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Great Reads

by Josh Smith
A task-oriented review of an animation library and the application which uses it
by Nish Nishant
This articles explains how to implement a TypeDescriptionProvider for a class to support multiple object types using a single class type
by Marc Clifton
Review your project dependencies.
by Nish Nishant
An ExifReader class in C# that supports custom formatting and extraction. StyleCop compliant code, with demos for WPF and Windows Forms.

Latest Articles

by Mateen Firoz
In this article, we’ll identify the top 10 benefits of using reporting tools for your development projects.
My idea was to host a WPF user control with Ribbon within a WinForm VB.NET project and try to use MVVM pattern.
by Joe Dufresne
An easy to use tool to save your Windows Spotlight (lock screen) images for use as desktop wallpaper
by Leif Simon Goodwin
A 3D surface plot control in C#

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Windows Forms 

9 May 2012 by Josh Smith
A task-oriented review of an animation library and the application which uses it
16 Jun 2008 by Nish Nishant
This articles explains how to implement a TypeDescriptionProvider for a class to support multiple object types using a single class type
17 Jun 2009 by Marc Clifton
Review your project dependencies.
29 Mar 2010 by Nish Nishant
An ExifReader class in C# that supports custom formatting and extraction. StyleCop compliant code, with demos for WPF and Windows Forms.
2 Dec 2011 by Florian Rappl
A better ToolTip for Windows Forms and more.
18 Apr 2010 by Nicholas Butler
A tiny HTTP server wrapped in a WebBrowser control
6 Aug 2009 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Demo for a math puzzle board game
1 Feb 2010 by Arik Poznanski
Complete Library for using the Windows 7 Ribbon from C#, including 18 samples and 21 blog posts documenting the Ribbon features
11 Sep 2011 by Anshul Mehra
This article provide APIs & functionality so that Excel Quits after automation
22 Dec 2016 by Ozesh Thapa
Converting Docx To Html to Docx
11 Sep 2009 by yetibrain
A listview running in virtual mode
10 May 2009 by DaveyM69
Allows changing of the default MIDI out device in Vista and Windows 7
15 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon drop down color picker control.
24 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with the ribbon quick access toolbar.
17 Nov 2011 by Timur Eroglu
List and extract .NET resources
19 Feb 2021 by Leif Simon Goodwin
A 3D surface plot control in C#
5 Aug 2009 by Cosmin Oprea (aka somalezu)
This article describes a very simple way to make WinForms databindings without the need to refer the datasource property names with magic strings.
10 Sep 2009 by ralph1957
This step-by step article describes how to populate a TreeView control by using XML data.
6 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon application menu with ribbon split button and ribbon drop button controls.
9 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon combo box control.
22 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon context popup.
31 Oct 2016 by phil.o
This article describes the building of Markov Chains and their use for generating random names or words.
24 Dec 2018 by charles922
Introduction to Orbital Mechanics - 2 Body Problem
21 Apr 2009 by Fredrik Bornander
How to implement an iPhone style icon menu using the .NET Compact Framework.
7 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use ribbon tabs, groups and the ribbon help button control.
19 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to load ribbon resources from external DLLs.
20 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon application modes.
17 Jan 2019 by Ramon F. Mendes
A lightweight HTML control for WinForms
14 May 2009 by CS Rocks
This article demonstrates how to upload a file to a (HTTPS) WebDAV server in VB.NET.
15 Feb 2010 by Irfan alam
A library for creating a voice and text conferencing application
5 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon application menu.
12 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with images in the ribbon.
14 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon check box and toggle button controls.
21 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon contextual tabs.
23 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with the ribbon recent items control.
30 Nov 2011 by Marc Clifton
Revisiting the XTree implementation, using a generic controller.
21 Oct 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
A component that allows the customization of menu shortcuts. This can be useful for barrier free applications.
3 Nov 2011 by Rene Pally
Advanced Debugging Processes
20 Feb 2010 by Uwe Keim
Small tool to monitor the clipboard for images and upload them to Twitpic
16 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon font control.
17 Aug 2009 by Paw Jershauge
An easy to use ListView group sorter (very simple).
9 Mar 2010 by marc ochsenmeier
Use the new PLA interface to monitor performance counters and trigger alerts.
1 May 2012 by Ivan Ičin
Custom WinForm ToolStrip that fixes some of the ToolTip related problems and adds few related features
6 Mar 2016 by Hiske Bekkering
A simple explanation of how to synchronize custom painting with a ProgressBar's default painting.
1 Apr 2010 by Brian C Hart
An adaptation of Nick Thissen's article on VBForums translated to C# and bottled up into a Class Library you can just drop into your projects.
8 Jan 2012 by William SerGio
Resizable Skins Made from Web Pages with Video
8 Jun 2015 by Dirk_Strauss
LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK - I had the pleasure of taking the SDK for a spin, and let me tell you it was well worth it.
1 Oct 2015 by Steve Aube 1
This article describes a new alternative approach for Automated Testing of User Interfaces (UI).
8 Nov 2016 by Niemand25
A simple way to place any ObjectListView inside a ComboBox
11 Nov 2016 by Mehedi Shams
Coding a simple magic with cards!
7 Dec 2017 by Dukhabandhu Sahoo
This article explains how to display a loading indicator (a GIF image) in Windows Forms application when some long running task is performed in the background.
13 Aug 2020 by Howard 9448490
Windows Forms Print Dialog for rich text with accurate page preview and zooming
30 Dec 2007 by AGD-H
Knit is a Visual Studio add-in tool that allows a developer to apply multi-step patterns to solution and assembly meta-data.
26 Apr 2010 by George Henry 1954
Presents a class that facilitates high-usability binding of an ordinary TextBox to a numeric property
3 Mar 2017 by Paolo Foti
Save and restore your design work using a persistence manager based on XAML code
10 Mar 2018 by Joe Dillon
This article describes the security techniques required to create a secure offline password manager and how the Libsodium library has been used to achieve this. YAPM stores passwords with AES encryption and authenticates users with an Argon2 hash.
11 Oct 2020 by Dmitriy Sobeshchanskiy
An overview of logic and GUI controls for MRU functionality
24 Oct 2014 by Syed M Hussain
A custom Windows InputDialog to capture user input
3 Apr 2008 by slkr171
This article describes how to build a lightweight test bench for testing user interfaces which are written entirely in C#/.NET, using NUnit or any other unit test framework.
15 Dec 2010 by EFEaglehouse
Windows CE/Mobile printing client for LPR, LPRng, and Socket API.
15 Sep 2011 by Nathan Stiles
A class written to easily handle long paths (32K in length) using .NET.
26 May 2013 by Aravind.V.S
SocketIO - NodeJS desktop programming in C# using the SocketIO4Net library.
6 Sep 2013 by Magnus_
This is an alternative for "Solving the .resx Merge Problem "
18 Feb 2015 by Alvin Ashcraft
This year I have been looking at and starting to use several components from the Universal 14.2.4 release.
9 Jul 2009 by Polanek
A WinForms sample application for the Domain Specific Language created with Irony.
26 May 2010 by AlexCode
A way to audit your business objects using NLog.
19 Nov 2011 by User008
Drag 'n Drop asynchronous files from an external server or device
7 Oct 2015 by Roger500
Detect and correct unresponsive forms
23 Jan 2016 by Peter Devo
This article presents designing and creating a WinForms User Interface using the DevExpress WinForms controls (version 15.2).
9 Dec 2009 by itzik.spitzen
Visual WebGui is reshaping web development, the way VB6 did with WOW - Windows Over Web revolution. Visual WebGui enables VB-like drag & drop, object oriented, WYSIWYG development methodologies but adds extension and customization capabilities.
3 Jan 2010 by Todd Schilling
This article describes how to extend the ConfigurationElement class to deserialize text elements.
23 Apr 2010 by Arik Poznanski
Crash while closing application that uses Windows Ribbon Framework
9 Sep 2010 by CodingBruce
When you want an application to trigger on an event (timer, system, file, etc.), but you don't want the overhead of the service manager
20 Sep 2010 by Florian DREVET
Brings you the ability to personalize your configuration files per developer, per machine, per configuration...
3 Aug 2011 by Eric Lynch
Flexible CSV reader/writer with progress reporting and many file format variations.
15 Sep 2011 by kribo
System.Windows.Forms.ColorDialog in a small WPF project TextEditor.
2 Mar 2019 by Sergey Nozhenko
A technique of invoking and implementing non-standard interfaces of windowsless rich edit controls is demonstrated
15 Dec 2008 by Enrique Albert
A log4Net example: how to consolidate SQL scripts using log4Net.
24 Dec 2008 by Romy Sreedharan
InfoPath cannot execute any view-related object model calls. The view is not ready.
16 Nov 2010 by pinx
Make your ErrorProvider adhere to .NET localization standards
7 Aug 2014 by roli.hof
This article describes a windows forms application which automates MS Office PowerPoint 2007 in order to replace predefined text of a template with your input
8 Oct 2014 by Israel Sant'Anna
This is an alternative for "Links with arbitrary text in a RichTextBox".
10 Feb 2019 by Code Artist
MSChart Extension 2.2.0 Update with new features
2 May 2007 by Srinivas-Miriyala
This tool move the previously-published infopath form templates to a new location.
25 Jul 2007 by Greg Osborne
Code to ensure word wrapping in a PrintDocument object.
17 Aug 2007 by Peter Wone
Handling string parameters incorrectly declared as ref ushort
4 May 2008 by AKA MAJO
The MySQL engine permits user level locks. This article explains how to manipulate these lock types.
30 Oct 2008 by spidergeuse
This is an update to my jigsaw, which allows the user to customize the jigsaw (size and picture).
7 Apr 2009 by cruz.fernandez
Library for injection of Spring objects in WinForms, without references to IApplicationContext or Spring.
17 Jul 2009 by Asher Barak
This article describes a form with two lists. The form is used to drag and drop items from one list to the other and create a "mapping" between items from the lists.
29 Jul 2009 by paul1307
If you need to restrict user input to digits or decimal data, this is one way!
9 Sep 2009 by David Schiffer
A simple WinForms application that lets you connect to Team Foundation Server 2008.
3 Oct 2009 by Balamurali Balaji
A mobile application for converting numbers from one base to another.
29 Dec 2009 by Matthew Baxter-Reynolds
This article acts as an introduction to those looking to work with BootFX - an Open Source .NET application framework.
12 Jan 2010 by shijo joseph
This article demonstrates a tool which can auto-generate playlists for iTunes.
3 Aug 2011 by Eric Lynch
A class to read Unicode character names and a tool to display/search them.
28 Jul 2018 by B.O.B.
Win10 TabletMode alters the order of Form events in WinForms.Net - this article describes how to correct the event order
21 Sep 2019 by Shameel
Browser Selector is a WinForms app written in C# that allows you to associate different urls with different browsers.
13 Jun 2005 by IronSpeed Inc.
Taking full advantage of the built-in infrastructure services of the Microsoft .NET Framework - without taking months to learn new languages, APIs and protocols - is one of the most pressing challenges faced by enterprise application developers today.
30 Mar 2005 by SoftWidgets
Spell Code is a must-have add-in for all VS.NET developers looking to check the spelling of any text inside the .NET IDE. Check spelling in any code window, Windows Form, UserControl and ASPX, ASCX, HTML and RESX files.
9 Sep 2005 by SoftWidgets
In just a few minutes, predefined templates, containing formatted sheets and charts, can be generated from any database using simple SQL statements, macros and/or custom C# or VB.NET snap-ins. Generated files can be distributed to a file server or as an email attachment. Usually, no coding is needed
10 Jun 2005 by RescoDeveloper.Net
Resco MobileForms Toolkit is a set of .NET controls designed specifically for mobile devices.
3 Oct 2005 by Steve Hawley
Convert images to plain text with the Atalasoft suite of OCR objects.
1 Nov 2006 by Lou Franco
This article will show you how to use the Atalasoft DotImage AJAX-enabled Web Image Viewer and Web Thumbnail control to navigate multi-page TIFFs, add controls to call clean-up routines, and update the browser without a post-back.
14 Dec 2006 by Bill Bither
Demonstrates the use of Atalasoft's DotImage GlyphReader OCR to enable .NET applications to digitize paper documents as searchable PDFs that can be indexed by search engines.
20 Apr 2007 by NineRays
Use of Spices.Obfuscator as a Tool for Protection and Optimization of .Net Applications. Current use of obfuscators expands their role in the development and handling of .Net applications.
16 Jun 2007 by NineRays, Mark Sochan
Most .NET software projects can easily be tampered, exposing your software to security risks and theft of intellectual property. This article shows different techniques used to protect .NET code and determine the best protection for you. 9rays.Net offers you Spices.Obfuscator to these ends.
27 Feb 2009 by J. Ambrose Little
Silverlight 2 is ideal for developing the interactive, graphical Web-based applications that have come to become known as Rich Internet Applications (or RIAs). Its ability to bring high-fidelity graphics to a Web browser, and the benefit of its rich, client-side interaction model, enable developers
2 Apr 2009 by Nadége Baubant
See how to control access to .NET applications reusing Windows accounts for authentication. Integrate with Active Directory and grant roles and permissions to Windows accounts. Define permissions without adding code thanks to .NET reflection mechanism.
17 Aug 2009 by itzik.spitzen
The new Ajax approach presented by Visual WebGui is being compared to the traditional Ajax. The new approach allows to focus development efforts on algorithms, requirements and business logics while providing maximal flexibility, interoperability and interactivity with any traditional web applicatio
1 Feb 2010 by Murtaza Abdeali
Infragistics leverages Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, the latest version of Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) for the .NET Framework, to deliver powerful user interface tools that allow you to create rich user experiences that will delight your users with the WOW-factor!
27 Apr 2010 by J. Ambrose Little
Survey the many productivity enhancing features Microsoft added to Visual Studio 2010 and see how adding Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET 2010 Volume 1 to your IDE will help you accelerate your application development and break out of the limitations of the Toolbox.
4 Oct 2013 by Redgate Software
How a Software Engineer at an Australian defence contractor tracked down a memory leak and improved performance of a complex application handling high-speed data visualization.
2 Nov 2010 by J. Ambrose Little
With NetAdvantage® Ultimate 2010 Volume 3, Infragistics gives .NET developers all of the line of business controls with superior MS Office 2010 style and features for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight, and high performance data visualization controls on WPF and Silverlight.
28 Jun 2005 by Daniel Cazzulino [XML MVP]
An in-depth exploration of the features and the power of .NET Component Model architecture, its integration with the IDE at design-time and the possiblities it opens through extensions at run-time.
3 Apr 2006 by Josh Smith
A tool which allows you to view, save, and copy an image embedded in any assembly.
16 Jul 2009 by Wisam E. Mohammed
Time to advance your symbology skills and label your map
30 Jun 2017 by Adam O'Neil (Travelers Rest, SC)
A new alternative to CRUD data binding in WinForms
19 Dec 2014 by JReichert
Use FlexibleMessageBox.Show to seamlessly replace your usages of MessageBox.Show and get more features in a single class you can easily add to your project
25 May 2006 by Mr.Smarty
The article explains how to create an OSD window with animation/semi-transparent effects, in C#, using the NativeWindow class.
2 Oct 2014 by Adam Zgagacz
WinForms Scrollbar with enhanced properties, graphical bookmarks and value tooltips.
13 Oct 2010 by shynet
A library that contains classes to simulate user input and track user input (mouse and keyboard), in C# and VB.NET.
27 Jan 2015 by syed shanu
How to play Audio/Video and Youtube Video in Windows App using C#
25 Jun 2008 by Lukas Neumann
An example of undocumented integration into the user interface of Microsoft Office applications.
17 Jun 2010 by tetsushmz
This article explains a way to create a Windows Forms app with the thinnest possible Form.cs files.
14 Dec 2009 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Sound-enabled pool game for C#.
16 Aug 2007 by Lee Paul Alexander
An Outlook Style List Control
19 Apr 2012 by Sacha Barber
A look at designing a service layer using good practices, and the MSFT technology stack.
5 Aug 2009 by Marc Clifton
Build a Metadata Designer for the CX Dynamic Composition Framework.
14 Dec 2006 by Marc Clifton
Display useful messages for a minimum duration
25 Oct 2014 by Pavel Torgashov
Custom text editor with syntax highlighting
27 Oct 2012 by NinjaCross
This tutorials introduces a new NUnit Addin able to record execution time of unit tests and generate XML, CSV, HTML performances reports with charts and history tracking.
7 Nov 2009 by Daniel Vaughan
Generate project metadata with T4 and unburden yourself from string literals in XAML binding expressions and INotifyPropertyChanged event arguments.
10 Jan 2012 by Huisheng Chen
monitor sql server processes and jobs, analyse performance, object version control, view executing sql query, kill process / job, object explorer, database shrink/log truncate/backup/detach/attach etc
12 Sep 2011 by Jordy "Kaiwa" Ruiter
The article is about a UserControl I wrote. Opposed to PictureBoxes and other methods of displaying images on your forms, this one provides a totally different approach.
21 Jan 2009 by BoneSoft
A set of pluggable progress bar components
8 Jun 2014 by Pavel Torgashov
The theory of contour analysis and its practical application to image recognition and OCR
26 Apr 2008 by VCSKicks
C# custom controls with the look and functionaliy of Photoshop's angle selectors.
16 Jan 2010 by Uwe Keim
A small set of general-purpose classes for using in .NET applications (2.0 or higher)
28 May 2014 by Bernardo Castilho
A PrintPreviewDialog that is faster and better looking than the standard one
1 Dec 2009 by shivamkalra
In this article, we will put together a program which will allow us to play Tic-Tac-Toe game against computer with laser light and webcam for vision.
8 Mar 2011 by Sacha Barber
Set of utility classes to observe a chain of INotifyPropertyChanged objects.
4 Feb 2010 by WebMaster
Create fast, flexible, and extensible IDE applications easily with Storm - it takes nearly no code at all!
5 Oct 2009 by Jeff J Anderson
An alpha channel composited form for image based Window frames
1 Dec 2008 by Muigai Mwaura
A custom implementation of BindingList that provides sorting for every property of type T.
4 Jun 2014 by Syed M Hussain
A Windows Forms control to view images in a slide show with captions
18 Mar 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This is a simple program to explain how 3D stereoscopic systems work, also with some fun!
25 Nov 2011 by R. Giskard Reventlov
Create a formless system tray application.
15 Sep 2020 by Gary.Miller.WPF
MNIST Digit recognition in C#
2 Oct 2009 by Cristinel Mazarine
Second version of Visual Studio IDE like dock container
25 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to define custom size definitions for ribbon group elements.
1 Jan 2012 by Alejandro Miralles
This article will show you how to copy event handlers from one control to another at run time using dirty tricks and .NET Reflection.
23 Feb 2015 by lepipele
Easy to use C# WebCam library that's not plagued with weird DLL references or PInvoke calls
7 Jan 2011 by Ajit Hegde
I describe some of the things about Youtube video feeds
25 Dec 2009 by Lionel LASKE
Learn how to synchronize your OneNote notebooks on Windows Azure and access it from your iPhone or your Palm Pré.
2 Oct 2009 by Samir NIGAM
This article describes how to toggle the states of all CheckBoxes inside a particular DataGridView column.
1 Jun 2008 by DonSn
The Evaluation Engine is a parser and interpreter that can be used to build a Business Rules Engine. It allows for mathematical and boolean expressions, operand functions, variables, variable assignment, comments, and short-circuit evaluation. A syntax editor is also included.
18 Aug 2011 by Herre Kuijpers
A utility that allows you to enter simple and more complex mathematical formulas which will be evaluated and calculated on the spot
26 May 2008 by Dion Kurczek
A simple, object-oriented 2D Sprite Engine for .NET 2.0.
30 May 2006 by Messir
A flexible TabStrip control with basic design-time support.
12 Jun 2012 by JoseMenendez
A serious project on an Office-like Ribbon control
23 May 2010 by dawright
A program to produce beautiful and informative images of complex functions.
20 Nov 2006 by Robert Rohde
An extended picturebox, animated picturebox, and an animated progressbar in one component.
3 Jul 2016 by Graham Wilson
An application to demonstrate the icon sizes used by Windows.
30 Apr 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
A simple program to find real size or distance of objects in your digital camera photos
24 Aug 2012 by A.J.Bauer
This article shows you how to write a performing control using .NET 2.0 and GDI+.
8 Nov 2015 by Phillip Piper
.NET ListView maxed out on caffeine, guarana and steroids.
20 Mar 2009 by Vincenzo Rossi
A flexible library to add filtering capabilities to a DataGridView.
6 Feb 2006 by lxwde
Clone/Serialize/Copy & Paste a Windows Forms control through serializing its properties.
10 Nov 2008 by Dariush Tasdighi
How to create and use a dragable container at runtime.
30 Jan 2010 by Bryan Thomas Weikel
LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and NHibernate used in a parallel fashion in a three-tier WinForms application.
3 Jun 2011 by Kanasz Robert
In this article, I will show you how to create a basic DB schema comparison tool for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.
22 Jun 2017 by Mustafa Kok
Associating and opening a specific file format with a single instance of a WinForms application
19 Sep 2013 by Danielku15
Give your WinForms Windows a unique look using a unique design
5 Sep 2013 by Jani Giannoudis
Simplifying the .NET User Configuration for Windows Forms and WPF
13 Nov 2011 by #realJSOP
New and improved! Keep an eye on your CodeProject articles and reputation without having to log onto CP.
22 Jul 2012 by i00
Simple to use BindingList and DataGridView that supports advanced LINQ filtering!
7 Jul 2009 by Hedley Muscroft
A Vista TaskDialog wrapper class (for Vista) and Emulator (for pre-Vista Windows)
10 Jun 2006 by Chris Wuestefeld
Create Code128 barcodes for WinForms or ASP.NET.
22 May 2008 by Andrew Kirillov
Some ideas about Hands Gesture Recognition in still images and video feeds, using the AForge.NET framework (C#).
13 Dec 2006 by Richard Northedge
Shows how to generate parse trees for English language sentences, using a C# port of OpenNLP, a statistical natural language parsing library.
10 Jan 2018 by Amir Jalilifard
In this article, you are going to learn about P2P Network and Windows Communication Foundation to share your files between peers through a P2P network.
26 Jun 2008 by johnnycantcode
Create and manage your mobile database using SQL Management Studio and export them to SQL Compact Edition databases
3 Dec 2009 by Manish Ranjan Kumar
Themed ButtonBar control supporting custom draw with full Designer support
12 Nov 2013 by T Manjaly
Are you looking for WinForms control libraries to improve productivity of your development team and provide a better user experience for your end-users?
7 Sep 2006 by Riaan Hanekom
A (very) simple XSLT test utility.
25 Nov 2008 by Georgi Atanasov
A framework, and a WinForms control which enables .NET 2.0 users to visualize XML-formatted rich text.
10 Aug 2010 by notmasteryet
Using a Fast Fourier Transform to calculate the fundamental frequency of the captured audio sound
2 Apr 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This application shows a simple algorithm for drawing random flowers and trees. The logic is based on fractal sets.
11 Jan 2014 by i00
Simple to use, open source Spell Checker for .NET
2 Jun 2009 by Günther M. FOIDL
A simple implementation of the fuzzy string search.
12 Nov 2009 by KenJohnson
A RichTextBox for Windows Forms that supports flexible highlighting and background coloring.
5 Apr 2013 by Steve Marsh
The LEDBulb is a .NET user control for Windows Forms that emulates an LED light. Its purpose is to provide a sleek looking representation of an LED light that is sizable, has a transparent background and can be set to different colors.
20 Oct 2009 by Günther M. FOIDL
Sammon's projection is a nonlinear projection method to map a high dimensional space onto a space of lower dimensionality.
15 Jun 2009 by Eugene Sichkar
Implementing native WinForms flicker-free TreeView and ListView descendants
12 Sep 2010 by TheCodeKing
A step by step guide to getting Log4Net working with the .NET Client Profile
4 Dec 2009 by shivamkalra
Using webcam and image processing to decode a Morse code flashing LED.
7 Apr 2014 by Dave Kerr
Use OpenGL in WinForms or WPF applications, directly or with a powerful Scene Graph.
11 Apr 2005 by Uwe Keim
Introduced a class that simplifies Windows Impersonation in C#.
22 Aug 2006 by Danilo Corallo
Extend a PropertyGrid with an Item collection; easy customization of properties with custom editor, custom converter and databinding.
21 Jul 2010 by Fabio Franco
A WinForm that extend the standard features provided by Microsoft
30 Dec 2013 by Volynsky Alex
Briefly and clearly about MVC implementation, without lengthy discussion or minor details
2 Jul 2009 by Henry Minute
An article on enabling nested controls to accept child controls at design time.
10 May 2010 by Sion Cohen
A framework for declarative parsing and creating fixed sized raw data (Flat Files)
26 Apr 2009 by Vitaly Shelest
Demonstrates a simple technique for embedding WPF/.NET Components into Java GUI
23 Apr 2009 by Vincenzo Rossi
An enhanced PrintPreviewDialog with better look, localization, auto page numbers, and additional text.
8 Jul 2016 by icemanind
A Winforms control that looks like a console screen, with full reading and writing support.
1 Sep 2005 by otigli
An article about how to enhance current image characteristics
15 Nov 2010 by HawVie
A quality rendered Outlook style navigation pane control
23 Mar 2010 by Sacha Barber
Simple article showing how you to embed PicLens in your own apps
9 Jul 2013 by Uwe Keim
A small wrapper class around the Windows Forms 2.0 WebBrowser control
23 Nov 2007 by Phillip Piper
The ListViewPrinter class takes an existing ListView and effortlessly turns it into a pretty report.
26 Apr 2007 by Alexander Nesterenko
This ReSharper plugin contains features that helps you for localization
18 Dec 2012 by Abion47
Using asynchronous progress bars on your form from start to finish
8 Jul 2009 by kaviteshsingh
Simple splash screen using C#
2 Sep 2010 by dmihailescu
What is the start-up and system performance overhead for .Net, Mono, Java versus C++ and Forms, WPF, Swing versus MFC
17 Nov 2006 by Patrick Bounaix
Generate .resx files from an Excel spreadsheet; fully customizable.
20 Jul 2010 by Richard Blythe
Explains how to effectively create virtually any type of dropdown control
8 Sep 2010 by Sacha Barber
A brief look into the DevLabs Reactive Framework.
4 Aug 2010 by Srivatsa Haridas
Simple steps to a Multithreaded application
21 Jan 2007 by Julijan Sribar
How to switch language on the form instantly.
28 Apr 2009 by Ted Faison
Describes a Windows Forms Application that shows information about music, including lyrics.
28 Aug 2009 by Thomas Duwe
An article about creating a custom scrollbar control
20 Sep 2012 by ledtech3
This is a project for creating code like the WMI code creator but the output is for VB.NET and Windows Forms instead of for a Console Application.
17 Aug 2007 by Paul B.
Instead of copying and pasting the same if(InvokeRequired) logic in every multithreaded function, use attributes to make code cleaner, its centralize logic and make it self documenting.
30 May 2011 by Simon Bridge
Implementing License Protection using RSA
18 Apr 2007 by Juan Pablo G.C.
GNU code of RibbonPanel, free software for personal and nonlucrative use, for rest please contact me
12 Nov 2014 by fmsalmeida
Creating a modular Windows Forms app using MEF.
16 Jul 2008 by Darren Sessions
With this class, you can add a PNG image to your button and automatically get a highlighted and grayscale version.
18 Feb 2010 by Ozgur Ozcitak
A .NET ListView like control for displaying image files with asynchronously loaded thumbnails.
12 May 2020 by Jayson Ragasa
Multi RDP Client .NET is used for managing your RDP connections. It allows you to Import/Export .RDP files, disconnect all connection at one click, and connect all your servers at one click as well.
22 Jul 2009 by DaveyM69
A complete overview and implementation of SNTP from a client perspective.
7 May 2008 by Sacha Barber
Using the AddIn model pipeline.
2 Jul 2012 by Pieter Van Parys
Utility to display a circular progressbar as cursor.
7 Apr 2006 by Neal Andrews
A component that allows ImageLists to be inherited and shared globaly across multiple forms and controls, with full design time support.
21 Nov 2007 by Hadi Eskandari
A library to work with "Persian Calendar", "Hijri Calendar", and "Gregorian Calendar" with WinForms GUI controls designed for Persian (Farsi) or Arabic language applications in mind, but usable in any Windows application that makes use of calendars and dates.
21 Sep 2010 by The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
A better way to control the painting of the .NET TabControl
30 Aug 2011 by #realJSOP
Keep more detailed track of your Codeproject reputation points.
24 May 2011 by Joe Nachbaur
A Windows Forms user control to display and edit numbers as a bitmask.
25 Mar 2007 by Chrisi476
This article describes ColorTextBox, a customizable User Control which was written completely from scratch and is intended to fill the gap between the TextBox and RichTextBox controls found in the .NET 2.0 library.
14 Mar 2010 by Uwe Keim
Introducing a small UI command routing (event bubbling) library for Windows Forms .NET
13 Aug 2009 by S. Senthil Kumar
An application to find undisposed objects in your .NET application.
18 May 2009 by oliwan
DragDropListBox, a control derived from ListBox allowing drag-and-drop in multiselect mode.
2 Feb 2007 by Tom Clement
This article introduces a new way of instrumenting your code that enables help authors associate help topics with the application’s visual contexts at any time - even post-compilation – and to do so using the application’s user interface without the involvement of the developer.
17 Mar 2007 by Eugene Ciloci
A library to parse and evaluate Excel-style formulas and recalculate in natural order
26 Jun 2006 by Prasad Khandekar
A panel control with caption support, which can also dock child controls properly.
16 Apr 2010 by Phillip Piper
A class library that allows (almost) any Control to show animations
14 Jan 2016 by Pat Dooley
In this article I will describe the approach I took in creating a VB.NET implementation of the Spider Solitaire Game.
1 Aug 2013 by tumbledDown2earth
Method for edge detection in color images, using 1-Dimensional liner image or scan line, sampled at 1 pixel intervals, at any arbitary angle
26 Jun 2008 by Boaz Davidoff
Using multi-threading techniques to create a duplex (two-way) web service that can push events/messages to the client.
1 Jan 2005 by Ian Nowland
A Visual Studio .NET 2003 add-in that reflows (rewraps) text in comments to make them easier to read.
24 Feb 2010 by Paolo Foti
Use all the design facilities of the DesignSurfaceExt class together with a Toolbox and PropertyGrid classes.
24 Apr 2010 by Marc Clifton
Create countdown timers to remind you of upcoming events.
17 Mar 2010 by Tiep Le
Visual Studio 2008/2010 Extension for backing-up your solution to Gmail.
20 Jun 2009 by Thomas Polaert
Add "Auto Ellipsis" feature to any Windows Form control
20 Nov 2012 by Johnny J., Brisingr Aerowing
Get the operating system version and edition, updated with Windows 10
17 Dec 2008 by Alphons van der Heijden
Move controls on a form at runtime by just using a helper class and one line of code
5 Oct 2007 by User 2739121
..using DirectDraw - A tool for displaying a customisable overlay
5 Oct 2010 by #realJSOP
One way to create a completely random encryption key, and sharing it with a client application
9 Nov 2011 by Prathapachandran
This article gives a brief idea about word automation using late binding and dynamic keyword in .NET Framework 4.0
29 Oct 2009 by Mr.PoorEnglish
A FlowlayoutPanel providing sizeable contents
15 Feb 2010 by Mr.PoorEnglish
A new approach to 2D - geometric computation replaces Point, Size, and Rectangle.
30 Mar 2007 by James Ashley
An application that plays word games to demonstrate the SAPI capabilities of Vista and the .NET 3.0 Framework.
9 Oct 2006 by Andrew Kirillov
A C# video surveillance application, which allows monitoring several IP cameras simultaneously.
10 Dec 2013 by Petr Ivankov
Multidisciplinary paradigm of software development
10 May 2005 by Dennis C. Dietrich
This article is an introduction on how to create your own effect plug-ins for Paint.NET 2.1 in C#.
8 Jul 2012 by Henrik Jonsson
An alternative approach to the new .NET async/await keywords to program asynchronously commands to make your user interface more responsive.
25 Sep 2013 by eclipse2k1
A simple Performance Chart/Monitoring Control
14 Nov 2006 by CastorTiu
An extended control to add extra funcionality to the standard OpenFileDialog in .NET.
30 May 2011 by RikTheVeggie
A Tri-State Tree View designed for Directory Browsing and Installers
27 Feb 2005 by Declan Brennan
Allow your DataGrid to edit pictures and a whole range of other data types.
13 Jul 2007 by Guillaume Leparmentier
How to use, and understand, visual styles for custom controls drawn with a C# wrapper (uxtheme.dll)
22 Mar 2007 by Hamed J.I
A class for read and write ID3
19 Feb 2006 by Nish Nishant
MessageBoxManager is a Windows Forms component that you can drag & drop into a Windows Forms project's main form, and it gives you enhanced message box functionality without forcing you to change your existing calls to any of the MessageBox.Show() overloads
28 Nov 2006 by Paolo Gios
The first open source PDF splitter and merger tool written in C#.
28 Jun 2015 by NightWizzard
Simply add a single code module to add instant design capabilities to all windows forms of your application!
21 Aug 2007 by Nagasai Mattegunta
An article on how to create a Bar Chart Winforms User control
11 Sep 2009 by venura c.p.w. goonatillake
Create your own customized title bar instead of using the traditional Windows title bar
2 Jun 2015 by Ocean Airdrop
Displaying HTML markup in a DataGridView
20 Oct 2009 by trantrum
An article about unravelling a large database
20 Nov 2006 by Robert Rohde
A reusable component which extends the DataGrid and adds functionality for real time filtering.
19 Apr 2005 by Itay Sagui
Introduction to the basic idea of the particle systems, and how to create basic effects such as explosions and water fountains.
10 Jul 2006 by Andrey Gliznetsov
The TreeViewAdv control is designed to replace the standard .NET TreeView. It can do the same things, plus a number of advanced features like multi-selection or multi-column view.
21 Sep 2009 by Anand Ranjan Pandey
This article is to encourage you to take advantages of code snippets to make development easy and faster.
14 May 2007 by Jason Henderson
An example of how to use Windows Communication Foundation services.
22 Aug 2011 by TeapotDev
In this article, I explain how to create an application like Googlebot - it finds and indexes websites throught hyperlinks.
21 Apr 2010 by Tamas Koszoru
Small, generic, reusable infrastructure for running tasks asynchronously and displaying progress information.
18 Jun 2013 by Sergey Semyonov
DataGridViewTextBoxCell derived cell that can be merged with cells of the same type
8 Jun 2007 by Ed.Poore
A generic class for providing thread-safe invocation of delegates. Can be used for (but not limited to) updating GUI elements from another thread.
26 Jul 2009 by Yasser Daheek
A very productive, easy to use tool to edit your Sql Queries against MS Access Databases
29 Jan 2009 by JoseMenendez
100% managed code that draws HTML on any device
7 Apr 2007 by Herre Kuijpers
A small reusable framework that implements a Rules Wizard resembling Outlook's Rules and alerts feature allowing users to configure and store their own rules.
2 Nov 2019 by Alaa Ben Fatma
Use your skills as a designer to create gorgeous control
4 Nov 2004 by Philipp Sumi
A simple, user-friendly and flexible framework that takes care of all your email template files - once and for all.
24 Jul 2014 by Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
NHunspell (Open Office spell checker for .NET) functions for servers and ASP.NET web projects.
18 Jun 2009 by colonel720
A convenient shortcut using generics to check for InvokeRequired on a Winforms control
14 Aug 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
Is it better to serialize types without default constructor with Custom Serializer or a Substitute Pattern? Example of serialization of FontFamily into isolated storage in WP7.
15 Oct 2010 by shynet
Allow multiple users to send and receive messages from one another on the same server
29 Dec 2011 by Marc Clifton
A walk on the wild side using Relationship Oriented Programming.
23 Jan 2012 by Dylan Morley
A WinForms UI using WCF services, Entity Framework, repository data access, repository caching, Unit of Work, Dependency Injection, and every other buzz work you can think of!
1 Jan 2008 by Helmut Obertanner
In this article, we will create a form region that shows all contacts within the same category.
30 Jul 2011 by George Mamaladze
Generate a word cloud form some input text. A word cloud is a randomly arranged set of words used in your text. The size and the color of each word expresses its usage frequency. Rarely used words are small and pale. The control is clickable and allows to identify a word under mouse.
17 Dec 2009 by TylerBrinks
An overview of the Windows 7 taskbar features, and how to use then in your own applications.
31 May 2007 by Raj Lal
A Windows Explorer control using the new interface Pen Flicks in Windows Vista™ for Ultra Mobile PC/ Tablet PC.
2 Apr 2010 by Don Kackman
Just for fun; a bunch of fish swimming around the screen
11 May 2011 by gaps96
Draws sets of tree nodes in a vertical way. Allows to Export an Image to SVG.
16 Nov 2007 by Inaki Ayucar
This article shows an easy way to render 2D or 3D graphics in a Windows Form using XNA, keeping all the Windows features and controls
7 May 2009 by CS Rocks
This article demonstrates how to download a file from a (HTTPS) WebDAV server in VB.NET
23 Oct 2010 by Ahmed_Said
Creating a custom Jumplist with custom events and examining all of its features in Windows Forms 3.5
27 Dec 2009 by Attila Kúr
An alternative way to get Online Storage on top of a version control system like Subversion
9 Mar 2017 by Graeme_Grant
A documented journey looking for the fastest solution for generating valid Anagrams for the Weekly Code Project Challenge...
13 Jul 2006 by Greg Ellis
This article shows you how to create a skinnable scrollbar as a user control, and use it in a Panel to replace the ugly Windows scrollbar.
9 Aug 2005 by Nicholas Butler
Move your window buttons into your preferred order. WinXP or later only.
20 Feb 2006 by Josh Smith
A utility class which makes it easier to create recursive methods that operate on the TreeView control
15 Jun 2009 by Marc Clifton
Cx: A prototype on component loose coupling.
4 Oct 2009 by lepipele
Overview of deployment techniques using example WSE 3 enabled solutions
17 Dec 2013 by kdgupta87
Detect and track objects in live webcam video based on color and size using C#.
25 Apr 2008 by Carlos Saraiva Jr.
This application deletes links from the Recent Projects list on the Start page of Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008
8 Mar 2006 by Doug Healy
Allows user defined sizing of DataGrid column header height to support multi-line header text.
26 Jan 2011 by OrlandoCurioso
Customize an internal designer by encapsulation in a custom component designer
6 Jun 2010 by Wayne Gaylard
A class to generate a complete backup of a MySQL database.
17 Jun 2012 by Vinayaka Amaresh
C# Forms RichTextEditor with custom hyperlink with Outlook address like text entities, custom popup listbox, and a screen tip.
26 Apr 2010 by Stephan Johnson
This article demonstrates a basic Twitter client as a Genesis Hosted Application for the Genesis Smart Client Framework
30 Jul 2018 by charles922
Introduction to Numerical Methods and Updated Polynomial Class
28 Jun 2014 by Tom Clement
A splash screen with some neat predictive progress bar features
29 Jun 2006 by Herre Kuijpers
A grid allowing grouping and arranging items, much like Outlook.
27 Jul 2007 by Nish Nishant
An ownerdrawn multi-column combobox class with support for data-binding
1 Jan 2010 by Shakeel Iqbal
Manage your daily tasks and To-Do list using some exciting features of Windows 7.
26 Oct 2009 by Manish Ranjan Kumar
Month Calander implementation using c#.
9 May 2008 by Anthony Mushrow
Introduction to the methods used to create a simple game.
26 Oct 2007 by Jeffrey Schaefer
This article presents event implementation fundamentals, best practices, and conventions.
7 May 2008 by Sergey Arhipenko
How to employ Windows Workflow Foundation for testing processes. Let's design tests on a visual diagram and automate its execution!
1 Sep 2013 by DmytroSokhach
NHunspell component example for WindowsForms
4 Jan 2009 by Uwe Keim
A flexible color selection control/form for Windows Forms 2.0
27 Mar 2007 by Stefan Repas
How to build Windows Vista aware Windows NT Service which can interact with the user
15 May 2008 by Daniel M. Camenzind
This project allows you to add mouse gesture functionality to your Windows Forms application with just a few lines of code.
23 Sep 2020 by Claudio Nicora
An extended NumericUpDown control with better focus and mouse wheel management.
27 Feb 2009 by emad_awad
How to use LINQ to SQL in N-Tier architectures.
7 Nov 2013 by Adam Zgagacz
ComboBox extension methods for binding with Enum types
26 Mar 2007 by Emma Burrows
Babies and other animals love nothing better than to have a whack at the keyboard, with all sorts of unpredictable results. This application demonstrates how to trap keystrokes before they can do any damage.
28 Jul 2014 by Bernardo Castilho
A component that makes it easy to use Entity Framework in WinForms projects, including design-time binding support.
6 Jul 2006 by Dan Letecky
Building an application that searches your Office documents in tenths of a second.
31 May 2008 by Johan Fourie
How much can we rely on WinForm events to fire in a particular order when loading.
7 Aug 2019 by tajbender, KoglTH, JoseMenendez, toATwork, adriancs, kevin carbis, Michael Spradlin
Easily add a ribbon to a WinForms application
16 Oct 2013 by E.F. Nijboer
Undo/Redo framework for editing controls in a Windows application.
30 Jul 2014 by CodeFate
Revision: "Manage YouTube using C# and Youtube API 1.6"
27 Sep 2006 by Gary Perkin
A Windows round button control in C# with designer support
23 Dec 2009 by tetsushmz
This article explains how to display a tooltip when the mouse hovers over a disabled control
16 Sep 2010 by PeaceTiger
VB6 Printer object supports printing to POS printers too. In this article, we will see Why and How.
9 Jun 2009 by Jim Parsells
Create useful directory restore points, quickly and easily.
23 Mar 2006 by Michael Bosch
An article describing how you can add custom functionality to the BindingSource component.
10 Sep 2009 by kiswa00
How I learned more about C#, UserControl, and project design by implementing a Game of Life simulator.
6 May 2011 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
Gets or sets the text to display in the empty data row rendered when a GridView control is bound to a data source that does not contain any records
23 Nov 2011 by John T.Emmatty
This article aims to describe MVC and MVP in simple terms
16 Apr 2007 by SimonWilliams
Do you want your applications to be approved by Microsoft to run on Windows Vista? This article explains how.
6 Jan 2009 by Dr.Luiji
It's a Media Player that works with transparency effects, plays MP3 and Wav files, displays the tag if present, and displays the album art image if present.
13 Jul 2009 by Wisam E. Mohammed
The royal gate to building Desktop GIS applications using the Open Source MapWinGIS and C#.
26 Feb 2012 by Samuel Gonzalo
A code first real life data model case
8 Oct 2009 by Anthony Mushrow
Create and edit 2D maps using tiles
21 Feb 2015 by liron.levi
Utility for comparing two SQLite database files for both structure and data
19 Mar 2015 by Pavel Torgashov
Customizable autocomplete menu for RichTextBox, TextBox and other controls
23 Sep 2010 by sashidhar
Alternative way for Window services to interact with desktop where operating > XP
9 Feb 2021 by GuyThiebaut
Detecting an available update and installing the update via an online download - an alternative to ClickOnce
1 Jun 2009 by jpaulino
This article shows the basic steps of creating a report, define the data source at runtime, work with parameters, include images, use the expression editor, and how to feed data to a subreport and charts. Finally it will demonstrate some easy customizations to ReportViewer.
2 May 2008 by Sharon Salmon
This article demonstrates a simple way to bind to any HTML document event from a .NET WinForms application or a BandObject or a Browser Helper Object.
20 Mar 2009 by Renukakrishnan
Using the ComboBox control as a color picker.
16 Jan 2011 by Shai Raiten
Extending Visual Studio Setup Project for Building Reliable Windows Installer (MSI)
14 Mar 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This simple application simulates a 3D environment with some objects in different depth and size based on stereoscopic calculations.
17 Jul 2014 by Tom Clement
This article provides a console utility and a method for extending a merge tool to ensure that only real changes (not reordering) appear when merging files from different source control branches.
13 May 2009 by Jon Rista
Provides a complete Solution and Project line counting and summary tool, written as a Visual Studio 2005/2008 Managed Add-in.
18 Nov 2004 by Scott Bradley
Easily share configuation settings with the appSettings element File attribute.
10 Oct 2006 by carloqueirolo
A versatile and multi-purpose button and button-bar with full Office 2003 colors and style.
2 Dec 2008 by Adam Berent
Embedding a .NET WinForms application in an internet browser using WPF.
31 Jul 2009 by Thomas Polaert
How to embed resources at runtime by creating dynamic assemblies.
4 Jun 2010 by Syeda Anila Nusrat
Create a Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer classes, and Stored Procedure scripts from a database table.
9 Aug 2007 by Miszou
A component for managing external programs in your application, modeled on the Visual Studio 'External Tools' feature.
21 Mar 2005 by Nicholas Butler
"Print" your PrintDocument to common graphics file formats.
22 Jan 2006 by M@dHatter
The Grouper is a special groupbox control that is rounded and fully customizable. The control can paint borders, drop shadows, and has other features like gradient and solid backgrounds, custom text, and custom icons.
2 Jun 2008 by SSDiver2112
A custom control to graphically select a ratings value.
4 Jun 2008 by salysle
This article provides an introduction to employing LINQ to Objects queries to support a simple WinForms application; the article addresses the construction of LINQ to Objects statements, and then goes on to describe how one might use LINQ to Objects within the context of an actual application.
16 Dec 2006 by David Hovel
Generic multi-curve graph control
18 Oct 2012 by Ivan Krivyakov
How to host a WinForm control from another appdomain in a WPF application
20 Jun 2009 by Arindam Sinha
Databinding - Bindinglist, BindingSource and BusinessObjects
14 Jul 2011 by Greg Osborne
Clone of the Windows Credentials dialog.
7 Nov 2016 by Dirk_Strauss
In this article by Dirk Strauss, author of the book C# Programming Cookbook, he sheds some light on how to handle events, exceptions and tasks in asynchronous programming, making your application responsive.
17 May 2012 by Jim Parsells
Explorer TreeView control with Shell Folder access class and Icon management.
6 Jun 2007 by Tom Janssens
Send commands to your servers from your programs using the Telnet protocol
12 Sep 2006 by Stefan Bocutiu
A rotator control for Windows Forms.
18 Apr 2005 by Amalorpavanathan Yagulasamy(AMAL)
This article explains about advantages, differences and new features of VB.NET and C#.
17 Mar 2010 by Thulasee Shan
iPhone like menu system and wobbly re-arrangement technique with a useful sample application
4 Jul 2011 by Eduardo Oliveira
A completely configurable tab control to use as tabbed MDI forms.
17 Jun 2009 by liron.levi
This control acts like a tab control but without the tabs...
11 Jul 2007 by Arjan Keene
Prints the content of user controls and provides printing settings and preview
5 Nov 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
A demo that shows how to crop images by selecting a region with the mouse.
13 Jun 2015 by Graham Wilson
A circular motion control
2 Jun 2011 by Omar Gameel Salem
Beginner's Guide to Crystal Report Filtering
1 Aug 2017 by Dmitry Brant
A custom control for Windows Forms that looks like an electronic 7-segment LED display.
22 Nov 2008 by Stelios Alexandrakis
A ComboBox with a CheckedListBox as a dropdown
21 Jul 2005 by nschan
A framework for adding undo/redo support to a Windows Forms application is presented.
22 Dec 2009 by Alexander Chernosvitov
A Windows Forms control to model the behaviour of a hypocycloid curve.
24 Jul 2014 by Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
New NHunspell (Open Office spell checker for .NET) functions at a glance.
5 Mar 2010 by slelong
A simple control to draw graphs of points as a function of time
24 Dec 2007 by sunhui
A new method for Extending Microsoft Office 2007 User Interface using MFC/ATL and .NET technologies.
17 Feb 2010 by DLChambers
Make MessageBoxes center on their parent forms
27 Mar 2014 by alexandrvslv
Docking windows container, extended listview, extended property editor.
1 Sep 2010 by Bassam Alugili
This is an extended ComboBox which supports images for items
9 Jul 2008 by Berend Engelbrecht
Fast generation of DeepZoom image tile sets, collection thumbnails, and XML data in managed code without using external tools.
26 Aug 2010 by RocketteScientist
Use the Graphics object to draw almost anything on top of your form's controls
22 Jun 2010 by CroweMan
Class library which provides the ability to read and write CSV files
12 Nov 2008 by seeblunt
RichText Builder - use in place of StringBuilder to output RTF.
2 Dec 2009 by Terence Wallace
A comprehensive way to manage all of your downloaded zip files.
9 May 2008 by Maxim Berezov
CWindow (a wrapper class for the window API functions) + IuSpy(Spy++ analog).
14 Apr 2008 by Eric Haddan
Using the Image Mastering API to create Red Book Audio CDs
11 Dec 2009 by Metaconta
You can have a small home automation system controlling the serial port and a PIC microcontroller.
13 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon drop down gallery, split button gallery, and in ribbon gallery controls.
3 Aug 2010 by red_moon
A tooltip to display separate title, contents, and image of each control, and enable for custom shaped
11 Jul 2011 by Sacha Barber
An experiment into combining AOP and MEF.
10 Dec 2007 by Mohammed Abd Alla
This is a simple class that can view scroll and zoom pictures
16 Mar 2012 by Md. Rashim uddin
This is a simple server software for copying file from one directory to other but the technique can be used to develop in any server software.
1 Mar 2010 by Jonathan Cortis
Extending ASP.NET's Built in Panel Control to create Sticky control values between page visits
22 Dec 2009 by Suresh Suthar
How to execute DTS packages through VB.NET and use global variables.
20 Nov 2015 by David Hall
Self configuring input dialog box for quick data collection in a Windows Forms solution.
20 Apr 2009 by tystent
Here's how to print your custom user control on a full page.
1 Apr 2009 by Andrec
Retrieve the hWnd of focused controls in other applications.
22 Jun 2009 by SteveHarrisBeast
How to make a password verification form in VB that uses LINQ and SQL
1 Oct 2010 by Brian Hetrick
Shows how to participate in data binding both as a data source and as a binding host
24 Apr 2007 by Patrick Etc.
A .NET TaskPane control, with full design-time support.
16 Jul 2011 by Geoff Samuel
Creating a custom UI panel for scrolling through a panel, using drag and scroll or the scroll bars.
12 Apr 2010 by jpaulino
XML Literals allow you to use XML syntax in your code. It’s easy to work with XML files this way, since you have that Tags in the code, but it’s also quicker to access information rather than the traditional methods.
24 Jan 2010 by Saul Johnson
Using VB to change Windows 7 logon backgrounds
24 Jun 2010 by #realJSOP
Create a dynamically resizable wizard form
15 May 2008 by Surajit Paul
This is a cool chat application created in DotNet using web services having all the functionalities.
20 Aug 2011 by #realJSOP
Keep more detailed track of your Codeproject reputation points.
14 Feb 2006 by Addison-Wesley
Chapter 6: Presenting Data with the DataGridView Control.
28 Sep 2012 by Jerry.Wang
This article tries to find a way to show Windows standard controls on layered windows. Provides both Native MFC and WinForms source code.
21 Mar 2010 by hswear3
VB.NET program provides information about your hardware and operating system
3 Apr 2011 by Umair Amin
Code describing how you can simply use Mplayer to display media files inside your winform application
21 Apr 2018 by Wade Harvey
This article shows how to use Winforms, WPF and C# to create a File Explorer Clone with Tabs and an extremely fast parallel file search utility.
19 Apr 2012 by Jani Giannoudis
Concepts and patterns for the handling of strings in multilingual applications.
31 May 2009 by Hamed J.I
Provide libraries and application to manage tagging of ID3 and WMA
22 Mar 2014 by Mr.PoorEnglish
Treeview with Checkboxes supporting 3-state-logic
29 Sep 2007 by Jason Mason
An Excel-style grid displaying data changes in real-time
20 Sep 2012 by #realJSOP
Keep more detailed track of your Codeproject reputation points.
12 Aug 2010 by Petr Bříza
Use asynchronous pluggable protocol to generate content for WebBrowser control
22 Mar 2010 by Ramon.Pinho
A Windows Forms editor for editing number on bases binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal
9 Dec 2008 by ClockEndGooner
This article provides a simple example of how to save your application's main form and some of the related child control settings programmatically by subclassing an instance of the ApplicationSettingsBase class found in the .NET System.Configuration namespace.
5 Sep 2010 by red_moon
A treeview with multiple columns
25 Sep 2006 by Paul Tallett
This article describes how to implement your own WPF layout panels like Grid and StackPanel.
27 Apr 2007 by Manish Ranjan Kumar
This articles demonstrates how to redirect Standard Input/Output of an application.
15 Mar 2011 by rajesh peter
Windows Charting Application to generate charts using the Microsoft charting control and save the chart image as a file
21 Aug 2006 by Hossein Ghahvei Araghi
This article contains the simplest solutions for: the security problem for DelegateSerializationHolder, the IO problem, and the messaging speed problem. Note: Messaging speed problem will appear when your application has worked for a long time.
7 Mar 2013 by woutercx
A fast C# and VB.NET code searcher using Roslyn.
20 Apr 2004 by Edward Smoljanovic
A simple use of bit fields as flags for Windows forms
24 Apr 2008 by Vitaly Zayko
An article about using SHGetFileInfo in C# (a simple class and demo are included).
24 Apr 2008 by Ben Liew
This article describes how WCF services can be loaded on-the-fly (without prior knowledge of the services’ contracts), setting its parameters and sequencing their invocation.
4 May 2011 by cfrost
How to use a modeless WinForm from an unmanaged application including callback functionality
30 Jan 2006 by ALLEXY
This is a LAN chat application with TCP/IP socket programming technology in C#. This application is a multi thread network application and works in a non-blocking way. Public and private chat is also implemented in this code.
22 Mar 2010 by Mohammad Dayyan
For easy learning (specially for learning a foreign language) you can use Leitner Box
9 Mar 2007 by John Stewien
An article on creating weak event handlers that show how to use them in a Windows Form.
20 Jan 2014 by David Rogers Dev
A basic introduction to the WinForms MVP framework and how to use it.
24 Aug 2007 by DLM@TD
Presenting a solution for having CheckBox control in the header of DataGridView
3 Nov 2008 by Vincenzo Rossi
A DateTimePicker derived class showing the background color we want.
13 Jun 2009 by Geoff Hudik
A basic WinForms XSL editor control
23 Jul 2007 by Emmanuel Nuyttens
An article on building an agile multi-tiered business framework
15 Jul 2011 by jsharrison
How to make your Status Strip the Progress Bar (ProgressStatusStrip).
9 Feb 2012 by Phil Atkin
A tool for visualizing the virtual memory used by Windows processes
1 Aug 2007 by Tamer Oz
Chameleon is an application that allows users to easily change network configuration on each network adapter from taskbar. Chameleon offers the benefit of changing network settings according to the users location such as home or office.
13 Dec 2008 by Dmitri Nеstеruk
A small VS add-in to implement a Visitor pattern.
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
Caching large objects, duplicate objects, caching collections, live objects, thread unsafe caching and other common mistakes break your app instead of making it fly. Learn ten common caching mistakes devs make.
16 Jun 2007 by James Ashley
Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0 is a new bridging tool allowing developers to use .NET Forms and .NET UserControls in VB6. This tutorial demonstrates how to add webservices, multithreading, and XAML to VB6 projects. It also provides custom C# Interop UserControl templates for use with the Toolkit.
26 May 2005 by Nicholas Butler
The only progress bar you will ever need
21 May 2006 by Paul Stovell
An approach to implementing validation on custom business rules, using delegates.
4 Dec 2008 by Patricker
Remove security from PDF files.
31 Jan 2006 by jordanhammond
This article describes an XP style collapsible GroupBox.
17 May 2018 by vnmatt
Basic framework for building desktop plug-in applications
25 Jan 2007 by AmitDey
Searches for files and folders shared over a Local Area Network ( LAN )
2 Jan 2005 by mav.northwind
An extended RichTextBox that allows to enter links not starting with one of the standard protocols.
3 May 2008 by Josh Smith
Shows how to write the same simple program in Windows Forms and WPF.
9 May 2013 by Shahin Khorshidnia
It's a pattern like MVVM but for WinForms.
23 Mar 2017 by Yang Kok Wah
Implementing shape control that supports transparency, custom design-time editors and simple animation
4 Apr 2006 by Salvatore Vetro
The art of swap from a database to another changing a flag
23 Jan 2005 by Michea77
This article shows how to implement an Explorer like treeview drag and drop in C#.
6 Nov 2009 by Joe Woodbury
A Most Recently Used files class for .NET 2.0 in C#
26 Jan 2006 by Peter Huber SG
Saving a changed row in the DataGridView automatically to the database seems to be a basic task, but is challenging to implement. Read here why the most intuitive approaches fail and how to get it working.
20 Mar 2009 by $enthi£
A simple Google chat ( gtalk ) application using Jabber.Net
21 Dec 2009 by P.Sandgren
A simple custom progressbar.
12 Jul 2007 by Ed.Poore
A brief walkthrough on how to embed multiple icons (and native resources) into a .NET executable.
25 Mar 2009 by sun1programmer
Allows you to edit the applicationSettings and userSettings section of config file
16 Jan 2012 by Simon Bridge
Multiple-file, searchable, streaming compression library implemented natively in .NET.
28 Jan 2014 by Yvan Rodrigues
The standard Windows Forms PictureBox is missing one very useful line of code.
19 Sep 2014 by mudnug
How to work with DotSpatial controls
17 May 2012 by rspercy65
A visual Logon UI and Desktop background Paper Hanger (changer) with JPEG file compression.
20 Jan 2016 by Pat Dooley
In this article I will show how simple programs can help improve your photography work flow. Acme Photo resizer resizes JPG images in bulk. It can also add a copyright notice and the photograph's file name to each image. It was written to help me resize race photographs so that I could post them to
19 Feb 2013 by gmaran23
Enumerate remote processes and services with a Windows Identity that is part of the local Administrator’s group.
28 Jun 2012 by Pablo Grisafi
How to avoid asking if InvokeRequired has the minimum code and no copy/paste
14 Jan 2007 by Mathieu Jacques
Freeze parts of the user interface until all drawings are done, and blend old content with the new one smoothly.
17 Jan 2009 by Abdallah Gomah
How to extract icons from EXE/DLL, split/merge icons, and get icons associated with files.
26 Sep 2006 by Shahed.Khan
This paper demonstrates building a code generator, template engine, template parser, or template processor in .NET. The demo implementation uses cutting edge .NET technologies available today such as C#, .NET 2.0, MS Provider Pattern, Enterprise Library January 2006, CodeDom etc.
26 May 2011 by Mathew Crothers
An extension to the DataGridView control with functionality that I usually include manually, but encapsulated in one class.
12 Nov 2004 by Neil Baliga
Handle System Events to protect your application data.
2 Jan 2009 by Sacha Barber
A look at Dependency Injection and IOC containers.
23 Jan 2015 by syed shanu
DataGridView Helper Class for Winforms
8 Jul 2007 by tonyt
This short class demonstrates how to activate an MDI child form without the fireworks that you see if you just set the ActiveMdiChild property of the MDI parent form.
15 Feb 2005 by Rüdiger Klaehn
An attempt to simplify multi threaded Windows Forms applications.
30 Aug 2011 by Espen Harlinn
A .NET 2.0 Windows Forms based version of Depends4Net - Shows how to create custom datasources for databinding
4 Sep 2005 by Marc Clifton
Tricks, pitfalls, and work arounds to .NET's data binding.
4 Nov 2008 by András Slyuch
This article introduces import and export functions between a flat CSV file and a SQL server.
24 Mar 2013 by Jos Branders
These data controls can show scheduled events automatically
9 Mar 2010 by stevenmcohn
This article describes how to use the .NET System.Management WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) wrappers to enumerate and describe USB disk drives. It also includes a non-Interop solution for detecting drive state changes as they come online or go offline.
18 Jun 2008 by Romain TAILLANDIER
This article shows how to use XmlSerializer to serialize types that usually cannot be XML Serialized
19 Apr 2009 by Qaiser_Iftikhar
VB.NET/C# and JavaScript communication, how to.
25 Apr 2006 by Robert Rohde
An Outlook bar like control with generic contents and animation effects.
30 Dec 2004 by mav.northwind
How to use arbitrary controls in ListView cells.
5 Dec 2006 by Hadi Eskandari
A TabControl in the Visual Studio 2005 style, which supports correct Right-To-Left (RTL) and Left-To-Right (LTR) drawing.
18 Sep 2007 by Jatin Prajapati
An article on how to browse network Folders using VB.NET using Folder Dialog box Control
28 Feb 2010 by Alan Burkhart
A thesaurus based on data from the WordNet database, easily implemented
10 Feb 2005 by Hardy Erlinger, ASommer
Introducing a workable approach to converting Windows Forms to ASP.NET Web Forms.
25 Dec 2006 by Danilo Mendez
SmartCode is a template based code generator.This tutorial describes the process of building a templates to SmartCode
11 Apr 2007 by Ali Zamurad
Showing dotNet SendKeys functionality
21 Mar 2009 by ZTransform
Enables side-by-side comparison of close matching color swatches.
9 Nov 2006 by Sacha Barber
Export Gridview to Excel, render cells, add WordArt, and fill a custom template.
22 Jan 2009 by jeffb42
An introduction to the CheckGroupBox, RadioGroupBox, and RadioButtonPanel controls
7 Sep 2011 by Doc Lobster
Reporting Progress for Complex Algorithms
3 Jan 2009 by milkplus
Show automatically updated search results from Craigslist on your desktop
20 Jul 2009 by Song_Gao
An editor capable of producing commmon XSD documents and generating strongly-typed configuration class corresponding to the XML schema (XSD) file
2 Aug 2009 by Angela Han
Implementation of a software tool in C# to help to manage *.resx files for .NET or *.properties files for Java or AS3 of different locales.
19 Jan 2008 by Prashanth Uppunda
A tool to retreive live stock/share data from the web.
21 May 2008 by Marc Clifton
A wizard framework that supports plug-ins for the wizard pages.
12 Nov 2008 by Qwertie
Use TextEditorControl to put a syntax-highlighting editor in your application.
27 Oct 2004 by Tom John
Utilising serialization to persist TreeView control hierarchy.
24 Aug 2006 by Perry Marchant
An article on snapping a Windows Form to a desktop screen border.
27 Apr 2007 by vitoplantamura
NDIS Monitor allows to catch and log the exchange of packet data between NDIS miniport drivers and network protocol modules that occurs in kernel space.
7 Mar 2011 by Chuzhakin
C# source to read AutoCAD DXF files
7 Dec 2010 by trestan
This article describes how to insert Windows control objects into a RichTextBox and use them to host images.
10 Aug 2010 by Petr Bříza
A simple HTTP client implementation based on sockets with ability to limit upload/download speed
27 Jul 2010 by Jon McCain
A custom combobox control that uses a datatable and can show multiple columns
15 May 2006 by Robert Rohde
A component to make Windows Forms controls more dynamic by adding animation capabilities.
1 May 2009 by Mitch Stephens
A WinForms application with command line execution that scans a folder tree, creates one or more Zip files, and emails them to a Gmail account along with a formatted message.
9 Jul 2011 by icemanind
Create a hand made parser in VB.NET or C# easily and fast
9 Jul 2014 by mrwisdom
Source code for how to create a RichTextBox column in a DataGridView
23 Apr 2009 by jpaulino
A DataGridView control that allows to show some extra information in a merged row. Uses Visual Basic.NET 2008 and Framework 3.5.
9 May 2011 by A. Sydney
Windows forms calendar controls for showing a series of appointments similar to Outlook
3 Mar 2009 by Andrew Rissing
An application for visualizing common dendrimer models
24 Jan 2012 by Nasir M@hmood
Vertical collapsible Group Box
5 Dec 2004 by Kirby Turner
The article talks about using the System.Web.Caching.Cache object in WinForms applications.
28 Oct 2007 by Murat Firat
Need to learn further on cryptology? This article takes an overview of common cryptosystems, along with a step by step description of the Data Encryption Standard and the Advanced Encryption Standard.
13 Nov 2008 by bbbnova
An article on creating a custom ComboBox control completely from scratch
1 Jan 2009 by Ashutosh Phoujdar
Simple log listening utility that listens to logs events from multiple sources, e.g. TCP/UDP, File logs, Remoting channels
20 Mar 2007 by Todd Landstad
A simple application that shows how you can determine whether user input is from a mouse, tablet digitizer, or touch.
20 Dec 2009 by P.Sandgren
Using the FlowLayoutPanel and reordering with drag and drop.
26 Dec 2010 by lipinho
How to create a Zune UI Borderless form in VB.NET
28 Dec 2010 by Mohammad Elsheimy
Learn how to program with Microsoft Agent in Windows Forms applications
23 Oct 2007 by Andy32
Extended DataGridView with filtering, sorting, automatic saving, and a multicolumn combobox.
3 Mar 2010 by NickThissen
Change the colors used to render Menu-, Tool,- ContextMenu-, and Status strip controls during design-time.
29 Sep 2006 by Stefan Prodan
Password Manager is a System.Security usage example using SecureString and SymmetricAlgorithms.
22 Dec 2004 by MinaFawzi
This article descibes ways to creating a non rectangular form using GDI+.
30 May 2007 by Hayder Marzouk
A small framework to design and print documents containing shapes, text, images, bar codes...
4 Dec 2004 by Robert Rohde
Describes an easy way to change the initial view state of the listview in the Open/SaveFileDialog.
23 Dec 2008 by Vincenzo Rossi
A class adding column show/hide capability to a DataGridView
5 Feb 2011 by Sander Rossel
This article describes multiple implementations of proper Try... Catch... Finally and Using... End Using blocks in your code.
24 Feb 2010 by aztekka
UDL.Net is a ConnectionString editor built from scratch, modeled after the Universal Data Link (UDL) and the Visual Studio DataConnectionDialog.
30 Nov 2008 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This is a very simple 2D desktop game developed in Visual Studio
26 Nov 2009 by Dianyang Wu
An article on retrieving information from popup windows by using low level keyboard and mouse hooks, user32.dll and kernel32.dll APIs, etc.
15 Jul 2006 by Robert Rohde
Shows a way to extend the ColorEditor class to set alpha values on Colors within the Visual Studio editor, by revealing its internals.
16 Aug 2010 by Mr.PoorEnglish
Avoid foot-traps while using StreamReader / StreamWriter
27 Dec 2004 by Tomas Petricek
ASP.NET and WinForms control for editing any enumeration data type.
16 Dec 2008 by Simon Hart
Ever wanted to create a standard look and feel property header type control as seen in many Microsoft applications on Windows Mobile? Well, here is the code to do it.
3 Jun 2008 by Ashutosh Phoujdar
Utility to generate schema description from existing SQL Server databases.
4 Nov 2004 by Tom Guinther
Defining a Forms Region using an Extender Provider.
14 Oct 2012 by Klaus Stefan Gerber
A demo on how to handle and modify the data object on a drop event
16 Apr 2013 by
GMap.NET is a powerful, free, cross platform, Open Source .NET control. It enables the use of routing, geocoding, and maps from Google, Yahoo!, OpenStreet in Windows Forms and Presentation, and supports caching!
9 Aug 2009 by devzoo
A way to prevent multiple instances of your application from opening, and focusing/activating the first instance window.
14 Jul 2005 by Eric Falsken
A simple framework for implementing the best possible Managed DirectX render loop for games or simulations written in Microsoft .NET.
7 Aug 2011 by ZiggyG
Solver/generator for Sudoku puzzles.
1 Feb 2006 by nschan
A custom control for adding flat-style menu bars, navigation bars, or popup menus to your WinForms application
10 Mar 2005 by Patric_J
If a list view is frequently updated it is often difficult for users to notice all updates. This ListView control will solve this problem by displaying changes to list view items with different colors depending on how it’s been changed, and let the item slowly fade to its original color.
18 Aug 2006 by Jim Blackler
A lightweight class library that extends the Framework's most popular editor controls to include search and other basic functionality.
15 Apr 2009 by Arash Javadi
The Evaluation Engine is a parser and interpreter that can be used to build a Business Rules Engine. It allows for mathematical and boolean expressions, operand functions, variables, variable assignment, comments, and short-circuit evaluation. A syntax editor is also included.
26 Oct 2010 by KChandos
Active Directory lookup utility
18 Sep 2007 by Dennis Fazekas
Creation of a custom configuration section similar to AppSettings. Stores settings for both Development and Production environments, and returns the appropriate settings based on the machine’s configuration in which the application is being executed.
6 May 2013 by practicalDeveloper
A control similar to the Outlook Calendar control
21 Aug 2005 by Arik Poznanski
This article will develop a Sudoku game based on a web service, while presenting useful development techniques of Smart Client applications.
19 Jun 2008 by Matt Whitfield
A side by side text comparison control with T-SQL syntax highlighting.
26 May 2008 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A component that allows you to monitor all the controls on the form and list any that have changed (for dirty checking)
17 Aug 2007 by cdgwinn
Textbox that inherits the base textbox control that delays the text changed event
31 May 2011 by Evren Daglioglu
A chat server/client solution for local networks, terminal server/terminal client environments
1 Oct 2012 by yetibrain
A treelistview running in virtual mode
26 Nov 2008 by Matjaz-xyz
A simple and useful viewer of multipage TIF/TIFF images
31 Jul 2006 by Pierre Leclercq
A project written in C# and Windows forms to interactively explore the Mandelbrot set
17 Oct 2016 by Mehedi Shams
Design to scale automatically to different screen resolutions
23 Jul 2014 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Bar code scanner integration with WPF or WinForms.
1 Mar 2011 by Olivier Levrey
ProgressForm automatically starts a BackgroundWorker when loaded, and provides a progress bar and a cancel button.
3 Sep 2009 by Kumar, Ravikant
It is a customized ToolTip that can display text with Image. We can configure size and border color too. It is built on .NET 2.0 Platform
23 May 2012 by ZachCox
A Christmas name drawing application using DHTML, JavaScript, XML, C#, Forms, VS2008, .NET 3.5, encryption.
26 Apr 2010 by John Espiritu
Apply Mac OS window theme to your application.
5 Jul 2008 by Rupesh Kumar Swami
A column chart (simple,stacked, or 100% stacked column) representation using Office Web Components.
21 Jan 2005 by Mark J Biddlecom
Describes the use and architecture of an animated, circularly arranged pop-up menu control written in C#.
26 Nov 2010 by Antonio Sandoval
Wrapper C# class written in C++\CLI and a sample implementation in C# to render PDF files.
9 Oct 2009 by Syed Hasan Hyder
Internal supply chain management system's objective is to visualize organization's activities and events spawn during its work flow and offers panoramic view of upstream and downstream activities
10 Sep 2009 by Gokhan B.
A toolkit for validating input based on XML.
17 Apr 2007 by PTA_UK
An article presenting a method of sorting a DataGridView by many columns
19 May 2011 by tcassisi
Discusses the limitations and undocumented high DPI printing capabilities of the local WinForms Report Viewer control.
12 Feb 2011 by StehtimSchilf
TaskbarSorterXP is a small utility which allows the user to sort the windows on the Windows Taskbar. Additionally windows can be minimized to system tray
23 Jul 2016 by Christian Vos
Explains the issues of the mp3 player in the Ampera and Volt and how the playlist creator can solve this.
31 May 2011 by VallarasuS
This article demonstrates a customizable busy progress indicator for Windows Forms applications.
31 Dec 2016 by SonicMouse
Totally customize the WinForms Combobox by painting the Non-Client area in the combo box's listbox.
3 Jan 2006 by Daniel Grunwald
Use XML definitions for your applications to make them extensible.
20 Jan 2015 by syed shanu
Nested or Master Detail or Hierarchical DataGridView for Winforms
17 Oct 2008 by chaiguy1337
Build a simple handler for handling corrupt user settings into your program.
24 Apr 2012 by manuj84
How to notify users the progress of a long task without mixing UI with the business.
22 Jul 2020 by honey the codewitch
Diving into some of the core plumbing behind the Windows operating system
8 May 2007 by Dana LeBeau
Check out this unconventional use of Microsoft's Client-side Reporting Technology that can make your Winform or ASP.NET apps "expression aware" and more powerful for your users.
21 May 2014 by Mohammed Owais
Generating barcode labels in C# with the help of Crystal Reports for printing.
11 Nov 2004 by Saurabhdotnet
In this article, you will get a walkthrough of creating an Application Event Handler Component (AEHC) for any WinForms application in .NET.
12 Jul 2007 by Eduardo Campano
This article explains how to open a VB6 MDI child form inside a .NET MDI form
21 Jan 2011 by Dylan Morley
A Windows Explorer like interface using the sdelete program
20 Dec 2010 by Mike Emerson
An Open Source RDL engine for rendering reports to WinForms or ASP.NET
15 May 2011 by kribo
How to insert images / binary data into a database.
16 Nov 2007 by Jim Weiler
This control will eliminate the need to ensure that updates are thread-safe from your main program. Everything is handled automatically the way it should have been in the first place.
10 Apr 2010 by User 3381247
WinForms version of the Vista style address bar that can be extended to support more than just browsing the file system.
16 Nov 2009 by Gerard Castelló Viader
Making a typical client - server chat application
29 Mar 2008 by murtaza dhari
How to get DataGrid row value without postback or AJAX.
17 Nov 2007 by Shy Agam
This article shows how to enforce single application instancing, and perform interprocess communication (IPC) using pure .NET code.
21 Jan 2009 by Keithsw
How to reverse engineer a website to build a robot to automate browsing.
29 Apr 2010 by Abhishek Shekhar
Copy files with additional functionalities
29 Mar 2011 by Amol Rawke Pune
Use of MSMQ for Sending bulk mails
14 Jun 2009 by Artem S. Dmitriev
This article will show you how to create a proxy client to the WCF web service from PDA device.
4 May 2009 by Sean Rhone
Example of creating Extension Methods that encrypt string values.
28 Jan 2005 by Dan Letecky
An example that shows how Firebird database excels in embedding.
21 Feb 2010 by Peter Tewkesbury
Determine the strength of a user entered password.
21 Sep 2007 by Geert Verhoeven
Explains how to properly implement the IEquatable interface.
6 Jul 2007 by Nguyen-Thanh-Tung
Use SOAP to communicate with a remote DB Server (Here I use SQL Server) on the Internet and get information or interact with the database
20 Jun 2006 by OrlandoCurioso
A usercontrol that can show the ColorEditor permanently on a form.
1 Aug 2011 by Mahdi Mansouri | مهدی منصوری
Surpass Omron OCX OPC Component and use a user friendly .NET based class to interface Omron PLC Series
11 Apr 2010 by Mr.PoorEnglish
Generic methods enable typesafe Threading
23 May 2007 by Frank Mayer-Potschak
Description of an interface programming tool for SAP and .NET integration.
7 Aug 2012 by Igor Ignatov
This article explains and illustrates on a practical example, how the support of different inheritance mapping strategies is implemented in Entity Developer with Fluent NHibernate.
22 Aug 2007 by Benzi K. Ahamed
Lingo is a simple five-letter word game in C#. It is based on the popular TV game show of the same name. The idea of the game is simple: you are given five chances to guess a five letter word, given two letters in the word initially.
23 Nov 2008 by BimJeam
Illustrates a technique for suppressing dialogs that might otherwise be shown to a user when hosting the WebBrowser control.
23 Feb 2009 by Rick Hansen
Here is a very simplified method for selling relatively secure unlock keys to your customers. The unlock key you provide will only unlock that specific customer's download instance for a specific feature set or product.
7 May 2007 by Jesu Benin
Guide to handle threads in .NET and WinForms.
24 Jan 2016 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A class to add to your application to generate nicely formatted prints from a DataGrid.
4 Jun 2009 by Ozcan ILIKHAN
USB storage policy management, Registry editing, password protection, and hashing.
8 Jun 2011 by SSDiver2112
Easy to use ProgressBar Control with many properties
16 May 2007 by Igor Velikorossov
A progress list for displaying the status of various tasks
16 Oct 2007 by @MSI
A library for creating pickers: controls that display rich drop-down UIs
7 Sep 2007 by Dave Kreskowiak
How to make a form transparent to the mouse, or click-through, so that mouse clicks end up going to whatever is behind the transparent form.
2 Apr 2007 by P.J. van de Sande
Save bandwidth and get QoS with bandwidth throttling.
27 Aug 2012 by Kumar, Ravikant
A .NET resource (.resx file) translator. English to any other language.
31 May 2009 by Mycroft Holmes
Copy and paste between a DataGridView and Excel.
6 Nov 2006 by adamAFA46
Simple but powerful GUI O/R Mapper which generates C# 2.0 to handle all of your object relational persistence.
13 Jul 2005 by Jonathan Lynas
A component suite to implement full owner-draw MenuItem support, including the painting of Menu Bars
15 Jun 2011 by sk saini
An easy way for paging DataGridView
28 Sep 2015 by Mr.PoorEnglish
including the "Four Views"-Concept as general principle of presenting Data.
3 Jun 2006 by BvUsername
Two part series on how to create a three state Treeview in .NET 2.0 without using Win32 or a state imagelist
10 May 2006 by thebeekeeper
Learn how to create a graph that can automatically scale itself!
30 Sep 2011 by Rob Lyndon
Using parallel implementations of SqlBulkCopy to achieve fast data transfer from a single XML source into multiple tables.
5 Dec 2004 by Miljenko Cvjetko
Inheritable (super class) UserForm that enables runtime moving of controls (editing).
13 Jul 2009 by amatecki
The article describes how to use the Microsoft's UPnP Control Point API for finding and controlling UPnP devices, and includes a description of simple library to facilitate the application of Control Point API in your own programs, together with an example of MFC and WinForms applications.
16 Oct 2009 by Victor Lapin
This article presents a simple solution to operate multiple UI elements at runtime depending on one condition
15 Mar 2011 by rld1971
How to draw and manage shapes onscreen via mouse gestures
28 Aug 2007 by Jay Andrew Allen
Provides a Windows Forms control that enables binding the value of an enumeration type property to a Panel of RadioButtons.
22 Mar 2010 by Yangyong Qin
A simple board game
5 Jan 2009 by James Kolpack
A lightweight desktop application to help keep you aware of server and application availability across your network.
29 Mar 2007 by AlwiNus
A Margin structure that can be used in a variety of situations, like layout, drawing and printing. Now comes with a custom TypeConverter and a usage sample.
8 Dec 2008 by ClockEndGooner
This article provides a simple example of how to save your application's main form and some of the related child control settings programmatically by subclassing an instance of the ApplicationSettingsBase class found in the .NET System.Configuration namespace.
17 Feb 2009 by rasheed1979
Personal Pocket Health Record (PPHR) application helps to store and track a user's personal details and visits information on Windows powered pocket PC.
25 Aug 2009 by Paw Jershauge
How to create a synchronizing object using the ISynchronizeInvoke interface like in the FileSystemWatcher.
4 Apr 2010 by ralph1957
A Windows Form User Control which clones some features of Microsoft Sidebar gadgets
30 May 2008 by Prashant K Singh
This article describesthe usage of the FileSystemWatcher object to watch changes to a file or a directory in C#
3 Oct 2005 by Alexey A. Popov
This article demonstrates an alternative way of invoking UI event handlers from a worker thread.
12 Mar 2007 by Juan Pablo G.C.
An easy way to make new style buttons very compatible
29 Jun 2021 by Joe Dufresne
An easy to use tool to save your Windows Spotlight (lock screen) images for use as desktop wallpaper
13 Jun 2006 by Michiel van Eerd
An extended ListView control that can show multiple images on subitems, lets the user edit subitems with user-defined controls (also image-subitems), contains boolean subitems, and can sort columns by date, number, string, and image.
13 Feb 2009 by SHRIDHAR TL
Allows to maintain and backup your contacts and also maintains a reminder. You can store data in any of the three different databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Microsoft Access
17 Feb 2006 by Syed Umar Anis
Demonstrates how to serialize and de-serialize the contents of System.Windows.Forms.TreeView control from an XML file using forward only, non-cached XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter.
27 Jan 2005 by Mike Ellison
An example of persisting and parsing a custom collection in an ASP.NET server control.
24 Jan 2009 by Paul B.
Execute actions while making the form wait and still be responsive to other tasks.
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
CPUAlert monitors CPU and Memory consumption of processes and alerts you when they are taking too much consistently and gives you an option to recycle or terminate
16 Mar 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
A simple program to draw complex fractal Trees
7 Mar 2011 by Mahmudul Haque Azad
This article contains step by step instructions to implement BDD in .NET project using Specflow and MBUnit.
10 Nov 2006 by Herre Kuijpers
An article on using and writing a user control resembling one of Outlook's sidebar controls
28 Jul 2005 by patgrape
A component providing Copy functionality to a Windows Forms DataGrid. Copied data can then be pasted in Excel or a text editor.
19 Jan 2010 by Mokdes Hamid
A custom control in C# representing a collapsible panel with design time support
2 May 2008 by Fadi Abdelqader
Create an RTP multicasting presenter (with motion detection).
20 Jul 2005 by Juan Roman
This article explains how to use a BackgroundWorker and a StatusStrip to display an Internet connection status icon on a StatusStrip using .NET Framework 2.0.
11 Apr 2005 by Patric_J
In any WinForm, there are controls that must be available for the user but not visible at all times. A clever approach is to hide these controls and only display them when the user so requests. The WinForm can be smaller which will save screen space.
5 Jun 2007 by KiwiPiet
How to embed images in your email newsletter.
1 Jan 2009 by Marc Clifton, Mark Long
Developed by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, the National Information Exchange Model "Bridges Information Systems".
12 Mar 2007 by Vitaly Zayko
Explains how to get the latest currency exchange rates from the Internet.
2 Jul 2009 by Tamer Oz
An application to preview your documents and files such as PDF, Doc, JPG, PPT, XSL.
17 Sep 2009 by Igor Kushnarev
How .NET controls could be embedded inside NotifyIcon Balloon Tooltip
2 Nov 2005 by AllanNielsen
Using the rubberband line as a ruler.
18 Jun 2009 by mahosi1
A wrapper for the Asynchronous Progamming Model in .NET
9 Jun 2009 by alioglu
SqlServer Backup/Restore Utility helps to backup and restore database
7 Jan 2018 by Pritam Zope
In this article we will customize basic windows forms using only Panels in diffrerent colors for different UI designs such as Microsoft Office 2013 in Visual Studio using C#
10 Dec 2004 by Marc Clifton
The basics, along with some things I learned along the way.
27 Jun 2008 by callisthenes
An article describing a C# Filmstrip control designed for Windows forms
27 Sep 2009 by Saul Johnson
An article on processing and rendering P1 and P2 bitmap images.
19 Mar 2015 by TarikHuber
Create a login dialog and manage all users using STT
16 Oct 2006 by Matthew Noonan
An article on creating a prompted textbox in the style of Outlook 2007, IE7, and Firefox 2.0.
4 Feb 2010 by igor2010
How to use Active Object pattern to carry out long-running tasks
3 Dec 2008 by Benzi K. Ahamed
PluginManager is a simple desktop utility that loads and runs simple control based plug-ins.
16 Mar 2006 by WarrenBurch
Code to create cool looking text for use in your application.
20 Oct 2006 by Benjamin Wootton
How to create an OpenGL view on a Windows Form.
22 Apr 2008 by Tamir Khason
This article is about how to use Windows Vista Preview handlers within a WPF application
14 Apr 2008 by Broken Bokken
Learn how to use the ReportViewer with any data source, and build reports on the fly for use on the web or in Windows applications.
13 Feb 2015 by Vladimir Svyatski
I'm going to show you some not quite evident things if you're about to write a C++/CLI application.
19 Sep 2005 by Matteo D'Avena
A customized ListView control with printing capability.
24 May 2006 by Vincent DUVERNET (Nolmë Informatique)
A simple article for easy charting.
10 Jul 2008 by Pang Wu
This article tells you how to draw text and pictures correctly on your Vista form's extended glass area.
26 Apr 2006 by Jim Cai
You needn't write any code for control validation; just set a control's validation information at design-time and reduce maintenance workload.
21 Dec 2011 by Tamer Oz
Using localized data fetched from a data source is a problem. Here is a good solution.
26 May 2007 by Kim Major
Show developers how to get progress notifications as data is sent and received from a web server during Web Service calls.
22 Jun 2010 by Gerard Castelló Viader
This article explains how to create some interesting charts in SVG documents
26 Sep 2010 by TheUberOverLord
Monitors All Skype4COM and API Messages for Skype Includes Command Input. Shows What Goes On Behind The Scenes with Skype Message Processing using the API and Skype4COM Library. Includes Microsoft ClickOnce Deployment Technology As Well As ClickOnce Automatic Updates Examples. A Must Have Tool!
27 Jul 2009 by ngoxuandang
This program uses a webcam to take a picture of an object if there is a change in picture.
20 Nov 2009 by lipinho
VB.NET port of code for painting Vista's Aero NonClientArea.
9 Dec 2011 by rhawk4
I needed a datetimepicker that allowed users to easily empty it and edit it like a maskedtextbox, so I made one from the actual DateTimePicker class.
3 Oct 2014 by Vivek Ragunathan
A simple tree list view .NET WinForms control
13 Aug 2009 by Nadeem Alvi
A chat application with Windows Services, .NET Remoting in C#.
27 Dec 2010 by trestan
This article describes a simple method to resize a control at runtime.
3 Jul 2010 by The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
How to control the painting of the .NET TabControl
11 Apr 2006 by GWSyZyGy
A utility class that alerts your code when the application is idle.
6 Jun 2007 by Vance Kessler
This article describes how to write an application to monitor text log files
29 Apr 2011 by adi_clepcea
This article shows the inner workings of the German Enigma machine used during the WWII, translated to C#.
23 Mar 2006 by Nicolas Wälti
A nice little control to help the user notice you're trying to tell him something...
23 May 2008 by Crawfis
While there are many expression evaluators out there, the CodeDom framework allows you to take any .NET langauge and link a code snippet at run-time.
23 Nov 2007 by Inaki Ayucar
This article describes XNAImageReflector - a Windows application that integrates XNA rendering and maths for easily creating web2.0-like reflected images, with post-processing effects.
28 Jun 2006 by Not Active
Using SQL Server 2005 and SqlDependency to keep your application's data updated.
8 Jan 2009 by PavanPareta
Help file integration with Windows Mobile applications programmatically.
4 Nov 2012 by #realJSOP
The classic word game using words and letter scores allowed in Scrabble
9 Jan 2012 by Karthik. A
Directory Comparer is an extensible tool that could be used to compare 2 folders
10 May 2018 by charles922
Math Function Tutor - Part 1
10 Nov 2005 by Colin Angus Mackay
This article provides an introduction to passing values between two forms in an application. The examples are written in C# and VB.NET and are targeted at .NET 1.1.
22 Jun 2009 by Balamurali Balaji
This article explains how to add Smart Tag feature to a user control.
22 Jun 2007 by Filip van der Meeren
Creating your own extentions by using a simple WebBrowser object
6 Oct 2006 by Stefan Bocutiu
An expandable panel that you can set to expand/collapse bottom to top, top to bottom, left to right, or right to left.
6 May 2005 by dotNet Toys
The article contains LookupComboBox control.
20 Apr 2008 by Gene OK
This is an example custom button control, written entirely in Managed C++.
21 Mar 2009 by DaveyM69
Shows how to use your types and generic lists in application settings.
21 May 2010 by CaptainSeeSharp
Simple Game Dev Fx in C# (Maps, Graphics, Path-finding AI)
8 Jun 2008 by Evaldas Jocys
Provides required tables and data for multilanguage projects
27 Apr 2009 by S.Vinothkumar
Add prerequisites of .NET Framework in Visual Studio setup project
27 Mar 2009 by Ron Dunant
An application demonstrating how to save column width, order and visibility information for a DataGridView control, bound to an Access database, using the Windows Forms Application Settings feature
28 Apr 2013 by Ed Nutting
A wrapper application making management, modding and running multiple MineCraft servers faster and easier.
29 Aug 2006 by Hameer Saleem
How to use the ProtectedConfiguration API to protect sensitive information in your application’s configuration file.
16 Jun 2005 by Mark Belles, Gabe Wishnie
Tool for creating multiple web site definitions under Windows XP.
30 Jan 2007 by Ray Cassick
Creating a custom control that you can resize at runtime from all four corners.
31 Jul 2018 by gardner9032
A brief example showing how to use the Reactive UI framework to perform a separation of concerns using MVVM.
24 Jun 2008 by Darryl Caillouet
A clickable button cell that can display an icon in a DataGridView
27 Oct 2006 by Hesham Desouky
Extending some C# controls to introudce round labels, text boxes, comboboxes etc.
9 Nov 2008 by DaveyM69
A WinForms TextBox that only accepts digits.
20 Jan 2011 by OrlandoCurioso
A solution to declaring dynamic events on control arrays at design time
7 Apr 2009 by satishsuthar
Create charts using inbuilt functions of .NET Framework in window application and C#
6 Sep 2006 by Herre Kuijpers
This article is meant for beginner programmers who are interested in building their own custom controls. As an example a GradientPanel control is implemented.
27 Mar 2009 by notorious.madeye
Fade out an image or Graphics object by modifying the alpha value on a new mask placed above the original image.
9 Jun 2009 by yincekara
Internet Explorer automation sample code using late binding, without Microsoft.mshtml and shdocvw dependency.
10 Jun 2009 by S.Vinothkumar
Collapse Panel in C#
17 Jan 2013 by kosmoh
A class that may shorten your time spent with BackgroundWorker, and handles some logics of working with it.
29 May 2007 by beep
A popup calculator form and corresponding button and text controls.
16 Apr 2005 by Noogen
Code-free validation for TextBox, ComboBox, and more...
9 May 2006 by Robert R Freeman
A tutorial on how to create a hierarchical (1:m) RDLC report in Visual Studio .NET 2005 (local mode).
3 Mar 2006 by Declan Brennan
Extending the RichTextBox to support form persistance and data binding.
23 Nov 2004 by Marc Clifton, J. Dunlap
Use declarative programming to create UI's common for both Web and Form applets.
15 Dec 2008 by Henry Minute
An article on obtaining user input by the use of dialogs
29 Sep 2013 by Kirill__
A simple program in C#.
27 Feb 2010 by icemanind
This article takes you through a step-by-step process of creating your own virtual machine.
16 Apr 2010 by Tamer Oz
This article describes how to use Microsoft Tag API
30 Jan 2007 by salysle
This article describes an approach to providing users with the means to submit error information directly back to the software developers as errors are encountered during the use of a targeted application
30 Nov 2009 by stankovski
A relatively straightforward method to give users the option to select either a file or folder using the same dialog, in managed code.
6 Mar 2005 by Stefan Repas
Learn how to write a useful smart currency converter tool with Visual Studio .NET 2003 for the Pocket PC 2002/2003, which works both in offline and online modes.
26 Oct 2010 by Gary.Miller.WPF
Explains how to add an animated 3D splash screen to a WinForms application using WPF and XAML
27 Aug 2009 by DLChambers
The Microsoft.mshtml assembly is not present on all machines. Here's how your app can automatically add the assembly as needed.
23 Mar 2006 by Febret
Yamo is a C# application capable of organizing a music library, moving files, renaming them and downloading album cover art through pluggable media information providers.
11 Dec 2006 by LSteinle
CustomXmlSerializer is an alternative to XmlSerializer, supporting both shallow and deep serialization of ArrayLists, Collections, and Dictionaries.
3 Nov 2008 by Sergey Galich
How to export multiple MSDN topics to read them offline on a mobile device.
11 May 2011 by Richard Guion
Thumbnail and image viewing controls for Windows Forms, using C#.
7 Nov 2007 by Redth
A follow up to my previous article, this article takes the plug-in concept and encapsulates it in a Generics enabled library, including support for source code compilation at runtime.
5 Dec 2008 by Tom Ollar, Jim Bennett
More wild ideas for an even wilder Concept IDE.
18 Jul 2005 by smn-12
Creating a single instance application that stays in the system tray.
3 Nov 2005 by Petr Minarik
The standard RichTextBox does not allow numbering of lines. This user control does.
8 May 2008 by Anthony Mushrow
Introduction to the methods used to create a simple game.
20 Aug 2006 by Stefan Troschuetz
Presents a lightweight component that enables you to easily change the culture of your user interface at runtime.
20 Jan 2010 by homran
Fuzzy Logic Controller C# Library based on mamdani Inference Engine + Windows Forms GUI
2 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present the basic .NET wrappers for the Windows 7 Ribbon Framework.
3 Jan 2006 by DreamInHex
This article will demonstrate how to add, delete, and update key value pairs in an App.config file.
4 May 2009 by peterchen
A WinForms user control that implements the details of file handling commands for any document-centric application
13 May 2009 by Yogesh M Joshi
DesignSurface, IToolboxService, and INameCreationService.
21 Oct 2005 by perlmunger
This article describes the DotNetNuke Module Packager application and source code. The application enables the user to generate DotNetNuke private assemblies that are useable out of the box from a custom module defined in the programmer's development environment.
6 Jul 2011 by Juan1R
Download historical and real time prices from Google Finance using an alternative method to the "Download to spreadsheet" link in the "Historical prices" page.
4 May 2011 by Veselin Tenev
Use HTMLHelp (.chm) to display help topics, context sensitive help and tooltips in C# Winform application
12 Jun 2006 by Warlib
This article shows how to use some TCP/UDP functions of the IP Helper API to get the active connections and the processes attached to a connection.
24 Apr 2010 by Uwe Eichkorn
BSEtunes is a MySQL based, full manageable, networkable single or multiuser jukebox application
9 Feb 2010 by JimBob SquarePants
A tool for resizing batches of images
28 Mar 2010 by Gerard Castelló Viader
Handling a tree of customized tab items
26 Jan 2005 by Edwin Roetman
A solution to easily store form- and application-settings using Isolated Storage.
17 Apr 2009 by Igor Kushnarev
How to use DataGridView pagination in bounded mode
2 Jul 2011 by Gammill
A demo on how to smoothly change the size or position of a Windows Form while holding down a button.
21 Apr 2008 by awln
Automatically creating multipart Zip files.
18 Feb 2010 by vivekkushwaha
This example will show how to drag data from one datagridview to another
26 Jun 2014 by John D. Cook
A script for extracting string literals from source code for review
17 Jun 2008 by Rocco Labellarte
How to zoom the standard WebBrowser control by accessing ExecWB.
17 Dec 2008 by harschel
This control allows the user to add column type other than existing column type for datagridview
19 Jan 2011 by Daniel Carvalho Liedke
Quickly and easily alternate between servers in the hosts file.
2 Jul 2008 by litsonjose
In this article we are going to see the use of graphics in Smart Phones and PDA applications.
11 May 2009 by GrapeCity-Inc
Boundaries between .NET reporting and business intelligence are fast blurring and customer expectations are high. Developers who opt for mature, cross-functional .NET reporting tools can hope to exceed present and future needs of their customers. Today, over 50,000 developers are using the ActiveRep
4 Mar 2009 by Nieve Goor
Reducing StaleObjectStateException damage in multi-user WinForms applications.
6 Sep 2009 by chkmos
This is an article about using line graph in Office Web Components, where date is used in the X-Axis.
29 Feb 2012 by Sridhar Patnayak
To explain Preprocessor directives in C#
12 Sep 2011 by Oliver Bleckmann
A TextBox with autocomplete capabilities in the manner of SQL's Like command
24 Sep 2006 by Shahpour
Show application progress via a status label.
5 Jun 2002 by Grant Richard
An article using a simple game to explore more complex constructions.
15 Sep 2009 by gggustafson
This article presents code for a WinForms implementation of the Google-like compact progress indicator.
30 May 2006 by Alberto Venditti
A simple utility to create a mixing sounds keyboard.
16 Aug 2012 by MR. AngelMendez
A versatile program that allows users to dock most windows into the program and keeps it in the topmost layer of the screen.
26 Jul 2010 by Fayaz Soomro
This article describes the implementation of distributed caching using Memcached, Including Memcached server Installation on Linux and Windows and using it in .NET.
6 Jan 2009 by Simon_Whitehead
This article explains how to grab the HTML Element that was clicked in a WebBrowser control
16 Jan 2011 by Joe Nachbaur
Easy to use WinForms class to create extended dialog boxes
2 Apr 2009 by Ghasem Nobari
By using this C# (.NET 2.0) method, you can easily upload your files to account
15 Jun 2005 by DXNuk
A bevel line control with Visual Studio Designer SelectionRule support.
23 Dec 2008 by Chris_McGrath
A few minor modifications to improve the DataGridView.
21 Jul 2005 by jisikoff
Short article on how to drag URL links from a Windows Forms app to the desktop.
15 Jun 2011 by IAbstract
Reduce the exposure of OwnerObject members or resources by interfacing methods to child or sibling objects.
26 Nov 2008 by Charles Ju
Group collapse behavior added to a listview control under Windows Vista
15 Apr 2005 by Polis Pilavas
A very basic idea for the MSN-style nudging effect,, available on the latest MSN Messenger v7.0, on a Windows Form.
11 Oct 2011 by GraemeKMiller
This article explains how you can use IWA to improve your Users' experience and it also explains how it benefits your IT support team.
12 Nov 2014 by Hassan Mokdad
This article will show how to use the most important features of a background worker to load the balance of your code between different working threads. It will also demonstrate how to take progress events from the background worker and how to cancel a currently running thread.
6 Jun 2010 by BTDex
Windows Forms Control to visualize performance counters
22 Mar 2005 by Quenchmaster
A control to produce a graphical display of any 16bit PCM Wav file.
1 Jul 2007 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
This article explains how you can use AOP for benchmarking purposes.
1 Nov 2007 by Ilíon
This article describes a class to manage animated and color cursors and make them available for use in .NET applications. The cursors may derive from embedded resources, from standard cursors, or from files read from disk.
18 Nov 2008 by Maxim_Barsuk
An add-on for the Fortune's algorithm.
20 Mar 2007 by frankgo
Learn how Ink is created and strokes are managed.
26 Sep 2006 by Vitaly Zayko
Explains how to catch an unhandled exception and send a stack trace along with other debug information to the developer.
25 Jan 2010 by Giorgi Dalakishvili
A desktop application with new Windows 7 features for browsing xkcd.
24 Apr 2008 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
A .NET Compact Framework version of the Bricks game.
28 Jul 2007 by Marc Clifton
My journey to unravel and discover a solution for hosting XNA in a WinForm UserControl
5 Sep 2015 by InvisibleMedia
Specify grammatical contexts
12 Jan 2010 by Georg Werner
DataGridView with an attached SummaryRow
24 Feb 2006 by Aaron Dilliard
This article shows how to make a transparent/translucent TextBox and RichTextBox.
4 May 2008 by Rammohan Raja
An article on adding a cell blink feature for DataGridView
4 Jul 2006 by J.P.B.
A class that extends the ListBox control by adding collapsable items and providing a simple way to add multiple controls into a ListBox item.
27 May 2006 by Andrey Dryazgov
An effective implementation of the CAST-128 algorithm (ECB and CBC modes).
31 Aug 2010 by Praveen Nair (NinethSense)
This articles explains about a tool which can be used to get web server information using WebClient in .NET
15 Jan 2009 by pierrecor
This article describes how to pass data from the parent to the child form and back.
18 Jul 2011 by hosein fereidooni
Solving Sudoku using Informed Search Algorithms
7 Sep 2011 by JRINC
This is an useful control that masks the input text with currency symbol and thousands and decimals separators.
22 Jan 2012 by BobJanova
Some techniques for data binding in WinForms to keep processing and display separate.
3 Aug 2007 by Jan Schreuder
A helper class to make integrating Crystal Reports in a .NET application easier.
5 May 2005 by Giancarlo Aguilera
A look at some cool new VB 2005/.NET 2.0 features
14 Jun 2008 by Copper
ColorBar is a gradient colored progress bar control written using VB.NET.
27 Jun 2007 by Lexnn
Describes how to build a Windows Service using the Pegasus Library.
30 Mar 2009 by Jason Barry
An article on creating the classic Peg Solitaire board game
4 Jun 2011 by Hassanoor
Convert pictures of different format to desired format, i.e., picture of BMP, JPG, PNG, etc. can be converted into selected one (for say tiff)
29 Jul 2009 by Günther M. FOIDL
Enhanced DataGridView that saves column order, width and visibility to user.config
9 Jun 2011 by Hassanoor
Resize batch or many images at once, just drag and drop files and specify height and width
26 Jul 2020 by Marijan Nikic
A simple, yet powerful and fast Windows Forms app for batch renaming files
23 Jul 2007 by Benedict Chan
Using .NET 2.0 to get the SQL Server schema and generate insertion statements.
24 Jun 2008 by César de Souza
An article presenting a control capable of adding a border-like effect to any desired text
17 Nov 2007 by Mehran Ghanizadeh
A tiny portable webserver, called TinyWebServer, which can be used wherever IIS is not availabe.
13 Jan 2010 by Abdul Sami, PMP
This article is an introduction to some of the new features in ASP.NET 4.0 and the Visual Studio 2010 IDE.
17 Jul 2009 by Praveen Nair (NinethSense)
Short article which explains how to use the Bing API in C#.NET.
26 Sep 2006 by Arnab Choudhuri
This is basically a tutorial to use the smart client software factory to create an outlook like side bar using Matias Woloski's outlookbar workspace
25 Aug 2010 by Gregory Gadow
How to write an app that will go to the system tray when the user closes it
22 Nov 2006 by Chris Hambleton
A utility that creates a DotNetNuke manifest file and packages a module.
9 Sep 2007 by Pedro77
An article to create a game pad graphic user interface service that will use Microsoft Robotics Environment
8 Apr 2008 by Nuno Freitas
The controls in Windows Forms (.NET) don't support true transparency. In this article, we show how to use transparent labels and images.
22 Feb 2005 by Kevin Menningen
A color selection control that quickly lets the users zero in on the color they want.
26 Feb 2005 by S. Senthil Kumar
A .NET Control that emulates a command line UI
24 Apr 2012 by User 6918454
A project for managing the digital books (HTML, DOCX, ODF, PDF, EPUB, TXT, etc.) of the user using db4o
9 Apr 2005 by theoutlander
An overview on inheriting a ListView and implementing design-time data binding capability.
22 Apr 2014 by Duncan Edwards Jones
Introduces and discusses the Common Language Runtime framework classes used in printing from a .NET Windows Forms application.
27 Mar 2007 by Sujith C Jose
Describes how to use a simple stored procedure in Visual Basic 6.0
6 Jan 2005 by Wai Friend
A way to bind up a simple TreeView control.
5 Nov 2007 by aleksisa
How to build a simple event log montior/watcher (using TCP in .NET) to monitor event log changes on a remote machine(s).
15 Aug 2007 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Use a Windows Mobile Professional phone with a GPS receiver to create a simple SMS based location tracking program.
23 May 2006 by Kim Major
A simple base class to add serialization support to your data classes.
30 Nov 2004 by Marc Clifton
Demonstrating putting together a useful application from the amazing amount of code available here at The Code Project
21 Dec 2008 by James Ritchie Carroll
High-speed screen saver simulating a warp-speed effect; will span multiple monitors.
12 Aug 2007 by Himadri Chakrabarti
A Trace Listener class writing Trace Messages to a UDP port. Also provided is a WinForm application called TraceView to view the Trace Messages sent by the Trace Listener.
25 Apr 2020 by chris_mackay
A reference for writing your own dialog message box in Windows
25 Apr 2010 by Leo Koach
Make albums from your photos anywhere on your HD and/or on network combined
24 Jul 2011 by hosein fereidooni
This article solves a maze problem with Informed Search
2 Mar 2009 by jasonpang2011
Tracks the status of an AIM user (online, away, offline).
17 Jun 2009 by Deepak-VS
Simple Rule Engine with Triggers to apply the rule
22 Jun 2009 by Siddhartha S.
This article demonstrates editing a tree structure and saving the job using serialization.
23 Nov 2009 by avramik
Remote control of Microsoft FileDialog class (OpenFileDialog)
2 Aug 2016 by RogerCreagh
A standard interface for multiple Arduino boards with different firmware
29 Dec 2008 by Perry Bruins
Track your geographical position using a Windows Mobile 6 device and some Google Map programming.
29 Apr 2005 by Mihail Stefanov
How to add "Balloon" style to ToolTip provider
2 Jan 2009 by Columbus-MCSD
This is based on Poderosa Project
26 Sep 2011 by Yasser Sobhy
A .NET control to control the layout of categorized sections in your application.
22 Apr 2008 by Tamir Khason
How to use raw sockets in Silverlight application and how to make Silverlight speak with Windows Forms and WPF
27 Oct 2008 by Vagif Abilov
A Window Forms application illustrating the Monty Hall paradox.
13 Jun 2006 by Asif Sayed
An article to demonstarte the use of Reporting Services using Smart Client interfaces.
4 Jul 2011 by Evgeny Bannikov
Owner drawn text table control with editing, checkboxes, cells merge, word wrap, and customizable appearance.
1 May 2005 by Pascal Ganaye
This article introduces a little class which lets you show any usercontrol in XP style popup menu.
19 Jul 2007 by Mats Gudmundsson
If you need some more sophisticated control when using drag-drop operations on your own classes this article is a good start. The user is given much more control in positioning the objects. The best way to understand the contents of this article is to download and run the small demo.
3 Jul 2008 by Ali Rafiee
A ColorComboBox color picker using ToolStripDropDown.
25 Oct 2007 by nico.pyright
The purpose of this article is to present some utilization of configuration files in a Windows Forms application with C++/CLI.
23 Dec 2007 by David Saelman
A simple method to achieve interprocess communication between the .NET framework and MFC.
8 Nov 2006 by orouit
Demonstrates how to host serveral singleton services in a Windows Forms application.
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
Make a surveillance application which silently captures desktop and emails you screenshots as attachment periodically
11 Aug 2005 by Pascal Ganaye
A small program which solves the paint-by-numbers puzzles in virtually time. It is a spoiler if you're a player. If you're a programmer however I think it shows how this problem can be solved.
24 Nov 2010 by Kambaa
How to check whether .NET is installed in PC Visual Basic 6 code
11 May 2010 by Gurux Ltd
Retrieve data from a physical device, process it, and visualize the results
30 Mar 2009 by Ahmet Göktaş
Atlassian Jira - TortoiseSVN Plugin for Issue Tracking and Easy Linking of Subversion Project with Jira Issue
12 Oct 2011 by Bert Mitton
This article will use a numeric keypad as an example of how to create a touchscreen interface.
4 Sep 2006 by GiedriusBan
This article shows how to extend the ListBox to show more complex items - for example, items with image and text areas.
12 Oct 2011 by rspercy65
This is a e-Book Reader for text files that uses a file splitter
9 Sep 2010 by Koshy Panicker John
This article explains how to create transparent Label controls in .NET Framework, uLabelX Transparent Label Control that support border styles, Images, and parent controls with gradient backgrounds
4 Aug 2011 by deveck
This article shows how to replace the default listview scrollbar with a custom scrollbar and shows an custom scrollbar implementation
10 Mar 2009 by Xmen Real
An advance rating control for .NET
20 Mar 2009 by Travis Howle
Easily develop software to create fully custom Code 39 Barcodes for printing on Avery 8167 labels (document and box labels, or more based on customization).
14 Feb 2005 by Robert R Freeman
A textbox control that will validate against any .NET datatype. Supports databinding, max, min, and null values.
8 Oct 2009 by Somnath Mondal
A fully customizable and extensible C# library that makes it easy to generate Excel files for a given DataSet, with column layout design support.
15 Mar 2012 by ProEnggSoft
General purpose class to fill some or all of the DataTables of strongly typed DataSet from DataBase and to save some or all of the DataTables to DataBase by creating TableAdapters using reflection.
8 May 2006 by NiaWs
How to use a custom Paint event handler to draw your own Windows Form.
23 Feb 2006 by Danilo Corallo
An Oracle query tool with syntax highlighting and a tabbed MDI interface.
21 Sep 2006 by George Oakes
This is an advanced manipulation of the FileSystemWatcher object.
14 Mar 2011 by Lars Pehrsson
How to do zooming and panning in Windows Forms with fixed focus.
9 Mar 2009 by Luca Crisi, MCP
How to give Custom Headers to your DataGridView
26 Mar 2010 by Dr. Song Li
This article introduces a method to load and execute SSIS packages in Microsoft Windows with a demo WPF application.
10 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to change the ribbon colors.
9 Feb 2009 by Shahid Syed
This helper class makes it easy to work with Fusion Charts.
13 Apr 2009 by Keith Barrett
Describes the application of constraint propagation to the solving of Sudokus.
18 Aug 2011 by Dave Franco
Adding Lightbox effect to Winform Applications
4 Jul 2007 by BobJanova
A line based control for output and optional input, and a discussion of how to create a custom control from the .NET UserControl.
31 Dec 2008 by kvlcek
A C# implementation of CHAID for MSSQL 2005 à la Cognos scenario.
15 May 2007 by FrankNight
This article shows an example of how to build a software component according to best practices that is customizable through code generation techniques.
29 Nov 2012 by Tom John
Extending the TreeView control to support drag and drop and persistance.
13 Oct 2011 by rspercy65
This app stores First Name, Last Name, and Phone Numbers in rolodex style. This is the WinForms version of Steve Krile's Ajax Slider using SSDiver2112's CButton and gTrackBar controls.
8 Jan 2007 by Zoltan Balazs
Another approach to the MVC pattern
12 May 2008 by J.Thomas
How to host a MaskedTextBox in a DataGridViewColumn
9 Nov 2007 by Marc Clifton
Binding to the DataTable without the System.Windows.Forms namespace.
27 Oct 2009 by Anthony Daly
FilterBuilder is a simple utility allowing you to easily create dialog filters
18 Jun 2008 by Igor Voynovsky
An article on numeric Up/Down control with some unique features useful for hardware control applications
5 Jun 2009 by Mycroft Holmes
Using SQL Server 2008 Hierarchy ID data type to populate a TreeView
31 May 2008 by o m n i
Learn how to control your non-client-area, while keeping all the stuff Vista puts on it.
17 Feb 2005 by abhinaba
This article is about a class that extends Windows Forms to create splash screens and About dialogs.
13 Apr 2009 by Ahmet Göktaş
Subversion (SVN) Post-Commit Organizer for Shadow Copy
7 Jul 2006 by Eric Woodruff
A status bar text provider for menu items and form controls in Windows Forms applications similar to the feature found in MFC and Microsoft Access applications.
9 Oct 2009 by Arash Sahebolamri
This is a simple analog clock that demonstrates the use of GDI+.
28 Oct 2008 by Adrian Pasik
This article will get you started in building your own multi-control components without using the UserControl class.
15 Apr 2005 by Tomas Brennan
How to make an extensible ListView custom control, along with data-binding, optional multi-threading and serialization rolled into one.
5 Oct 2005 by Nicholas Butler
Take control of FreeCell
19 Feb 2006 by Luis Angel R.C.
Creating a custom configuration section in .NET 2.0.
11 Jun 2008 by pechan00000
A solution managing InterBase DB's with C# .NET
3 Jul 2017 by Bessem Bousselmi
ColorPicker with Metro interface
5 Oct 2011 by Srikanth Anandateertha
Application usage topup tool
18 Jun 2007 by jopascual
Connecting from VB.NET to a MySQL database.
1 Jan 2005 by Sebastien Lorion
Removes SCC information from a solution or project file. Works with solutions, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, deployment projects, and project templates.
17 Oct 2007 by CodeChimp
Demonstration of how to write custom settings providers.
28 Nov 2007 by Mihadh
This article explains how to connect to Microsoft Excel 2007 using a connection string and populate DataGridView
5 Feb 2006 by Stephane Rodriguez.
A simple Windows RSS store viewer working on top of the IE7 RSS platform
12 Jun 2008 by Ferminus Muthu
Custom skins for VB.NET forms, Skinning VB.NET forms, WinForm Skins
30 Mar 2006 by Tom Polanski
A Microsoft patterns & practices Composite UI Application Block (CAB) based module composite mapper service is provided including C# source code that builds Workspaces, UIElements, Commands and Event Publications/Subscriptions using an XML configuration file specified with a module.
20 Oct 2005 by Thomas Siepe
A control to display XML-data and/or make it editable, avoiding the unmanaged Internet Explorer plug-in.
25 Dec 2008 by Daniel Vaughan
A customizable log provider system that allows you to harness your existing logging system to log client side messages to your server using WCF. Includes WPF sample applications.
13 Feb 2007 by Serdar YILMAZ
An article about browsing MDI child forms on tab page
8 Nov 2006 by Manoh
An article on an auto-complete combobox.
8 Mar 2010 by The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Showing a wait window during a long running process
5 Oct 2006 by mark.stratman
How to gain access to the DataGridViewComboBoxEditingControl’s properties, methods, and events.