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by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for comparing table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files
by shunninghuang
CPS1 emulator, ROM hacking
by David Rogers Dev
Learn how to load related entities using the Entity Framework with simple examples
by Waleed Elkot
Reading text from any image using Microsoft Office 2007 OCR

Latest Articles

by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA
A look at the URLDownloadToFile function and architecture of IntelliLink
by Alexander Chernosvitov
Implementation of a polynomial time algorithm searching Hamilton cycles in an undirected graph
by vblover Programmer
Load Menu from Resource-Only DLL (created by VC++) and Set for Form As MainMenu by API Functions.
by Alexey A. Popov 2
A simple implementation of Miller columns (cascading columns) control

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20 Mar 2018 by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for comparing table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files
3 Apr 2021 by shunninghuang
CPS1 emulator, ROM hacking
24 Jul 2014 by David Rogers Dev
Learn how to load related entities using the Entity Framework with simple examples
24 Aug 2009 by Waleed Elkot
Reading text from any image using Microsoft Office 2007 OCR
26 Aug 2019 by Thomas Weller
Demonstrates how to run Python scripts from C#
16 Oct 2015 by ridoy
A brief explanation of application development for Android Wear, helpful for every beginner and intermediate android developer.
15 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
Open source library for music engraving in desktop, mobile and web applications
6 Jan 2020 by The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
21 Nov 2019 by Leif Simon Goodwin
This article presents a simple WPF Carousel Control
5 Dec 2015 by Daniel Miller
This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance user/role security principal hierarchy.
1 Aug 2017 by Arthur V. Ratz
Use HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax for creating a simple lightweight Windows Vista/7 sidebar desktop gadget
28 Oct 2018 by Andrew Kirillov
The article demonstrates usage of ANNT library for creating convolutional ANNs and applying them to image classification tasks.
9 Feb 2015 by Rahul Rajat Singh
In this article, we will try to understand what is Factory Pattern, what are the benefits of this pattern and how we can implement this pattern using C#.
11 Jul 2020 by Ryan S White
CudaPAD is a PTX/SASS viewer for NVIDIA Cuda kernels and provides an on-the-fly view of your Cuda code.
24 Feb 2017 by Marc Clifton
Hashcash is a proof-of-work system used to limit email spam and denial-of-service attacks, and more recently has become known for its use in bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) as part of the mining algorithm.
16 Aug 2013 by Marco Merola
Creating PDF documents from XML
9 Dec 2013 by Petar Brkusanin
An example of how Decorator, Dependency Injection, and Composition Root patterns can be used to extend the base game functionality.
24 Aug 2016 by Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF triggers
11 Jun 2010 by Evoluteur
A generic Web User Interface for CRUD applications generating all screens at run-time based on external metadata. It comes with sample applications for address book, memo pad, to do list, restaurants list, wine cellar, and database structure documentation that are easily customizable.
3 Jul 2014 by Simon Sprott
This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.
16 Aug 2007 by Volynsky Alex
Part 2 in a series of articles on a two-player mathematical game of strategy
13 Aug 2018 by Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can implement a thread-safe events (similar to .NET events) mechanism using the standard C++ library.
9 Apr 2021 by Ilia Reznik, Vladimir Shatalov
How to classify articles on Wikipedia using XML dump
1 Feb 2017 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
How to build my own 3D graphics engine from ZERO step by step
14 Feb 2022 by Howard 9448490
Creating a reusable editor for C# Applications using the RichTextBox Control
24 Apr 2012 by Ana Carolina Zambon
This is a demonstration of how to use the basics of Mono.Cecil by adding method calls to existing assemblies.
1 Aug 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will discuss about the advanced Android application development based on the example of creating a responsive Airport schedule simulator application.
19 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
PSAM Control Library ported over to WPF
2 Oct 2016 by Eugene Balabanov
A tiny sandbox primer
28 Apr 2020 by Ray Porter
Make true native executable (no framework required) from .NET Core 3.1 project (factorial calculation project example) with the CoreRT library
10 Nov 2018 by Bjørn
Editing GIF colors without touching the image data within
24 Mar 2015 by Keyvan M. Kambakhsh
This article introduces i3DML project and demonstrates how XML and JavaScript can help you build interactive 3D Worlds.
14 Nov 2019 by honey the codewitch
Creating a simple parser in 3 easy lessons
5 Mar 2021 by Clark Fieseln
Real-time detection and defense against malicious network activity and policy violations (exploits, port-scanners, advertising, telemetry, state surveillance, etc.)
14 Oct 2002 by Douglas Earl
Use .NET remoting to send the contents of your clipboard to another computer
18 Jan 2018 by Jan Dolinay
Source level debugger for Arduino with GDB and Eclipse
19 Sep 2019 by pdoxtader
Learn how to view a remote machine's file system using your own explorer like window, and transfer files and folders by dragging and dropping in C# using the TcpComm TCP library
17 Oct 2021 by Petrov Vladimir
Starting Threads in MFC and Win32 and some handling samples
10 Jan 2014 by Kees van Spelde
This is an alternative for "AutoShut, my first program in C#"
27 Nov 2015 by Christian Vos
How to use Microsoft Unity Interception as a solution for cross cutting concerns in a .NET application
1 May 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post, we will get an overview and generate a basic level code using our database table column that will help in development.
8 Jan 2019 by KristianEkman
A C# object oriented Neural Network, trainer, and Windows Forms user interface for recognitions of hand-written digits.
1 Aug 2021 by David A. Gray
Though useful and mostly harmless, pitfalls can lead unwary developers astray.
16 Jan 2019 by Phil Hopley
Second part in a series on a ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot
4 Jun 2020 by Vincent Maverick Durano
This article will talk about how to implement a custom wrapper for your ASP.NET Core and Web API applications for managing exceptions, providing meaningful and consistent responses to consumers.
11 Oct 2018 by JL Doty
Overriding the quirky zoom in MS Chart, and scaling axes with nice round numbers
21 Mar 2007 by peterchen
Full control over addins loaded into VS2002-2005 - for power users or addin developers
31 Oct 2007 by Bill Seddon
Shows how a .NET based WebDAV server can be created by combining two Open Source projects. The example implementation returns files from a file system, but you can extend it to return resources from any repository.
22 Jan 2009 by Sike Mullivan
Shows how to do XML serialization on a collection of multiple types when the types are not known.
5 Dec 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article we will learn about EventAggregator and IActiveAware interface and its uses in WPF application using Prism. This is continuation of second part of article series having total three parts.
15 Dec 2021 by asiwel
Bezier Curve Classification Training And Validation Models Using ALGLIB
27 Aug 2009 by Elmue
Demo of 6 completely different webservices also with SOAP
21 Jan 2015 by Syed Umar Anis
ExcelXMLExport is a Microsoft Excel 2010 / 2013 Add-in that generates XML data from Excel sheet.
30 Dec 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will demonstrate how to compute full SVD of a given matrix A and discuss about the code in C++11 implementing the full SVD computation by using simple iteration and Jordan-Gaussian methods.
10 Sep 2009 by ralph1957
This step-by step article describes how to populate a TreeView control by using XML data.
24 Dec 2018 by charles922
Introduction to Orbital Mechanics - 2 Body Problem
9 Sep 2018 by Philipp Sch
Finding a fundamental Cycle Set forming a complete basis to enumerate all cycles of a given undirected graph
21 Nov 2022 by KrirkDev
I created this game to evaluate my ability to perform simple animations using Windows Form.
31 Mar 2006 by Dan Radu
The DACBuilder application provides auto-generation features from multiple database systems in multiple programming languages.
27 Mar 2012 by Carlos Alberto Cabrera Gonzalez
This article shows a detailed approach on how to dynamically point to a given shared data source reference by setting up an RDCE and using a couple of tips and tricks.
8 Jun 2012 by Joshi, Rushikesh
This is an alternative for "Generate Sample XML from XSD".
11 Jan 2016 by Den367
Using System.Windows.Media library to create embroidery design of a glyph from true type font file
8 Aug 2017 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, Iqra Ali
Since I wrote an article previously, I had been asked on various occasions to share the code on Yahoo! or Bing, etc. I wanted to write an article, with the code, which covers all of those vendors as well.
2 Aug 2020 by Evgeny Pereguda
Clone of PCSX/PCSX2/PPSSPP emulator for Windows 10 on WPF/C# with "touch" control
27 Jan 2019 by syed shanu
Getting started with Angular 7 and ASP.NET Core 2.0 using Angular 7 Web Application (.NET Core) Template and ASP.NET Core MVC Application
15 Jan 2019 by Paul D. Sheriff
As more and more users interact with web applications on their mobile devices, it is becoming increasingly important for software developers to allow them to work offline; PouchDB can help.
28 Apr 2019 by Phil Hopley
In this article, we will add AI to an existing ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot.
22 Dec 2017 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on De/Serializing object graphs with XML
16 Apr 2022 by Xavier Junqué i de Fortuny
Reduces/evaluates a real/complex math expression
9 Feb 2022 by Cinchoo
Simple XML file reader for .NET
7 Dec 2022 by KrirkDev
This game allows you to create a Minimax bot, then play reversi with it.
17 Oct 2005 by Bill Pierce
Creating an ASP.NET server control wrapper for the Google Maps API.
18 Oct 2018 by Gavin Sinai
Using the open source Saxon library, .NET programmers can benefit from XSL 2.0 and XQuery 1.0.
17 Jul 2009 by eyedia
Sequential workflow as a WCF service. Create workflow custom activities, invoke child workflow from parent. Configure workflow runtime service using a config file. Basic idea of rules, creating a rule using the rule editor. Applying rules during runtime.
9 Jul 2012 by perilbrain
A simple technique to integrate a custom build tool in VS 2010.
17 Nov 2018 by MarkWardell
Undo/Redo Commands implemented with Minesweeper game example
24 Aug 2016 by Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF bindings
8 Dec 2017 by Dirk Bahle, Alaa Ben Fatma
Tips & tricks on visting and searching nodes in WPF TreeViews
7 Apr 2019 by Phil Hopley
Fifth part in a series on a ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot
3 May 2019 by Phil Hopley
Eighth part in a series on a ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot
4 Nov 2009 by Larry Aultman
How to catch and handle ASMX based SOAP exceptions in a WCF client.
17 Jan 2019 by Phil Hopley
Third part in a series on a ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot
17 Dec 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
To work with Regions effectively in a Prism based WPF application, we must understand the relationship between WPF Controls, RegionAdapters and Regions. In this articles, we will learn about process of Region creation and critical role played by RegionAdapters with a demo application.
21 Oct 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
A component that allows the customization of menu shortcuts. This can be useful for barrier free applications.
17 Jun 2009 by Sacha Barber
How to create custom panels in WPF
6 Nov 2012 by Yvan Rodrigues
A head start for App Innovation contestants
27 Aug 2018 by amitthk
RunCmd is a windows batch file editor,runner utility. It can be used to automate our repetitive tasks using commandline batch files.
14 Dec 2019 by Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET.
3 Nov 2018 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way for sending WhatsApp messages to an individual or to a group in C++
13 Mar 2019 by Oana Mancu
Any deterministic game can be broken down to its core functionalities. By understanding them, one can implement fundamental algorithms such as Minimax (with alpha beta pruning), thus paving the way towards a better AI opponent.
26 May 2020 by stefan stammberger
A novel allocator implementation for managing huge sets of data in STL's std:: containers for Windows operating systems
9 May 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
Create music easily
10 Mar 2019 by Sergey L. Gladkiy
The article describes a simple way of realizing math formula evaluation and drawing in WPF applications.
30 Jul 2019 by Don Hoang
This post describes implementing ASP.NET Gridview using Bootstrap 4.
24 Apr 2022 by Marcus Müller
Pandemic SEIR and SEIRV modelling software and infrastructure for the Corona SARS-COV-2 COVID-19 disease with data from Johns-Hopkins-University CSSE, Robert Koch-Institute and vaccination data from Our World In Data.
12 Oct 2019 by Thomas Weller
Demonstrates how to invoke TensorFlow neural networks from a C# application and also how to use a Python-generated chart to display the results.
13 Oct 2008 by CodingBruce
Pull metadata from a schema or generate XML mappers
1 Aug 2009 by Corinna John
Encode a message as waypoints in a GPX file.
14 Feb 2010 by Nicolas Dorier
A design pattern to easily bind or animate properties that do not exist on an element, and which works in both Silverlight and WPF
12 Jun 2012 by Miroslav Popovic
MSBuild database migrations/upgrades with backup and restore functionality
14 Jan 2013 by DaveAuld
In this section, we look at the basics to get going.
20 May 2018 by Eric Lynch
In this article, we explore the implementation of a Visual Studio editor that allows editing of a fictitious "Colorful" language. The editor minimally implements both syntax classification / coloring and IntelliSense completion.
5 Oct 2021 by Eric P Schneider
The article demonstrates database create, read, update, delete operations using the .NET Symbiotic ORM.
1 Aug 2018 by Habibur Rony
This article mainly covers how to setup and configure Azure AD tenant and integrating Azure AD into ASP.NET Core 2.0 web app for authentication and role based authorization.
19 May 2022 by
This article and the demo are about getting started using the MVVM Toolkit and some self-created interfaces / services for MessageBox and some dialogs.
21 Dec 2007 by Keng_Mycos
Using Amazon FPS as an alternate to Paypal and Google Checkout.
23 Jan 2012 by Gil Yoder
In this article, I describe how to display data from a simple XML file in a WPF TreeView control.
22 Jun 2014 by _Asif_
Welcome to the wonderful word of CCXML/VXML
16 Sep 2020 by John B Oliver
Resolve unreferenced type in .NET app using partial type name from GAC
9 Jun 2015 by beep
A full WPF sample application demonstrating IronPython business rules
11 Dec 2018 by raddevus
Learn to create iOS apps using Xcode while you learn Swift. (If you've ever wanted to see iOS app dev in action, take a look at the screen shots.)
20 Dec 2020 by Shenwei Liu
A custom and configurable Angular data grid tool and demo application presenting both client and server-side data filtering, sorting, and pagination (updated to Angular 11)
27 Jan 2012 by CooperWu
A framework designed for support upgrade components in service without stop running
3 Oct 2012 by Rahul Rajat Singh
This article talks about how we can render XML data in an ASP.NET application. We will see how this can be done using XSLT transformations.
7 Oct 2012 by Briti Sundar
This app will help users to quickly add different type of effects on a picture like sketch, oldphoto, emboss, nightvision, cartoon, oilify, etc.
21 Apr 2013 by Mike-MadBadger
This is an alternative for "Pick Your Enumerator & Me.Understand Yield and IEnumerable (C#)"
5 Aug 2014 by Chris875
State pattern and procedural solution illustrated
6 Apr 2015 by HKHerron
A C# API Library for Discovering, Registering and Controlling Sony devices equipped with a LAN or WiFi port.
24 Aug 2016 by Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF resources
16 Jun 2018 by Mike V Baker
This article describes the process of setting up Single-Sign-On (SSO) for a Node.js website hosted on Amazon Web Services and configuring Elastic Beanstalk for HTTPS.
14 Aug 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post, we are going to implement dynamic highchart with Angular6 and ASP.NET Core.
2 Sep 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this brief article, we will demonstrate how to deploy a Node.js application and run it on Docker's Windows Server Core 2016 Containers
16 Jan 2019 by charles922
Introduction to Orbital Mechanics - 2 Body Problem WPF
25 Jul 2021 by honey the codewitch
Do efficient, low level parsing of markup like HTML and XML
16 Jun 2018 by Shao Voon Wong
Overloaded Operators to write concise code on STL Set Algorithms
25 Jul 2021 by Sergii Syrovatchenko
Here's everything you need to know about high-performance JSON parsing for SQL Server
30 Jul 2019 by Don Hoang
This post describes implementing ASP.NET Editable Gridview using Bootstrap 4
29 Jan 2019 by SergVoloshyn
Easy way to make Android OCR application
4 Jan 2023 by Alexey A. Popov 2
A simple implementation of Miller columns (cascading columns) control
2 Sep 2008 by Derek Burnett
Creating classes that model an RSS, in C#
23 Aug 2010 by Erion Pici
Generating docx reports in a client-server architecture, without using MS Office
6 May 2012 by CodingBruce
How to use a Linq2Xsd generated object to directly manipulate XmlSchema
20 Jul 2011 by Gil Fink
The post shows how to use the Geocode API in order to make an address lookup for a given location.
17 Feb 2012 by Anitesh Kumar
Azure Role Endpoints and Network Traffic Rules
24 Feb 2019 by chuck in st paul
This is a utility program for bulk/batch renaming of files that demonstrates using and creating events
21 Jan 2013 by Amit Bezalel
Improving XmlSerialization performance.
20 May 2013 by Jon Honess
Using Windows Azure to build an online board game.
9 Jun 2013 by Roman Kiss
This article describes how the Azure Lease Blob can help the composition of the business model during the runtime in the distributed event-driven pub/sub architecture.
20 Jun 2013 by Levente Kupás
If you have big reports which run slowly, you may use this T-SQL based engine to speed-up them.
2 Sep 2013 by Saif Al Falah
A very novel, fun and fast paced game optimized for AIO!
1 May 2016 by Pritam Zope
In this article we will automatically close the HTML tags when starting tag is typed in RichTextBox in C#
19 Sep 2017 by Igor Krupitsky
Application lets you copy tables from Paradox to SQL Server
24 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
Implementation of radar chart for various .NET platforms
12 Aug 2018 by Sarathlal Saseendran
We will create an Angular 6 application with Cosmos DB and Web API 2.0.
24 Oct 2018 by Mark Kruger
Visual Studio loader with arguments
23 Apr 2019 by Phil Hopley
Seventh part in a series on a ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot
11 Aug 2021 by Kourosh K Tari
Customized onscreen keyboard in C# for Windows
30 Dec 2007 by AGD-H
Knit is a Visual Studio add-in tool that allows a developer to apply multi-step patterns to solution and assembly meta-data.
29 May 2009 by Marian Dumitrascu
A SharePoint navigation provider for sharing top navigation with any site collection inside the same farm.
3 Nov 2010 by vnmatt
Code generator for creating XML serializable classes from scanning the XML file itself.
10 Aug 2012 by dreamgarden
SoapBox Core uses WPF's MEF to provide a base application framework that is easy to extend. This is a simple example that includes elements of a basic application (toolbar, statusbar, document area, etc.).
7 Dec 2018 by Yuriy Magurdumov
This article describes more scalable implementation of MessageQueue.ReceiveByCorrelationId method.
27 Oct 2015 by Bill Menees
AT&T’s vertical and horizontal coordinates can be used to calculate the latitude and longitude for rate centers and wire centers as well as the distances between them.
29 Aug 2016 by bmiller367
jQuery XML Parser and Search
13 Aug 2018 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see how to develop our first ML.Net application to predict the Item stock quantity.
16 Aug 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post, we are going to implement braintree payment gateway with ASP.NET Core 2.1
20 Oct 2018 by Rahul Jain (.Net Developer)
In this article, we will learn to setup log4net in our application for the very first time.
25 Feb 2021 by Stephane Capo
Kigs framework C++ Windows project to retrieve and display what other channels are subscribed by subscribers of a given YouTube channel.
16 Nov 2020 by Ruturaj Raval
In this article we’ll set up the TFLite model in the Android environment and create a working demo application.
18 Jan 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on de/serializing Tree View based content with XML
20 Jun 2020 by Just Perfection
In this article, you will learn about the GNOME Shell extension basics, schema, gettext and more.
1 Mar 2021 by Ayush Swiss
Establish the communication between WebView2 and JavaScript by which you can send and receive the message via WebView2
6 Feb 2001 by Nic Oughton
Using the high level API to send and receive SOAP messages in MFC
11 Feb 2003 by gosh
Serialize information stored as XML
22 Apr 2012 by Overboard Software
QueryMap allows you to pre-translate a LINQ expression into a form that the underlying query provider (such as LINQ to SQL) can understand.
5 Oct 2009 by Alexander Yegorov
Practical use of LINQ to XML technology.
29 Mar 2010 by Adrabi Abderrahim
Pivot 1.4, Spring and Hibernate is my RPG Game
19 Jan 2011 by Tomer Shamam
Blendability Part II – Design time support for Prism
19 Nov 2012 by Jim Meadors
String manipulation of XML files
5 Feb 2013 by Gokulnath007
To get instant control over Outlook and various operations of outlook.
18 Feb 2013 by gmaran23
Query the properties, or download a file present on a Unix server to a Windows server via SFTP connection
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
It seems we can LINQ to everything these days.  Here's some resources that will get you started using LINQ with XML.Introduction.NET
3 Dec 2018 by Amir Emamjomeh
A study of .NET Parallel Class in solving a system of linear equations using bi-conjugate gradient stabilized method
5 Nov 2014 by Mario Majčica
A technique to ship your snippets via a VSIX package
25 Nov 2014 by David Killian
A reflective approach to providing stored procedure based data access methods with a reuse pattern based on polymorphic Types as arguments in ObjectResult
3 Jun 2015 by Yvan Rodrigues
Store and retrieve messages in a central repository with SMS using Twilio and ASP.NET.
26 Mar 2016 by Amit Kumar Tiwari
.NET to Hadoop connection using Keytab file
1 Jun 2016 by Android on Intel
This article explains how to get started with expert level app development with AIDE.
24 Aug 2016 by Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF Templates
10 Dec 2016 by Alexey Chernobaev
Date and time source interface allows to use different actual date and time sources (e.g. current system time or accelerated system time) in your C# code to simplify debugging, simulation, etc.
21 Jun 2017 by Darren G441
Utility to create a CSS based hierarchical menu with jQuery, KnockoutJS and W3.CSS
24 Mar 2018 by Ehsan Sajjad
This post outlines why we would implement Equality for a Reference Type and how we can do that.
18 Sep 2018 by Zijian
Generate TypeScript Interfaces from POCO Classes of .NET Framework or .NET Core
26 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
Dynamic proxy for lazy deserialization of large JSON files
1 Oct 2018 by asiwel
How to Deploy Trained Models Concurrently
9 Nov 2018 by YasIkeda
Tutorial about how to add authentication functionalities to your existing ASP.NET Core project using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UI package
17 Nov 2018 by Terence Wallace
A brief article on how to utilize NBA Stats API in a WinForm application
6 Feb 2019 by Mark H Bishop
Computational classes and a GUI interface to illustrate usage
6 May 2019 by Ivan Yakimov
In Confirmit, we use NLog library for logging in .NET applications. Although there is a documentation for this library, I found it hard to understand how the loggers work. In this article, I’ll try to explain, how rules and filters are used by NLog.
26 Sep 2019 by Wang Ruofeng, Dirk Bahle
A guide to UIAutomation testing with WPF. Make test code easy to write and maintain.
20 Aug 2019 by honey the codewitch
Using PCK to create grammars, parsers and tokenizers for C# and other .NET languages
22 Dec 2019 by Marijan Nikic
A utility for automatization of moving files from partition A to partition B and vice versa
6 Mar 2021 by Clark Fieseln
Chat using "enhanced" end-to-end-encryption and modulation of audio signal in isolated device, ensuring privacy, anonymity and cybersecurity.
28 Apr 2019 by Martin Gmuca
In this article, we will look at the process of app development, deploy and debug on Raspberry Pi 3 using VS2019.
14 Oct 2020 by Padanian
Updating controls with a background worker with event-driven trigger
22 Mar 2020 by Maxim Dobroselsky
Console application to quantize notes of a MIDI file
23 Feb 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Recycle objects that are expensive to create and improve the performance of your application
21 Dec 2022 by scastelli
Natural approach to calculate value of an expression
17 Jun 2009 by Sacha Barber
How to explicitly update and validate Databindings in WPF
17 Aug 2011 by Ger Hayden
This is a working example of a BLOB column on a DataGridView for a Windows Form using C++/CLI where data is drawn from an XML document.
6 Sep 2011 by EmitsorGrp
Automatically generate a Windows Phone 7 settings page.
6 Sep 2013 by JayJanarthanan
View a twitter feed in the Windows 8 UI grid - the fast way
18 Feb 2016 by Admir Tershalla
Learn how to control Windows services via ServiceController in Windows Forms Application
23 Mar 2017 by Darren G441
Merge XML data into templates far simpler and easier than XSLT in 2 lines of code.
14 Sep 2018 by wmjordan
Circumventing language obstacles and optimizing performance with Dynamic Methods, Dynamic Assemblies.
28 Jun 2018 by charles922
Anagram Generator
25 Jul 2018 by Han Bo Sun
This article is an introduction on how to use the JJWT library, key stores, private/public keys to encrypt and decrypt the JWT token.
28 Nov 2018 by Anthony Fountaine
A quick and easy way to extract multiple video clips from GoPro video footage
24 Jan 2019 by Christ Kennedy
Draw multiple sprites of different appearances with a single instance of classSprite
18 Oct 2020 by Mohssine EL HARFI
ECLP in C#
2 Apr 2019 by Petrov Vladimir
Build up our own AVI editing application and explore some fun techniques using simple code additions
29 Oct 2001 by simulant
Transform any XML persisted ADO Recordset into a delimited text file.
6 Mar 2002 by Anand Bolangadi
Number to word conversion program using XSLT
6 Jul 2008 by Mahendra Kumar Srivastava
An XSLT transform for string representation of numeric place values
25 Mar 2009 by Sike Mullivan
Create a Web Part that displays the most viewed content
18 Mar 2009 by jgauffin
A framework for component based programming (using dependency injection).
9 Apr 2009 by Sacha Barber
Alternative Item Backgrounds the .NET 3.5 SP1 Way
17 Jul 2009 by Sarmak.M.C
How to invoke Stored Procedures with the FOR XML clause using BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 if the Stored Procedures are not in the default schema?
1 Jul 2009 by spotofleopard
Regular Expressions enable your application to parse text files of customized formats.
28 Feb 2010 by NetDave
Demonstrates how to manage a Netflix subscriber's movie queue
29 Dec 2009 by GoranZoran
Migrating VS package from 2008 to 2010 Beta 2
3 Jan 2010 by Todd Schilling
This article describes how to extend the ConfigurationElement class to deserialize text elements.
20 Sep 2010 by Florian DREVET
Brings you the ability to personalize your configuration files per developer, per machine, per configuration...
5 Nov 2010 by SofianH
A description of the open source Web RSS Builder
2 Jan 2012 by MadhurimaS
A component which can be plugged to a WCF service or any other client to utilize AppFabric caching features
16 Feb 2012 by Ryan Samiee
1 Oct 2012 by Semertzidis Aris
An application to record Kinect's data and playback them again, at a later time
9 Nov 2012 by Herbert Oppmann
Shows how to get the .NET XmlWriter class to write empty element tags
28 Nov 2012 by Doug_Rathbone
Teaching Your Application to Read
3 Dec 2012 by Rupesh Tarwade
Building Custom SharePoint 2010 Workflow with InfoPath Task Form
21 Nov 2018 by Bruno Baia
Spring.NET Social helps you to simplify authentication (OAuth) and API binding with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers such as Facebook and Twitter.
19 Feb 2013 by Jim Roth
Using the TFS API to undo checkouts for build processes
4 Apr 2013 by Jean-marc Lai
Unity interception
1 Jul 2014 by JIANGWilliam
This article introduces a handy way to get the calling Testing Assembly from a called Assembly
1 Dec 2015 by Android on Intel
Targeting Android Apps on x86- and ARM-Based Devices with Visual Studio 2015
14 Jan 2016 by Android on Intel
The JavaScript parser for depth photo parses eXtensible Device Metadata (XDM) image files [1] and extracts metadata embedded in image files to generate XML files.
3 Feb 2016 by Michael B. Erickson
Add rich reporting of exceptions to improve error reporting to users and diagnostics to development.
7 Jul 2016 by dharrison_ch
A pattern of solution for automating the testing of Web Service-based components.
25 Jan 2018 by Intel Corporation
This tutorial will walk you through the basics of using the Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit's Inference Engine (included in the Intel® Computer Vision SDK).
27 Apr 2018 by Member 11896794
This custom database first approach token authentication will enable you to apply token-based authentication in your application in a simple way with no hassle.
9 Jul 2018 by ThatsAlok
Let's explore the world of StateFulWidget with respect to Flutter
18 Jul 2018 by ThatsAlok
Flutter ListView: A scrollable control for everyday need
21 Jul 2018 by ThatsAlok
Let's explore Flutter Grid view and MediaQuery
14 Aug 2018 by charles922
Demonstrate Clipping Plane in WPF 3D
7 Oct 2018 by David A. Gray
This article demonstrates a class library that supports command line parameters with default values stored in application settings.
31 Dec 2018 by Randy Kroeger
This article provides an example on how you can change application configuration settings within an existing ClickOnce publish, update the manifest files, followed by using the Mage utility for updating the manifest using the existing cert file.
26 Aug 2019 by robertcarlson8203
Learn how to quickly build mobile apps using a Xamarin with a cloud hosted mobile backend in minutes.
22 Jan 2020 by Flávio Henrique de Carvalho
This is a practical article that serves with a guide of steps describing problems and solutions found when deploying an application with an ASP.NET Core backend and Angular frontend, aimed at developers and other beginner professionals.
13 Nov 2020 by Ruturaj Raval
In this article we walk through the basic setup of the model-based app in the Android environment.
10 Feb 2021 by Harry Constantinides
Gtk3 Localization in C# using WPF Dynamic Resources
16 May 2008 by Layer 7 Technologies
Discuss XML and Web services-specific security challenges and presents the limitations of an SSL or sole XML Firewall solution. Outlines the attributes of an ideal Web services security solution.
18 Feb 2020 by Mircea Neacsu
Case folding for UTF-8 code
4 Oct 2016 by Sergey Grybniak
Learn how to create a new theme for your ecommerce website using Magento 2.
2 Apr 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
If you were on the fence about adding mscript to your arsenal of system tools, have another look.
7 Feb 2001 by Steve Maier
Creating a SOAP client using C++ instead of VB
15 Dec 2008 by Enrique Albert
A log4Net example: how to consolidate SQL scripts using log4Net.
3 Mar 2009 by Won Dong
Process and toolkit to migrate data to Microsoft SQL Data Services
9 Sep 2009 by NetDave
Demonstrates how to access the Netflix Catalog resources
3 Dec 2009 by TheCodeKing
This example shows how to ghost non-ghostable files in SharePoint as well as how to relocate existing ghosted content.
17 Jan 2010 by Danny Hauptman
Using XLINQ to search through a Word2007 zipped document.
25 Aug 2010 by anand kr
How to use Spring Integration with ActiveMQ to handle message in pure POJO
5 Nov 2010 by SofianH
A description of the open source Web RSS Builder
5 Nov 2010 by SofianH
A description of the open source Web RSS Builder
14 Apr 2011 by Renaun Erickson
How to create a custom cell renderer skin for the QNX UI component List class
18 Apr 2011 by Holly Schinsky
This article is intended to give developers a quick reference guide to using Flex 4 containers and layouts.
1 Jul 2011 by Mahadesh Mahalingappa
In Part 2 of Dynamic Loading of objects, I have created a custom Dependency Injection Framework
10 Aug 2011 by Arik Poznanski
WPF: Dictionary Value Converter
9 Dec 2011 by emardini
This article is about implementing an MVVM Light based solution with an IoC container other than the built-in SimpleIoC container included in the MVVM Light framework.
29 Jun 2012 by Venkat Chaitanya Kanumukula
Maintenance of Definition's in multiple Dynamics AX Environments
22 Aug 2012 by Aurel Velicanu
A simple way to share tree organized information on the Intranet
24 Jan 2013 by HTML5 Partners
In the first article in this series, I covered cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) and building iframe sandboxes and described how to use these techniques in mashup applications to consume data from other domains and provide a layer to a defense-in-depth strategy.
8 Mar 2013 by Himanshu DS
Here are some styles of source code comments in C#, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
5 Jul 2013 by Nigel Stuke
This article explains how you can get the data for your last trip off of the Chaser Windows Phone App and convert it to GPX data so you can upload it manually to Strava.
1 Sep 2014 by Variya karan
Navigation in Windows 8 with data
22 May 2015 by JIANGWilliam
An open-source JAVA library to enable composing new XML document from scratch or based on templates, parsing XML to dictionary or JSON with easy and efficiency
9 Jan 2018 by Steffen Ploetz
How to provide multi-language resources from .NET compatible *.resx files for GUI applications on ReactOS (and other non-Windows OS like Linux)
4 Jul 2018 by Krishna P Seetharaman
Issues faced and learnings found during the generation of pipe delimited flat file generation
5 Feb 2019 by charles922
Demonstrate Clipping Plane in WPF 3D - Part 3
13 Sep 2018 by David Crow
How the selection in one spinner control can govern the contents of another
14 Feb 2019 by Melick
This is a complete guide to install SharePoint in a three server farm using AutoSPInstaller
25 Feb 2019 by EAHMK
This is an alternative for "Multiple Colored Texts in RichTextBox using C#"
3 Apr 2019 by Dean Roddey
Concepts and implementation of speech recognition and control via voice
16 Nov 2019 by Abdelhady Naguib
This is an open source GUI tool used to simulate mobile Robot (anchor node) according to different static path planning mechanisms. The proposed tool is part of project at the following link:
12 Oct 2006 by yshrestha
Creating data rich maps is a challenge. Making them easy to manipulate further complicates this task. Learn how to overcome both of these challenges using Dundas Map's AJAX-driven zooming, panning, and navigation functionalities, and how to add further interactivity to your Dundas Map applications.
21 Dec 2006 by 2sky
A brief overview of how the Hera Application Framework aids you in the development of data-driven applications.
24 Aug 2021 by Matthew_Heusser
In this post, you will learn a bit about the various components that make up Selenium WebDriver.
8 Jan 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
An exciting proof-of-concept that sews httplite with security components
22 Jul 2021 by Christ Kennedy
A simple application that keeps track of your CodeProject article statistics
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is one of the core technologies used in Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). Following links help you explore
27 Nov 2000 by Wrox
A case study which develops a real word application using ASP and XML
3 Apr 2006 by brian dunnington
An AJAX library with easy-to-use callback functionality.
2 May 2007 by Srinivas-Miriyala
This tool move the previously-published infopath form templates to a new location.
2 Jun 2007 by
Learn more about the Mashup creator, Popfly space, and the Web page creator.
17 Dec 2007 by mfmaneef
Explains how to send bulk records to a database using OPENXML.
22 Jan 2008 by Andrewiski
How to setup an MCF Service to use the ASP Membership Provider.
3 Jun 2008 by Darren Fieldhouse
Using LINQ to XML to download RSS enclosures.
5 Jun 2008 by salysle
This article discusses the construction of a simple application that may be used to view RSS feeds from the desktop.
25 Mar 2009 by Graham Cottle
Use of Expression Builders in different landscapes (Dev / QA / Prod).
14 May 2009 by Frauke
How to create a module package without giving away your source code.
11 Jun 2009 by Vorn Mom
In this article, I discuss my solution to get SharePoint mail to work with an authenticated SMTP server by creating a simple SMTP relay.
17 Jun 2009 by Sacha Barber
Consistent Window Look and Feel
8 Oct 2009 by mrjvdveen
Adventures while building a Silverlight Enterprise Application - Part #25
30 Oct 2009 by byapparov
An article on data validation with a flat file schema generated in Flat File Checker.
7 Apr 2010 by BarrySolomon
Support for Reading XML in MySQL
25 Aug 2010 by Olivier Gaudefroy
Ensure that your resx file contains a valid comment for each entry with MSBuild integration
11 Jul 2011 by Vishwanath Narayanan
This article will discuss about the real world problem and then we will see that how it can be resolved using JAXB.
24 Nov 2011 by gmtzgtz
How to generate XML content on the fly and then store the contents in memory
30 Jan 2012 by abhijit.dalvi29
This article describes how to get the Menus Based on Role in XML Format and Bind them to the Menu Control in ASP.NET
2 Jan 2013 by Amr Rekaby, Mai Sobhy
This article provides a reusable component to calculate the delta difference between 2 XMLs structures, it is implemented by XSLT to be faster and platform independent.
25 Apr 2013 by Robert William Gates
Azure based repository for Major Technical Celebrity and Public Figures
29 Apr 2013 by Super Nubes
3 Jun 2013 by Mark Kestenbaum
An entry to the Windows Azure Developer Challenge.
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
There's a good overview of ths control on MSDN with examples like Binding a Tabular Control to the XmlDataSource Control and Filtering Data Using the
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
ProfileThe Profile provider stores information on a user defined by the profile properties in the web.config. By default the properties are
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
The AdRotator control presents ad images that, when clicked, navigate to a new Web location. Each time the page is loaded into the browser, an ad is
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Use the Xml control to display the contents of an XML document or the results of an XSL Transform.The XML document to display is specified by
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Local and Global ResourcesIn the past, Global Resources were compiled to satellite assemblies, where as local resources were XML files, this
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Creating a simple XML Parser alternative to LINQ Here is a simple way to parse an XML string, and store its element name and values in a Hashtable
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
  It is very good to know how we can add controls in XSLT.We know by using XSLT we can transform XML document to any format like
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
The TreeView is an .NET  DataBound Control which is used to display hierarchical data.  Can be bound with the The Nodes of this control with the help
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
SOA and WebserviceService Oriented Architecture - SOAOften a distributed system can takes years to come together. If these systems project a
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
The process of serialization converts an object into a form so that it can be transported across the network or can be placed in a storage location.
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
XML namepace has XmlWriter class to write to XML file. Code in C#:using System.XML; //Add this namespace to use XmlWriter and XmlReader
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Client and Server (Common) Validation Logic The Logic for validating input commonly on server side and showing the response onclient side is based on
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
First Create a XML as App_Data/Advertisements.xml    
17 Oct 2013 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
Framework library for designing RESTful home cloud services using an FSI like interface.
17 Oct 2013 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
Framework library for designing RESTful home cloud services using FSI like interface.
5 Aug 2015 by _Asif_
Framework helps resolve Template Codes present in any text at Runtime
7 Apr 2015 by Android on Intel
In this article, I will explain how to build an NDK app for Android* on Intel® architecture.
7 Apr 2015 by Android on Intel
Intel has developed a valuable tool for developing parallel applications called Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB).
25 Aug 2015 by bconlon
XSD 1.1 support in Liquid XML 2014
30 Dec 2019 by Ri Xu
This post shows you how to import and export Excel XLSX in Go language.
17 Oct 2018 by Han Bo Sun
In this article, I like to discuss the way to set up a Spring Boot application that is packaged as a WAR archive and supports Spring MVC with JSP as view.
31 Dec 2018 by Alvin Bunk
Unit tests for Symfony Entity classes
6 May 2019 by Dmitriy Gakh
Three state (ternary) logical type implemented using C# programming language
10 Feb 2020 by Cristián Ulloa Besserer
A Windows Presentation Foundation TextBox control with chilean tax ID mask, and its validation through modulus 11 algorithm.
2 May 2006 by Petr Palas
This article compares various approaches to storing, editing, and displaying structured content on the web. It shows the advantages and disadvantages of using XML and relational SQL databases.
5 Jun 2006 by Dundas Data Visualization
Learn how AJAX features provide interactivity and zooming/scrolling to Dundas Chart.
1 Nov 2006 by Lou Franco
This article will show you how to use the Atalasoft DotImage AJAX-enabled Web Image Viewer and Web Thumbnail control to navigate multi-page TIFFs, add controls to call clean-up routines, and update the browser without a post-back.
7 Nov 2006 by Bill Albing
FarPoint has developed leadership in the spreadsheet component marketplace with FarPoint Spread for Web Forms which is the high-end spreadsheet product for ASP.NET development. It is AJAX enabled and ATLAS tested.
14 Dec 2006 by John C. Juback
This article describes a sample "mash-up" application that combines data from three different Web services and displays the results using a variety of ComponentOne ASP.NET controls, including C1UpdateSplitter, which extends the functionality of the "Atlas" UpdatePanel.
23 Sep 2014 by LEADTOOLS Support
Why implementing Optical Character Recognition with Leadtools ODR SDKs is the faster, more accurate choice.
12 Jun 2007 by Lou Franco
Atalasoft decided to create web versions of their WinForms imaging controls. This case study outlines the requirements and analysis used to determine which technology was used in order to get migrate functionality to the browser: AJAX vs. Java vs. ActiveX vs. Flash.
29 Jun 2007 by SlickEdit Inc.
Using SlickEdit 2007 For Windows Development
7 Aug 2007 by Joel De Guzman
Do you read Science Fiction? Have you read a story that involves parallel computation or multi-core processors? Tell our Threading for Multi-Core Developer Community about it and you can win cash prizes. It's easy to join. Spend your summer wisely and join the Reading for Multi-Core Contest.
1 Oct 2012 by Clickatell
Clickatell brings forward a new capability that works with their messaging products to allow the application developer to deliver an SMS-enabled user experience that is exclusively theirs without having to take on the burden of billing or supporting the messaging functionality.
7 Jan 2008 by Visual Numerics, Inc.
This document focuses on the combination of VSTO 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition.
19 Dec 2012 by Plantronics
This posting will show you how to use an undocumented and unsupported feature in the Plantronics Voyager Legend and Voyager Pro headsets that will allow you to receive headset events over Android’s XEvent mechanism.
2 Jul 2009 by Eric J. Smith, Shannon Davidson
In the time that LINQ to SQL has been available, we have been identifying ways to make LINQ to SQL better. We have compiled all of those cool tips and tricks including new features into a set of CodeSmith templates. PLINQO opens the LINQ TO SQL black box giving you the ability to control your source
7 Apr 2013 by Amazon
Getting Started with the Amazon Mobile Ads API
16 Apr 2018 by Authorize.Net
The Authorize.Net API makes it easy to create, capture, refund and void secure payment transactions. Offering both XML or JSON, it works well with Ruby, Node.js, Python, and many other languages. The streamlined API also has the bandwidth to accept payments in every environment.
23 Oct 2015 by Intel Corporation
In this article, we will show you how to build a web application that can detect various types of gestures using the Intel® RealSense™ SDK and front facing (F200) camera.
11 Jul 2013 by Aspose
Mail Merges in the Cloud: using Aspose.Words for Cloud
3 Dec 2013 by Ted Neward
A continuation of Part 1, deploying to the cloud.
12 Dec 2013 by Ted Neward
Parallel processing in Android native code
27 Jan 2014 by Ted Neward
Google Cloud Platform - Part 6: Google Cloud Datastore
2 Jun 2014 by Android on Intel
In this document, we will focus on a few Android UI programming techniques that will help you to achieve the goal of a dynamic UI – use of the action bar, tab, and swipe views with dynamic application data to enhance the screen navigation, use of Android fragments to design multiple-pane and master-
29 Sep 2016 by Rasmus_Hald
Microsoft teamed up with a major independent software vendor (ISV) to identify and improve the vendor’s DevOps practices, with a focus on monitoring.
22 Aug 2011 by David Abramson
Discover how quickly and easily you can create BI apps, deploy scalable dashboards and reports, and embed analytics into existing apps. You can then deploy your apps to any number of users on any platform, including mobile - all without per-user fees.
12 Feb 2015 by Android on Intel
In this article, I will explain how I added local search capabilities to our existing restaurant application while maintaining UI continuity.
16 Aug 2017 by ergohack
Reason-Based State transitions for TFS WorkItems provides better usability and flexibility over the current State-Based transitions that place the collection of the Reason as secondary and often optional.
3 Jul 2013 by Florian Rappl
Bringing the DOM to C# with a HTML5/CSS3 parser written in C#.
16 Dec 2021 by AlexeyAB
Atomic operations and C++11 memory barriers and assembler instructions generated on x86_64 CPUs
28 Jul 2011 by JosipK
This article will explain the basics of ODF format, and specifically its implementation in spreadsheet applications ( Calc and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 SP2). Presented is a demo application which writes/reads tabular data to/from .ods files.
28 Jun 2005 by Daniel Cazzulino [XML MVP]
An in-depth exploration of the features and the power of .NET Component Model architecture, its integration with the IDE at design-time and the possiblities it opens through extensions at run-time.
30 Dec 2018 by Chinmoy Mohanty
Multiple techniques of implementing The Observer Pattern in .NET
22 Jun 2013 by Pero Matić
A detailed analysis of how to inject the .NET runtime and arbitrary .NET assemblies into unmanaged and managed processes; and how to execute managed code within those processes.
8 May 2020 by Intel Corporation, Arthur V. Ratz
I will discuss how to deliver the modern code, using Intel C++ Compiler and OpenMP 4.5 library, that implements the parallel "stable" three-way quicksort, based on the parallel code that has already been discussed in the previous article.
23 Nov 2021 by Rick Drizin
Simple structure for keeping SQL Server Auditing Tables and Versioned Records in the same set of tables, using Audit Triggers and Entity Framework
26 Apr 2015 by Roy Ben Shabat
Developing robust client-server applications with the .NET framework and C#
13 Aug 2010 by David Veeneman
An article about a Bindable WPF RichTextBox
10 Jan 2013 by Jerry.Wang
This wrapping class will try to use the latest version of MSXML in the machine, and it is easy because of using auto_ptr.
9 Jan 2019 by steveb
Describes all aspects of MFC serialization mechanism
31 Dec 2013 by DataBytzAI
Using a plugin system to auto-update functionality of a Windows service without the need to re-install the service
20 Feb 2019 by JL Doty
Minimalist app to monitor a system's sensors
3 Sep 2010 by Sacha Barber
A look into messaging solutions using NServiceBus.
3 Oct 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
Recently I was looking for WPF major versions and its progression so far. To my surprise there was no resource providing a compact look on WPF versions on internet. Then I put some efforts in this regard and came up with this article.
13 Dec 2018 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way for sending WhatsApp documents and images to an individual or to a group in C++
19 Aug 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A utility that can be used to spy the properties of any Windows forms control in the system
22 May 2020 by Kamran Saeedi
An idea on how to use .NET ExpressionVisitor to translate lambda expressions into classes that encapsulate data suitable for filtering data & creating query strings
9 Mar 2019 by AlexeyYakovlev
This paper demonstrates a technique of building Sprache parsers using grammar inheritance.
22 Mar 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Drawing large amounts of items quickly with WPF.
19 May 2013 by Amir Jalilifard
How to make a real time commenting feature using SignalR.
11 Mar 2020 by Vassili Kravtchenko-Berejnoi
Use of a narrow-focus strategy in test-driven-development
19 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
WinForms library containing the IncipitViewer control for drawing musical notes
5 Sep 2022 by Keith Barrett
A C# library for use in physics and engineering calculations
11 Jan 2003 by Kristen Wegner
Discussion of techniques for fast, robust, light-weight XML parsing.
20 Aug 2014 by Sandeep sunku
This article explains the boot strapping process of .NET Application.
20 May 2010 by Evoluteur
A step wizard for ASP.NET to export database objects to CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, or SQL
27 Oct 2018 by Steffen Ploetz
Give an brief overview of text rendering options for OpenGL/OpenTK especially for MONO/.NET.
8 Mar 2021 by Akshay Srinivasan2
Canvas Control Library provides highly customizable controls using the HTML5 Canvas element. Also includes a new Forms based system which is a new way to build your web pages and websites.
13 Oct 2015 by Henrik Jonsson
An efficient solution for adding semantic meaning, strong-type checking and validation to your data members.
1 Oct 2010 by Al-Farooque Shubho
Architectural approach of a domain independent Single Sign On implementation for ASP.NET applications.
5 Sep 2014 by Abhishek Jaiswall
Data parsing SQL to JSON
28 Sep 2018 by Akhil Mittal
Code First Approach and Migrations in Microsoft .NET Entity Framework
20 Oct 2020 by Akinmade Bond
Library that allows an app to process hotkeys and perform other keyboard manipulations
16 Apr 2007 by Raj Lal
The power of MSN videos in your Windows Vista sidebar with Soapbox. Create and share your favorite video list
20 Dec 2012 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation, and usage of custom message mediation activities for a XAML workflow.
4 Feb 2006 by Mauricio Ritter
In this article, I'll show you how to call web services asynchronously using Biztalk. We'll use two orchestrations and some concepts like port parameters and polarity inversion of a port.
31 Mar 2021 by Ivan Golović
Record various Windows session events, log them, parse and display session events per user
21 Mar 2011 by mikeperetz
This article shows how to make a service scale beyond one machine, and use load-balancing and fault tolerance with WCF Router and WCF Discovery.
28 Dec 2011 by Evoluteur
A look at the minimal metadata needed (database mapping and user interface) for generic CRUD applications using the example of a to do list.
9 May 2009 by Arif_Khan
Meanshift tracking implementation
9 Nov 2013 by Jakob Lithner
Extension to the TreeView control making it very fast to load items
26 Apr 2006 by Salvatore Vetro
Ensuring a crisp boundary exists between objects, enabling greater reuse and system maintainability.
28 May 2007 by Sau Fan Lee
ASCII Art generator in ASP.NET.
13 Nov 2014 by Daniel Vaughan
Learn how to combine T4 and a custom markup extension to share and consume image files between projects.
2 Aug 2018 by Marc Clifton
A discussion of various approaches to threading, covering locks, mutexes, semaphores, concurrent collections, work queues, threads, PLINQ, TPL, exception handling, and cancellation tokens
23 Aug 2008 by sukram
Drag, resize and rotate elements on a Canvas
20 Jul 2016 by Super Lloyd
Introduction to MVVM for absolute beginners
10 Dec 2015 by Daniel Miller
This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance role-based access control list.
14 Jan 2018 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A graphical tool to allow you to design a CQRS model and have the code and documentation generated from it (C# or VB.NET)
12 May 2021 by Paulo Zemek
A tutorial explaining how to create a Virtual Machine and a Compiler for such virtual machine
9 Sep 2006 by circumpunct
A quick and dirty use of an XML file to save program settings between application execution sessions.
15 Dec 2018 by Dmitriy Gakh
An introduction to Genetic Algorithms with brief reference to biology and example of finding one solution for complex mathematical equation
20 Dec 2011 by Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
T4 templetes with built-in support for CRUD operations, that utilize XML/XSD for DAL/BLL generation.
27 Oct 2012 by NinjaCross
This tutorials introduces a new NUnit Addin able to record execution time of unit tests and generate XML, CSV, HTML performances reports with charts and history tracking.
30 May 2012 by mbarbac
(v2) How to convince your C# objects to carry extended properties, in real time, and with no modifications in their code. V2 includes a collector for disposable properties.
9 Mar 2016 by Abhishek Kumar Goswami
ASP.NET web optimization framework
20 Jul 2010 by AmbarRay
This article explains how to manage state in Web Services using WCF by leveraging ASP.NET infrastructure with BasicHttpBinding.
25 Jun 2009 by rudigrobler
An article on how to create a kiosk application that displays photos received via BlueTooth.
6 Nov 2018 by Dirk Bahle
How to create a new tool window in AvalonDock [2.0]
23 Jul 2006 by Ting Huang
Walks you through building a generic custom action to manipulate and XCopy the .addin file along with your add-in assembly that will work for most add-in deployment scenarios.
11 Aug 2005 by Tonster101
An article on converting EDIFACT messages to XML, and converted the XML into anything XSLT can perform
23 Aug 2017 by Clifford Nelson
This is a generic class that makes it much easier to create another class in the background. It also provides a good sample of how to use the Task.Run with the ContinueWith clause.
8 Oct 2008 by sukram
Designer Canvas with Zoombox
31 Jan 2021 by Steffen Ploetz
Creation of a basic icon editor with as little code as possible, that is running on ReactOS and Windows, to check out the stability of application development capabilities on ReactOS
27 Feb 2022 by shunninghuang
C# arcade emulator, ROM hacking
31 Jan 2008 by Dario Solera
Exploring Windows Presentation Foundation 3D capabilities and building a sample application with a couple of cool features such as zooming and 3D rotation
14 Nov 2010 by defwebserver
A demo application using the Silverlight Sterling database using View Model (MVVM).
19 May 2002 by Dana Holt
This class makes it easier to use the shell function SHBrowseForFolder
13 Aug 2018 by Gunnar S
Convert an existing .NET Core WebAPI application to NServiceBus
22 Feb 2010 by Pero Matić
How to automatically enforce and switch between secure (HTTPS/SSL) and non-secure (HTTP/non-SSL) web pages without hard-coding absolute URLs, using SEO friendly redirects.
16 Dec 2013 by Rafid K. Al-Humaimidi
Easily support caching in your C# application to improve its performance.
1 Nov 2018 by Fedor Naumenko
A combined solution of the generalized partition problem, which allows to quickly get the good quality result
2 May 2020 by Kalvin Lawrence Ernst
A sample application code which is an alternative to using libraries such as AngularJS, React, Vue, etc. Only jQuery and bootstrap are used in conjunction with vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
29 Mar 2007 by Willem Fourie
This tool extends the Microsoft XSD tool to provide quality and robust auto-generated code that is easy to use.
27 May 2006 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
An ASP.NET Atlas server extender control that converts text specified in a control to images from flickr.
2 Jan 2021 by Brad Joss
Alter your clipboard contents before pasting to automate tasks
29 Jan 2019 by Zuoliu Ding
A discussion on some basic practices highly recommended in Assembly Language Programming.
27 May 2014 by Shuqian Ying
Implementing a unified structured query system of service based relational data source with build-in intelligence.
27 Sep 2018 by Akhil Mittal
In this article, we look at how we can leverage Entity Framework approaches and, as per need, use those.
6 Jul 2014 by Richard James Moss
Helper class for configuring which version of Internet Explorer is used by the WebBrowser control when hosted in a Windows Forms or WPF application
8 Jul 2018 by Mark J. Caplin
Cross-platform development with Microsoft ASP.NET Core 2.1
3 Jan 2005 by Mike Ellison
A user interface web control for building conditions suitable for use in a SQL statement.
16 Dec 2012 by Manar Ezzadeen
An introduction to ZeroMQ, a very lightweight message queuing open source software.Then exploring and testing in a very easy way its main communication patterns using C#.
1 Oct 2018 by Akhil Mittal
ASP.NET Web API 2 with Entity Framework 6 Code First Migrations
22 Feb 2011 by Elmue
This C# (Visual Studio 2003) project creates PowerPoint presentations based on XML templates which are filled with dynamic data.
23 Jun 2020 by Ciumac Sergiu
Explains sound fingerprinting algorithm, with a practical example of detecting duplicate files on the user's local drive.
19 Dec 2019 by Edwig Huisman
CString only projects can convert to STL std::string
23 May 2009 by Matt Sollars
A WPF hybrid smart client for calculating attack combos in the Prince of Persia game.
13 Dec 2010 by Sacha Barber
Shows how to use OpenID with ASP.NET MVC Forms Authentication.
24 Jul 2019 by Mehdi Gholam
NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters (now with standalone Server mode, Backup and Active Restore, Transactions, Server side queries, MonoDroid support, HQ-Branch Replication, working in Linux, .net
29 Feb 2008 by sukram
Connecting items
25 Apr 2017 by Rene Bustos
I will show you how to get a response from a Web Service developed over .NET (version does not matter)
30 Oct 2013 by Simon Robert VoIP
This article presents a simple example on how to insert automated reminders about appointments, meetings to MySQL table with the help of PHP
17 Dec 2019 by Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET
1 May 2021 by Mircea Neacsu
A data structure for finding best rational approximations
8 Aug 2008 by datacop
Increasing the performance of your ASP.NET website by reducing the download footprint of your pages.
28 Apr 2009 by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes how to generate Dependency Properties from an XML declaration using a simple T4 template. It also includes a quick T4 primer.
28 Apr 2010 by Stephen Boissiere
Part 1 of 3 in a series of articles about generating SQL from an XML file format. This part describes the background to the project and talks about the development of the file format and an XSD schema.
1 Nov 2012 by Petr Ivankov
From desktop to Web
23 Mar 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
Implementation of Topic based publish subscribe design pattern using WCF callback
20 Oct 2019 by Lance A. Endres
The algorithm presented by Radhakrishnan, et al., originally used to segment well logs for the oil industry, has been ported to C and C#.
11 Dec 2008 by N a v a n e e t h
This article explains about executing a function within a time limit. Also includes a helper class which helps to implement timeout functions easily. This article deals with running multiple timeout processes each with time limit.
2 Jan 2020 by Alexandre Bencz
DotNetPELib is a library which abstracts managed information such as namespaces, classes, fields, methods, and instructions. The information can then be used to generate assembly language source files, or PE executables or DLLs.
27 Apr 2012 by Leslie Zhai
Open source windowless presentation manager library with DirectX 3D anmiation
11 Apr 2021 by Macabies Gilles
An easy-to-use filterable, multilingual custom DataGrid control for managing and filtering data for your WPF applications
6 Jun 2014 by girlprogrammer
Transforming with help of XSL
7 Feb 2013 by Anupama Agarwal
This article describes how to create custom delivery extension of Reporting service with User Control (.ascx) instead of server control.
20 Dec 2013 by Marius Bancila
Shows how to easily create live tiles using the TileNotifications pack
30 Jan 2010 by Bryan Thomas Weikel
LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and NHibernate used in a parallel fashion in a three-tier WinForms application.
30 May 2014 by Paulo Zemek
This article presents important architectural decisions that must be considered if you want to create a really expandable remoting framework and, well, those decisions may apply to any kind of framework.
2 Jan 2019 by Octavio Loyola-González, Miguel Angel Medina-Pérez, Andres Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, Milton García Borroto
In this article, we introduce a framework in C# for fingerprint verification, we briefly explain how to perform fingerprint verification experiments and how to integrate your algorithms to the framework.
27 Oct 2006 by Dan Radu
This article explains how to use Office 2003 WordML features to display data stored in .NET datasets.
23 Apr 2016 by pdoxtader
Wait, timeout and evaluate early thread release criteria easily and clearly with WaitTimeout
1 Apr 2014 by Richard Hewitson
An introduction to the capabilities of Scryber for creating dynamic PDF documents with data sources and style
25 Nov 2014 by Robert Vandenberg Huang
A step-by-step walkthrough of implementing the HTTP 206 Partial Content
9 Dec 2013 by V.
An overview of the difference between "programming" and "software development"
7 Sep 2006 by Riaan Hanekom
A (very) simple XSLT test utility.
3 Jul 2014 by Simon Sprott
This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.
24 May 2022 by Yücel Güven
IPv6 Subnet Calculator / Tool explained ( latest version: 5.0 )
29 Oct 2015 by minor_28
Web Control - Google Maps
4 Aug 2009 by Kirill Balandin
The article demonstrates how to use ASP.NET, jQuery, and WCF to develop widgets - portable chunks of code that can be embedded into other HTML pages.
23 May 2011 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
A new and independent Open Source Message Queue system that is entirely built in C# and .NET framework 3.5.
23 Aug 2010 by Darren Weir
Log reporting dashboard for Log4Net, NLog, ELMAH, and ASP.NET Health Monitoring.
18 Feb 2009 by IndioX86
An article on Hooking and Monitoring Window messages
4 Sep 2008 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
Dynamic slideshow performing lots of effects (with XML configuration).
28 Dec 2012 by Don Ashworth
Upload a Microsoft Office Power Point, Excel, Visio, or Word File to webserver, of which will be converted to HTML and hosted as a document link on the page in which it was uploaded.
28 Dec 2008 by Akrumooz
This feature enables a MOSS user to change his/her password when forms based authentication is enabled
15 Sep 2010 by Arik Poznanski
Windows API Code Pack v1.1
7 Oct 2018 by Mojtaba Hosseini
A graphical binary tree. Features: add, remove, or search for a node. Recursive algorithm has been used
10 Jan 2011 by Gianluca Negrelli
An organic approach to AJAX web development with jQuery and ASP.NET
6 Apr 2021 by jespa007
A library to parse and bind Json string or files to C structure
30 Nov 2018 by Troy Simpson
Setup a simple and cheap computer controlled watering system using VB.NET or C# and a parallel port relay controller
19 Apr 2021 by ChristianNeumanns
New improved XML/HTML syntax
24 Jun 2005 by Lowell Heddings
A direct port of the Code Project Search Bar, but for Firefox instead of IE.
24 Mar 2009 by Oleg V. Polikarpotchkin, Peter Lee
Calculate piecewise Bezier curve control points to make it a spline
17 Jun 2009 by Sacha Barber
Styling a ScrollViewer/Scrollbar In WPF
26 May 2014 by CatchExAs
How to make best use of current technology for computationally intensive applications?
12 Feb 2018 by Roman Ginzburg
A .NET API for the libVLC interface so the vast majority of VLC functionality could be utilized in managed applications
24 Jul 2019 by john_1726
Two SignalR Demo Projects: Self-Hosted Windows Service and Broadcasting Application
13 Apr 2019 by nogChoco
LineNumbers that dock to a RichTextBox or show as an overlay on top of it
3 May 2010 by NavnathKale
Simple but advance-featured TreeView control
22 Dec 2002 by Marc Clifton
This program explores how trees are made using a simple fractal algorithm.
29 Dec 2008 by Islam ElDemery
An object based framework to access XML files
22 Jan 2019 by Michael Haephrati
How can a Static Library embed resources and other data so any application (even a Console based one) can use them.
10 May 2007 by Scott Holodak
Adding XPath-like position tracking to XmlTextReader and SgmlReader for lightweight, high performance screen scraping.
21 Feb 2017 by Member 1895422
This article discusses bridging from Fortran to the .NET language C#.
1 Sep 2005 by otigli
An article about how to enhance current image characteristics
14 Sep 2018 by Mahsa Hassankashi
This article describes MSMQ technology (publisher and subscriber) in order to communicate among distributed systems in the heterogeneous network and platforms.
30 Mar 2003 by John O'Byrne
The TaskbarNotifier class allows to display an MSN Messenger-like animated popup with a skinned background
11 Jul 2002 by John O'Byrne
A MSN IM-style popup notification dialog
3 Sep 2018 by Peter Huber SG
Using Style and Binding to control WPF DataGridCell appearance
21 Jul 2014 by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
This article discusses various aspects of ASP.NET MVC security and shows some tips to implement these elements in your applications.
4 Oct 2009 by lepipele
Generate Word documents by appling XSLT on XML data.
1 Nov 2007 by Andrew Golik
JavaScript+AJAX solution for inline editing in grid.
15 Apr 2019 by Dan Ionescu (USINESOFT)
A newly released as open source nosql database for .NET (classic or core). Already used in production environments
6 Oct 2008 by Michael Chourdakis
The way to automate the help assistant process in C++ without dirty scripting code.
17 Jun 2009 by Sacha Barber
5 Mar 2008 by Omar Al Zabir
Performance tips and hard-core tricks that change core runtimes, not for the faint-hearted
15 Aug 2020 by Mohammad Dehghan
Creating special 'Graphics' objects to draw anywhere on your window, including non-client area
12 Nov 2010 by Petr Pechovic
Example of creating a WIX installer for an ASP.NET Web application.
7 Oct 2014 by Daniel Vaughan
Using Xamarin Forms platform specific rendering to create a cross-platform application bar.
19 Sep 2020 by Steve Hageman
DSPLib is a complete DSP Library that is an end to end solution for performing FFT's with .NET 4
20 Mar 2014 by maq_rohit
A lazy and attractive tool for CodeProject
17 Nov 2006 by Patrick Bounaix
Generate .resx files from an Excel spreadsheet; fully customizable.
20 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
Complex bindings in XAML made almost as simple as in JavaScript frameworks
14 Jan 2010 by Andrei Marukovich
This article describes Sedge - a highly customizable tool designed to help your customers create better error reports.
10 Apr 2021 by Ilia Reznik, Vladimir Shatalov
Parser for Wikipedia pages from XML dump is presented. Extraction of biographical data and categories with their parents is shown as an example.
13 Oct 2018 by Mayank_Gupta_
Serialization and deserialization of XML
28 Jul 2008 by BoneSoft
A gravity simulation particle system
29 Nov 2010 by cameron_elliot
A .NET library and website which allows developers to expose and view arbitrary diagnostic information about their .NET processes.
7 Apr 2010 by mohamad halabi
Introduces the Parallel Programming features of .NET 4.0.
13 Jan 2009 by John Whitmire
Using custom configuration sections without having to understand them... much.
16 Nov 2010 by Abdul Quader Mamun
Paging must be effective for large scaleable applications. Without smart and effective paging and sorting for huge amount of data, user request takes more time and uses more resources.
12 Apr 2016 by DataBytzAI
How to bring CSV and XML data into MS SQL server
23 Nov 2006 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design and implementation of the WF workflow connectivity to the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service for WS-Transfer operation contract.
20 Sep 2012 by ledtech3
This is a project for creating code like the WMI code creator but the output is for VB.NET and Windows Forms instead of for a Console Application.
29 Mar 2009 by James Finn
A SharePoint calendar extension that prohibits overlapping appointments
12 Jun 2012 by Mic
Swintching between different types of serialization.
22 Nov 2018 by Nick Polyak
Proposal for a generic framework for programming on trees
14 Oct 2015 by Mitchell J.
Introducing Bob's Quest, a Flappy Bird clone (of sorts), in which Bob must avoid crashing into pillars as he leaps through space.
23 Nov 2007 by Tim_Mackey
How to send large files across web services in small chunks using MTOM (WSE 3)
6 Jun 2020 by Alaa Ben Fatma
A visual scripting environment for R & data science
18 Sep 2019 by Andreoli Carlo
Matrix digital rain, Matrix code or sometimes green rain, is the computer code featured in the Matrix movies
25 Jan 2019 by David Lafreniere
Simplify passing data between threads using this multithreaded, portable C++ asynchronous callback framework
1 Jan 2011 by Ashish Kaila
Learn how to leverage UI automation in testing your UI and also to support accessibility features
4 Sep 2006 by Vadim Motorine
How to build a simple, robust and easily expandable server for multiple clients
23 Jul 2008 by Hax0r778
Learn how to create marching ants easily and efficiently
28 Apr 2013 by Raza_theraaz
C# Twitter Integration using Twitterizer
20 Apr 2020 by Roland Roos ICT Architectures
Using patterns like aspect-oriented programming in modern OO-languages in micro-services context
16 Oct 2018 by JL Doty
Fully exploit features of OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll
10 Dec 2008 by Wael Alghool
Gathering of various algorithms into one library to transform Hierarchical trees between various formats, and allows them to be represented into SQL 2005, the formats supported are TreeView, Textual, Tabular, Modified Preorder Tree Traversal and Graphical.
6 Jun 2008 by Zoltan Balazs
Yet another chat application, with server running in service mode or GUI mode.
23 Feb 2006 by _ABHILASH_MS_
A simple example on using the BizTalk Server.
10 Jun 2013 by Mario Stopfer
Generic database access model which generalizes the interactions with any particular database system.
25 Jun 2018 by Dirk Bahle
A quick guide to managing 100000'ish records efficiently with SQLite and C#/.Net.
9 Aug 2007 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a loosely coupled connectivity to fire the Workflow Event Activity from AJAX/JSON driven browser.
7 Dec 2010 by CodingBruce
Build better schema for rapid data model prototyping.
15 Mar 2012 by Zoltán Zörgő
A complete solution of how to build a simple mail relay application using MSMQ
22 Sep 2008 by Marc Schluper
An article on using ASP.NET AJAX components to build a new one: a pop-up panel
11 Oct 2009 by Nicholas Butler
Making more of your cores
14 Mar 2010 by Steven Nagy
Learning effective techniques to utilise configuration in your cloud apps, without locking into the Azure platform
16 Dec 2018 by Praveen Raghuvanshi
An application explaining the basic implementation of Autosave feature
21 Sep 2019 by Ziya Mollamahmut
Learn how to implement efficient paging with a reliable pagination control
10 May 2011 by Sacha Barber
A look into using the Task Parallel Library
22 Feb 2007 by
GridView with a single ModalPopupExtender/Panel for row editing.
4 Oct 2010 by Al-Farooque Shubho
Implementation approach of a domain independent Single Sign On (SSO) for ASP.NET applications.
3 Feb 2017 by lepipele
An overview that presents all PayPal integration options, targeted especially at C# developers.
28 Jun 2013 by Pål Thingbø
How to get SQL Server XML data to JSON objects in your browser via webservice
18 Sep 2018 by BenHall_io
This is a robust solution for FileSystemWatcher firing events multiple times
22 Jun 2008 by Jim Rogers
Modify config files with machine- or build-specific differences at compile time.
4 Jan 2005 by DGoins
This article explains a brief introduction to SOA and a Subscriber-Publisher model, along with how to implement one using WSE SOAP Receiver and WSE SOAP Sender classes inside a Windows .NET application.
28 Jun 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Solving the Classification problem with ML.Net Version 0.2.
12 Oct 2018 by Tom Clement
A magical edit menu that works with no connections to the rest of your project
4 Nov 2018 by Michael Chourdakis
A ready to be used hotpatching library with five methods!
9 Nov 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize to XML, any generic, derived, or other complex type, which XMLSerializer cannot serialize
3 Dec 2012 by Rupesh Tarwade
A tutorial on SharePoint 2010 Custom State Machine Workflows with custom task forms in InfoPath 2010. An example based tutorial where I simulate the recruitment process of an organization.
6 Aug 2019 by honey the codewitch
A parser generator and unification system for different parsing tools
23 Sep 2021 by Scott_Fitzpatrick
In-depth look at the Fuzzy Search API call
3 May 2017 by dmihailescu
A Visual Studio add-in that inserts some commonly known OO patterns into your working project and searches your highlights online.
8 Mar 2016 by David MacDermot
A simple to use grid control for Windows SDK C applications.
29 Jul 2004 by brian598
Describes a library that can be used to retrieve Audio CD information from the CDDB compatible freedb database.
16 Nov 2022 by Svetoslav Chekanov
Fast implementation of 2:1 image shrink (full image or part of it)
13 Aug 2018 by Shao Voon Wong
Outline Text Part 2
3 Sep 2015 by Tim Corey
Learn how to use log4net without fear. Stop copying config files and figure out how to make log4net do exactly what you want.
21 Jan 2009 by Murray Foxcroft
A take on getting started with the Facebook API and WPF
2 Oct 2012 by Sina Iravanian
A flexible XML serialization library that lets developers design the XML file structure, and select the exception handling policy. YAXLib supports polymorphic serialization and serializing generic and non-generic collection classes and arrays.
19 Sep 2004 by meebey
IRC library for .NET
11 Nov 2005 by liyang yu
Understanding the role of tModels in UDDI.
3 May 2013 by Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer
Working with XML in PHP.
8 Jul 2012 by Henrik Jonsson
An alternative approach to the new .NET async/await keywords to program asynchronously commands to make your user interface more responsive.
10 Dec 2007 by jonnynolimits
A library for serializing any class in XML format.
23 Jan 2010 by ds47
This article shows how to retrieve exceptions from a Web Service to a Silverlight Client by creating a WCF endpoint behavior.
29 Apr 2013 by karthik cad/cam
Simple clock using line transform
31 Jan 2006 by Mauricio Ritter
This article is a how-to guide to using SQL Server adapters in BizTalk Server 2004. It'll show how to configure the ports, messages, and orchestrations to use this BizTalk resource.
30 Mar 2015 by Florian Rappl, Niki Kilbertus
Using Microsoft Azure to add advanced machine learning capabilities with connected IoT devices, which monitor activities of a baby and his or her environment.
26 Nov 2015 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A utility to help turn flat files (.csv, tab separated, etc.) into type-safe CLR objects with validation using attributes
4 Mar 2007 by Mike Ellison
Combining a BuildProvider and IExtenderProvider to create a declarative framework for conditional formatting in ASP.NET GridViews.
1 Apr 2010 by tom-englert
Using Markup Extensions to build individual markup based declarative systems with XAML
29 Nov 2009 by Bharath K A
Scalable, high performance, and low latency reverse AJAX grid. This is a COMET based multi-client capable grid control. This grid control can COMET-update to multiple clients with varying data needs. Complete performance report included.
27 Jul 2018 by B.O.B.
Implement a Global Try Catch block while still using the .NET Application Framework.
20 Jul 2002 by Len Holgate
When you're developing a TCP/IP server application, it's easy to test it poorly. In this article, we develop a test framework that does most of the hard work for you.
23 Feb 2009 by johnsontroye
Using Silverlight 2.0 and C#/VB.NET to build an image rotator that has a useful set of basic features and is easy to setup and deploy.
3 Mar 2009 by Suriel Bendahan
Share your .NET assemblies with Silverlight.
1 Feb 2014 by SupperSlonic
Agile release cycle displayed in 3 views: monthly calendar, read-only view, edit view
23 Sep 2003 by Ben Bryant
Link CMarkup into your VC++ app and avoid complex XML tools and dependencies
12 Jun 2018 by Simon Sprott
This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.
3 Jul 2014 by Simon Sprott
This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.
11 Jan 2005 by Josh Smith
An article which shows how to enumerate over XML data in a foreach loop as if the data were in a collection.
11 Aug 2009 by Tanzim Saqib
Turn your current static website or blog into a lifestreaming portal with all your social activities with ASP.NET 4.0, C# 4.0, PLINQ, Task Parallel Library, Dependency Injection, and plug-in architecture.
23 Jan 2021 by Mehdi Gholam
In this article I demonstrate why fastJSON is the smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4, MonoDroid and .NET core support)
6 Oct 2014 by Pavel Torgashov
Fast and flexible replacing of standard WinForm’s controls: ListBox, CheckedListBox and TreeView
23 Jan 2009 by Abhijit Jana
This article describes Session in ASP.NET 2.0. Different types of Session and their configuration. Also describes Session on Web Farm, Load Balancer, and Web Garden scenarios.
1 Oct 2007 by Roman Kiss
This article describes design, implementation and the usage of the custom in-process transport for Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) model.
11 Dec 2022 by Evgeny Pereguda
This article presents my project for capturing of video and audio sources on Windows OS by Microsoft Media Foundation.
30 Nov 2005 by Christopher G. Lasater
This is a quick helper to allow you to make the web reference URLs for your WSDL proxies easier to configure when switching environments.
12 Oct 2009 by jhillman
A .NET Regular Expressions Find and Replace add-in for Visual Studio 2008
9 May 2012 by Petr Ivankov
Long time strategy of software design and development
16 Jul 2010 by Dr. Song Li
This article is an example to show you how to call WCF services synchronously as well as asynchronously.
1 Nov 2007 by Sacha Barber
Silverlight 1.1 Fun and Games
13 Feb 2009 by anarchistic
WCF thottling is about more than just the throttling options.
27 Nov 2003 by nickadams
How to redirect an arbitrary console's input/output in a simple, graceful way
6 Sep 2016 by DataBytzAI
How to scrape data from a website with C#
24 Nov 2002 by Chris Beckett
How to extend the standard menus to support icons using IExtender in C#
13 Oct 2016 by Fredrik Bornander
Showing how to prune nodes of a TreeView as a means of searching
4 Jan 2006 by Jay Muntz
A class to calculate what date the configured holidays fall on in different years.
31 Jan 2011 by Petr Pechovic
Creating Custom Action for WIX written in managed code without Votive
26 Jan 2010 by BackyardHackMechanic
Describes how to get more control over the XML output when using the FOR XML AUTO statement. For instance, when adding XML tags.
17 Mar 2009 by Bashir Magomedov
An ASP.NET control that allows drawing current Hijri date in string format on an ASP.NET page.
14 Aug 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
Is it better to serialize types without default constructor with Custom Serializer or a Substitute Pattern? Example of serialization of FontFamily into isolated storage in WP7.
13 Jun 2012 by Rawat Sandeep
Building a Rule Based Validation framework in C# and XML
19 Oct 2004 by mav.northwind
An extended ListView to allow for in-place editing of subitems using arbitrary controls as editors
7 Apr 2019 by Stefan Timovski
A short tutorial on how to get started with creating SSMS extensions
13 Apr 2012 by Marius Bancila
Some of the features of DocProject and the offerings of MAML, the mark-up language used for writing conceptual documentation.
5 Jan 2022 by Sergio Andrés Gutiérrez Rojas
Face detection and recognition with support of multiples faces in the same scene and other interesting features using C# and EmguCV
11 May 2011 by gaps96
Draws sets of tree nodes in a vertical way. Allows to Export an Image to SVG.
11 Aug 2008 by Marian Dumitrascu
Use DotNetNuke user store and management for SharePoint web applications that use Forms based authentication.
16 Aug 2014 by Ivan Krivyakov
How to control XML serialization in code, without custom attributes
17 Aug 2009 by Michael Mangelsdorf
A DLL implemented in assembler featuring a console GUI component
18 Jul 2006 by Daniel Grunwald
This article shows you how to start writing SharpDevelop add-ins, by porting Jon Rista's VS add-in to SharpDevelop.
1 Oct 2002 by John O'Byrne
CSplashScreenEx allows to display a non rectangular bitmap with information about the init of your app
20 Feb 2006 by Josh Smith
A utility class which makes it easier to create recursive methods that operate on the TreeView control
6 Dec 2013 by Azeet Chebrolu
This add-in adds easily accessible context menu commands to your DBML files to either apply custom changes or to refresh the whole DBML file with the latest changes from the database.
4 Jun 2007 by Roman Kiss
This article describes the design, implementation and usage of the WS-Eventing for distributed applications driven by new MS communication model WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
12 Sep 2019 by Sean Ewington
Web development beginner tutorials. A compilation of web development tutorials that serve as a beginner's walk to web development
8 Mar 2017 by Eric D Schmidt
Overview of a cross-platform spreadsheet-based rules enigne with algorithms implemented in C++ and JavaScript, and wrappers to C#/.NET/WinRT
6 Jun 2010 by Wayne Gaylard
A class to generate a complete backup of a MySQL database.
19 Jan 2019 by Chandru BK
This article will assume you have basic knowledge of C# and Xamarin Forms and shows how to implement the Xamarin Form Validations using simple Data Annotations applied on the models.
3 Nov 2007 by rkapl
Excel based solution for modifying Database data
22 May 2007 by Joerg Brunke
Writing custom commands for the stsadm.exe administration tool in SharePoint.
1 Sep 2013 by Ashwin Singh IND
Not your average painting app
30 Jul 2018 by charles922
Introduction to Numerical Methods and Updated Polynomial Class
25 Nov 2013 by Juan Carlos Recio Abad
Get a way to create and develop so much better and faster Infopath based programs.
8 Dec 2018 by CalicoSkies
Mixing audio from multiple WAV files to a single WAV file. Includes a C++ class for reading and writing WAV audio files, derived from an AudioFile class for future support of other audio file formats.
24 Apr 2019 by QxOrm
QxOrm C++ library: Persistence (based on QtSql Qt library) - Serialization (based on boost::serialization library) - Reflection (introspection)
21 Nov 2006 by Selvin
Post-build tool which can automate exporting .NET function to unmanaged programs
12 Dec 2021 by Tim Golisch
SSRS and Report Builder (or the old BIDS from 2008) are nice for making reports, but they don't embed into your ASP.NET project very nicely. This is one way to do it without the requirement for full SSRS (and the security hoops).
24 Aug 2006 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
This article introduces AJAX to ASP.NET developers, implementing an example web page in different ways using ASP.NET Atlas, ASP.NET callbacks, Ajax.Net, Anthem.Net, and MagicAjax.Net.
10 Oct 2009 by Dmitry Khudorozhkov
This article presents code that augments any INPUT box with an auto-suggest feature, AJAX-capable
12 Nov 2004 by Kenneth Young
This article demonstrates the use of an XML Schema validation class.
3 Sep 2018 by Michael Chourdakis
The update to my beloved library. Single-header file.
3 Sep 2008 by Joel Ivory Johnson
An introduction to data binding with WPF.
30 Dec 2007 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
This article builds a web based message board and uses several new technologies introduced with Visual Studio 2008 such as LINQ, WCF Web Programming, WCF Syndication, ASP.NET ListView, ASP.NET DataPager etc.
23 Sep 2020 by Claudio Nicora
An extended NumericUpDown control with better focus and mouse wheel management.
23 Dec 2009 by Matt Esterak
Using JQuery UI Tabs to host web pages via IFRAMEs.
18 Oct 2009 by Nicolas Dorier
How to extend MSBuild to dynamically compile stuff during a build.
2 Dec 2009 by Akram Mellice
Generate strongly typed datasets
27 Mar 2015 by Henrik Jonsson
Another solution for Extension properties in .NET
12 Jun 2009 by Jammer
An article showing an extremely simple implementation of CompositeWPF.
23 Mar 2006 by DaveeCom
CAlarmClock is a C++ class that can generate repeating asynchronous alarms
1 Sep 2014 by Paulo Zemek
There's a popular book that presents Data Structures tied to procedural code. Well, this article is all about using Data Structures in Object Oriented Programming.
30 Jul 2006 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
This article presents a timer control that resolves an issue with the Atlas Timer server control. The issue being the Atlas TimerControl cannot be stopped from the server side code.
12 Sep 2007 by Josh Smith
Demonstrates how to add text annotations to an Image element
15 Dec 2007 by Marcus Deecke
A deep XmlSerializer, supporting complex classes, enumerations, structs, collections, generics, and arrays
29 Dec 2004 by Marc Clifton
A multi-image viewer with drag and drop source and sink capability
9 Jan 2012 by Zuoliu Ding
A demonstration of a configurable Windows service with multiple tasks monitoring and logging
17 May 2007 by Steve Ward UK
How to extract an XML Schema (XSD) from a .NET 2.0 ConfigurationSection subclass using the attached XSDExtractor application I've written. The article also shows how to use the XSD file to provide validation and Intellisense support in Visual Studio.
4 Oct 2013 by Higty
This article describes the receiving mail process in IMAP for beginners of the mail protocol.
23 Aug 2019 by Leif Simon Goodwin
This article presents a highly configurable rotary dial control.
11 Sep 2011 by Michael Dunn
This article demonstrates new button and menu features of the Ribbon
30 Sep 2006 by Thomas Freudenberg, Jörgen Sigvardsson
A small application which emulates the behavior of the mouse in KDE
9 Oct 2019 by Taner Riffat
Multithreading is something we will all have to deal with sooner or later. This relatively simple application shows you how to use two threads to copy files. It is also a very handy Windows backup utility with a mirror feature, a batch mode feature, a log file feature and a help button!
8 May 2012 by HiteshSharma
The application adds a custom button and a few anchor elements on Google page which link to a previously searched text on google.
8 Nov 2005 by Feodor Fitsner
An article describing the implementation of custom WSE 3.0 policy assertions for signing and encrypting SOAP messages with Username tokens.
30 Sep 2014 by DataBytzAI
A whirlwind tour of how to implement search, filter and sort using KnockoutJS
2 Feb 2016 by SERGUEIK
In this article, few examples of embedding basic Windows Forms and WPF in Powershell script for collecting user inputs are given.
10 Nov 2005 by Cohen Shwartz Oren
How to plan, up front, for service packs, upgrades and hot fixes as they come along.
27 Sep 2006 by Gary Perkin
A Windows round button control in C# with designer support
17 Nov 2007 by Jean-Pierre Thomasset
UpdatePanel without full page load
24 Nov 2010 by tadeze
A simplified XML based phone book database using LINQ
18 Sep 2018 by Rahul Rajat Singh
How to use dapper to read mutiple resultsets from database in a single database call
9 Feb 2017 by dale.newman
An alternative to .NET Configuration Handler
3 Jul 2019 by FrankNight
This is just another web scraper written fully in .NET but finally without the use of mshtml!
1 Apr 2019 by veen_rp
Smooth a 2D polyline through interpolation (Catmull-Rom) or approximation (Chaikin)
23 Jul 2020 by wqaxs36
Math explanation and game engine coding.
28 Nov 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
This is second part of the article series with a demo WPF application using Prism and MVVM. In this part we will enhance the demo by adding common infrastructures and five modules.
13 Feb 2021 by Chris Stefano
A custom tool for Visual Studio .NET which runs an XSL transformation to generate code
19 Feb 2015 by Varavut
learn to develop your first Android application
30 May 2007 by Robertjan Tuit
ASP.NET and Ajax Webservices, not from a .asmx file, but from a compiled assembly with a little bit of reflection
10 Jul 2006 by Alois Kraus
Learn what .NET 2.0 offers you to read/write App.Config files
9 May 2011 by Stuart Blackler
A quick walkthrough showing how to protect files and folders using HttpHandlers, in VB.NET and C#.
22 Jun 2014 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article we will learn how to create WCF RESTful services and consume those services in ASP.NET MVC 5 application using WebGrid Control.
3 Apr 2021 by Patrice T
My learnings and the problems that I encountered while making my very first Stylesheet for ToDoList
28 May 2009 by Ashrafur Rahaman
Tips to speed up your ASP.NET applications.
24 Jul 2011 by Mahdi Mansouri | مهدی منصوری
Easily Surpass any OPC Component and use a user friendly .NET based class to interface Fatek and Facon PLC Series
1 Feb 2009 by Tolgahan ALBAYRAK
Sort the nodes of XmlDocument by many methods easily
10 Jul 2006 by BoneSoft
An API for logging information in response to application events such as exceptions.
8 May 2008 by Danilo Corallo
An easy-to-use .NET solution for Job Scheduling with pluggable actions that runs on a Windows Service. Back up your SQL Server Express and much more!
20 Feb 2010 by Claudia Goga
A tabbed Web Browser in C# with favicons, History & Favorites, Links Bar, View Source, Search, and Print functionalities.
15 Jan 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
A touch screen keyboard which emulates the basic functionality of a real keyboard.
18 Nov 2004 by Scott Bradley
Easily share configuation settings with the appSettings element File attribute.
4 Nov 2005 by eug_acc (Eugene Akimov)
A photo images gallery browsing template - CatalogView style.
29 Jan 2011 by Sam Shiles
Bringing WPF like declarative data binding to ASP.NET Web Forms to enable declarative two-way data binding to any object whilst opening up MVVM UI development.
10 Jul 2008 by darick_c
How to use Flash to upload multiple files in a medium-trust hosting environment
16 Feb 2010 by dawright, ProtoBytes
A heurisitc graphing tool to help discover 'Big O Notation' function thru infinite asymptotic's and instrumentation.
7 Jul 2005 by Andrej Benedik
Class library for importing 3D objects from 3DS files into Avalon, and a simple 3D object viewer.
16 Nov 2016 by Lars Hove Christiansen
XML Visualizer v.2 improves the standard XML Visualizer in Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.
23 Aug 2013 by Stephan Meyn
This tiny webserver can be hosted by applications that need to serve specialised web pages.
10 Jan 2016 by Daniel Vaughan
A powerful, yet light-weight, data-binding library for binding XML layout files in Xamarin.Android.
4 Mar 2011 by Jeff Gaines
An application that creates a C# class to read/write data to/from an Access, SQLite, or XML database.
1 Feb 2010 by Shoban Kumar
MP3 player which has Windows 7 features like Progressbar and Thumbnail toolbar
30 Mar 2017 by Boris Zinchenko
BPMN Model Interchange on Microsoft .NET platform. View BPMN diagrams from all major vendors.
5 Aug 2014 by santosh poojari
This article helps you to build and enable robust web applications with respect to various aspects of security that needs to be taken care of while designing a system.
9 Oct 2012 by Huseyin Atasoy
Let's build a simple web server and make it accessible from the internet
7 Aug 2006 by Sean Michael Murphy
A framework for employing reusable, declarative interfaces for console applications.
5 Jul 2019 by Joseph Rozario
This article explains how to implement Token Authentication and Authorization using JWT in ASP.NET CORE.
5 Nov 2009 by Inbal Zilberman
Solutions for WiX problems such as enable \ disable controls, Custom Actions in C#, running EXE within the installation, and setting icon for MSI and Add/Remove programs.
14 Nov 2006 by Chris Fulstow
Demonstrates how to restrict access to your ASP.NET website by IP address, using an HTTP Module.
7 Aug 2020 by Rick Drizin
How to run C# Scripts (CSX scripts), load third-party libraries, and generate code directly from inside Visual Studio
15 Jun 2003 by Mikael Wiberg
A TreeView control that implements multiple selection in different ways
16 Nov 2009 by V.GNANASEKARAN
An article on how we can expose our data efficiently with minimal effort by leveraging Microsoft ADO.NET Data Services.
26 Aug 2014 by voloda2
An article describing a simple .NET library which simply keeps your database schema up-to-date.
14 Nov 2008 by Slava Khristich
Index large XML file for fast access. Use IO and XMLReader for parsing with Regex.
10 Apr 2012 by Doug Domeny
Text in an XSLT may be localized by reading translated strings from an XML document. Numbers may also be localized.
22 Mar 2012 by Kausik J. Nag
The versioning strategies supported by the WCF framework in different cases.
7 Aug 2016 by Rahul S Chavhan
Validate an XML document in SQL Server using XSD by Rahul Chavhan
1 Aug 2014 by CodeFate
Useful learning application to retrieve, parse and, format API XML documents to user friendly text.
24 Mar 2015 by Carlos Jiménez de Parga
Explanation of a consistent 3D graphics software architecture through a basic OpenGL application
4 Mar 2021 by Yevgeniy Shunevych
An introduction to Atata C#/.NET web UI test automation full-featured framework based on Selenium WebDriver
24 Mar 2011 by Alexandru Lungu
HTTP - No IIS; Authentication - No SSL/X509 Certificate; Encryption - RSA+AES for Request, AES for Response; Compression - GZip for both Request/Response.
8 Oct 2010 by Sergey Busel
A small ORM library
25 Oct 2002 by Furty
A simple explorer-like FolderTreeView control for C#
23 Apr 2020 by Chinmaya C
Implementation of LifeTimeOption for custom container
1 Oct 2012 by Giannakakis Kostas
Puzzles Solver is an Android application for playing and solving puzzles.
23 May 2020 by Toby Patke
Clearcove.Logging is a very simple logging library designed to meet most logging needs with straight-forward licensing terms.
15 Apr 2008 by Andrew Golik
This article explains how to maintain the web application state.
1 Oct 2012 by girlprogrammer
Exploring Various Target Samples
9 Oct 2013 by Matt Scarpino
Accessing digital assets in C++ for three-dimensional rendering.
2 Jan 2015 by Mayank_Gupta_
XML serialization and deserialization using C#
18 Aug 2004 by Sprotty
An introduction to XML Data Binding, and a review of a number of leading products.
28 Apr 2014 by Alan Fay
One API to rule them all (all XML file formats that is)
24 Mar 2009 by Sike Mullivan
Learn how to create a SharePoint Job that queries lists and sends results via email.
17 Sep 2012 by S V Saichandra
This article describes XSLT programming for beginners.
9 Feb 2007 by George Mamaladze
A workaround to maintain focus between postbacks in ASP.NET 2.0, also in ASP.NET AJAX without SmartNavigation.
27 Nov 2001 by John McTainsh
An article on using sockets to communicate in a non-blocking manner. The sample works through building a simple chat client and server.
25 Jun 2018 by David Serrano Martínez
A lazy stream has been implemented in C++11, so as to highlight the functional capabilities of this new specification
22 Mar 2011 by Alexandru Lungu
HTTP - No IIS; Authentication - No SSL/X509 Certificate; Encryption - RSA+AES for Request, AES for Response; Compression - GZip for both Request/Response
10 May 2019 by Evoluteur
Simple CSS and JavaScript to display Braille in web pages (for sighted people)
19 Mar 2009 by SBJ
A Model-View-Controller Framework that integrates with the MFC Doc/View architecture.
18 Apr 2008 by Ehsanul Haque
An article on managing ASP.NET server controls, event handlers, and server-side validation using XML and XSLT.
3 Sep 2001 by Wrox
This chapter is about the purpose of XSLT and the task it was designed to perform.
30 Oct 2014 by Ui-Sing So
The method doesn't replace existing Computer Language. Natural Language and Computer Language have to cooperate with each other.
15 Oct 2018 by BC3Tech
As of this writing, I manage 29 packages on One thing it's imperative package authors do, though, is keep their packages up to date as new versions of the software they're wrapping get released. Without this, packages simply atrophy and the value of Chocolatey goes down.
12 Jan 2009 by Thomas Gerber
A password safe with a touch screen UI introducing Fluid Controls.
17 May 2010 by SimmoTech
Provides code and techniques to enable developers to optimize serialization of data
21 Jun 2007 by DreamInHex
Create an AJAX DataGrid that binds, sorts and pages with no post-backs
9 Jul 2008 by Berend Engelbrecht
Fast generation of DeepZoom image tile sets, collection thumbnails, and XML data in managed code without using external tools.
26 Mar 2013 by Lukasz Swiatkowski
How to create an animating glass button using only GDI+ (and not using WPF)
15 Dec 2016 by Rajesh Pillai
Learning jQuery the fun and easy way (hopefully).
19 Dec 2019 by Edwig Huisman
A binary-coded-decimal class and the ODBC Interface
28 Jan 2008 by Maruf Maniruzzaman
This article describes how to integrate Spring.NET enterprise Framework with ASP.NET
24 Sep 2010 by anshudutta
This article concentrates on building the Web Service from scratch using HttpHandlers, and will give a detailed understanding of operations that happen “under the hood”.
25 Sep 2009 by Mark Brownsword
A WPF hybrid smart client that synchronises your goals with the Toodledo online To-do service.
29 Dec 2007 by Daniel Vaughan
Yet another list pager, but this one can use LinkButtons or simple Hyperlinks, provides scrolling within an ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel, and behaves similarly to the paging found on
16 Aug 2010 by Mukit, Ataul
A very generic XML parser whose internal implementation can be changed without affecting the rest of the source code.
24 Aug 2011 by Matt Perdeck
In this two part series, I'll show how to get the most out of the compression features built into IIS 7 and IIS 6. This first article focuses specifically on IIS 7.
30 Sep 2009 by Marc Clifton
Adding an event logger to Cx.
5 Feb 2006 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A tutorial on creating an AJAX version of the popular MFC sample. The tutorial utilizes ASP.NET Atlas framework.
28 Sep 2020 by Yet another user
Easy to use yet powerful command line argument parser which also creates usage and parameter information for the user.
7 Jan 2023 by Alexander Chernosvitov
Implementation of a polynomial time algorithm searching Hamilton cycles in an undirected graph
9 Dec 2004 by thomas_tom99
An article on ATL COM Based Addin / Plugin Framework With Dynamic Toolbars and Menus, based on VC++ Addin Architecture.
24 Oct 2006 by Jürgen Bäurle
This article describes how to create Data Access Layer Components (DALC) using ASP.NET build providers and a self-defined description language in C#, including an easy scanner, parser, and CodeDOM generator.
27 Jul 2005 by Emil Åström
This article describes how new project item code templates work in Visual Studio .NET 2003 (and 2005) and presents a component that makes it easy to write new templates.
4 Feb 2005 by Michael Chao
An article about manipulating XML source data.
27 May 2013 by Chris Richner
Supports Explorer, SingleChecked and RecursiveChecked mode (checkboxes). Lets you specify the displayed drive types, etc...
1 Sep 2006 by T-C
A C# program to demonstrate loading and saving an object to an XML file using XML serialization encapsulated in a wrapper class.
20 Dec 2005 by Rakotomalala Andriniaina
This article provides two files that contain a Membership Provider and a Role Provider for ASP.NET v2.0.
2 Oct 2007 by Cassio Mosqueira
An article on AJAX AutoSuggest control
20 Mar 2006 by Boby Thomas P
An example for reusable code - an XML writer class
19 Feb 2006 by Michael-K[anzieper]
The article describes an application built to visualise testing processes for the unit test framework of CppUnitLite.
24 Jun 2009 by farzaneh ansari
A simple scenario to demonstrate how an instance of an object is created and serialized into a file stream and stored into database using the Serialize method
19 Oct 2008 by Antoniu-Gabriel Rozsa
Yet another custom XML serializer, with a slightly different approach.
13 Dec 2010 by Antony Highsky
This article describes how to store application settings in the machine.config file and how to expose these settings as strongly typed properties using .NET’s Application Settings architecture.
13 Jan 2014 by Juan Carlos Recio Abad
Carry information easily between XML with a different structure
12 Mar 2012 by HoshiKata
Describes some of the ways to kill a runaway process or malware
9 Aug 2014 by henry sentio kauta
Android UI Layouts and Controls
3 Jan 2016 by Bryian Tan
ASP.NET Password Strength Indicator/Checker Version 2.0 somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by utilizing jQuery and XML.
9 Jun 2016 by Dr. Song Li
This note talks about the React life-cycle methods with the nested components that I felt important enough to keep a note.
1 Nov 2006 by Dahan Abdo
Build an HTTP based chat room without the need for a Java Applet or an ActiveX control.
11 Nov 2018 by Saurabh_Saxena
Design principles to be followed in software development
11 Jun 2018 by JUST_Neeraj
JSON to JSON transformation - XSLT equivalent for JSON
28 Nov 2007 by duncanmhor
An introduction to creating a Wix installer with GUI using Visual Studio 2005/2008.
8 Aug 2007 by Randar Puust
The following is an example of an interesting way to integrate Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX. The idea is to periodically pull information via ASP.NET AJAX, which is queued up and retrieved by Silverlight.
14 Dec 2010 by Al-Farooque Shubho
Demonstration of a distributed caching engine for ASP.NET applications deployed under a load-balanced environment in a web farm, which is built on top of WCF and the Microsoft Caching Application Block.
3 Jul 2018 by Vincent Maverick Durano
This article is part 1 of the series for building a simple web application in ASP.NET MVC 5.
12 Apr 2010 by jpaulino
XML Literals allow you to use XML syntax in your code. It’s easy to work with XML files this way, since you have that Tags in the code, but it’s also quicker to access information rather than the traditional methods.
3 May 2010 by Mr Ravi Agarwal
Workspace Template Manager for Team Build to intelligently update workspace information at the right time across builds in Team Foundation Server
18 Feb 2005 by Dariush Tasdighi
With this library, you can easily create some RSS 2.0 files for your site and/or use some RSS 2.0 files from other sites into your site.
6 Jun 2017 by Akhil Mittal
In this article, we’ll continue to explore the importance of statuscodes and practical examples as well. We’ll also explore resource creation andreturning the child resources as well.
23 Jul 2009 by MichalWozniak
The article introduces the reader to the MForm Web Controls, a set of controls that provides a very productive and flexible way of creating ASP.NET Web Forms.
9 Mar 2007 by e-DJ
Creating XML-files to be opened in Excel
31 Dec 2007 by Antonin Hildebrand
The article discusses the concepts of data driven web games. An example game 'SilverStunts' is presented and described in technical details.
25 Jul 2018 by Alexandru Matei
Shows an alternative to GetCharABCWidths and GetCharABCWidthsFloat
9 May 2006 by Wouter van Vugt
Learn how to serialize object trees into SOAP and back again
14 Jun 2017 by
In this article, we will learn how to create/edit Role
2 Feb 2010 by Dr. Song Li
This article introduces a working example of five different ways to make AJAX calls using jQuery.
11 May 2006 by Bernard Ho-Jim
Extending the Personal Web site Starter kit by implementing efficient data paging to the Photo Gallery.
15 Sep 2009 by Pieter Alec Myburgh
A screen cast server with client
6 May 2013 by Xomega Team
Design Patterns and best practices for building flexible and reusable WCF services.
23 Jan 2012 by Bart Dubois
Describe how to create list of items with custom defined layout resource
9 Dec 2008 by ClockEndGooner
This article provides a simple example of how to save your application's main form and some of the related child control settings programmatically by subclassing an instance of the ApplicationSettingsBase class found in the .NET System.Configuration namespace.
20 Jul 2006 by Al Alberto
An article on communication options with WCF - part 2.
21 May 2014 by Raul Otaño Hurtado
This article shows a simple way of interpolating a set of points using Bezier curves in WPF.
14 May 2011 by Panayotis Matsinopoulos
Demonstrates how a developer can introduce language selection feature in his web application.
8 Jan 2014 by Ger Hayden
This is a dual working example of identical C# and C++/CLR test harness reading test data from identical XML inputs and conducting tests on a common Windows Forms application.
4 Jul 2018 by ThatsAlok
In this tutorial, I will provide step by step to build your first Flutter App
14 Jul 2014 by Misha1964
Learn how to validate complex web forms using business rules engine
3 May 2010 by Lee Humphries
Got a few Gigs of XML data you need to combine? Here's one way that won't blow your RAM.
28 Jan 2016 by Pritam Zope
In this Article we will create an Auto Completion/Code Completion Window using C# that automatically shows popup of the list of words or keywords and inserting those into a RichTextBox
22 Mar 2010 by Mohammad Dayyan
For easy learning (specially for learning a foreign language) you can use Leitner Box
17 Jan 2007 by Mohammed Habeeb
An article to demonstrate common FTP functionalities using C#.NET 2.0.
7 Jun 2010 by Rajesh Pillai
A simple visual task manager application using ASP.NET MVC and jQuery.
13 Jun 2009 by Geoff Hudik
A basic WinForms XSL editor control
30 Dec 2013 by Anup Kumar Verma
Generic control with generic rules.
17 May 2018 by vnmatt
Basic framework for building desktop plug-in applications
26 Jun 2014 by Michael Chourdakis
Free, portable, compiler-independent XML library in C++
6 Jan 2007 by nschan
Classes for building MFC-based user interfaces dynamically, with a focus on minimizing resource usage.
13 Feb 2013 by Erdal HALICI
Create fascinating shapes, which integrate with .NET applications and Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/20012 and all related Express Editions
7 Jun 2007 by Moim Hossain
Downloading updates from Windows Forms application in an intranet scenario
9 Jul 2014 by Bwalsh490
This article presents how to develop a C# application using XML/HTTP/PHP and DTMF signalling that allows you to authenticate your customers through a phone call with the help of their User ID and PIN code.
30 Jan 2007 by TylerBrinks
How to call absolutely any .NET code from your Vista Sidebar Gadget
12 Jun 2016 by Bernhard Hiller
View and edit your GPS track records on a nice GUI with online maps and aerial views.
10 Nov 2020 by Yisrael Lax
.NET Library for automatically validating and casting console input parameters
15 Jul 2010 by Mohamad K. Ayyash
A detailed development of a simple ASP.NET web service, in addition to configuring IIS server to host the service, finally creating an ASP.NET, Java and PHP web clients that consume the service.
23 Mar 2010 by Eunge
The article introduces how to easily develop business solutions in RapidWebDev through developing a product management system with the special requirement step by step.
15 Mar 2010 by SureshGubba
Generate automated builds for source code from multiple branches using Team Foundation Server and Team Builds
21 May 2013 by Xomega Team
A design pattern and implementation example for building advanced search forms
1 Apr 2011 by xandytsui
An Introduction to a new Android-java based MVVM Presentation Framework
20 Sep 2014 by Ed Gadziemski
A collapsible split container control for Windows Forms
24 May 2006 by NasirAliKhan
Explains the concept of client callbacks in ASP.NET 2.0.
24 Dec 2007 by jpmik
Description of the binary format used to store internet explorer favorites, includes Favorites-to-XBEL example project.
5 Jan 2008 by Mr.PoorEnglish
Algorithms to compute the Y - Value at an X - Position of a curve, constructed by some support-points
12 Apr 2013 by Amogh Natu
This article mainly explains what webhooks are, how they can be created and used and also a sample example showing the use of webhooks.
29 Nov 2010 by Stephen Boissiere
Part 2 of 3 in a series of articles about generating SQL from an XML file format. This part describes the development of a code model for the new file format.
28 Oct 2008 by Serghei Sarafudinov
A design pattern on how to override elements in a base XML.
1 Feb 2013 by Ahmed Charfeddine
A Visual C++ Project Wizard for the fast creation of high performance TCP servers in C++
13 Nov 2018 by Vlad Neculai Vizitiu
LINQPad - a developer’s best friend
29 Jan 2009 by Anna-Jayne Metcalfe, -+- Beth Mackenzie -+-
Utility to run PC-Lint on Visual C++ solutions and projects, generating XML and HTML reports of the results.
2 Apr 2010 by MichaelElliott
Demonstrates how to use C#.NET's XML source documentation to produce professional, indexed, and searchable source documentation.
23 Feb 2003 by John O'Byrne
Have you ever wanted to display an image list which looks like the MSN Messenger emoticon chooser...
26 Apr 2007 by Cassio Mosqueira
This is a custom webcontrol that shows the progress of long sequential tasks using AJAX to refresh the page
22 May 2007 by Bryan_Sullivan
In this second part of a two-part series, you will learn about application security issues related to authentication and authorization, as well as five vulnerabilities commonly found in ASP.NET web-based applications.
5 Apr 2021 by Vadim Loboda
A way to persist C# object graph to database with single procedure using ADO.NET and table valued parameters
26 Apr 2006 by Dmitry Khudorozhkov
The article presents the XSLT/JScript framework that handles all types of RSS feeds and HTML-based newsreader application that is built upon it.
21 Oct 2008 by rudigrobler
Recreate the Outlook Calendar using WPF.
30 Jun 2014 by dale.newman
A visual look at the last three seasons of fantasy football using Elasticsearch and Kibana
13 Sep 2014 by Grasshopper.iics
Learn easy data management, SqlLite database, XML Web services, File Database in Android with a Real time App
16 May 2009 by Donsw
Full and incremental backup of files.
23 Apr 2010 by Christ Kennedy
Wheelock's Latin textbook with Cassell's Latin Dictionary, written in C#.
20 Mar 2012 by Evgeny Vinnik
Step-by-step Android Live Wallpaper creation guide for absolute beginners
22 Jul 2005 by gokselm
Provides samples for XML and SOAP serialization using C#
2 Oct 2014 by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat
This article explains how to implement client-side validation in an ASP.NET MVC application.
11 Sep 2008 by Mehfuz Hossain
The article explains the detailed steps of creating a designer supported postback-less custom control that will help to build your own.
2 Jul 2002 by Brian Aberle
Obtaining data marked up in XML creates the need for Application Layer tools to easily and efficiently work with XML data.
10 Jan 2012 by amertarekt
How to call any web service from any programming language
18 Jun 2008 by Romain TAILLANDIER
This article shows how to use XmlSerializer to serialize types that usually cannot be XML Serialized
3 Apr 2010 by Gary Stafford
Using jQuery and XML to create a simple, interactive client-side order form
4 Jan 2007 by Ralph Willgoss
The aim of this article is to give developers a complete set of steps that will allow them to setup their own isolated development environment for developing websites with ASP.NET, Subversion, and Windows XP.
28 May 2007 by Argiris Kirtzidis
How to apply AJAX technologies to your web pages without replacing ASP.NET controls and/or writing JavaScript code.
6 Dec 2005 by K.Collins
An extremely simple, light-weight JavaScript StringBuilder class. Hundreds of times faster than string concatenation in IE.
25 Dec 2006 by Danilo Mendez
SmartCode is a template based code generator.This tutorial describes the process of building a templates to SmartCode
17 Feb 2015 by aodennison
Contrary to several articles, connection strings may be saved to app.config with just a few lines of code.
10 Dec 2012 by sajidhussainbaloch, saadhafeez, Anas Hashmi, Sajjad Idrees
Control your mouse using hand gestures
24 Aug 2014 by Varavut
Learn to create the UI part for your Android Application
22 Jul 2013 by TanzeelurRehman
Restrict file downloading using HTTP handler if session doesn't exist.
8 May 2021 by Ryan S White
A simple drop-in function that provides T4 like template based text generation.
1 Sep 2009 by Fasttimes
How to publish a ClickOnce application without using the Visual Studio IDE, with a complete working example.
25 Oct 2015 by Greg Nutt
This is a VB.NET Version for ".NET Remoting Events Explained"
2 Aug 2009 by Angela Han
Implementation of a software tool in C# to help to manage *.resx files for .NET or *.properties files for Java or AS3 of different locales.
27 Aug 2011 by EmitsorGrp
Give language support to your Windows Phone 7 applications
9 Mar 2011 by KishoreT
A sample for uploading/downloading large files from a browser to a WCF service via a web server.
2 Dec 2010 by Al-Farooque Shubho
A component that allows you to view tracing information for methods written within classes in managed DLLs, and for this, you don't need to write any tracing code.
27 Aug 2003 by KennS
Describes a means to build XML data files using XML Schema and xsd.exe to facilitate easy XML Serialization
19 Mar 2008 by darkoman
An article on simple and fast C++ XML parser
2 Apr 2005 by Tom McCartan
An introduction to Microsoft Information Bridge 1.5.
21 Dec 2005 by christophilus
This article illustrates a Javascript XMLWriter object.
1 Jun 2015 by Niel M.Thomas
Custom button as rectangle or ellipse that emits pulses
11 Jan 2007 by Chris Stefano
Another use for XML and XSLT
12 Sep 2018 by Rahul Rajat Singh
In this article, we will try to understand the concept of middleware in ASP.NET core.
21 Jul 2009 by Ashish Kaila
A simple and practical introduction to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).
1 Feb 2010 by Alaric Dailey
Correctly using provider factories to create database independant code
21 Nov 2017 by Wojciech Nagórski
Extended XML Serializer for .NET 4 and .NET CORE with WebApi and ASP Core integration.
1 Oct 2008 by Modesty Zhang
Details & demo project of plumbing works that blend PDF and Silverlight visually with bi-directional data exchange.
19 Dec 2007 by Suriel Bendahan
Add a security level to your Web Services using the ASP.NET Forms Authentication.
27 Feb 2012 by BillLange1968
Solution for creating a Leaderboard for a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) XNA game
20 Jan 2006 by Adi Eduard
An article on how to use the setup and deployment project in .NET and adjust it to your own needs.
3 Apr 2008 by srivatsan24
This article will show how to convert an existing ASP.NET application into a SharePoint site using the same look and feel of the SharePoint site.
4 Oct 2008 by Rajesh Pillai
This article presents step-by-step instructions on how to create a simple bar chart using WPF.
30 Nov 2008 by Dmitry Zubrilin
A 3-tier application framework and code generation tool - the way for rapid and effective development.
2 Aug 2020 by Mircea Neacsu
This is (yet another!) article on how to handle UTF-8 encoding on a platform that still encourages the UTF-16 encoding.
27 Nov 2008 by m0sa
A customizable BBCode parser for WPF
4 Jun 2007 by Petrovik Aleksandar
This article will show you that creating AJAX Control Toolkit like controls is not a hard task
12 Nov 2013 by Alejandro Xalabarder
Yet another XML to database aproach
6 Apr 2008 by Andrew Golik
JavaScript + AJAX solution for inline editing in a grid.
9 Sep 2008 by Akrumooz
This is a proof of concept article (POC) to explain how the Kerberos authentication can be implemented to authenticate users when they need to request a web service.
14 Jan 2015 by Alessandro Lentini
My article shows a library that everyone can use to create their socket communication. Also, it explains how the library is developed.
10 Mar 2010 by Omar Al Zabir
Build a Start Page similar to Google IG in 7 nights using ASP.NET AJAX, .NET 3.0, LINQ, DLinq, and XLinq.
26 May 2022 by David Catriel
A very powerful and clean way to add logging of all sorts to an application
23 Oct 2019 by wmjordan
Do something crazy and dangerous with CLR and a method made from Dynamic Assembly
23 Feb 2020 by Ziya Mollamahmut
How to create multi-cultural ASP.NET Core web application with simple steps
5 Jan 2005 by Teo Lachev
Introducing Microsoft Reporting Services.
22 Feb 2014 by Yvan Rodrigues
Giving your application the ability to update itself from a remote source couldn't be much easier.
17 Feb 2004 by yetanotherchris
An easy to use RSS feed reader
28 Jan 2009 by Brij
This article is all about configuration of an ASP.NET application and also securing it.
6 Jun 2008 by Niranjan Kumar
Aspect Oriented Programming and how Spring.NET supports this.
28 Sep 2003 by Michal Altair Valášek
Web Services themselves are not offering authentication and security services. The WS-Security standards can solve this issue.
17 Feb 2002 by Jason Gerard
An XML file containing US state and territory names and their two letter abbreviation.
5 Nov 2010 by Kamyar
This article provides a class library that can help programmers to get Google analytics data using .NET
22 Aug 2006 by Joseph Finsterwald
A serialization class that you can include in your class library
11 Apr 2009 by kriceslo
Reduce sitemap maintenence and never have another "unlisted" page! Unlisted pages dynamically inherit site map placement from a parent page. Replace repetitive '/default.aspx' mentions with '/' for friendlier URLs. Wildcard query string matching and more...
20 Dec 2008 by T MacLachlan
SQL Mirroring made easy - setting up a mirror for a database
18 Oct 2006 by awseditor
This article is a simple, step-by-step guide for those who have ideas and want to quickly implement them. We’ll use code to demonstrate how easy it is to build an application on Amazon S3. We’ll also highlight questions that you may ask before releasing an application.
5 Sep 2012 by Ali Chousein
How to handle screen orientation changes programmatically in Android.
11 Aug 2012 by ideafixxxer
How to implement XPathNavigator for file system
13 Jun 2006 by Dan Radu
The XML2JSON web service allows conversion of any kind of XML in to JSON format.
15 Jul 2011 by Manuel Then
InsomniaServer enables you to add a fully-featured, customizable webserver to your projects. See how it works.
25 Sep 2008 by Fazlur Rahman
A tutorial which describes how to access a user control from another one using event handler
27 Jan 2009 by Drasko Popovic
How to create a new field type in SharePoint. An HTML multi-line field which uses FCKEditor as the editor.
1 May 2012 by NewPast
Using any Control In ComboBox or in EditingControl for DataGridView
7 Feb 2013 by LyndonL37
Generates the required WSDL file and SOAP server for receiving data from InfoPath (Document/Literal format).
31 Oct 2008 by ladenedge
An implementation of the RFC3394 AES key-wrapping algorithm.
5 May 2020 by Member 4201813
Jumping along the System.Random output sequence with logarithmic complexity
3 May 2011 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
How to use the plug-in architecture in ASP.NET MVC.
16 Nov 2018 by Erich Ledesma
This article shows how to use the FubuMVC's behavior chains pattern (BMVC) to improve BLL maintainability.
6 Jul 2010 by Alain Bertrand
A small XML serializer for Silverlight projects.
7 May 2010 by Narsimlu Keshagouni
Silverlight pictures album control with zooming and slideshow.
4 Nov 2013 by Vitaliy Sytnik
On the Internet you can find a lot of different information about creating drawings in SVG format. Often an editor is used to open an DXF and export as SVG. Looking through the SVG code it is immediately obvious that there is a lot of excess. An SVG file created in one editor may not always be corre
21 Sep 2008 by John Boero
An extended owner draw ListView that is completely rendered using OpenGL
17 May 2009 by Colin Eberhardt
This technical blog post details the differences in the latest release of the Silverlight charts and shows how to add a location crosshair.
12 Jun 2011 by Sergey Chepurin
Parsing XML file in VB.NET using DOM
24 Sep 2010 by Arman Ghazanchyan
A single component that contains various Windows hooks
29 Dec 2005 by Emmanuel Kartmann
This article describes a conversion tool which takes an HTML document as input and generates a Microsoft Word document for printing.