M.M.Mohseni
This is a simple application for creating the serial number based on HDD hardware code. It has 3 necessary part of serial number application(Request Code, Getting Serial Number and Confirming that)
11 Dec 2016 by Dr. Song Li
This is a note on setting the environment for Angular 2 & Typescript in Visual Studio.
2 Jul 2014 by NikoJarvi
In this article I described a solution that can be used to send alarms through your VoIP network to the Central Station in case of fire, burglary or any other emergency event by using your own C#.NET application.
14 Mar 2017 by Vikas Sharma
In this article we will make a Visual Studio extension(Visual Studio VSIX Package) that would notify us for our emails in VisualStudio Status bar
16 Apr 2017 by zapsolution
Midi keyboard with both mouse and computer keyboard control
23 Oct 2015 by Dirk Bahle
Selecting treeviewitems based on document states associated with each item.
28 Mar 2018 by Eric Lynch
A deep dive into the IEnumerable interface, how the C# language supports it, how to avoid some of its pitfalls, and an introduction to some basic LINQ concepts.
4 Jul 2014 by D. Infuehr
How to implement a simple neuronal network into C#
16 Mar 2017 by lepipele
ASP.NET MVC C# Opensource library that abstracts social logins for OAuth providers like Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal
4 Jan 2016 by Edwig Huisman
Complete webserver and webclient with SOAP/JSON messageing framework
24 Feb 2017 by Dirk Bahle
In a dialog with WPF
6 Aug 2014 by Dieter Deysel
Step-by-step walkthrough to implement SignalR in desktop applications
8 Dec 2015 by Thomas Daniels
This article explains speech recognition, speech to text, text to speech and speech synthesis in C#.
20 Apr 2016 by Daniele Fontani
How to create a web application using owin and nancy as presentation framework, embedd it in a dll and include to many web sites.
12 Sep 2015 by Mr.PoorEnglish
After simple introduction the Article turns to less known, but useful/important/interesting Aspects of unblocking the Gui with Async/Await
23 Jan 2021 by Mehdi Gholam
In this article I demonstrate why fastJSON is the smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4, MonoDroid and .NET core support)
18 Aug 2015 by Bharath K A
This is a HTML5 WebSocket service that streams live, real-time data to browser grid control. This service is capable of automatically computing math expressions on the fly (dynamically at runtime)
29 Dec 2015 by Dmitry Orzhevsky
This article describes a set of tools and techniques which can be used to find memory allocation problems in .NET code and help significantly boost your app performance.
30 May 2013 by Amir Jalilifard
Creating a useful ASP.NET HTML Editor custom control.
20 Jan 2016 by Dan Letecky
Flexible open-source scheduler control (resource booking, project management, timeline and free/busy visualization, Gantt)
27 Jul 2015 by Marla Sukesh
This article is continuation of day 6 for Learn MVC Project in 7 Days.
1 Jun 2015 by Athari
C# CSS parser with with support for all modern CSS features.
13 Feb 2018 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
A step by step guide to create a layered web application based on ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Boilerplate frameworks with automated tests.
18 Sep 2016 by Sergey Kizyan
9th from my series. This is relatively short but it is introduction to big LINQ part
28 Jul 2017 by israrali
A client side grid display, editing, paging, resizing, filtering and sorting using Knockout and JQuery
30 May 2018 by mattkol
Build .NET/.NET Core HTML5 desktop apps using cross-platform native GUI API
13 Jun 2018 by Bojan Sala
SqlBinder is a free, open-source library that helps you transform a given SQL template and a set of conditions into any number of valid SQL statements along with their associated parameters.
20 Sep 2014 by Mohammad A. Amer
Step by step creating News Page Layout using Content Type in SharePoint 2013
18 Jan 2015 by Davide Icardi
Generate LambdaExpression or function delegate on the fly without compilation.
27 Jul 2015 by Marla Sukesh
This article is continuation of day 4 for Learn MVC Project in 7 Days.
5 Sep 2017 by Brian Aberle
XMLFoundation is the fastest XML Parser available. It is also a framework foundation for an application that uses XML to enable Object-XML mappings and Application Layer binding to XML Data objects.
10 Jul 2017 by Wendelius
This article discusses some basic requirements for successful database operations such as error handling, use of parameters and transactions.
21 Sep 2014 by khem thapa
Work with Partial views in MVC
10 Nov 2014 by Tsuda Kageyu
Extract all the variations of an icon, including the ones ExtractIconEx() can't extract.
16 Jan 2017 by Thiennn
How to support plugins in our web application with ASP.NET Core
13 Mar 2016 by syed shanu
In this article you will learn about ASP.NET Core 1.0 MVC 6 using WEB API and AngularJS.
5 Oct 2014 by Antonio Ripa
A real world implementation of a Many to Many relation using MVC5 and Entity Framework
6 Sep 2016 by DataBytzAI
How to scrape data from a website with C#
19 Mar 2015 by SSDiver2112
This is a simple to use custom button control, but with a lot of visual design options.
13 Oct 2016 by Fredrik Bornander
Showing how to prune nodes of a TreeView as a means of searching
26 Nov 2014 by Akhil Mittal
This article is an introduction to Knockout.js and CRUD Operations in ASP.NET Web Forms using Knockout.JS.
11 Jun 2016 by Roger Vuistiner
How to quickly improve your WPF application to give your users a pleasant mouse wheel experience
27 Apr 2015 by Jörgen Andersson
A high performance extension for creating a DataTable from a Generic collection.
4 Apr 2016 by Khademul Basher
Web service security using bearer Token with Postman as a client application and Web API as server side.
7 Sep 2015 by Jaime Olivares
How to introduce custom dialogs in an Setup project (aka vdproj) for generating MSI installers
4 May 2019 by Michael Janulaitis
Provides an introduction to the open source client/server DotNetOpenServer SDK project for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Java Platforms
20 Nov 2015 by stebo0728
MDI Application Case Study - Part 1 - Introduction
25 Jun 2013 by Johnny J.
With PInvoke, it's possible to manipulate forms belonging to another application
3 Dec 2014 by Gautham Prabhu K
A quick look into Selenium which allows us to automate testing of web pages.
14 Mar 2013 by li9705
This article talks about how to compile Python source code on WP8, the changes made on the source code, and an example using Python in a WP8 native app.
2 Dec 2016 by Vincent Maverick Durano
This article will walk you through on implementing a simple "shoutbox" feature in your ASP.NET MVC 5 application.
15 May 2015 by Lộc Nguyễn
Example of data binding for nested tree structure, and MVVM pattern.
19 Mar 2017 by marcel heeremans
An introduction as to how to create a semi-advanced extendible HTML5 grid from scratch. This really isn't as daunting a task as many think!
7 Apr 2019 by Stefan Timovski
A short tutorial on how to get started with creating SSMS extensions
30 Apr 2017 by Wendelius
This article explains the problem, when another transaction (concurrent or not) accidentally overwrites previously modified data and how to prevent this from happening.
21 Oct 2014 by Mizan Rahman
Gives you total control when it comes to resizing windows
3 Nov 2015 by Javad Zarrinabadi
Complete MVC example of pagination, filtering and sorting inside partial view with edit in modal dialog
11 Oct 2016 by #realJSOP
A GPS class with a coordinate parser, distance calculation, and bearing calculation.
31 Jan 2017 by Pritam Zope
In this article, we will create a Notepad with features like Multi Tabbed Documents, Document Selector, File Association,Opening/Saving Multiple Files, Line Numbers, Running External Programs, Viewing files in Browser, Full Screen Mode, etc.
18 Oct 2015 by Wonde Tadesse
ASP.NET Web API related projects. It touches most parts of the technology through the articles on Data Streaming, Working with HTTPS and Extending Web API Documentation.
7 Mar 2016 by John Torjo
You can easily apply Pretty Formatting to your logs. Make the information that's relevant to you easily stand out!
3 Nov 2014 by amitthk
Yet another Basic .Net Wpf Mvvm Framework CRUD application – hands on in 14 (or so) easy steps for WPF/MVVM beginners / for practice.
23 Aug 2014 by Sul Aga
Building a Kanban board web application using AngularJS, WebApi, SignalR and HTML5
23 Jun 2015 by Kel_
A modern real-time HTML5 chat implementation for the web and mobile worlds.
8 May 2015 by Marius Bancila
Learn how to integrate the new Windows Azure machine-learning APIs in a C++ application using C++ REST SDK
23 Jun 2015 by Kel_
A clock rendered as 4 progress bars and published by the server in real-time.
29 Aug 2017 by Clifford Nelson
There are times when want to have associated RadioButton controls on a window, and it would be much easier to interface to these controls with a single property instead of independent properties for each RadioButton. This control allows multiple RadioButton controls to be on a single Binding.
9 Mar 2017 by Graeme_Grant
A documented journey looking for the fastest solution for generating valid Anagrams for the Weekly Code Project Challenge...
26 Jun 2015 by Stefan Wloch
An introduction to Custom Roles Based Reporting for ASP.NET MVC applications using the Entity Framework. Protecting confidential information is a business requirement and in many cases also an ethical and legal requirement.
12 Dec 2013 by DataBytzAI
Using NancyFX to provide a web-interface to a Windows service using VS 2013
14 Sep 2015 by nam1234567
Build your own database class library with C#
8 Dec 2013 by Julijan Sribar
A Visual Studio add-in and command-line utility that automates versioning of .NET and VC++ projects
29 Oct 2014 by Oleg Shilo
This article describes the CS-Script C# Intellisense plugin for Notepad++ (CSScriptNpp).
25 Jan 2015 by John L. Vidal
Events in .NET are great. There is the "event" keyword that gives a fast way to start to use them, but..
7 Apr 2016 by Meshack Musundi
A WPF application for listing, searching for and launching installed apps
24 Nov 2016 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this article we are going to explore .Net Core, Know how to use MVC6 & AngularJS2, how to manage client side dependencies with Node package manager (NPM).
19 Apr 2017 by Tanvir Ahmad Arjel
This is the simplest way to use JQuery Date Picker and Date Time Picker in ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC with many customization according to your requirement.
14 Jul 2016 by syed shanu
In this article, we will learn in detail about using Angular2 with ASP.NET Core 1.0 RC2 using WEB API.
21 Aug 2014 by Cinchoo
Easy to use command line argument parser, with loaded features like usage creation, type-safe management etc
26 Apr 2015 by Morteza Giti
How to implement the K-means clustering algorithm in C#.NET
3 Nov 2017 by LostTime76
Presenting the concept of a TreeGrid control that utilizes the DataGrid
8 Sep 2013 by Winfried Wille
MySQL-Fullltext: Start for a simple search-engine using MySQL C-API, WCF, and jQuery
24 Mar 2015 by Brian Kwak
How to add image on TinyMCE with ASP.NET? This article shows plugin communicating with .NET WebApi2 to insert images.
30 Jul 2018 by charles922
Introduction to Numerical Methods and Updated Polynomial Class
20 Nov 2014 by Ben M Watson
Get into the details of .NET array access optimization and how you can pattern your code for efficiency.
16 Aug 2015 by Bharath K A
Build your own cloud spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel, google sheets) that exposes shreadsheet workbook via web browser. Users can create excel like spreadsheets using web browser save it, share it, put formulas to compute data in the sheet etc.
4 Sep 2014 by Zimmermann Stephan
An easy to use C# library for quick and simple graph plotting.
4 Jan 2017 by Snesh Prajapati
This article provides in depth overview of how dependency properties are stored in WPF Property System.
19 Nov 2014 by Pieter Alec Myburgh
A project driven .NET class diagram generator that allows generation from dll or exe.
17 Feb 2016 by Simon Agholor
How to invoke Java methods from a .NET application.
27 Jan 2016 by wells cheung
AJAX Progress Bar for ASP.NET.
30 Dec 2014 by Babu_Abdulsalam
Various features supporting Concurrency in C++11
23 Jun 2015 by Kel_
MyChat: a simple real-time client-server chat using fancy HTML5 features and identicons.
25 Nov 2013 by S. M. Ahasan Habib
In this article I will demonstrate how to r