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by Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.
by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Martin Mitáš
How to support scrolling within your controls.
by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.

Latest Articles

by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA
An alternative Windows version to the famous Total Commander!
by Michael Chourdakis
Use SHA-3 in Win32 projects
by Bruno van Dooren
What to do when you want to use the current thread handle
by Bruno van Dooren
How to implement named pipe server for communicating with client apps

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5 Jun 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
26 Feb 2018 by Martin Mitáš
How to support scrolling within your controls.
4 Apr 2008 by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
27 Jun 2009 by Dark Daskin
Article describes how to build an assembly that exposes functions to unmanaged code without C++/CLI
29 Apr 2010 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation and usage of the Custom Routing Manager for managing messages via Routing Service built-in .Net 4 Technology.
24 Aug 2009 by Waleed Elkot
Reading text from any image using Microsoft Office 2007 OCR
13 Jul 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
An easy locking class for shared/exclusive mutex functions with upgrade/downgrade
14 Sep 2013 by Dave Kerr
Create Shell Icon Overlay Handlers using .NET!
25 Feb 2016 by J.Starkl
A windows-service which can handle different operations in separate threads and which can be controlled by a small GUI program
25 Mar 2018 by The Ænema
Inject your 4.5 framework .NET application into a C++ unmanaged host application - fast, secure & without any extra tool or library.
1 Feb 2010 by Arik Poznanski
Complete Library for using the Windows 7 Ribbon from C#, including 18 samples and 21 blog posts documenting the Ribbon features
11 Sep 2017 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way to provide silent automatic updates with no server side code
1 Jul 2009 by Muhammad Akhtar Shiekh
An article on "How to authenticate windows user using form authentication in ASP.NET?"
22 May 2013 by Dejan Mauer
Free and easy way to access a web camera by using the Aforge library.
21 Aug 2019 by Johnny J.
Easily add image cropping to your desktop application
21 Jul 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
This article demonstrates how to use Win32 transactions with file and registry operations.
7 Apr 2013 by Dave Kerr
Use .NET to rapidly build Shell Property Sheets
6 Mar 2012 by Chandrakantt
Registering a custom URL protocol for invoking an application
14 Oct 2009 by Alex Blekhman
Example of handling real-life challenges when hosting WebBrowser control: separate creation of hosting window and the control, keyboard shortcuts, control's dimensions, etc.
14 Feb 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
Create collaborating projects easily
23 Aug 2018 by Chris Boss
Why some prefer the BASIC language over others
29 Jun 2009 by Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7
19 Jan 2013 by Dave Kerr
Rapidly create Shell Drop Handler Extensions using .NET
15 Aug 2014 by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA
How to solve real-life problems using B-trees
30 Sep 2009 by Fiwel
Different ways to apply image filters.
10 May 2009 by DaveyM69
Allows changing of the default MIDI out device in Vista and Windows 7
15 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon drop down color picker control.
24 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with the ribbon quick access toolbar.
25 Jan 2013 by FatCatProgrammer
StarReport: WPF-less GDI+.NET report component.
30 May 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
A few functions and you can call various Web libraries like Google Drive
6 Jul 2020 by honey the codewitch
Provides a complete managed API for working with MIDI files, sequences and devices
6 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon application menu with ribbon split button and ribbon drop button controls.
9 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon combo box control.
22 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon context popup.
31 Mar 2011 by Gregory Gadow
Prank your coworkers with a dialog box that appears and disappears randomly by using a notification area app.
24 Jul 2018 by stevemk14ebr
PolyHook v2 - the C++17 x86/x64 library supporting multiple methods of hooking
18 Dec 2012 by Lars [Large] Werner
Windows has built inn support for a lot of keyboard languages, this class makes it possible to extract that info in an easy manner and present it to screen.
12 Jun 2019 by Michael Haephrati
A simple and easy to use InputBox() function for any type of C++ program for Windows
1 Apr 2021 by Michael Chourdakis
DirectX hardware screen capture and encoding with audio mixing capabilities. H264/H265/VP80/VP90/FLAC/MP3
12 Dec 2008 by Iain Clarke, Warrior Programmer
A flexible easily overridable combo-box-alike control for choosing from a 2D array of options
7 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use ribbon tabs, groups and the ribbon help button control.
19 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to load ribbon resources from external DLLs.
20 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon application modes.
5 Nov 2019 by Howard 9448490
A replacement Windows Experience Score tool for Windows 10
2 Jun 2020 by Michael Chourdakis
C++, Direct2D, one function and you got a nice picker
28 Jan 2010 by Eugen Podsypalnikov
A semi-transparent selection rectangle
22 May 2012 by Mahfuzur Rahman.
Column based selection in rich edit control.
5 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon application menu.
12 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with images in the ribbon.
14 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon check box and toggle button controls.
21 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon contextual tabs.
23 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with the ribbon recent items control.
1 Oct 2009 by Nishad S
A tool for capturing data from controls like TreeCtrl, ListCtrl, ComboBox, ListBox, etc.
14 Jan 2020 by honey the codewitch
Add the ability to run a service in console mode and to control or install your service from the command line
17 Feb 2008 by Brian P. Adams
A full-featured Task Manager for Windows Mobile.
16 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon font control.
3 Nov 2018 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way for sending WhatsApp messages to an individual or to a group in C++
9 May 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
Create music easily
26 Aug 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
This article describes a way to hash data using the latest Win32 API and C++
28 Oct 2022 by Michael Haephrati
Windows Services are powerful little beasts and encountering them is unavoidable when developing under Windows
23 Dec 2011 by Dan Randolph
Builds on the existing RunRemote project to run commands on a remote server.
9 Apr 2015 by Dirk Bahle, Alex Maitland
How to implement a ResourceHandler in CefSharp to display custom HTML in WPF
23 Oct 2015 by Michael Chourdakis
A simple template for manipulating the registry
21 Sep 2017 by Michael Haephrati
How to detect the currently used language regardless of the active application
1 Sep 2009 by PARK Youngho
A tool that enumerates all fonts installed on Windows, and shows you the preview so as to help you code conveniently.
19 Dec 2007 by Bryan Sachdeva
This article describes how to create a wrapper class for the native Phone API, and then uses it to retrieve and store the call history.
8 Apr 2009 by joseangelmt
We are going to enable your application to write entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, elevating your application when necessary.
10 May 2009 by Michael Chourdakis
Draw your vectors using a new, ActiveX based hardware accelerated interface.
23 May 2018 by Andreas Schoenle
How to use CrashRptEx, to avoid some of the pitfalls of crash reporting in MFC apps or if you want the ability to continue your application after a crash
2 Feb 2013 by Marc Clifton
A prototype application for cross-referencing and indexing files, URL's.
12 Apr 2013 by Jonathan Nethercott
Describes an algorithm for calculating the equation of a line in an image using orthogonal linear regression.
10 Jun 2013 by Frederico Regateiro
This project shows a work around to make a non-serializable object available to a custom visualizer.
19 Dec 2016 by petrostherock
Machine Learning. What languages come to mind? R? Python? Matlab? Bet you didn't think Visual Basic.
1 Nov 2018 by Alexander Eremeev
The Windows kernel-hacking library and development framework written on C++17
23 Oct 2019 by David Lafreniere
A Win32 CreateThread() C++ wrapper class for synchronized thread startup and forced message queue creation.
10 Mar 2009 by nkrscorpio
This is yet another example for memory mapped files. What is cool though is unlike other samples, I have a SetData(TCHAR* Key, TCHAR* value) / GetData(TCHAR* key) pattern here.
23 Aug 2008 by legcsabi
How to hide UI elements of a FontDialog (e.g., Font Size).
20 Jan 2009 by Valery Grebnev
This article describes testing the results of reader/writer locks on Windows XP/Vista Uniprocessor and Multi-core PCs.
8 Sep 2009 by jerryd_intw
This article presents a commercial-grade cross-platform Harel UML StateChart Open-Source application framework named StateWizard for concurrent, distributed, and real-time reactive system development with simplicity, efficiency, and scalability.
12 Dec 2011 by jackyxinli
This article demonstrates how to use mplayer as an audio decoder and display real time spectrum during playback process
18 Jun 2012 by Mark Kruger
API which shows a Selection Overlay and notifies the caller when it's resizing and notifies the final rectangle.
20 Sep 2012 by Palavos
A paradigm of Noiseless Steganography for secretely transmitting messages via Excel graphs.
21 Jan 2013 by Kerem Guemruekcue
This short article shows how to use an undocumented internal class method from the System.Deployment.Application.Win32InterOp namespace to get a PE images manifest resource.
5 Aug 2014 by Chris875
State pattern and procedural solution illustrated
29 Dec 2018 by Kfir Eichenblat
Learn how to create Global Hotkeys properly in a C# desktop application (e.g. Windows Forms or WPF)
12 Jan 2022 by Giuseppe Pischedda
Introduction to C++/WinRT
10 Aug 2018 by RCL_SPD
How to allocate memory on Linux and Windows
31 May 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
Replace GetOpenFileName/GetSaveFileName with a new cloud API!
2 Nov 2012 by Pieter Alec Myburgh
Re-Activate disabled windows controls
29 Oct 2014 by Dave Kerr
Use QuickAccent to quickly copy accents and symbols to your clipboard. Also read the article to find out about the essentials when writing System Tray based applications
20 Aug 2014 by sgoleary
Cut and Paste BackgroundWorker.
12 Jul 2016 by David A. Gray
Share Win32 string resources without the risk of conflicting resource IDs
14 Jun 2019 by Michael Haephrati
How to fetch and search your Chrome history by accessing the "history" Sqlite database
5 Aug 2016 by Petrov Vladimir
Texture Mapping in OpenGL from any Image File in any format using Class CImage(just call the File Name).
29 Jan 2022 by Kai Schtrom
OpenVPN v2.5.4 patched for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
22 Sep 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
This article shows how to retrieve the Privileges and Groups that are part of an access token such as the current thread token.
27 Mar 2013 by nick.p.everdox
Usage of Intel/AMD extended processor features.
2 Dec 2015 by David Catuhe
Thanks to Chakra (the JavaScript engine used by Microsoft Edge), it is now possible to host one of the fastest JavaScript engines (and also the one with the highest support of ECMAScript 6) inside any Universal Windows Platform application.
6 Apr 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Minor release improves DLL security, adds registry DLL, enhances exec() error handling
29 Oct 2022 by Michael Haephrati
The progress bar snippet explained in this article, can be called or updated from different running programs.
9 Dec 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
How to implement named pipe server for communicating with client apps
16 Aug 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
This article describes how to use Windows transactions to recursively delete a registry tree under a registry subkey and then the subkey itself.
4 Oct 2008 by freedeveloper
Part V: Intercommunications with a Workflow instance using Correlation parameter
11 Mar 2009 by Jellow TK
This simple tool will add method-entry logs in source files.
5 Feb 2013 by Gokulnath007
To get instant control over Outlook and various operations of outlook.
12 Dec 2014 by Yuriy Magurdumov
Calling native methods from .NET application via standard Windows Named Pipes
25 Jan 2016 by Samuel Teixeira
Why simple if we can be complex?
13 Apr 2016 by Steve Grundy
This article describes using the Windows MIDI API functions in a managed environment.
25 Jun 2018 by Sean Rand
This is an article to help you clean up browser processes during automated Selenium testing.
22 Dec 2019 by Marijan Nikic
A utility for automatization of moving files from partition A to partition B and vice versa
25 Jan 2020 by Thilo Bauer
Autohides Taskbar and Startmenu when there are no mouse moves over them for a defined time
1 Sep 2008 by Sean Rock
Change local IIS home path from explorer context menu
12 Jul 2009 by Emery Emerald
A demonstration of using a general-purpose MDI interface in MFC table forms.
13 Jul 2010 by Daniel Cohen Gindi
This application adds a property page to show SWF properties in the Windows file properties window.
23 May 2012 by Sergeant Kolja
This is an alternative for "Memory leak detection for WinCE".
2 Aug 2012 by Kuthuparakkal
WMI based DirectoryMonitor triggers SSIS Package execution.
4 Sep 2013 by KillBot Project
A make-over of one of the most popular family games, Monopoly.
4 Nov 2015 by Denis Murashov
In the article I try to make a brief review over methods to manage object lifetime in Delphi applications.
15 Feb 2016 by Ahmed Amer Jaf
Fast n Easy Way to parse Json data
4 Apr 2016 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
R API for drawing venn diagram in VisualBasic
10 Apr 2016 by AIT SALEM BOUSSAD
This first part of the article presents how to inject a DLL inside lsass process by using Windows service
3 Feb 2017 by Satish Jagtap
This article is written in VC++ as utility to manage startup applications of Windows.
12 Sep 2018 by Chris Boss
A short introduction to using the Powerbasic 6.0 console compiler with the Ontime RTOS-32 embedded operating system
7 Sep 2012 by Dynamsoft
In this article, I’ll share with you how to utilize Dynamic .NET TWAIN in a WPF application to process your documents.
23 Apr 2010 by Arik Poznanski
Crash while closing application that uses Windows Ribbon Framework
6 May 2012 by emranallan
Add your local inside windows local to be supported for unicode
7 Jul 2012 by CJ Kent
Create an Interpolating Timer and use it to fade textures in and out in XNA 4.0
2 Mar 2019 by Sergey Nozhenko
A technique of invoking and implementing non-standard interfaces of windowsless rich edit controls is demonstrated
4 Sep 2019 by Jaxon7
Least frequent character offset exact match algorithm used in GUI keyword search
18 Feb 2020 by Mircea Neacsu
Case folding for UTF-8 code
27 May 2020 by Michael Chourdakis
A one-function library to easily integrate Speech to Text and Text to Speech in your Win32 applications
17 Apr 2016 by leon de boer
In this second part, we will create an OpenGL MDI application
14 Jan 2022 by Giuseppe Pischedda
Implementing a Win32 C++ Application that "consumes" a C++/WinRT Runtime Component.
2 Apr 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
If you were on the fence about adding mscript to your arsenal of system tools, have another look.
14 Feb 2013 by David O'Neil
Need to make a simple, or not-so-simple dialog? The following approach may be just the ticket, even without DWinLib!
14 Aug 2008 by Yasser M. Jaffal
In this article, I discuss an example of how you can use information retrieval to grab data out of MSN Money pages to get a free Web Service for currency exchange rates and other quotes.
6 Feb 2009 by Javier Ibarra
This article is about how to get or set values of an InfoPath form.
5 Mar 2012 by Fred_Informatix
This is an alternative for "Simple Tri-State TreeView"
2 Jun 2015 by Artur Zgadzaj
Batch run as Administrator - automatic increase administrative privileges in Batch scripts like BAT and CMD - universal tools Batch_Admin
10 Dec 2016 by gfazzola
In this article I will explain the implementation of an infrastructure to host and manage windows services in a practical and interactive way.As a practical example of the solution will be implemented a dynamic ip update client of DucDNS
12 Aug 2019 by LeisureBamboo
The decode and encode of multiPage rotate
20 Sep 2020 by JorgeLuisOrejel
How to generate infinite sequences in both C# and unmanaged C++
26 Feb 2021 by Michael Haephrati is a blockchain-based social network where users can earn money or cryptocurrency for using it.
7 Jan 2013 by LEADTOOLS Support
Introduce you to the key features of the new .NET OCR classes, provide you with a step-by-step approach for creating an OCR application, and provide you with sample code.
31 Dec 2007 by jkunken
In this article, we will describe how information generated on data acquisition devices connected to servers running Windows Server 2003 can be efficiently integrated into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 using Windows PowerShell.
31 Dec 2009 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
Allow users to make virtual directories and use them via a similar interface as DirectoryInfo.
23 Oct 2009 by cjbarth
Tool to magnify a screen including layered windows and transparency. Useful for media centers.
27 Oct 2011 by Vasil Bachvarov
This article explains how to create a dynamic library that loads exported functions the first time they are used, opposed to loading them when the library is loaded.
2 Jun 2012 by Ben Baron
Java source code to demonstrate Executable Integration which is a concept of integrating several distinct executables to create a single application
21 Sep 2012 by Dynamsoft
Capture images and video streams from your webcams in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
22 Jan 2013 by lxdfigo
It is a lib that can process XML documents or JSON by changing a config file.
15 Aug 2014 by Paul Maxan
This is an alternative for "Closing Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Destination window"
31 Mar 2008 by Casey_Muse
Find out how to build a small document imaging workflow application using WF and Pegasus Imaging’s activity libraries (Part 1). Then discover how Pegasus’ activities may be used to add imaging workflows to MOSS using Visual Studio 2008 (Part 2).
15 Mar 2013 by Plantronics
Spokes SDK 5-Minute Quick-start blog!
11 Jul 2017 by Doug Duerner, Yeon-Chang Wang
In this article we explored a theory; would it be better to not utilize a heap construct when dealing with very large objects in .NET, in order to avoid Large Object Heap (LOH) fragmentation?
12 Aug 2013 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This application uses some simple 2D methods to make 3D scenes which can be seen with Red/Cyan Anaglyph glasses.
9 Apr 2016 by Yang Kok Wah
Typing Unicode directly to a text-box, including support for surrogate pairs. Create simple web pages to display fanciful fonts
22 Jun 2013 by Pero Matić
A detailed analysis of how to inject the .NET runtime and arbitrary .NET assemblies into unmanaged and managed processes; and how to execute managed code within those processes.
4 Apr 2008 by Hans Dietrich
XColorHexagonCtrl displays a color hexagon that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
25 Nov 2012 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
This article describe how to construct FileExplorer controls included DirectoryTree and FileList, using Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.
12 Dec 2014 by Martin Mitáš
Understanding the basics of custom control painting and avoiding the trap of control flicker
23 Feb 2010 by Ivo Beltchev
Classic Start menu and other shell features for Windows 7 and Vista.
23 Jun 2009 by Ziad Elmalki
Replace any method with another method at runtime. Updated for 3.5 SP1.
11 Jul 2008 by Hans Dietrich
XBalloonMsg displays a message box using balloon-style tooltips. Message and title strings may be embedded or stored in string resource.
12 Dec 2014 by Martin Mitáš
A quick introduction into the development of custom controls in plain Win32 API.
13 Dec 2018 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way for sending WhatsApp documents and images to an individual or to a group in C++
22 Jun 2014 by Nathaniel Moschkin
Topics and methods on programming in .NET and performance considerations
17 Jan 2010 by Abhishek Sur
Implement services that start/stop automatically to some events like Device attached, Network Availability, Firewall port modified, Domain join, Group Policy change etc
31 Dec 2008 by Samet KILICTAS
Stepper motor And seven-segment display control with parallel port using Assembly Language
7 Nov 2008 by Cedric Moonen
Learn how to draw text and handle the states of your game.
9 Dec 2007 by jsunstrom
A class library to aid in writing WMI applications.
15 Sep 2013 by Dave Kerr
Learn how to deploy SharpShell servers easily with the new Server Registration Manager tool
3 Nov 2008 by IndioX86
An article explaining several Win32 reverse engineering techniques applied to Live Messenger research and plug-in development.
11 Nov 2010 by Ajay Vijayvargiya
Learn about parallel algorithms, parallel containers, tasks, task groups, agents library, task scheduler etc in VC10
25 Jun 2008 by Lukas Neumann
An example of undocumented integration into the user interface of Microsoft Office applications.
21 Jul 2011 by Paul M Watt
Guide to creating and using Memory Device Contexts (DC) in Win32.
20 Aug 2008 by Christoph Husse
This article shows how to bypass PatchGuard 3 on the latest windows versions.
13 Dec 2018 by Michael Chourdakis
A mutex with shared/exclusive access with upgrade/downgrade capability
20 Oct 2009 by Jeffrey Walton
Sign and verify messages using Crypto++, Java, and C#.
14 Dec 2009 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Sound-enabled pool game for C#.
2 Dec 2009 by gstolarov
SharePoint OCR image files indexing.
3 Jan 2015 by Espen Harlinn
Benchmark C++ std::vector vs raw arrays, move assignable/constructable & copy assignable/constructable
17 Mar 2014 by Martin Mitáš
Paint your control consistently with standard/common controls, using the visual styles API.
22 Dec 2014 by Gerald Degeneve
Draw or render a Windows Form directly over the Wallpaper, behind the Desktop Icons in Windows 8+10
13 Sep 2009 by Johann Anhofer
The goal of this article is to describe a more or less generic way to access .NET managed objects from a native C++ application.
15 Dec 2009 by Nikhil Soman
Easy to use profiler for time and impact analysis of C/C++ code which uses the Visual Studio C/C++ compiler (/Gh and /GH flags) and the DIA SDK to gather profiling data.
11 Jan 2010 by Roy, Philippe
An article introducing an Artificial Intelligence technique that understands and manipulates concepts from text.
3 Nov 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
The win32 subsystem often returns pointers to objects that need to be deallocated by the caller. In this article, I show a way to do this reliably and in an exception-safe manner.
28 Aug 2009 by Alex Blekhman
A simple Calendar utility that demonstrates basic Shell extensibility techniques: desk band, tray notification icon, locales.
1 Oct 2013 by Espen Harlinn
A reflection based wrapper for the Oracle Data Provider for .NET – allows your application to dynamically load the Oracle.DataAccess.dll assembly installed on your client’s computer.
11 Dec 2014 by Martin Mitáš
Overview of techniques for customizing existing controls.
14 Sep 2009 by Michael Dunn
An intro to using Taskbar progress bars and overlay icons with your Windows 7 applications
11 Nov 2015 by c-smile
Basics of Sciter embedding principles, high-level overlook of Sciter SDK structure.
4 Nov 2013 by Marius Bancila
This article shows how to create a Tic Tac Toe game in C++ using different technologies such as Win32 and WinRT to prove that writing code in C++ is as fun and productive as in other programming languages.
30 Apr 2018 by Nisamudheen
How to troubleshoot Registration Free COM using Tools
23 Jul 2008 by Michael Chourdakis
Simple code to introduce a hardware breakpoint mechanism.
5 Oct 2012 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
PDF MERGER and PROTECTOR is the best pdf merger software which is fast and powerful way to join(Merge) PDF files with password protection as well as you can apply stamper with either any type of image or text. Using this utility you don’t required installation of Adobe Acrobat. Looks Exciting ???
23 Nov 2021 by David MacDermot
This article describes the creation of a non-MFC custom PropertyGrid control.
6 May 2016 by Marius Bancila
Interact, control and configure Windows services using C++ components built on top of the Windows services API
13 Jan 2020 by Dominik Reichl
KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
9 Jan 2014 by Jim Parsells
A Class Library for building Forms with a folder navigation TreeView and form specific ListViews that can be tailored for your application and behave like Windows Explorer. Full documentation.
18 Feb 2009 by Alain Rist
OOo::DocWindow and WTL::COOoCtrl classes to work on any Microsoft-Office document, and Open Office SDK integration in Visual Studio/VCExpress 2005/2008
31 Jan 2021 by Steffen Ploetz
Creation of a basic icon editor with as little code as possible, that is running on ReactOS and Windows, to check out the stability of application development capabilities on ReactOS
12 Apr 2010 by Alain Rist
Including a Ribbon UI Implementation Guide with examples and a dual UI enabled legacy application
1 Aug 2019 by Michael Haephrati
A tiny Command Line Interface wrapped with a Graphic User Interface
23 Mar 2010 by Eric Haddan
Using the Image Mastering API in C#.
30 Dec 2008 by Sarath C
Dynamically Add/Edit Environment variables of Remote process
4 Jan 2010 by sridhar vattam
How to hook the WM_CHAR message using the WH_GETMESSAGE hook.
9 Nov 2008 by Joshua Tully
A look into what goes into the area of preventing reverse engineering, and gives developers some functions and ideas about preventing reversing engineering of their programs.
3 Jan 2015 by Espen Harlinn
Windows API, menus, C++ lambda expressions, std::enable_shared_from_this
16 Apr 2011 by rspercy65
Uses Farhad Siasar's YahooWeathertlb library with a few added functions
17 Jan 2021 by David O'Neil
A little about how things work behind the scenes in DWinLib!
29 Jan 2019 by Zuoliu Ding
A discussion on some basic practices highly recommended in Assembly Language Programming.
6 Dec 2015 by Michael Chourdakis
Load an EXE file as a DLL in another EXE and execute the functions
12 Apr 2010 by Ajay Vijayvargiya
More of practical situations to use multithreading!
6 Jul 2014 by Richard James Moss
Helper class for configuring which version of Internet Explorer is used by the WebBrowser control when hosted in a Windows Forms or WPF application
3 Jun 2015 by john morrison leon
An alternative approach in which dialogs are entirely specified as C++ code that requires neither IDE support to be written nor IDE generated resources to be executed. Powered by the C++ type system.
25 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to define custom size definitions for ribbon group elements.
4 Oct 2017 by CMalcheski
Ditching the slowdowns and applying a little elbow grease can create dramatic speed improvements in GDI image blending.
22 Apr 2009 by Pero Matić
This article illustrates how to bypass Vista UAC as well as how to correctly launch an interactive process from a Windows Service.
22 Dec 2008 by Yasin HINISLIOGLU
This article explains garbage collection and memory management using C language
17 Mar 2015 by Tsuda Kageyu
Provides the basic part of Microsoft Detours functionality for both x64/x86 environments.
19 Nov 2009 by Simon Allaeys
Managed Fusion - A managed API to view and manipulate the Global Assembly Cache
30 Sep 2015 by Timo Kunze
Use undocumented parts of the Windows Vista list view API to enhance your application.
27 Jul 2009 by Nish Nishant
The article shows how to interop between a WCF service and a WWS client, and also how to rewrite the WCF service in WWS retaining compatibility with existing WCF clients.
29 Mar 2009 by Cedric Moonen
Learn how to load images, display them on the screen and manage them efficiently and how to display animations.
6 Dec 2016 by Jon Campbell
Using "thunk" technique to add this pointer as fifth parameter to WndProc call for x32 and x64
12 Mar 2008 by Warrick Procter
Get the path names to Windows special folders; optionally create the folders if they are missing; access physical and virtual special folders.
30 Apr 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
A simple program to find real size or distance of objects in your digital camera photos
20 Oct 2019 by Lance A. Endres
The algorithm presented by Radhakrishnan, et al., originally used to segment well logs for the oil industry, has been ported to C and C#.
23 Apr 2010 by Arik Poznanski
Application recovery and restart C# quick reference
22 Mar 2020 by honey the codewitch
Slice sections out of a MIDI file, and stretch or compress playback time using this simple utility. Or use the Midi Library to build your own MIDI apps
27 Apr 2012 by Leslie Zhai
Open source windowless presentation manager library with DirectX 3D anmiation
9 Jul 2008 by Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describes the use of Haar-like wavelet features for ultra fast object detection using a cascade of artificial neural network classifiers.
15 Nov 2010 by Mathias S.
A generic MFC breadcrumb controller that shows a clickable breadcrumb list.
11 Mar 2013 by Dave Kerr
FireKeys is a tool that lets you set up hotkey bindings for your favorite programs or places. See how it works, download it and find out how the code was written!
8 Feb 2012 by Jpmon1
A robust text editor that supports plug-ins, code parsing, projects, and more.
29 Nov 2008 by Hans Dietrich
A reverse-engineered non-MFC MessageBox() that includes custom checkboxes.
29 Oct 2013 by Dezhi Zhao
This article shows a fast solution to Einstein's Riddle by using brutal search.
30 May 2008 by dmihailescu
Burn ISO files using IMAPI v2.0 and C#
14 Apr 2016 by Eyal Rosner
Easily setting debugger to attach a process on start
29 Oct 2015 by minor_28
Web Control - Google Maps
2 Apr 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This application shows a simple algorithm for drawing random flowers and trees. The logic is based on fractal sets.
2 Feb 2017 by Jitesh Varma
Dynamically load a DLL with a name mangled interface, and use the undecorated interface.
1 Feb 2011 by Artour Bakiev
A short overview of the Extensible Storage Engine technology.
17 Mar 2014 by Martin Mitáš
Make your control answer to the questions system or application may ask.
20 Oct 2009 by Günther M. FOIDL
Sammon's projection is a nonlinear projection method to map a high dimensional space onto a space of lower dimensionality.
2 Oct 2013 by Nitay Artenstein
An in-depth look at how to disassemble the x86 instruction set, and how to put it to good use in your own code injections
18 Feb 2009 by IndioX86
An article on Hooking and Monitoring Window messages
15 Jun 2009 by Eugene Sichkar
Implementing native WinForms flicker-free TreeView and ListView descendants
8 Apr 2010 by valdok
How to abort a non-cooperating thread by an exception
15 Sep 2010 by Arik Poznanski
Windows API Code Pack v1.1
3 Feb 2014 by Daniele Di Sarli
How to automatically wake up the PC at some time in the future.
17 Jan 2021 by David O'Neil
My DWinLib Windows API wrapper combined with Francisco Campos's Pretty WinAPI framework
14 Aug 2008 by Christoph Husse
Now supports an unmanaged API, kernel mode hooking, and extending unmanaged APIs with pure managed handlers since Windows 2000 SP4.
1 Jul 2015 by Woong Gyu La
How to create a server-client network quickly using IOCP TCP template server-client framework, EpServerEngine.cs (C#).
28 Feb 2018 by Antonio Petricca
Win32, compiler independent, and extensible passive debugger
22 Jan 2019 by Michael Haephrati
How can a Static Library embed resources and other data so any application (even a Console based one) can use them.
26 Apr 2009 by Vitaly Shelest
Demonstrates a simple technique for embedding WPF/.NET Components into Java GUI
5 Jul 2017 by Hernán Di Pietro
A ClassWizard-like helper tool for using WINDOWSX.H message crackers.
8 Jul 2016 by icemanind
A Winforms control that looks like a console screen, with full reading and writing support.
1 May 2012 by Deka Prikarna A.
Very simple serial port monitor.
21 Feb 2011 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial that shows how to get started using the Ribbon in your applications
30 Mar 2011 by DreamCatcher2k10
Provides another, simple way to get a tri-state TreeView, ensuring compatibility to all Windows UIs / styles
5 Mar 2008 by Sergey Stoyan
Intercept, fill and close windows originated by third-party components hosted in C# application. As an encountered case, making WebBrowser control silent is considered.
6 Oct 2008 by Michael Chourdakis
The way to automate the help assistant process in C++ without dirty scripting code.
28 Feb 2013 by perilbrain
This article explains using unmanaged APIs to suspend and terminate processes.
4 Sep 2008 by Ernest Laurentin
Multimedia PeakMeter control - .NET version
8 Aug 2008 by Brian Geiman
Easy-to-use library with global mouse and keyboard hooks and simulators.
2 Sep 2010 by dmihailescu
What is the start-up and system performance overhead for .Net, Mono, Java versus C++ and Forms, WPF, Swing versus MFC
18 Jun 2016 by Patrik Mlekuž
Image Control for viewing most common image formats with advanced features included (Import Image, Preview, Resize, Position, Pan, Zoom, Export Image, Extract Resource Icon).
17 Aug 2016 by Edgar Maass
Open and display point clouds using a simple user control. Technology used: C# and the OpenGL library via the OpenTK port to .NET.
3 May 2013 by kburman6
This article discusses the making of a search engine.
28 Jan 2008 by n2jtx
An example of transferring virtual files to Windows Explorer using C# and the CFSTR_FILECONTENTS and CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTOR formats.
10 Feb 2009 by TylerBrinks
A step by step tutorial for getting GPS from any SmartPhone, even without GPS built in, and then making location useful.
9 Feb 2010 by D.K.Wang
This article tries to find a way to show standard controls, ActiveX controls, translucent controls on layered windows. Native MFC source code provided.
5 Dec 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
Create Semi-Anonymous Installation Fingerprints Using Truncated Hashing and Crypto++
1 Apr 2010 by Mohammad Elsheimy
Learn how to record audio and play sound files in C and C#.
25 Jun 2010 by Ron Schuler
MP3 and CDG file player.
13 Feb 2013 by Babu_Abdulsalam
Subclassing a window using the DLL Injection technique.
7 Apr 2012 by Mladen Janković
A framework for genetic algorithms
28 May 2015 by Cristian Amarie
Outlook add-in integration for Skype IM: Skype events, Outlook Skype ribbon, and more.
23 Aug 2013 by Ivan Yakimov
The article describes how to save and restore positions of icons on Windows desktop.
17 Oct 2014 by Alex J Lennon
A refreshed article on how to build the current release of Mono on Windows
6 Jan 2010 by Michael Chourdakis
Demonstration of seven new programming technologies.
22 Oct 2015 by David Johns, John_Tang
C++ SMTP client, support SSL and TLS encrypted connection to SMTP server
1 Jan 2011 by Ashish Kaila
Learn how to leverage UI automation in testing your UI and also to support accessibility features
28 Jun 2008 by Derek Bartram
A Code Project orientated Kevin Bacon game utilising the CodeProject.dll
21 May 2011 by David MacDermot
This article describes the creation of a non-MFC custom RS232 control.
29 Jun 2019 by Dave Kerr
Rapidly create Shell Context Menu Extensions using .NET
3 Feb 2008 by Yiyi Sun
Use the Presentation Model pattern in ASP.NET Web site, Windows Forms and WPF
14 Oct 2008 by AlexAbramov
In this article, I will talk about the theories and implementations of API hooking. API hooking is a powerful technique that allows someone to hijack a function and redirect it to a custom one. Anything can be done in these functions before passing control back to the original API.
22 Oct 2014 by Szymon Roslowski
This article is continuation about a HID USB Stack for Microchip PIC 16F1455 and the way of communicating with it on Windows Platform.
21 Jan 2009 by Ross White
C++ class wrapper for ADO
24 Dec 2008 by jackyxinli
An article to show how to play audio file with DirectSound and display its spectrum in real time accurately
20 Aug 2009 by "Fish" (David B. Trout)
A command-line tool to run multiple programs in parallel (i.e. concurrently, as a group).
6 Jan 2009 by Dr. William J. Blanke
This article presents VirtualMemory.exe, a memory monitor application that visualizes Windows Mobile's virtual memory model graphically, and thus allows common memory issues, such as the infamous DLL Crunch, ordinary leaks, and a full device.exe, to be identified quickly and easily.
20 May 2014 by Dave Kerr
Quickly create Shell Preview Handlers for Windows or Outlook using .NET!
18 Oct 2018 by Emre Guldogan
A System for Simulation and Analysis of Logic Circuits
15 Feb 2013 by Michael Haephrati
How can an application elevate itself to gain "Admin" rights during runtime
26 Apr 2011 by Eitan Michaelson
A custom tree control for Win32.
18 Dec 2007 by Chesnokov Yuriy
This article describes an object tracking approach by estimating a time averaged background scene for tracking static and moving objects in real-time on down-scaled image data.
13 Mar 2011 by Mladen Janković
How to gain control over the toolbar that hosts buttons located in Internet Explorer's address bar.
10 Jan 2011 by Ajay Vijayvargiya
Let's enhance our Debugger!
18 Oct 2012 by Sean A. Hanley
A TaskDialog wrapper class with fallback emulator (for XP and earlier).
17 Mar 2010 by Tiep Le
Visual Studio 2008/2010 Extension for backing-up your solution to Gmail.
20 Nov 2012 by Johnny J., Brisingr Aerowing
Get the operating system version and edition, updated with Windows 10
30 Dec 2007 by jkristia
A simple 2D CAD application.
26 May 2010 by Sonic Guan
A convenient and high-powered GUI engine with plenty of tricks
4 Nov 2018 by Michael Chourdakis
A ready to be used hotpatching library with five methods!
24 Oct 2010 by Stephen Wiria
Adding native Windows Ribbon Framework in Win32 C Application (NO MFC OR ATL)
9 Nov 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize to XML, any generic, derived, or other complex type, which XMLSerializer cannot serialize
17 Mar 2012 by Václav Slavíček
Integration of fuzzy OWL ontology modelling with .NET
27 Jul 2008 by Petr Ivankov
CodeDom Optimizing Compiler for Science and Engineering
3 May 2017 by dmihailescu
A Visual Studio add-in that inserts some commonly known OO patterns into your working project and searches your highlights online.
25 Feb 2015 by gggustafson
This article discusses how to create animated controls using graphic layers.
2 Aug 2011 by Burak Ozdiken
This article explains how to make a custom Windows Tab Control in C#.
26 Aug 2008 by Cedric Moonen
Learn to create a Win32 message loop and game window and how to set-up OpenGL properly for 2D games
11 Jun 2011 by grilialex
A Round-Robin OS (without pre-emptive multitasking) allowing rapid application development
31 Mar 2008 by Michael Dunn
No, that's not a typo
20 Apr 2009 by CalicoSkies
A C# class for reading and writing WAV files, light audio manipulation, and WAV file mixing.
25 Oct 2010 by hax_
Introduction to the open-source hxGrid library for distributed computing. Main benefits of the library: cluster uses only idle time of Windows 2000/XP/Vista workstation (no dedicated workstations required); easy to use; free.
29 Dec 2010 by Walter Capers
The webonization of gnuplot
7 Jan 2008 by Jarl Ostensen
A finite field EC and simple ECC scheme in C++ to help understand the principles.
15 Jun 2009 by John Gathogo
An article illustrating how to consume a WCF service from an SSRS Server Report
26 Nov 2014 by Jeremy Falcon
Provides a base to use when programming OpenGL-enabled applications for the real world, rather than a simple hello world.
7 Aug 2014 by D. Infuehr
An introduction on how to implement global interceptable hooks in .NET
16 Sep 2015 by _Plutonix
Framework for NET based Shell Context Menus using VB, C#
24 Jan 2011 by Ajay Vijayvargiya
Learn how you can write your own Windows debugger.
29 Jul 2009 by SergStrashko
Introduce the algorithm and technique for pre-drawing process speed up.
27 Sep 2009 by Ernest Laurentin
Complete Client/Server Socket Communication class with threadpool implementation. Easy to use and integrate into C++ application. Linux/UNIX port available.
24 Nov 2014 by Jeremy Falcon
A beginner's guide to talking like a computer.
28 Jun 2015 by NightWizzard
Simply add a single code module to add instant design capabilities to all windows forms of your application!
25 Mar 2013 by Shai Raiten
How to work with Windows Store apps from a Desktop application - Run, Get App State, Stop, and more.
6 Jan 2013 by Captain Price
Several ways of associating a class or a structure with a window and their differences
13 Feb 2011 by Sergio Mach
Posting data to an Internet server made easy with a slick C/C++ class wrapping a call to Windows sockets.
17 Jun 2013 by geoyar
An MFC linear chart control with enhanced appearance.
30 May 2013 by Mohit Arora
An article that shows how to create a simple Windows service in C++.
27 Apr 2011 by Michael Dunn
This article describes how to lay out controls in the Windows native Ribbon
28 Mar 2008 by João Paulo Figueira
Control your Windows Mobile device from your desktop.
10 Feb 2011 by Tanvi K Shah, Steve H Davis
How to give your users a smooth scrolling experience with High Resolution Mouse Wheels
20 Jul 2020 by Simon Cooke
A bi-partite circular buffer for high performance buffering, where it comes from, and why you'd want to use it.
25 Jun 2008 by Derek Bartram
A WPF / C# Library for implementing Office 2007 Style Ribbon Interfaces
19 Dec 2011 by David Catriel
Creating a .NET trigger for SQL Server that will log (down to the field level) all changes made to tables.
19 Oct 2012 by Viktor Signaievskyi
A simple software based mouse emulator
28 Oct 2013 by Ben Aldhouse
This is a commentary on the MSDN article 'Detecting and Tracking Multiple Touch Points'
11 Sep 2013 by pmulhrsw
Create a "C" project in VS2012, then add Flex lexing and Bison parsing capability.
15 Dec 2018 by Michael Haephrati
How to sign a PE using an EV Code Signing Certificate with a hardware token
24 Nov 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
When calling into the win32 API, there are many times when you must deal with structures that have a variable size. This article shows how to do that in a convenient way.
22 May 2010 by Shai Raiten
How To Use Win32 To Add Your Control On Top Another Application Using Win32 Hooks.
19 Jan 2015 by Dave Kerr
Rapidly create Shell Icon Handler Extensions using .NET
27 Sep 2022 by Ray K
Retrieving the path to the new user folders like Downloads, Saved Games or Searches
2 Nov 2019 by Alaa Ben Fatma
Use your skills as a designer to create gorgeous control
19 Dec 2009 by All-In-One Code Framework
This article will cover general IPC technologies in All-In-One Code Framework. The IPC technologies include Named Pipes, File Mapping, MailSlot, etc.
20 Jun 2010 by marc ochsenmeier
A set of C++ interfaces to retrieve the side-by-side information of a manifest embedded in an image file.
17 Aug 2009 by Sanjeev Venkat
An article on when to use Auto and Manual Reset Events.
18 Jan 2008 by Usama El-Mokadem
A tool to display and modify IP-to-Physical address translation tables used by the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
13 Jul 2009 by valdok
A template class for multi-dimensional regions for any coordinate type.
14 Aug 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
Is it better to serialize types without default constructor with Custom Serializer or a Substitute Pattern? Example of serialization of FontFamily into isolated storage in WP7.
14 Jan 2014 by ISpliter
When discussing VB6, we should look at the reality of the situation and not on preconceived opinions. New source code projects are made daily in Visual Basic 6.0. The paper proposes the reintroduction of Visual Basic 6.0 on the market, in parallel with Visual Studio line.
5 Jan 2008 by Mike Hankey
A utility to uncover the mysteries of the Clipboard, now with a data injector that allows you to pass various data formats to the Clipboard.
21 Oct 2014 by Mizan Rahman
Gives you total control when it comes to resizing windows
18 Jul 2011 by Michael Dunn
This article shows how to control various Ribbon and command properties at runtime
9 Nov 2002 by Stephane Rodriguez.
Tutorial showing how to build COM components from scratch (DLL, EXE, automation)
8 Jun 2017 by Petrov Vladimir
Former NeHe OpenGL Lessons adapted to MSVS-15 pro Win32 in INICODE and the samples of the Joystick implementation
7 Mar 2016 by John Torjo
You can easily apply Pretty Formatting to your logs. Make the information that's relevant to you easily stand out!
22 Aug 2013 by ThatsAlok
Opensource Outlook Express automation library
30 May 2009 by Frank T. van de Ven
Terminate a process, or check if it is running, using the full file path. It also enumerates processes returning the full path to the running EXE file.
5 Apr 2013 by Dave Kerr
Rapidly create Shell Info Tip Extensions using .NET
23 Oct 2010 by Ahmed_Said
Creating a custom Jumplist with custom events and examining all of its features in Windows Forms 3.5
9 Aug 2010 by Mukit, Ataul
Display a bitmap and control its transparency in the caption of a window, as well as custom draw the caption in the Aero theme of Windows 7/Vista.
5 Sep 2008 by GabrielWF
Tutorial and sample explaining how to use the V8 virtual machine inside your application.
25 Nov 2011 by Simon B.
How to hide the taskbar and startmenu (start orb) under Windows Vista
16 Jun 2015 by dmihailescu
Customize OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog using a WPF Window
28 Jun 2012 by Vineel Kovvuri
Steps involved in getting to your windows desktop from your power on the machine
16 Mar 2015 by Rolf Kristensen
A custom draw CListCtrl with subitem editing and formatting
3 Sep 2018 by Michael Chourdakis
Easy to use simple parser with S/MIME Support. Version 2.
5 Jun 2011 by Simon Bridge
Shows how to implement a system to generate events when network interfaces change.
21 Aug 2014 by Cinchoo
Easy to use command line argument parser, with loaded features like usage creation, type-safe management etc
22 Oct 2010 by Mustafa Chelik
Play XM music files in pure C++ using unpacked BASSMOD.dll from file and memory
28 Jul 2014 by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA
Learn the basics of Microsoft CryptoAPI Library
5 Jun 2009 by jehrry
Overcome window flicker while dragging with CImageList
25 Aug 2011 by crazybit
An asynchronous HTTP download class for C++
27 Oct 2013 by AmrThabet
In this article, I’m going to teach you how to write a full functional debugger using the Security Research and Development Framework (SRDF) … how to disassemble instructions, gather Process Information and work with PE Files … and how to set breakpoints and work with your debugger
13 Mar 2008 by billconan, kavinguy
This article describes the implementation of a neural network with CUDA.
19 May 2009 by Michael Dunn
An intro to using jump lists with your Windows 7 applications
21 Sep 2014 by slelong
A USB library to detect USB devices, and manage Attach and Detach events
4 Jul 2011 by Richard MacCutchan
A little tool to keep a list of code or text snippets ready to put in the clipboard
3 Jul 2011 by Ilka Guigova
This article presents an application that calculates and displays the changes between two text files.
16 Oct 2009 by David Crow
How to request and parse data from various time servers using the NTP, DAYTIME, and TIME protocols.
9 Nov 2012 by Deka Prikarna A.
Simple URB (USB Request Block) Monitor
23 Jan 2012 by Shup
An article on simple but frequently used utility functions.
11 Nov 2013 by altomaltes
An insigth in the heap "C" memory system.
6 Apr 2010 by Ajay Vijayvargiya
Learn from this guide how and when - as well as when not - to use multithreading.
11 Sep 2011 by Michael Dunn
This article demonstrates new button and menu features of the Ribbon
3 Sep 2009 by DaveyM69
A class that enables you to control and monitor the toggle keys such as CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock.
2 Mar 2009 by DaveyM69
A WinForms component to notify when your app has been idle for a specified timespan.
10 Aug 2015 by DriveByCoder
How fast can your PC serve up data?
18 Jan 2017 by nilaysoft
Demonstrates how to implement a WIN32 color picker and font picker by owner drawn control
5 Dec 2008 by Razan Paul (Raju)
Connect with destination machine with timeout using socket programming
8 Nov 2012 by Ashraff Ali Wahab
C# Implementation of Eratosthenes/Sundarm/Atkins Sieve to generate prime numbers and comparison of performance numbers between the three implementations.
7 Nov 2013 by Alexander Chernosvitov
ActiveX component for 3D visualization, embedded in different client applications.
14 Apr 2013 by Jithesh Chandrasekharan
This article explains how to get the wireless settings and decrypting the wireless key using the Crypto APIs.
9 Jun 2009 by Jim Parsells
Create useful directory restore points, quickly and easily.
24 Mar 2011 by Dan Buskirk
Accessing Industry-Standard Linear Algebra Libraries from .NET Code
28 Sep 2009 by Michael Chourdakis
A "Sensor Explorer" demonstration of the Sensor API in Windows 7.
3 Oct 2013 by Antonio Petricca
.NET ServiceController class extension
30 Jan 2021 by Michael Haephrati
How to use an OCR SDK using C++ and libCurl
7 Jan 2008 by alberich123
Remote control startup and shutdown of a server automatically by several clients, to have the server running only if the clients are active. Uses Wake On Lan, Windows Services, and .NET Remoting.
30 Oct 2011 by icemanind
A very easy to use mathematical parser library for .NET.
8 Jan 2009 by Tamir Khason
This article explains how to build a simple FM radio player with RDS support by using WPF and USBFM library
16 Dec 2016 by David MacDermot
An HPGL renderer and demo application for use in data acquisition
21 Jan 2015 by Richard Chambers
Exploring how to embed a Java VM into a C application and developing a native library for a Java application using JNI.
10 Feb 2018 by NewPast
Using serial or paraller port to control a machine
28 Sep 2008 by AlexAbramov
This article explains how to make a plug-in for Solitaire that displays a high score table. By way of Codecave, Solitaire will automatically execute a DLL for this plug-in -- thus no user intervention required!
16 Oct 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
Shadow copied applications aren't locked by the loader, so they can be updated/substituted at runtime.
22 Aug 2013 by Woong Gyu La
This article explains how to create your own simple Lock Framework for C++ synchronization.
24 Jul 2011 by Mahdi Mansouri | مهدی منصوری
Easily Surpass any OPC Component and use a user friendly .NET based class to interface Fatek and Facon PLC Series
9 Apr 2009 by davidbakin
Utility to unmask password edit controls and INPUT fields, plus some useful C++ classes used to implement it.
20 Mar 2009 by Jeffrey Walton
Using WinDbg to survive in a .NET world.
6 Jun 2009 by cefarix
How to write an Internet Explorer plug-in (Browser Helper Object - BHO) using just C++ and the Windows API; no ATL or MFC involved!
14 Mar 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This simple application simulates a 3D environment with some objects in different depth and size based on stereoscopic calculations.
28 Mar 2012 by Michael Chourdakis
Use COM and plain C++ to add scripting support automatically.
10 Aug 2008 by Sacha Barber
This article will be all about how to thread different types of UIs.
17 Oct 2011 by Jose A Pascoa
This article deals with building a standalone 64-bit .NET .exe file that is statically linked with an Assembly Language compiled object file.
27 Feb 2011 by Mladen Janković
Implementing AI for the Target Number game using a genetic algorithm.
21 Oct 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
This article shows how to use a win32 mutex during application startup to figure out if an application instance is the first one.
21 Feb 2008 by zhangyuwu
Write a monitoring application to capture debug messages
17 Dec 2013 by Mike Gledhill
How to easily add an "export to Excel" feature to your app
19 Oct 2009 by Berend Engelbrecht
Detects Code39, EAN, and Code128 barcodes in an image.
11 Mar 2008 by Rocom
A more easy to generate toolbar images.
21 Jul 2009 by Tamer Oz
In this article, we will be focusing on creating, editing, and deleting both user accounts or groups on the Active Directory or Machine SAM by using the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace that .NET Framework 3.5 includes.
4 Apr 2009 by Jörg Bausch
FindWindow is a tool for searching windows/controls
25 May 2012 by Sharjith
How to write an application using architecture that supports plug-ins.
19 Feb 2008 by codekaizen
How much faster will implementing "the generic bad algorithm" in SSE2 make it?
12 Dec 2008 by Stefan Kuhr
Creating a self-extracting file that allows to start multiple setups
25 Mar 2012 by Andreas Schoenle
A DLL-wrapper that requires no code changes when switching to dynamic loading and provides detailed error checking functionality.
22 Aug 2014 by Paul Maxan
This article will show how to close the Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Destination window using both a .NET Add-in library and a stand-alone Windows Forms application.
17 May 2012 by Jim Parsells
Explorer TreeView control with Shell Folder access class and Icon management.
19 Apr 2012 by Ajay Vijayvargiya
Many Windows C++ programmers get confused over what bizarre data type identifiers like TCHAR and LPCTSTR are. Here, in brief, I will try to clear out the fog.
24 Mar 2015 by Carlos Jiménez de Parga
Explanation of a consistent 3D graphics software architecture through a basic OpenGL application
31 Oct 2012 by Francesco Aruta
A toolbar editor for Visual Studio. It can modify, add and create buttons, images and all that is needed for a toolbar.
U 23 Jan 2023 by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA
An alternative Windows version to the famous Total Commander!
25 Mar 2009 by Alphons van der Heijden
A TreeView having columns.
11 Dec 2014 by Martin Mitáš
Few techniques for getting rid of customized-control-specific code from parent window procedure.
22 Jul 2010 by cyb70289
An I/O port sniffer using hardware debug registers.
8 Jan 2009 by Paw Jershauge
Generate class shells from SQL Server database tables, (SQL 2005 & 2008 only). Output languages supported: C# and VB.NET.
19 Feb 2015 by Michael Chourdakis
One-call of any DLL function with custom parameters, implemented with C++ tuple and templates.
5 Mar 2010 by slelong
A simple control to draw graphs of points as a function of time
12 Oct 2010 by Allen C. Copeland Jr
Gives an example of code to arbitrarily iterate through the elements of a .NET Array using an iterator in C#
7 Sep 2009 by Mike Hankey
Turn an old computer layng around into a NAS or Ubuntu Server
24 Dec 2007 by sunhui
A new method for Extending Microsoft Office 2007 User Interface using MFC/ATL and .NET technologies.
7 Dec 2011 by jackyxinli
This article demonstrates how to use mplayer as an audio decoder by callback functions.
14 Jan 2014 by marc ochsenmeier
Get to know the files you use on a daily basis when debugging your application with Visual Studio or WinDbg.
17 Feb 2010 by DLChambers
Make MessageBoxes center on their parent forms
27 Mar 2009 by Jeffrey Walton
Yet another C++ class wrapper for AES and Windows CAPI.
19 Nov 2014 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
This article describes how DirectoryInfoEx uses IShellFolder to list special / virtual directories using C#.
19 Dec 2007 by CPallini
A small DLL providing two functions to resample GDI-based bitmap
27 Jan 2010 by Igor Tolmachev
Displays the old "two monitors" icon in Windows 7 that flashed blue to show network activity on the System Tray.
27 Dec 2010 by Ashish Kaila
Declaratively and visually create custom windows in WPF
9 May 2008 by Maxim Berezov
CWindow (a wrapper class for the window API functions) + IuSpy(Spy++ analog).
2 Aug 2008 by dkg0414
Bypasses upper filter of class disk driver for reading and writing to disk
14 Apr 2008 by Eric Haddan
Using the Image Mastering API to create Red Book Audio CDs
13 Nov 2008 by Maria Nadejde
An easy example of how to read a *.ico file and how to replace an icon resource.
13 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon drop down gallery, split button gallery, and in ribbon gallery controls.
10 Oct 2013 by savbace
Change Skype status when user locks Windows.
11 Dec 2016 by Md. Faroque Hossain
Sending Faxes with fax-modem and telephone line in C#
15 Feb 2013 by Michael Haephrati
A pure Win32 API application that can analyze a .NET binary without .NET installed
23 May 2011 by Rotted Frog
A library for creating simple dialogs declaratively with minimal overhead
2 Jul 2014 by Yang Kok Wah
Implementing the all time favourite game as .NET custom controls, complete with animation and sound for full gaming experience
20 Jul 2010 by Eddy Vluggen
Building (almost) a RAM-Disk using the Dokan library and C#
22 Nov 2008 by cliran
A Stopwatch implementation that measures the CPU time spent on executing a thread
23 Apr 2011 by Alexander Böcken
A basic way to interpret joystick data received from Raw Input API
23 Apr 2009 by Muammar©
How to lock up certain apps in Windows, or lock all up except the specified ones.
1 Apr 2009 by Andrec
Retrieve the hWnd of focused controls in other applications.
7 Apr 2014 by Alain DOS REIS
A first approach to mixing .NET and native code, using the C++/CLI gateway.
14 Nov 2013 by Debopam Pal
Export Advance Excel 2007 Report
7 Jan 2008 by Joe Lynds
Use the Windows Volume Shadow Copy service from .NET.
20 Oct 2014 by Szymon Roslowski
This article is about a HID USB Stack for Microchip PIC 16F1455 and the way of communicating with it on Windows Platform.
30 Jan 2012 by didierjeanphi
Introduction to Volume Shadow Copy API in C++
23 Sep 2016 by Angel Gabriel Valdés Sarduy
It tests an ANN structure selector criteria for generic kinds of problems with ANNs.
7 May 2022 by .dan.g.
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting
22 Jan 2008 by Mladen Janković
How to make a class schedule using a genetic algorithm.
28 Sep 2012 by Jerry.Wang
This article tries to find a way to show Windows standard controls on layered windows. Provides both Native MFC and WinForms source code.
2 Dec 2013 by Vahid_N
Finding another solution to change or alter the native Windows API method calls to replace the default output of the system with our own implementation.
17 Mar 2013 by Dave Kerr
Create Shell Thumbnail Handler Extensions using .NET!
12 Dec 2009 by Eric Haddan
Example of a CD/DVD burning application using IMAPI2.
29 Sep 2017 by Geek2Simon
The simple native DLL (made in VC++) uses Win32 Core API to capture the live audio signals from the default audio device (speaker or headphone). A little C# console EXE grabs the signal from the DLL and set the volume bars up/down in real time. It's fun to watch and easy to understand.
9 May 2011 by sameer_87
A spin lock implementation which can be used for general purpose locking.
1 Apr 2009 by csrss
This project application will "travel" through the Windows system to finally reach the kernel, from ring 3 to ring 0.
6 Apr 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Encrypt data using Block Ciphers with Crypto++.
22 Nov 2010 by Vitaly Tomilov
Access detailed information about the current process the easiest way.
8 Sep 2009 by DaveyM69
No more unboxing/casting! Use generic type parameters with this background worker. Source code for C# and VB.NET.
22 Nov 2010 by Vitaly Tomilov
A simplified and unified way for accessing most frequently used information about Process, System, and Environment.
8 Nov 2008 by Dr.Walt Fair, PE
Using F# to implement a simple expert system callable from C#.
22 Dec 2012 by Anders Dalvander
An introduction to RPC programming. A simple RPC client/server application is explained.
23 Mar 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Perform Advanced Post-Build Executable Processing with the DbgHelp Library
26 Apr 2010 by Izzet Kerem Kusmezer
With this tool you can download whole .NET Framework source code at once, and enjoy offline browsing. With it, you can have whole the source code without any Visual Studio product installed
3 Jan 2018 by Michael Chourdakis
Private fingerprint databases using a simple library, along with system database support.
24 Apr 2008 by Ben Liew
This article describes how WCF services can be loaded on-the-fly (without prior knowledge of the services’ contracts), setting its parameters and sequencing their invocation.
18 Dec 2012 by Jaxon7
File search synchronised with TreeView/ListView. Climbing up and down the tree.
4 May 2011 by cfrost
How to use a modeless WinForm from an unmanaged application including callback functionality
14 Jan 2020 by honey the codewitch
Easily add scripting support to your apps using Microsoft's active script technology
12 Jan 2010 by Tiago Conceição
Library for handling and retrieving system icons
19 Oct 2010 by "Fish" (David B. Trout)
Simple parsing of VS_VERSIONINFO version information strings displayed in an XP-style file-properties "Version" tab
21 Nov 2009 by Michael Chourdakis
Learn how to use the new Ribbon under Windows 7
28 Feb 2010 by Mladen Janković
A simple application that allows the user to run more then one instance of the Task Manager.
9 Aug 2011 by Rodrigo Cesar de Freitas Dias
Writing a dialog based program using only pure Win32 C code
30 Nov 2008 by jacobjordan
Multiple monitor support, preview, and more.
26 Mar 2013 by Lukasz Swiatkowski
How to notify Windows Explorer about which files are used and locked by your application.
22 Sep 2019 by Rodrigo Cesar de Freitas Dias
Introducing WinLamb, a modern C++11 object-oriented library to write native Windows programs
16 Oct 2009 by hayes.adrian
Use NetApi32 to establish and break connections to UNC paths using specified user credentials.
28 Jan 2013 by Bruno Tabbia
Encrypt your C# classes and compile them during run-time (hiding their code in the exe file).
16 Feb 2010 by Mahdi Mansouri | مهدی منصوری
Scanning analog input, and FFT convertion and analyzing.
24 Apr 2008 by Gene OK
This is an update to Don Kackman's UxTheme component originally written for Visual Studio 2003
25 Jul 2012 by Long Nguyen (xyz)
This is about how to make a simple sofware like photoshop using Visual Studio C++ and OpenCV
16 Jul 2015 by Woong Gyu La
How to create a server-client network quickly using template server-client framework, EpServerEngine (C++ and Windows Winsock).
2 May 2011 by Asif Bahrainwala
Snoop network using API hooking
15 Mar 2010 by valdok
Log all that is necessary ONLY when really necessary.
15 Aug 2016 by Edgar Maass
Different methods to align (aka stich, register) point clouds via the ICP (Iterative Closest Point) method
28 Jan 2019 by Tareq_Gamal
How to Control NAOqi-Based Robots like NAO, Pepper using Kinect
17 Jan 2009 by Abdallah Gomah
How to extract icons from EXE/DLL, split/merge icons, and get icons associated with files.
1 Jan 2012 by Mike G. P.Mee
An alternative to hooked key logging.
3 Sep 2012 by ddbug
A utility for creating version info on executable files without Resource Compiler
14 Mar 2008 by Michael Chourdakis
A simple class that allows you to convert an existing SOCKET handle to SSL under Windows
3 Jun 2009 by Ryan Grevious
Insert custom packets in the 802.11 frame
20 Jul 2016 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Windows IoT on Raspberry Pi doesn't yet have native support for a hardware real time clock. I've created a solution for getting Windows IoT to initialize its clock from RTC at bootup so that other solutions don't need to be modified to read from the RTC directly.
16 Sep 2009 by dB.
A .NET implementation of a file resource management, with complete support for VS_VERSIONINFO version resources.
18 Jul 2008 by John_Tang
An introduction to thunk and its uses in callback handling, interface marshaling, and supporting multiple inheritance in C++.
30 Oct 2009 by cor2879
This article contains a brief look into the new Gestures API that is available for Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Edition. We will walk through creating a small Smart Device application that is able to read gestures made by the user, and report back information about these gestures to the screen.
20 Feb 2009 by Vitaliy Liptchinsky
This article describes the basic ideas of how to build workflow engine a-la WF based on F# workflows and CCR
16 Jul 2010 by Jakub Piwowarczyk
The CSmtp class allows to send emails with attachments. It only provides the AUTH LOGIN authentication.
15 Mar 2009 by Alien282
Handling DBT_DEVICEQUERYREMOVE in a managed Windows Service
9 Mar 2014 by careerdrill
This article explains about Strsafe, Secured C run time library (CRT) and safe STL functions.
31 Mar 2015 by Naren Neelamegam
Building robots from the scratch with speech recognition, remote voice control, learning intelligence with Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo and Microsoft Azure.
6 Feb 2014 by Mahesh Bailwal
Basics about Windows thread which may help you in understanding how operating system implements threads.
6 Oct 2010 by Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize binary data to IsolatedStorage in a Silverlight client when there is no BinaryFormatter in Silverlight? Why not with sharpSerializer? - An open source XML and binary serializer for .NET and Silverlight
26 May 2012 by Hoang Khanh Nguyen
A .NET wrapper for NT Registry and a .NET NT RegEdit demo
10 Jun 2014 by Hari Mahadevan
A simple C++ class framework for writing Windows services
6 Feb 2012 by Apriorit Inc, Kotik Anton
In his article, we will consider an interesting, universal and rarely used method of code injection into a Windows process using KnownDlls sections. To demonstrate the method work we will develop a sample project to inject into all running processes and intercept some calls from ws2_32.dll.
5 Apr 2009 by Naren Neelamegam
A simple guide to automate MS Word and MS Excel using C++.
6 Jan 2011 by Walter Capers
The webonization of the netstat command, netstat in a browser
29 Jul 2006 by Boby Thomas P
Brief description on remote debugging using GDB, DDD and GDBserver
17 Feb 2008 by David Catriel
Speed up your batch processing by splitting it into smaller tasks and executing them in concurrent threads
17 Nov 2008 by Stanislav Kniazev
A C# wrapper for the Windows WaitableTimer.
1 Apr 2010 by Mohammad Elsheimy
Learn how to clear the console screen via API calls. In addition, learn some console techniques such as moving the text around the screen.
4 Jan 2013 by Pawel idzikowski
How to effectively build modular .NET applications of any size using messages, commands and components of MCM-Framework.Net?
18 Sep 2008 by Joshua Tully
A brief introduction into Windows anti-debugging techniques.
1 May 2009 by Mitch Stephens
A WinForms application with command line execution that scans a folder tree, creates one or more Zip files, and emails them to a Gmail account along with a formatted message.
28 Jun 2008 by sam242
A new approach to API hooking which takes advantage of compiler hotpatch support
14 Feb 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
A flexible memory sharing class across processes and threads with locking support
24 Oct 2014 by Tim Ski
JSON parser for VBA class module, allows recursive data
2 Aug 2020 by Mircea Neacsu
This is (yet another!) article on how to handle UTF-8 encoding on a platform that still encourages the UTF-16 encoding.
25 Apr 2008 by Matthew Cannon
How self-describing components can emerge from responsibility-driven development practices, and how use of the Visual Studio 'code regions' tool can add value to this process.
11 Mar 2009 by Jellow TK
Include Analyzer (Unwanted header file inclusion removal)
20 Jan 2011 by Paul M. Parks
You can provide a Ribbon in Windows 7, but still support menu input, while only releasing one executable.
1 Dec 2008 by Mayank Rai
Detecting memory leaks using Windbg.
2 Jun 2009 by Dan_Barack
Separate functionality to run on child process
11 Aug 2010 by Huisheng Chen
Distributed File Management
2 Jan 2011 by malxau
A demonstration of resizing controls on a dialog box with minimal changes to existing Win32 code via resource markup
20 Dec 2008 by Antonio Perrone
A C++ class to register and start device drivers.
8 Mar 2009 by Đonny
This article introduces and describes a framework that allows the creation of managed plug-ins for the Total Commander file manager.
13 Feb 2009 by Domagoj Šarić
A tiny WinAMP output DLL that uses a C++ replacement of the official ASIO SDK that supports multiple ASIO devices.
20 Aug 2014 by sgoleary
High Resolution Timer EventArg Class for timing background tasks.
26 May 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Check out the third major revision of mscript for replacing your nasty batch files with simple mscripts
1 Mar 2020 by Marijan Nikic
Faster and better alternative to System.IO.Directory IEnumerable methods EnumerateDirectories, EnumerateFiles and EnumerateFileSystemEntries
16 Sep 2015 by minor_28
Masm code editor with syntax highlighting, etc.
30 Dec 2015 by D Sarthi Maheshwari
A look at possible parallel-producer-consumer patterns. (Final Part)
3 Dec 2010 by Jonathan Cardy
Introduction to the parallelism features of .NET 4.0 - PLINQ, the TPL and Rx
7 Feb 2011 by Cristian Adam
This article presents a fix for SetUnhandledExceptionFilter to work with the CRT.
6 Feb 2012 by AmrThabet
How to write a reliable shellcode on win32, how to bypass the obstacles that you will face in writing a win32 shellcode and how to implement your shellcode into Metasploit
12 Feb 2013 by The Ultimate Toolbox
Updates and User Contributions for the Ultimate Toolbox Libraries
18 Dec 2007 by Ilíon
This article describes a class which may be used to convert any Windows.Forms.Form into a docked Application Desktop Toolbar. That is, by use of the AppBar.ApplicationDesktopToolbar class, one's Toolbar applet may be either floating or docked to an edge of the Desktop.
9 Feb 2009 by bauemeise
Allocation and copy of large byte[]
7 Feb 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Replace your nasty .bat files with friendly mscripts for clean and powerful command line operations
14 Aug 2012 by Jani Mäkinen
Getting started with Win32 programming through creating a window with minimum code and complexity
27 Aug 2008 by hagarwal
Here is a class that will help you to control the execution of your threads that involves looping/polling and also limits their CPU usage to a specified limit.
10 Aug 2009 by Friedrich Brunzema
An article exploring integrating a fingerprint reader into a user's application
26 Nov 2008 by Matjaz-xyz
A simple and useful viewer of multipage TIF/TIFF images
20 Nov 2008 by Maxim_Barsuk
A practicle application of 2D Voronoi diagrams.
5 Nov 2010 by Wayne Ye
This is a complete Impersonation demo in C#, impersonating a user and accessing its files and HKCU Registry entries.
24 May 2010 by Sandrino Di Mattia
This dynamic keyword can be put to good use when doing COM. And in turn, you could be more productive when you need to complete tasks regarding the Windows API (that expose COM functionality).
27 Oct 2012 by H.Brydon
Using the Actor Programming Model
15 Nov 2010 by Ludvik Jerabek
Read and write to INI files in VB.NET and VBScript
26 Nov 2010 by Antonio Sandoval
Wrapper C# class written in C++\CLI and a sample implementation in C# to render PDF files.
15 Jan 2011 by ken.loveday
TemplateTimer: A convenient and simple MSVC / C++ timer wrapper for Windows using templates, where a class function can be easily specified for the timed event callback.
26 Apr 2010 by Chuan-Liang Teng
Access physical memory, I/O port in user mode
8 Jul 2010 by Emery Emerald
The possibility of extraction of block of string data from the binary file of type of DBF with arbitrary access in memory (MMF) and sorting of these information in one of two temporal buffers is shown. Optimization on speed of sorting and an amount of used memory is applied.
31 Dec 2008 by David Crow
How to find the average of a set of numbers.
3 Dec 2013 by deoxys
An app to periodically change the desktop's wallpaper
12 Dec 2007 by Derek Viljoen
How to access, use and interpret generic classes and methods using reflection
2 Jul 2014 by Mohammed El-Afifi
Given an existing win32 application, how to provide COM automation capability to it?
3 May 2008 by Popangler
A simple clone of the Visual Studio 2005 toolbox using a standard treeview
22 Jul 2020 by honey the codewitch
Diving into some of the core plumbing behind the Windows operating system
18 Dec 2013 by Hari Mahadevan
Describes a C++ class that encapsulates the WaitForMultipleObjects API usage pattern making it easy to integrate it with C++ objects.
14 Oct 2008 by galexding
A very simple, integrated method to make controls such as buttons, slider controls, and progress controls to be transparent in a dialog.
16 Dec 2010 by
CheckGroupBox, RadioGroupBox, CollapsibleGroupBox controls
25 Oct 2011 by Uwe_Sieber
Demonstrates how to open a storage volume and do some interesting things with it.
16 Nov 2009 by Gerard Castelló Viader
Making a typical client - server chat application
25 Nov 2009 by Mayank Rai
Turn Off Monitor when PC is locked
26 Aug 2011 by Md. Marufuzzaman
How we can communicate with the Microsoft Office Outlook using “Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook” delegate & event.
26 Apr 2011 by Sudheesh.P.S
AsyncFile is a small wrapper class for simplifying the usage of asynchronous file APIs.
14 Jun 2009 by Artem S. Dmitriev
This article will show you how to create a proxy client to the WCF web service from PDA device.
12 Aug 2012 by Alex Fotios
How to enumerate and mute all microphone components under all mixer devices using the Audio Mixer API
23 Jun 2014 by ravenspoint
Give a C++ application its own web page
1 Aug 2008 by Paul Sanders (the other one)
Surprisingly, neither the C++ runtime library nor the Win32 Platform SDK provides any routines to read and write Unicode text files. This article provides high performance routines to read all types of Unicode files (both UTF-16 and UTF-8) as well as ANSI files.
1 Sep 2009 by ChaoJui
Image processing with a burst of performance from CUDA
1 Aug 2011 by Mahdi Mansouri | مهدی منصوری
Surpass Omron OCX OPC Component and use a user friendly .NET based class to interface Omron PLC Series
4 Jun 2009 by Ozcan ILIKHAN
USB storage policy management, Registry editing, password protection, and hashing.
22 Sep 2008 by Lukasz Swiatkowski
Creating Control Panel items using the .NET Framework
20 Oct 2009 by Lukasz Kwiecinski, Istrib
A .NET component capturing WAVE or MP3 sound from a sound card. LAME used for MP3 compression.
17 Nov 2014 by Michael Ulmann
A simple .NET PDF merger that supports header and footer text.
13 Aug 2012 by Lars [Large] Werner
When loading a keyboard dll as a 32-bit application on a 64-bit system, the keyboard-dll-files does not work as expected, this class fixes that problem
13 Jul 2009 by amatecki
The article describes how to use the Microsoft's UPnP Control Point API for finding and controlling UPnP devices, and includes a description of simple library to facilitate the application of Control Point API in your own programs, together with an example of MFC and WinForms applications.
21 Jul 2009 by Ciro Sisman Pereira
Demonstrates how to group and organize memory blocks by using a couple of classes.
7 Mar 2013 by pip010
Inspired by Android asynchronous callback mechanism for short lived background tasks.
22 Apr 2013 by Karl Runmo
Arbitrary precision calculations
14 Dec 2007 by Evert Timmer
Tri-state checkboxes, user-defined state images, disable checkboxes per node...
13 Mar 2013 by Armanisoft
This is an alternative for "How to Prepare a USB Drive for Safe Removal"
11 Feb 2019 by Sarthak S
Assembly inspection and hacking with windbg
2 Sep 2011 by Alexander Bessonov
A simple high-level IPC library with ability to use native C++ interfaces.
2 Nov 2011 by gndzero
A threaded application to identify if system VB6 OCX files are exploitable and generate a batch file to register updated OCX controls.
20 Jul 2008 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
A .NET 2.0 unit testing watcher solution.
2 Dec 2010 by jackyxinli
Using JNI and COM technology generate Word documents in Java under Windows platform
17 Feb 2009 by David Thielen
How to return all types that a COM object implements.
13 Feb 2009 by SHRIDHAR TL
Allows to maintain and backup your contacts and also maintains a reminder. You can store data in any of the three different databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Microsoft Access
16 Jul 2011 by JAMcLaughlin
Embedding a webserver in your C++ application using the Lacewing networking library
29 Mar 2010 by Phil Outram
A basic tree control that ties together all the functionality to make items fully editable and moveable.
24 Apr 2014 by Mattias Högström
Learn the basics of how to draw with GDI on screen and to printer. We will look closer at the different GDI map modes, and how to do proper adjustments when you need to send the output to a printer. We will also create a metafile and load it back in again.
16 Mar 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
A simple program to draw complex fractal Trees
18 Jan 2008 by PeterGlen
Simple Seven Segment LCD Control derived from CWnd and CStatic
23 Apr 2009 by Chris Apple
A MFC C++ class to generate a splash screen and about box from a bitmap and version string resources.
17 Sep 2009 by Igor Kushnarev
How .NET controls could be embedded inside NotifyIcon Balloon Tooltip
2 Aug 2009 by Jerry.Wang
HTTP-only is a feature in IE 6 SP1, Opera, Safari and KDE to allow the setting of cookies that will only be sent via HTTP headers and never accessible via client side scripting.
3 Nov 2010 by Dave Midgley
.NET delegates and Generics allow for an elegant implementation of the Command pattern.
30 Mar 2009 by Jeffrey Walton
A C++ class providing encryption and authentication using Windows CAPI.
22 Dec 2022 by Bruno van Dooren
How to implement named pipe server for communicating with client apps
8 Jan 2008 by mikeperetz
How to code the MVP pattern using Spring.Net.
29 Nov 2008 by Angel Kafazov
This article explains how to write your custom DirectShow SampleGrabber filter for Windows Mobile.
23 Jan 2010 by Arman Ghazanchyan
The Desktop Alarm Clock is a very useful application that can perform several tasks.
6 Nov 2013 by Ehsan A Samani
GetWindows Version on Windows 8.1
20 May 2008 by Umut ŞİMŞEK
Explains windows services basics and deployment with details.
27 Jun 2008 by callisthenes
An article describing a C# Filmstrip control designed for Windows forms
4 May 2008 by Mitchel Haas
Open source C++ class template library for generating and parsing xhtml documents.
24 Dec 2012 by Mark H Bishop
Getting Cuda started on a VS Express budget
5 Jul 2009 by metcarob
A quick look at a make file and how to create more advanced make files.
2 Jan 2008 by dmihailescu
Capture and save desktop windows from a Windows service.
22 Apr 2008 by Tamir Khason
This article is about how to use Windows Vista Preview handlers within a WPF application
27 Nov 2008 by Vitaliy Liptchinsky
The article describes in detail volatile fields in .NET and how they work on different CPU architectures.
7 Nov 2017 by Howard 9448490
Two classes for easy access to system information using OpenHardWareMonitor and Windows System.Management.
27 Sep 2009 by Carlos Jiménez de Parga
An introduction to the Visual C++ CORBA development
21 May 2010 by Miki Rozloznik
Describes Win32 exception layering and discusses Structured Exception Handling (SEH) on OS level and on C++ compiler level.
21 Apr 2009 by Chris Apple
A C++ class to generate a splash screen and about box from a bitmap and version string resources.
26 Sep 2010 by TheUberOverLord
Monitors All Skype4COM and API Messages for Skype Includes Command Input. Shows What Goes On Behind The Scenes with Skype Message Processing using the API and Skype4COM Library. Includes Microsoft ClickOnce Deployment Technology As Well As ClickOnce Automatic Updates Examples. A Must Have Tool!
7 Feb 2013 by Sharath C V
This article explains how to get a list of inf files related to a driver and uninstall the inf files.
30 Apr 2022 by Michael Chourdakis
A quick way to interoperate between Win32 and a browser using WebSockets
29 Jun 2008 by bleucat
Programaticaly mounting a volume as a common user
9 Jan 2014 by Hari Mahadevan
Describes a C++ class that encapsulates the WaitForMultipleObjects API usage pattern making it easy to integrate it with C++ objects.
8 Oct 2011 by Jose A Pascoa
Still struggling to find the ultimate COFF to OMF converter to link some code with Delphi? You don't need to anymore.
8 Mar 2013 by joejames111
This is a VB.NET and C# version of "Minimal Key Logger Using RAWINPUT".
24 Apr 2016 by Michael Chourdakis
A class to implement a reverse semaphore
8 Sep 2017 by Geek2Simon
Super easy DLL in VC++ IDE
14 Aug 2012 by Ivan Krivyakov
Self-installing windows service that monitors computer's WAN address and sends e-mail when it changes
20 Nov 2014 by Sanmayce
Optimized multi-threaded console full-text searcher
26 Sep 2008 by Antonino Porcino
A simple C# class for printing on old dot matrix line printers
24 Mar 2008 by Derek Bartram
An article presenting a library for producing communication based application utilising the MSN Messenger services and protocols.
24 Feb 2012 by Chandrakantt
Detailed description for creating custom action in Visual Studio using C++/Win32
10 Jan 2008 by Hans Dietrich
XTrueColorToolBar is an MFC class based on CToolBar that provides support for true-color bitmaps, with optional support for an Office-style color picker button.
27 Sep 2011 by abhinav_soni
The ATL COM DLL that captures requests from individual Webbrowser Control
21 Nov 2010 by Ingo A. Kubbilun
This article shows how to deal with controls that do not properly paint their background when using custom background bitmaps.
2 Nov 2010 by klizardin
A template classes library to support pipe development with minimum programmer effort.
21 May 2012 by Zimin Max Yang
An approach to improve LINQ-to-SQL performance while preserving maintainability over DataReader.
14 Jan 2011 by jean Davy
Read/write serialize/unserialize any kind of arbitrary set of C++ data structures in the Registry.
27 Feb 2010 by icemanind
This article takes you through a step-by-step process of creating your own virtual machine.
27 May 2011 by phoaivu
A platform-independent engine for image warping
29 Dec 2010 by yonken
A multi-select tree control that is based on Richard's implementation
11 Jun 2008 by Jimmy Zhang
Introduces a simple, efficient, human-readable XML index called VTD+XML.
11 Dec 2016 by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA
Did you spot any bugs today? Than this tool might save some of your time
21 Sep 2012 by icemanind
A program to compile C# code into MSIL code
14 Apr 2011 by geoyar
An MFC slider control that accepts and works with most POD types and has enhanced appearance.
8 May 2008 by Davidwu
A Cool Vista Sidebar Gadget Style CPUInfo Animate Control! (Fixed)
8 Sep 2014 by Alex J Lennon
A refreshed article on how to build the older releases of Mono on Windows
24 Nov 2015 by nuclear_sun
You can share a peer's desktop with any others using this software, designate the sharer and viewers in any way you can imagine. Detailed development document and user manual can be found in the Download.
3 Jun 2012 by kishhr
An in-depth reference of how to build performance-oriented applications in WPF for both Windows and the Web.
20 Jan 2010 by homran
Fuzzy Logic Controller C# Library based on mamdani Inference Engine + Windows Forms GUI
2 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present the basic .NET wrappers for the Windows 7 Ribbon Framework.
10 Jul 2012 by Binu MD
RGB to YUV conversion with different chroma sampling using C++.
12 Jun 2009 by metcarob
This article shares my experiences setting up an Open Source tool chain for developing C++ applications.
30 May 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
C++ dir, upload, download and management library
12 Jul 2010 by Sameerkumar Namdeo
An article on creating a framework for command processing using the Command Design Pattern.
7 Mar 2014 by Kazi Zakir Hossain
How to detect system wide mouse events in your application
23 Apr 2010 by tom-englert
A simple tool giving a nice overview about WPF techniques
21 Aug 2011 by Vinod Vijayan
List that combines the advantage of array and linked-list and has better performance
10 Jan 2023 by Michael Chourdakis
Use SHA-3 in Win32 projects
11 Mar 2009 by Jellow TK
A simple DevStudio Add-in to demonstrate Text Object Model (TOM)
10 Jan 2015 by Emiliarge
Native, simply, fast, cross-platform, and quite powerful PL? Is it nothing? No, it isn't. It is PureBasic!
6 Apr 2009 by Ladislav Nevery
One very simple way to add scripting support to your app without need to install or distribute anything
29 Jan 2009 by Alex Blekhman
Minimalistic example of scrollable dialog implemented in pure Win32 API
31 Oct 2012 by Eder A. Castro
This tool captures a screen shot of anything on your desktop, like a picture or a section of webpage. This tool allows you to select a partial section of the whole screen with shortcut key.
31 Aug 2012 by mittaltarsem
Registry hive reader and comparator.
21 Apr 2019 by Michael Haephrati
This article will show how to selectively add a Console window to Win32 or even MFC programs for debugging purposes.
11 Feb 2008 by quiensabe
Using Windows resources to localize an application at runtime.
26 Nov 2008 by Charles Ju
Group collapse behavior added to a listview control under Windows Vista
9 Mar 2009 by freedeveloper
A different approach to make a Visual Studio VISTA Gadget Template
4 Jul 2011 by Qwertie
How fast is C++ compared to C#? Let's compare code ported directly between the two languages.
8 Mar 2010 by Jason Pearce
Building a generic collection class from scratch without just wrapping a List or ArrayList.
14 Jan 2013 by Pavana Sreesha
Why is your Application's Memory platform dependent?
11 Aug 2011 by hosein fereidooni
Informed search algorithms to solve Sudoku Samurai
9 Sep 2011 by Ian Bell, #2
A sample C++ project that uses DES to combine two or more AVI files.
5 Aug 2011 by Pepsibot
A console library capable of colored input and output. Includes user definable menus, ASCII character windows, save/restore a screen worth of characters, 256 console color combinations, and a smart coloring.
18 Nov 2008 by Maxim_Barsuk
An add-on for the Fortune's algorithm.
14 Sep 2008 by Kazi Zakir Hossain
A VB6 project describing how to implelement timer functionality without a timer control
19 Mar 2009 by Gernot Frisch
This class takes care of the child window placement when you resize an MFC dialog. Also stores the size in the Registry for the next call.
15 Dec 2016 by ergohack
Tired of the same old Windows Logon/Shutdown screen? I use a symbolic link rotation utility to cycle through a bank of backgrounds.
22 Jul 2009 by Emery Emerald
The demonstration of reading, writing and creation of standard DBF files with random access in memory instead of serialization of typical MFC application for descendants of CListCtrl classes in Virtual Mode.
12 Jan 2018 by Michael Haephrati
How to easily integrate and interface with PayPal Express Checkout API from a Windows c++ application
21 Jan 2016 by John Torjo
You can do advanced searching through your Windows Event Logs. Even regex searching and filtering. No expert skills required.
24 May 2017 by Zahid Nawaz Ch.
SqlDependency ,can be used to pick changes without executing query to see there is any update from database , WHERE CLAUSE can also be applied for narrowing scope, Its way to push changes from SQL Server to SQLDependency , .NET library , SQL Server Broker service sends updates to SQLDependency.
6 May 2010 by imagiro
A simple thread pool with minimal dependencies
29 Sep 2009 by yanirta
Using provided Shape context algorithm and infrastructure, there is a wide base to match shapes.
7 Dec 2008 by rudigrobler
A very simple example of how to make an existing application extendible using MEF
14 Feb 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
Include file versioning, snapshots and incremental backups in a file
12 Nov 2007 by GauranG Shah
It's a simple dialog based Screen Capture that uses Global Mouse Hooks to capture the area selected by user, controls( i.e. Buttons, etc.), and any other Window.
13 Sep 2010 by Adhish Pendharkar
Launch Application Forms in MultiScreen
15 Apr 2009 by Youngho Kim
900 MHz RFID Reader Tag identification using an RFID Reader.
29 Apr 2014 by Andre' Gardiner
A c banking atm concept console application
17 Jun 2014 by Sam Gerené
Factor 2 improved performance on VB-JSON Parser
7 Feb 2009 by Paul Higinbotham
DirectX based application to open and view Half Life 1 game files
17 Feb 2009 by MikeTheDwarf
Helper class to display 3D data
16 Jan 2015 by Rotted Frog
Goes through how to write a compiler extension for Wix, using the read world example of an XML search extension to read values out of XML files
21 Dec 2008 by James Ritchie Carroll
High-speed screen saver simulating a warp-speed effect; will span multiple monitors.
2 Mar 2009 by jasonpang2011
Tracks the status of an AIM user (online, away, offline).
25 Mar 2009 by Ali Kheyrollahi
Covering common challenges and pitfalls in caching in BizTalk.
23 Nov 2010 by Vineel Kovvuri
This article will guide you through the process of setting up kernel mode debugger in Windows
18 Apr 2011 by Sergey Chepurin
A program to check for email messages with multiple POP accounts.
4 Oct 2012 by stebo0728
This guide shows how to extend a standard TextBox to have an "empty value" template
23 Nov 2009 by avramik
Remote control of Microsoft FileDialog class (OpenFileDialog)
16 Jul 2014 by SarmadAsghar
Building on My SQL Storage Engines and APIs to Conduct Complex Analysis Using SQL Query Language: Part 2
2 Aug 2016 by RogerCreagh
A standard interface for multiple Arduino boards with different firmware
29 Dec 2008 by Perry Bruins
Track your geographical position using a Windows Mobile 6 device and some Google Map programming.
17 Jul 2010 by Hoang Khanh Nguyen
A highly object-oriented ListView control with varying-height items and support of complex data types
6 Dec 2012 by Scott Parkes
Providing custom context sensitive help for VSTO add-in Ribbon controls.
22 Apr 2008 by Tamir Khason
How to use raw sockets in Silverlight application and how to make Silverlight speak with Windows Forms and WPF
3 Jan 2013 by Andrew_Morris
A sample application to present a simple dialog box using the Win32 API.
24 Sep 2014 by Jeroen De Maeijer
This is an alternative for "Simple Windows Service in C++"
11 Feb 2013 by Markus Koppensteiner
Shows how to use OpenCV to write videos, how to implement mouse events, and presents some commands on image manipulation as well.
22 Apr 2012 by mittaltarsem
Fast Image Scrolling in C#
28 Jul 2008 by Abhishek Sur
The article will help you to use Isolated Storage Classes
22 Mar 2008 by Derek Bartram
An article presenting Ribbon Builder, a tool for creating ribbon controls
17 Mar 2009 by Manish K. Agarwal
Rotating files by appending 00, 01, 02, 03 etc. in file name once the file size reaches its predefined maximum file size.
20 Jul 2009 by Sharath C V
This article explains how to get the list of drivers running on Windows OS and display the same in a ListView using Win32 calls.
27 Jan 2009 by CyLith
Since x64 Windows removes the Beep function, this is an implementation of the Beep function using DirectSound.
23 Dec 2007 by David Saelman
A simple method to achieve interprocess communication between the .NET framework and MFC.
30 Oct 2019 by Sanmayce
Brutally optimized hash function for general table lookups
24 Nov 2010 by Kambaa
How to check whether .NET is installed in PC Visual Basic 6 code
11 May 2010 by Gurux Ltd
Retrieve data from a physical device, process it, and visualize the results
22 Aug 2008 by Alex Blekhman
The article explains relationships and dependencies between the Windows API, the CRT, and the Standard C++ Library.
1 May 2012 by Markus Koppensteiner
Explains how to use some OpenCV commands for video manipulation.
23 Jul 2009 by Apriorit Inc
This article shows how to use FTDI API to interact with the devices, which have FTDI chip within. EEPROM programming is also discussed.
20 Jul 2008 by Johann Anhofer
An easy to use debug logger, implemented via a custom stream buffer.
10 Nov 2016 by Farhad Reza
This article will show you how you can use the OpenGL graphics library in Google's Go language.
10 Mar 2009 by Xmen Real
An advance rating control for .NET
13 Jun 2011 by Olabenjo Tunde
This is a simple video converter I developed with .NET while playing with ffmpeg.
29 May 2011 by OlegKrivtsov
This article demonstrates a file preview control in a WTL application.
10 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to change the ribbon colors.
15 Dec 2010 by hector [.j.] rivas
Helping the combo box autocomplete function with a frequency count.
2 Jun 2010 by Software_Developer
A Star Wars Scroller Demo that moves smoothly from the bottom to the top in OpenGL (GLUT)
20 Jan 2010 by Rei Resurreccion
Experience small and compact desktop icons view in Vista and Windows 7.
13 Apr 2009 by Viktor Hamori
In this article, one can find a possible solution how to check or to be notified if the Excel Application is in Edit mode
31 Aug 2009 by Baiyan Huang
Provides a utility class to return the call stack when an exception is being caught, using Windows SEH.
1 Nov 2009 by Ali Tavakol
Fast, real, and easy to connect to your application.
1 May 2011 by Mark Babayev
This article describes advanced techniques for programming user interface in pure InstallScript projects.
2 Apr 2016 by David Vanson
A progress bar control you can customize
31 Dec 2008 by kvlcek
A C# implementation of CHAID for MSSQL 2005 à la Cognos scenario.
28 Sep 2010 by Sonal.India
Kick Start Using WinDBG and SOS
6 May 2008 by Ruchit S.
The Year 2038 Bug - Y2K38 Problem.
28 May 2012 by Adam Roderick J
A brief and basic explanation about the PE data structures, with a sample
6 Nov 2009 by hxhl95
Escalating a process to system critical status using a Win32 kernel function
10 Jan 2008 by Warrick Procter
QuickSort revisited, with optimisations to minimise machine cycles, stabilised to retain original order, and generalised for convenience.
11 May 2010 by Gustavo Ricardi
A Remote Desktop software built on AJAX, JSON and HTML5
26 Feb 2009 by Adrian Dorache
Scripting the clipboard content in Windows Script Host.
29 Feb 2008 by KeithPirkl
Register self-signed SSL certificates from a remote web browser.
6 Mar 2010 by Cédric Menzi
How to parse well-formed binary data into your data structures
31 Jul 2008 by thund3rstruck
Interaction with CBZ/CBR comic books in C#.
21 Feb 2012 by Krishnachytanya Ayyagari
This article is a study of Windows 8 'Contracts' - why they are introduced? what they really are? and how they can be created?
12 Feb 2013 by Biswas, Sumit
It helps to track/monitor file activites using FileSystemWatcher and maintains log, which can be viewed using various filter options.
12 Apr 2008 by dotnfc
Using a set of classes to access SmartCard readers, to test SmartCards via scripts - even to transmit APDUs one by one.
16 May 2012 by lxdfigo
The implementation of multidimensional wavelet transform
12 Nov 2007 by Marcelo J. Kittlein
How to pass and return Arrays and Ranges in Excel to and from a C++ DLL.
16 Dec 2007 by Chayan
SQLite is very suitable for memory constraint systems like WinCE, Palms, Smart Phones, embedded devices and also normal single user desktop applications.
17 Apr 2008 by Jimmy Zhang
Introduce VTD-XML, the future of XML processing
16 Nov 2009 by Vinayak Bharadi
Implementing DCT on Image (2D DCT) in C# and its Inverse
16 Aug 2010 by Sharan Basappa
This code shows how to host a third party application inside your own process Window, like Google Chrome & Internet Explorer 8
20 Sep 2008 by Kazi Zakir Hossain
How to detect the media insertion / ejection in ROM in VB6
19 Feb 2009 by Amarnath S
An article to describe the generation of Images containing Mach bands at arbitrary angles (C#)
24 Jun 2009 by metcarob
In this article, I share my experience creating and compiling a simple C++ program using SQLite to store data.
13 Feb 2011 by Vince Valenti
An example of how to add a checkbox to a list view column header. We also implement select/unselect all when a user toggles the checkbox.
14 Apr 2018 by Andy Galluzzi
Join me to create the most advanced yet most simple to use full duplex MMF based IPC for Windows
2 Apr 2012 by icemanind
How to create a Facebook like website previewer user control for Winforms in C#
4 Sep 2009 by Eric Haddan
My entry to the Code Lean and Mean File Comparison Contest.
17 Feb 2009 by KazMaxLtd
A WinForms User Control which provides colour-coded feedback on dates which are already assigned.
22 Apr 2013 by RedZombie125
One man's struggle to organize pictures of Cookie Monster... with code.
16 Feb 2013 by mittaltarsem
Utility to capture full or part of screen with support for multiple screens.
25 Mar 2009 by Ali Kheyrollahi
A walkthrough on using the Excellence BizTalk Unit Testing framework.
17 Jun 2012 by Md. Marufuzzaman
Generic Architecture For Rapid Software Development Project Cycle
7 Jun 2010 by Ali Imran Khan Shirani
RAD Tool for C++ Developers, Code Generator
8 Jan 2009 by Louis T Klauder Jr
A simple C# user function call tree lister.
11 Jun 2015 by Khaled Abdelhamid
Core utility components - Localization, Configuration, Logging, and Exception Handling.
13 Jan 2008 by ajalilqarshi
This article covers calling Java functions from C using JNI. It also covers passing/returning simple parameters, arrays, and structure arrays in Java functions.
13 Jun 2008 by Minalien
A small tutorial on how to use XInput (requires the DX SDK) to handle input from an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.
27 Jul 2011 by hvrmln
Get browser URL
23 Sep 2006 by NeWi
Describes how to set up Visual C++ 2005 Express to build Win32 applications.
25 Apr 2012 by Member 8823543
GLW is a simple, compact, drop-in framework for developing simple OpenGL games and demos. Its focus is ease of use, platform abstraction and small footprint.
19 Apr 2009 by arnavguddu
This article exposes the Microsoft Vista and Server 2008 (and Windows 7) exclusive features that can be programmed using .NET languages like C#. It includes UAC, the Vista Bridge control library, and the Windows Search Provider.
11 Sep 2008 by carlos@takeapps
This is a step-by-step guide to build your own control panel applet
9 Jan 2009 by wmerifield
An article demonstrating how to host list controls inside a standard ComboBox. Easily create your own CheckedList ComboBox and others.
22 Nov 2008 by Thilak Raj S
Making JRE truely portable by API hooking.
9 Aug 2010 by techbird
Tutorial about Smart Hot Key Handler .NET control library
12 Apr 2016 by Shao Voon Wong
Benchmark of hash and non-hash container
10 Mar 2014 by EiadXP
This is a very fast way to access string (or other) data with minimum memory consumption.
18 Mar 2008 by Kovalev Maxim
How to cut off specified parts of media file using DirectShow
24 Apr 2008 by Derek Bartram
An article presenting a WPF library for producing extensible runtime customisable graphs
23 Oct 2008 by Redwan Albougha
Shows how to solve Towers of Hanoi puzzle visually using Win32 and C++
30 Mar 2012 by lepipele
Automate deployment of Windows Services, ClickOnce, and other .NET applications.
8 Dec 2009 by Syed Adnan Ahmed
How to Install and Configure MS Exchange Server 2007 on MS Windows Server 2008
21 Jul 2010 by Waylon Flinn
This article describes a simple solution for hiding the Taskbar and the Start Orb that works on both Vista and Windows 7.
29 Jul 2012 by
A useful skill to get rid of ATL, but do similar flexible architectures by yourself.
3 Nov 2011 by Mitendra Anand
Thread synchronization using the Win32 Event object.
21 Feb 2012 by Leslie Zhai
It is a reminiscent SLOC console in libc/libc++ cross GNU and WIN32
1 Apr 2016 by varun bansal
A quick program to compute and measure hash comparison
16 Mar 2009 by hxhl95
How to quickly shutdown/poweroff in emergency situations.
11 May 2009 by Ladislav Nevery
Native MySql Client not requiring any special driver or library
3 Jul 2008 by Jude Deng
Introduce memory pool
15 Sep 2009 by Sushant Joshi
This article enables you to send mails from Windows application which is normally a tedious task
12 Mar 2009 by Spirch
How to create a Sudoku game with speed in mind.
7 Aug 2011 by Eduardo Tucci
OAG is a library written in C++. With this library, you can create OpenGL based applications.
25 Jun 2009 by Sharath C V
This article explains about different parts of an NT service and inter-process communication using Mailslots.
6 May 2009 by Alex_Intw
This article shows you how to send or post events among processes using shared memory queues for the Windows and Linux platforms.
25 Feb 2008 by DaveyM69
How to restrict a dialog form's movement area. Useful for MDI applications.
8 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon spinner control.
1 May 2008 by Derek Bartram
This library provides a framework for using Code Project article information in applications, and provides a utility for extracting user information
7 May 2018 by Nilesh Dhangare, Pune-India
RealTimeEventLogReader will show you how to read event logs in C# as soon as they are written in Windows Event Logs.
30 Sep 2008 by Antonino Porcino
How to update all the clients of your locally distribuited application using a Windows Installer and batch files.
17 Apr 2016 by leon de boer
Native Win32 API OpenGL Tutorial - Part 1
7 Jan 2009 by surf uk
An article to illustrate a useful tool for WMI (WMICodeCreator) & using WMI to find USB Serial / COM port adaptors
1 Dec 2008 by RalphHightower
NASA Space Shuttle Mission Schedule reads Excel files published by NASA containing the television schedule for Space Shuttle missions and provides the ability to enter and update the schedule in Outlook’s Calendar.
3 Sep 2008 by Hari Narayanan R.
How to write to System Event Log from a C# application
16 Feb 2010 by logicchild
An article that provides ways to achieve concurrency via C++
1 Sep 2008 by syntaxed
Notifier: an Outlook-like notification window
8 Jan 2008 by Victuar
Written in C# Windows service which monitors all Windows and kills unwanted ones.
6 Apr 2008 by Derek Bartram
An article presenting the Quick Access Toolbar as part of RibbonControl.dll, as seen in Microsoft Office 2007
15 Apr 2010 by TylerBrinks
Friendly AOP using your favorite DI container, and a social experiment in CodeProject Community Coding
9 Jun 2006 by Hao Hu
A Win32 C based approach for an essential Hyper Link control for the dialog box (based on the Button control).
21 Feb 2008 by PAPAYA
IGotMesasge is an open source Web-based application that allows individuals to easily record and send video messages to others. The software is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website.
31 May 2010 by Daniel Cohen Gindi
This is a nice and simple approach that I came up with in order to delete temporary files even long after I forgot about them.
7 Jan 2008 by Benzi K. Ahamed
This article demonstrates a simple approach to get strongly typed configuration objects to use in your code using XML serialization
30 May 2010 by Software_Developer
A Mandelbrot Explorer/Zoom with Julia walkabout
18 Sep 2010 by David Crow
A brief explanation on how to interpret the 'logon hours' member of the USER_INFO structures
13 Feb 2008 by Ali Ozgur, Tolga Kurkcuoglu
Describes how to develop a custom Jira client by using PragmaSQL add-in support
29 Aug 2008 by WBurgMo
An implementation of IBM's PipeLines for Windows and PowerShell
20 Sep 2011 by Pieter Van Parys
Creating profiling information in our ProxyDbxxx classes
16 Mar 2009 by Valery Grebnev
This article describes a heuristic approach when developing reader/writer spin-locks for Windows XP/Vista.
7 Jun 2009 by Felix Collins
This article shows a tidy solution to unexpected third party code pumping messages.
22 Jun 2009 by Emery Emerald
The decision of problem of the header «deformation» and its locality, height of lines of list control and their text formatting.
24 Nov 2009 by dB.
A framework for testing Windows installers with some help from virtualization.
2 May 2010 by Thomas van Veen
Visual Studio 2005/2008 AddIn for browsing exported methods of native libraries
9 Jun 2010 by geoyar
How to register classes for Object Factory using TypeList and Template Metaprogramming
9 Oct 2010 by peterchen, Alberto M.
An update the class core for editing Visual Studio's MRU list
26 May 2012 by meduff
Avoid Entity Framework lazy-loading relationship navigation when iterating large record sets.
29 Dec 2011 by Dracula
Query Volume Setting for 8.3 State (Windows)
26 Oct 2009 by Alex Blekhman
Name2Clip sits in the "Sent To" menu of Windows Explorer and sends selected filenames to the system clipboard.
25 Apr 2008 by Derek Bartram
An article introducing the WPF Realtime Monitor Control, for creating a real-time view of continuous data
25 Jan 2009 by rspercy65
47 of the most used Vista apps are just 1 click away. NOTE: Vista users only.
25 Jun 2008 by Jimmy Zhang
Agile, efficient XML data binding without schema.
23 Mar 2009 by Dotan Asselmann
Using algorithms and techniques from CSP to solve an NxN Sudoku puzzle.
24 Aug 2008 by davemaster99
How to execute JavaScript functions with parameters from C++ code.
7 Dec 2007 by JonataCB
Classes with many useful properties and methods to communicate using TCP/IP
7 Oct 2008 by R_Valbuena
A simple performance counter application in C#.
27 Mar 2008 by Ali Ozgur
In this article we will extend classes in Cuyahoga.Core.Search namespace in order to provide more generic full text indexing service
12 Aug 2008 by Yasser M. Jaffal
This article guides you to simply, yet effectively, prevent your software customers from copying your product without your authorization. I admit it is not a top-security solution, and it will be easy to crack without protecting your compiled code, but it is just for conveying the idea.
21 Apr 2009 by outcoldman
Work with Windows by hot keys in Vista like Windows 7
2 Dec 2008 by alexdresko
A simple two line technique that can be used in just about any application
4 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to create an empty WinForms application with Windows 7 ribbon support.
6 Dec 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
An extended List that fires events when the count of list-items changes
25 Apr 2008 by Derek Bartram
An article presenting a basic dynamic formula processor (including an infix to prefix convertor)
14 Mar 2008 by Nelson Kosta Souto
Reading and writing XML documents.
10 Dec 2007 by Tolga Birdal
An image warping tool in C# which uses simple displacement filters.
15 May 2009 by ken.tachyon
An article on how to get parameters into and out of MySql stored procedures.
13 Aug 2012 by Jon Larborn
A command promt web server that starts an application or opens a file given in as an argument in an HTTP address. Could potentially be used to show media on screen using QR-codes.
1 Nov 2010 by wujiong
Explains how to implement and use this powerful behavior
1 Jan 2011 by Ashish Kaila
A docking window solution using WPF as part of Synergy toolkit
27 Sep 2009 by yanirta
This algorithm provides a good way to know the location and difference factor of two drawings.
8 Jan 2010 by ron wilson
A framework for implementing simple Windows services with an eye towards usability.
12 Aug 2009 by Anand Malli
An article on sorting generic list based on any attribute of user defined class
25 Apr 2008 by Derek Bartram
A demonstration application for showing the use of the WPF Ribbon Control as presented elsewhere
13 Sep 2008 by Zacky Pickholz
A class for calculating sunrise and sunset times, implemented as a thread-safe Singleton
29 Oct 2008 by Kanchan Lulla
A Windows file monitoring system.
7 Jan 2013 by Jason Curl
Describes the usage of Asynchronous I/O with I/O Completion ports with .NET
31 Oct 2009 by AymanAminIbrahim
Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Web Services SDK example.
12 Jun 2009 by manjunath.j3
A generic C++ class for simple file I/O, just like CFile.
20 May 2009 by Mohammad Elsheimy
Learn how to programmatically turn on the screen saver with API via .NET and C#
23 Feb 2012 by User 7592706
Sometimes you have to save the content of a ListView to the user's filesystem. That's very easy to manage with the XmlText-Writer and Reader from the .Net Framework 2.0.
19 May 2007 by Boby Thomas P
An implementation of chat client and server with win32 sockets
22 May 2008 by Alex C. Punnen
The Command Pattern and Chain of Responsibility for implementing a plug-in Thread Pool library.
24 Oct 2008 by r2build
In this article, I will describe how to create a new config XML file for new tools in R2build
23 May 2008 by Bilal Haider
It describes how to read and update the toggle keys (NUM lock, CAPS lock, etc.) using WIN32 API in a C# application
5 Oct 2009 by stepe
Displays system information like free disk space, free memory on the desktop
24 Jul 2011 by Cristian Amarie
Classes for making simple internet calls using Wininet.
4 Jan 2010 by AndreBroz
Using File Management Windows API for implementing inter computer Read/Write lock
25 Mar 2010 by FireEmissary
Generic algorithm of the longest common subsequence
25 Mar 2009 by Ali Kheyrollahi
A Unit Testing framework for testing orchestration using instrumentation
16 Sep 2009 by Marco Manso
Retrieving the astronomy picture of the day
12 Jun 2011 by Wanderley Caloni
Exception based error check that automates the FAILED() comparison.
18 Sep 2016 by Victor Soldatov
Yet another approach to create lightwight synchronization entities in native Windows user-mode applications
14 Nov 2014 by Senthil Sambandam
Huge data transfer to Excel in a fast and efficient manner
2 Dec 2021 by klinkenbecker
Shows how to monitor a UPS, graph the details and shutdown the system
10 Sep 2009 by ChaoJui
High performance and good quality of image blurring
18 Mar 2009 by armagedescu
This article is about writing GUI applications in VBScript and JScript using Windows common controls
1 Feb 2010 by Rajkumar-Kannan
In the second part of this article, I primarily focus on using WMI and C# to develop routines that can manage a Hyper-V Virtual Machine
24 Mar 2008 by o m n i
6 Oct 2008 by Michael Rosqvist
A utility to capture a bit of the desktop.
5 Oct 2009 by Nathan Campos
How to set and get text in the Clipboard using C#.
14 Jan 2020 by Thilo Bauer
With some code snippets to give beginners (+ others) ideas
30 Apr 2009 by klizardin
WinHttp API wrapper library with asynchronous call mechanism and support of HTTPS protocol
18 Sep 2009 by dengus
A method to inject an entire executable into another process (thereby avoiding the need for a DLL)
14 Jul 2010 by Software_Developer
This article describes how to create a Realtime animation of a Mandelbrot Zoom in a Win32 Console with Visual C++ 6.0
18 Jun 2010 by Mahyar Etedal
In this article, I introduce a very simple way to parse an expression.
24 Apr 2011 by Michael Geier
With this class, you can use ADS with C#, VB.NET, and other .NET languages without P/Invoke
4 Oct 2009 by Nathan Campos
Shows how to create a simple DLL and invoke it in another program
7 May 2008 by Ronounours
A very simple C++ source code showing how to create an interactive 2D graphical blobs editor, using the CImg library.
8 Jan 2009 by The Everator
Customizing XP with Vista features
1 Feb 2008 by Lipman Roi
How to scroll a textbox by given pixels
26 Jun 2010 by imagiro
How to create JavasSript arrays and other objects from C++ code and pass them to the script.
21 Dec 2008 by Boris Kolesnikov
Generates PNG files called tiles which form a layer on a GIS map
23 Feb 2009 by Zhiwei Liu
A beginner's guide to creating COM/DCOM server and client under .NET 2008 environment.
20 Oct 2008 by Peter C. Studt
A small wrapper library to programmatically interact with standard audio controls
7 Feb 2008 by Warrick Procter
Ever wanted to be able to handle triple, quadruple clicks on a Windows Forms control? This will do it.
12 Jul 2008 by Norman Solomon
Easy addition of a 3D Tabstrip page to an ASP.NET project.
25 Jun 2009 by Sharath C V
Explains MDI support in Windows with a simple example.
26 Feb 2010 by marc ochsenmeier
This sample show how to access the information retrieved by running Auditpol.
15 Jul 2008 by T800G
Simple class to make a window snap to screen edges
22 Feb 2009 by ingvar8
Counter based c8051
8 Jan 2010 by raelango
This article demonstrates monitoring a printer queue for job status changes.
2 May 2009 by Tolga Birdal
Fast image inversion forms a good basis for optimizing pixel wise operations. We will discuss the ways to achieve the best speed on this inversion operator.
28 Jan 2008 by Praveen Nair (NinethSense)
A simple animation tutorial on WPF
19 Feb 2008 by erjan123
OpenGL 3D navigation with Tao and C#, using glRotatef, glTranslatef, and gluLookAt.
21 May 2009 by jackyxinli
An article to show how to play a Wave file with DirectSound and display its spectrum in real time.
19 Aug 2018 by Michael Haephrati
Here is a way to find what is the email address / addresses used by the user running a program
15 Oct 2008 by kevinuni
A way to export data to native excel (xls) from a Datagridview with any data source
26 Apr 2008 by Derek Bartram
A WPF Digital Clock for displaying the current time, styled using RibbonStyleHandler
18 Jan 2009 by Shup
An article on easily finding the paths of commonly used user specific directories.
29 Apr 2009 by cyb70289
Yet another single instance implementation
22 Jan 2009 by Peter Wilson
Create, save, and display DOM documents using C++.
30 May 2010 by Software_Developer
A Simulation of a Canadian F-86 fighter jet in Windows Forms using Visual C++ 2005
15 Jul 2010 by Software_Developer
Pong in a Win32 Console
22 Jun 2009 by metcarob
GTK+ is a GUI widget toolkit. This article describes how I have compiled a Hello World GTK+ program to allow me to evaluate it.
23 Apr 2014 by Graham Lemon (UK)
Implementing a simple News Ticker custom control for Winforms .NET to reduce flicker as much as possible.
12 Feb 2008 by Yonghwi Kwon
Explains how to validate COM interface and legacy IsValidateInteface
5 Oct 2008 by Babak Ansari
A framework to develop Win-Form and Web-Form applications using generic components
5 May 2008 by Vishal Ganeriwala
How to get the Client IP address or hostname of a Citrix session or Terminal Services Session?
14 Nov 2010 by infinateone
A file manager app with Clipboard interaction and drag and drop support.
27 Nov 2014 by Member 10951710<