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by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for comparing table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files
by Thomas Weller
Demonstrates how to run Python scripts from C#
by Mubin M. Shaikh
Create time dimension with 24 hour plus values and time buckets in your data warehouse
by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).

Latest Articles

by Bert O Neill
Features and functionalities associated with Autogenerate DB Unit Test app
by George Swan
An introduction to employing Dapper in an ASP.NET 7 application
by Sergei Y.Kitáev
Introduction to statically parameterized SQL language
by Ravi K. Acharya
Third and final part of the step-by-step guide to build a CI/CD pipeline for your Microsoft SQL Server database using Github, TeamCity and Octopus

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20 Mar 2018 by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for comparing table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files
26 Aug 2019 by Thomas Weller
Demonstrates how to run Python scripts from C#
31 Oct 2014 by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
5 Dec 2015 by Daniel Miller
This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance user/role security principal hierarchy.
27 Nov 2009 by Max Paulousky
This article presents the techniques and caveats of building Silverlight applications that can be notified about database state changes via polling duplex. WSHttp binding and CLR triggers are used to implement the solution as well.
11 Jun 2010 by Evoluteur
A generic Web User Interface for CRUD applications generating all screens at run-time based on external metadata. It comes with sample applications for address book, memo pad, to do list, restaurants list, wine cellar, and database structure documentation that are easily customizable.
5 Nov 2002 by Alexey
The alxBase classes for work with dbf files.
15 Jul 2014 by Jesús López Méndez
This article introduces you to client side multi-column dynamic pivot, a cleaner, simpler and elegant alternative to the complex and convoluted dynamic server side pivot.
29 Dec 2015 by Bert O Neill
Query Hadoop using Microsoft oriented technologies (C#, SSIS, SQL Server, Excel etc.)
6 Feb 2020 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
In this article, I want to show how to build a Single Page Application – MasterChef with ASP.NET Core MVC, Fluent Hibernate, and Angular JS.
6 Sep 2007 by aleksisa
Build a process to import Leads records from Excel into MS CRM via email.
20 Jun 2014 by Debabrata_Das
This article will talk about how to update multiple records in a GridView on a single button click using JSON in ASP.NET
17 Feb 2015 by DrABELL
Employment Tax computation and Payroll management app for Windows 8: contest entry
1 Jan 2021 by Yuancai (Charlie) Ye
Application of SocketPro onto various databases for continuous inline request/result batching and real-time stream processing with bi-directional asynchronous data transferring
17 Mar 2013 by Weidong Shen
This article describes the project setup of building a WPF sample application with Self-Tracking Entity Generator and Visual Studio 2012.
5 Nov 2018 by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
In this article, I will show you how to create powerful REST API with just a few lines of C# code using MsSql.RestApi package. If you follow this approach, it might be a huge time saver for you.
16 Mar 2017 by Robert_Dyball
Create a simple data grid that provides list, add, edit and delete and uses a simple 'parent/child' template to provide view, edit or add functionality
13 Mar 2021 by Sergii Syrovatchenko
How to omit many restrictions on SQL Server Express Edition
24 Aug 2010 by pinaldave
A Finale of Series discussing Computed Columns, Storage and Performance
12 Nov 2015 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
In this article, we started from Generate Inserts procedure, then go through how generates inserts SQL files with this procedure and runs these inserts SQL files to import data.
21 Jun 2016 by Marc Clifton
A deep dive into the $lookup aggregator with examples of one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, and nested relational "queries"
17 Jul 2017 by Vadim Loboda
Combine Id-ParentId and HierarchyId approaches to keep and fetch the data in hierarchical and alphabetical order
7 Sep 2012 by Shivprasad koirala
This article will discuss about SQL Server governer.
5 Jul 2016 by Akhil Mittal
This article will focus on practical aspects of formatters and content negotiation in ASP.NET Web API
23 Mar 2021 by Espen Harlinn
Proven techniques for fast Oracle Database access using .NET 5.0 and native C++
22 Feb 2013 by Scott Burkow
An exercise in algorithm analysis and design.
21 Apr 2013 by Rob Culhane
How to dynamically add access database columns at runtime using VB.NET
31 Mar 2006 by Dan Radu
The DACBuilder application provides auto-generation features from multiple database systems in multiple programming languages.
15 Sep 2008 by Oleg Vorkunov
Set of SQL CLR Stored Procedures to execute T-SQL asynchronously without using a Service Broker.
27 Mar 2012 by Carlos Alberto Cabrera Gonzalez
This article shows a detailed approach on how to dynamically point to a given shared data source reference by setting up an RDCE and using a couple of tips and tricks.
27 Oct 2016 by Vikas Sharma
In this article, we will focus on aggregation pipeline. I'll try to cover each major section of it using simple examples. We will be writing mongo shell commands to perform aggregation.
3 Feb 2013 by S. M. Ahasan Habib
Database script execution with testing
11 Jan 2015 by SarmadAsghar
Building on My SQL Storage Engines and APIs to Conduct Complex Analysis Using SQL Query Language: Part 5
29 Mar 2016 by wells cheung
Angular Single-Page Application, MEF, Privilege Control, WCF Restful Service, ui-router,
12 May 2017 by DaveDavidson
In this article, I show LINQ to Entities syntax that will produce queries with CROSS APPLY and LEFT OUTER JOIN clauses.
27 Feb 2018 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Users Guide
24 Aug 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
Create a Python web-app using Flask and PostgreSQL server, and run it in Docker
4 Apr 2021 by Yuancai (Charlie) Ye
Continuous SQL-stream Sending and Processing System
5 Jul 2021 by gggustafson
This article provides the code necessary to implement a website login mechanism without using third-party software.
14 Mar 2000 by Tom Archer
A class to dynamically read data from any ODBC data source
9 Oct 2009 by Ferreri Gabriele (Megasoft78)
Automatic script SQL Server 2005 objects and commit under Subversion
9 Jun 2013 by Ravi Gadag
Azure based e-learning product.
30 Jul 2019 by Don Hoang
This post describes implementing ASP.NET Gridview using Bootstrap 4.
18 Sep 2019 by Niemand25
Designing a simple yet functional database for financial accounting application.
26 Jul 2017 by Ed Wiebe
Can't we obtain the benefit of using bitwise operators for SQL many-to-many relationships AND maintain referential integrity?
4 Nov 2016 by Wendelius
Few CLR procedure concepts to write into a file from SQL Server database
9 Mar 2005 by Sven Cipido
How to add a "select all" option to your parameter lists in SQL Reporting.
27 Jul 2009 by Paul Rony
Programmer's Guide to Starting a Software Company and Building an Enterprise Application
21 Feb 2012 by Daniel Miller
This article describes the steps to re-configure SQL Server so that queries return accent-insensitive results. It includes source code (using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Shared Management Objects) to automate some of the steps in this procedure.
12 Jun 2012 by Miroslav Popovic
MSBuild database migrations/upgrades with backup and restore functionality
13 Sep 2012 by Wendelius
This is an alternative for "SQL Server: Query to find upcoming birthdays for the current week"
16 Oct 2014 by Gaurav Aroraa
In this step-by-step article, we will discuss all about CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations with Web API using Repository pattern.
4 Nov 2015 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
Using replication, you can distribute data to different locations and to remote or mobile users over local and wide area networks, dial-up connections, wireless connections, and the Internet.
12 Mar 2003 by Alexander Wiseman
A class to wrap the use of CDatabase and CRecordset into one object to communicate with databases
19 Aug 2017 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
.NET Core 2.0 brings a lot of improvements to the system, and it brings a lot of pain to the developers as well. I had a lot of problems upgrading .NET Core 1.x apps to .NET Core 2.0; I yet have to feel the promise it makes about performance and so, but let us see how to upgrade our existing applica
5 Sep 2015 by Maxim Kurayan
EF Dynamic Report is a small open source project which allows you to use Entity Framework mapping between types and tables as a dynamic report data source
27 Apr 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
This article will discuss about Copy Column, Derived Column, Character Map and Conditional Split Transformation in SSIS with a palindrome example.
4 May 2004 by Daniel Aioanei, Adi Malinaru, Andrei Postolache
An article on how to persist permutations of items in relational databases.
19 Dec 2007 by Bryan Sachdeva
This article describes how to create a wrapper class for the native Phone API, and then uses it to retrieve and store the call history.
22 Mar 2013 by Terence Wallace
TexasQuest is a 2D side scroller platform game similiar to Super Mario
6 Dec 2016 by _Asif_
This article helps in identifying database design issues like certain fields missing, nullable fields, Primary key not found issues in production environment using SQL Server schema views.
29 Feb 2016 by wells cheung
Privilege Control System based on MVC and WCF.
4 May 2016 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post I am going to demonstrate how to use Angular UI Grid with server side pagination in ASP.Net MVC application.
9 Jul 2016 by DataBytzAI
A simple and useful pattern when you need to allow user access to large volumes of data
2 Jun 2017 by AhsanAhmed
A brief introduction on how to use FOR XML clause in AUTO mode in Microsoft SQL Server to return data in XML format
23 Mar 2019 by Minh Tuan Do
A considerable method to speed up query running time
28 Jul 2000 by Len Holgate
The ATL OLE DB Provider templates appear to rely on the fact that your data is kept in a simple array, but that's not really the case at all!
19 Mar 2002 by Alex Mikunov
.NET Extensions that provide an infrastructure for enforcing database-like data integrity constraints
29 Jul 2014 by DiponRoy
How to manage Entity Framework Code First in Real Time Projects
28 Dec 2014 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article series, I am sharing how to create report using Report Builder by fetching data from Oracle DB.
28 Jan 2015 by Vaclav Naydenov
Comparing the performance of two similar CRUD server apps, one written in Python and SQLAlchemy, the other in C++ and YB.ORM.
18 Feb 2016 by Kuv Patel
Debug stored procedures in Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.
3 Oct 2016 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
In this article I talk about how to use ASP.NET Core MVC, Fluent NHibernate and Angular JS to implement a CRUD SPA (Single Page Application).
8 Nov 2016 by mblataric
Instructions on how to migrate existing XAF security system to new permission policy.
20 Mar 2017 by AlexeyYakovlev
A library to emulate Oracle-style permanent temporary tables in the PostgreSQL database.
27 Nov 2018 by Ajcek84
Using locality-sensitive hashing algorithm to improve performance of searching of musical incipits
25 Jul 2021 by Sergii Syrovatchenko
Here's everything you need to know about high-performance JSON parsing for SQL Server
9 Jan 2010 by Niladri_Biswas
How to generate an Armstrong number between 0 and 999.
30 Jul 2019 by Don Hoang
This post describes implementing ASP.NET Editable Gridview using Bootstrap 4
23 Oct 2011 by jkrebsbach
A way to combine data from two different sources into one datasource for SSRS reporting
26 Nov 2011 by gmtzgtz
Import Data from a Text or CSV file into SQL Server
8 Apr 2013 by Shining Dragon
How to effectivley version your SQL Server databases using SQL Server Data Tools
20 Jun 2013 by Levente Kupás
If you have big reports which run slowly, you may use this T-SQL based engine to speed-up them.
14 Oct 2013 by DataBytzAI
Using SQL job agent to backup databases in virtual machines to an Azure blob container, SQL, Cloud, SQL-Server, Azure
29 Aug 2018 by Micah Nikkel
SQL script that dynamically generates the DR scripts for failing over/back all Log Shipped databases. While it makes even a single database failover/failback a more streamlined process, it's most helpful for servers with multiple databases, such as SharePoint, consolidated SQL Servers, etc.
31 May 2015 by Milan Matějka
Compare likenesses and differences between Temporary Tables and Temporary Variables
27 Oct 2016 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this article, we will focus on how to enable CORS in ASP.NET Core application, get knowledge about CORS policy how we can share resource through different origin.
21 Oct 2017 by mahmood kabi
extract overlapped polygons and calculate the overlapped area and write an API for it
30 May 2018 by syed shanu
This article will explain in detail about, how to create an ASP.NET Core Blazor Filter and Sorting for HTML Table using Entity Framework and Web API.
12 Aug 2018 by Sarathlal Saseendran
We will create an Angular 6 application with Cosmos DB and Web API 2.0.
14 Sep 2019 by Arthur V. Ratz
How to create and export TensorFlow S&P 500 Index prediction model and serve it using TensorFlow Model Server
8 Oct 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
A look at a flexible Java MySQL CRUD PHP script generator
27 May 2015 by syed shanu
MVC, AngularJS and WCF Rest Service for Master / Detail HTML Grid
7 Jan 2022 by raddevus
Includes complete C# Web API which allows you to post your app data using simple method
10 Apr 2017 by Robert_Dyball
Covering conversion from Angular 2.40 to Angular 4.0 + Publishing the ASP.Net Core / Angular 4 SPA to IIS using VS2017
19 Apr 2017 by Robert_Dyball
Publishing the ASP.Net Core 1.1 / Angular 4 SPA to Azure and external IIS hosts. Also covering code cleanup, optimization, bundling and minification. Gulp, Grunt, Webpack and some architecture and development philosophy.
22 Nov 2021 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Wanna add basic database functionality to your C++ app? Too lazy to use SQLite directly? Read on!
8 Oct 2015 by DrABELL
App implements bi-directional semantic phone number-to-text converter, extended with novel Lottery+Quiz engine
17 Nov 1999 by Robert Pittenger, MCPD-EAD
30 Jul 2009 by Giovanni Bejarasco
Porting of System.TimeSpan as a SQL Server UDT.
1 May 2012 by Wendelius
This article describes techniques such as autonomous transactions and action information that can be used when logging information about operations in Oracle database.
21 Dec 2012 by mparvez
If you wanted to check the status of all your database backup then this script will do the task.
19 Feb 2013 by Khorshed Alam, Dhaka
Standardization database object name with SQL Server Policy Based Management.
19 Sep 2013 by G3Coder
Details using an ORM model to provide a common facade to multiple disparate databases.
24 Sep 2015 by Dr. Song Li
This is an example to check the SQL server disk and data file usage statistics.
10 Feb 2016 by Jesus Carroll
SQL Server 2016 introduces support for system-versioned temporal tables as a database feature that brings built-in support for providing information about data stored in the table at any point in time rather than only the data that is correct at the current moment in time.
10 Feb 2018 by Changming Wang
A complete event calendar, using trucking/shipping as an example, built with Visual Studio Community 2015, C# MVC and jQuery.Fullcalendar
3 Mar 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this post we are going to secure our NodeJS API’s with customized security token generated by logged user and HTTP actions.
15 Sep 2018 by Bogdan Marian
Ensure your Docker Compose services start in the correct order.
10 Mar 2019 by Ryan Peden
Get up and running with serverless by creating a geocoding function on Azure
30 Dec 2019 by Dathuraj Pasarge
Database mirroring setup without any DBA effort - on every new database creation
26 Oct 2000 by Massimo Colurcio
Explore the structure of tables (and views)
14 Mar 2000 by Tom Archer
A class for Printing and Viewing MS Access Reports
3 Jul 2002 by roboo
An OLE-DB DLL that you can use in ANSI-C
17 Oct 2007 by Adam Page
Setting up an SMS gateway to conduct an SMS survey and storing the survey results in an MS Access database, from which you can generate/print out reports.
13 Mar 2009 by Tiago Freitas Leal
This project shows how to have a master/detail DataGridView using CSLA EditableRootListBase (or DynamicRootList) as the master list object. It shows how to have sorted list and auto save on both the master and detail DataGridView.
22 Sep 2010 by Hossein Ghahvei Araghi
This article is about DSL and SQL Server Modeling
10 Feb 2014 by raju melveetilpurayil
Unlimited scroll like Facebook news feed or Twitter tweets
28 Aug 2012 by akhil khare
Find multiple strings (delimenated by space) in all selected columns.
29 Nov 2012 by RovenetBill
ASP.NET c# component for editing SQL tables with plug-in column format adapter architecture.
23 Jun 2013 by Tim Corey
Learn how to get started in Windows Azure by following the progress of an actual web application as it is constructed.
24 Jun 2013 by Scott Burkow
We build the physical design from the logical design.
9 Nov 2014 by Sacha Barber
SQL Azure
7 May 2015 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
You see, this small utility tool save much of your time, this is another happy day! I hope you can enjoyed this code.
13 May 2015 by essentialSQL
This is a case study on how to use Joins, Subqueries, and Unions to combine data in SQL.
16 Oct 2015 by Bert O Neill
Validate your Restful Service Methods using SoapUI (which can then be integrated into TFS build CI)
1 Mar 2016 by Emiliano Musso
In this short article we will see how to create a SQL database using the services provided by Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and then connect to it via C # code, to perform the normal data insertion and retrieval operations
25 Mar 2016 by freedeveloper
Simple Implementation of Google API IDataStore that use MS-SQL server to store your token file
12 May 2016 by Sibeesh Passion
How to enable the API descriptions for better understanding of how our API controller works and what exactly it is supposed to do
4 Oct 2016 by Martin Lachman
How to create a system on MS SQL Server for detection of actual changed records in a database table.
1 Jun 2017 by AhsanAhmed
A brief introduction on how to use FOR XML clause in EXPLICIT mode in Microsoft SQL Server to return data in XML format
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Interesting Coding
13 Jun 2018 by syed shanu
In this article, let’s see how to create our own ASP.NET Core Blazor Master Detail HTML Grid with Sorting and Filtering using Entity Framework, and Web API. We also use the Dynamic Content features of Blazor to create our Master Detail Grid.
19 Nov 2018 by Vivek Johari
Migrating SQL Database to Azure SQL Database using SSMS Export/Import Contents
19 Dec 2018 by Sibeesh Passion
In this article, we are going to see how we can set up an Azure Function as an Output job topology of an Azure Stream Analytics job. Doesn’t that sound interesting?
26 Dec 2018 by Wendelius
This article shows a custom SQL Server function to split a string delimited by a character or a set of characters. The function also contains a few handy enhancements.
8 Sep 2019 by Arthur V. Ratz
How to properly install and configure SAP-HANA and TensorFlow Model Server to predict the S&P 500 Index
18 Oct 2016 by Wendelius
Discussion and a few approaches to restrict logging into SQL Server using a logon trigger or into a database by using a specific procedure
3 Dec 2018 by Han Bo Sun
In this tutorial, I will introduce the use of Spring JdbcTemplate in a Spring Boot web application. This tutorial will show how to create the necessary configuration for JdbcTemplate. And how it can be used for data insertion and retrieval.
17 Feb 2015 by DrABELL
Store securely credit cards' structured meta-data, like contact info, PIN, APR on balance transfer/purchase/cash advance, and other terms/conditions
16 Oct 2022 by Herman<T>.Instance
It should reflect the event
15 Oct 2001 by Ciprian Miclaus
An article on how to improve SQL hierarchies
21 Dec 2009 by jabit
Use SQL table data as an AutoCompleteCustomSource with one line of code
18 May 2010 by JasonShort
Preparing an Entity Framework model for multi provider support
27 Sep 2010 by venugopalm
Integrating database development into Visual Studio to collaborate application development team and the database designers
22 Sep 2011 by smoore4
Loop through all files in a folder/subfolders and run a checksum that is stored in a database. E-mail descrepancies and results.
23 Feb 2012 by Santosh P Umarani
Columnstore Index
1 May 2012 by Jean-Francois Lanouette
This is an alternative for "Simple & Advanced Pivots with C# and ASP.NET"
2 Aug 2012 by Kuthuparakkal
WMI based DirectoryMonitor triggers SSIS Package execution.
7 Aug 2012 by ManojKumar19
This tip demonstrates how table data can be shared in two stored procedures.
7 Mar 2013 by Weidong Shen
This article describes the IClientChangeTracking interface generated by Self-Tracking Entity Generator and Visual Studio 2012.
14 Jan 2014 by Member 10280272
This article presents a database browser that can be used for multiple different databases
10 Apr 2015 by Rajeesh Madambat
Refer and write your own business logic in C# and add it to SSIS script task.
21 May 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Exploring the source code behind the offline CodeProject article writer CodeProject.Show.
3 Jun 2016 by PIEBALDconsult
A C function that merges the content from an arbitrary number of text files into a Character-Separated-Variable-Width result file
8 Dec 2016 by Kuv Patel
Decrypt Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, and Triggers in SQL Server
26 Feb 2016 by Pavel Sinkevich
How to programmatically change schema name in database project before deployment
19 Jun 2017 by Alexander Sharykin
LibraryCommander is a personal desktop application to manage my texts (e-book) collection, classify and search them by categories and tags.
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Architecture and design decisions
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Job Scheduling Code
1 Mar 2018 by Sibeesh Passion
This is the continuation of exploring the Mongo shells, we will be performing some commands on the Mongo shells.
20 Oct 2019 by Ravi K. Acharya
Second part of the step-by-step guide to build a CI/CD pipeline for your Microsoft SQL Server database using Github, TeamCity and Octopus
13 Jan 2020 by koolprasadd
New features of SQL 2019
9 Aug 2021 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Learn about the inner workings of a dynamic database, and how SQLite is a great fit
21 Apr 2016 by Emmanouil Gimissis MSc ICSD
Calculating progressive sums in T-SQL
7 Mar 2022 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
This first article in the series introduces the goal of this series: demonstrating how to modernize legacy Python apps and their data on Azure.
14 Dec 2022 by Ravi K. Acharya
Third and final part of the step-by-step guide to build a CI/CD pipeline for your Microsoft SQL Server database using Github, TeamCity and Octopus
14 Feb 2022 by OriginalGriff
By the time you have read this, you will have no problem with compiling your programs ever again. Well, probably you won't. OK - maybe a little. Depends on the compiler.
28 Jul 2000 by Len Holgate
Adding bookmark functionality is relatively easy and it enables our ADO recordset to be used with a greater number of data bound controls.
29 Oct 2001 by simulant
Transform any XML persisted ADO Recordset into a delimited text file.
25 Mar 2009 by Sike Mullivan
Create a Web Part that displays the most viewed content
17 Jul 2009 by Sarmak.M.C
How to invoke Stored Procedures with the FOR XML clause using BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 if the Stored Procedures are not in the default schema?
1 Sep 2009 by merlin981
Several tips and tricks I have found during my time as a LINQ developer
13 Jun 2011 by AlexCode
Converting INTs to BINARY in SQL Server
21 Jan 2012 by Weidong Shen
This article describes how to do data validation with Self-Tracking Entity Generator for WPF/Silverlight.
11 May 2012 by
Determining sunrise and sunset values for a certain latitude and longitude with SQL Server 2005
6 Jan 2013 by joe_j
Shows you how to build up a close to real time email monitoring and visual management system.
2 Jan 2013 by Tomz_KV
A custom solution to transform data from rows to columns using dynamic SQL.
4 Jan 2013 by mparvez
How to archive all backup (Full, Diff, Log) in a single archive file using 7zip.
15 May 2013 by h_wiedey
Implementation of relative database constraints and permissioning using triggers and shadow tables.
11 Apr 2013 by Ivan Paniagua
This document evaluates the latest functionality provided by Microsoft SQL Server 2012 With Power View for Multidimensional Models and not just Tabular Models.
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Employee Info Starter Kit is an open source ASP.NET project template that is intended to address different types of real world challenges faced
29 Jul 2014 by Ajit Kumar Thakur Microsoft
This article explains the step by step process to learn MDX query. It will help user to read data from OLAP cube.
31 Aug 2014 by Faustino Dina
Publishes a Transact-SQL function for parsing a string containing a delimited list, similar to the ANSI C languaje strtok() function.
13 Mar 2015 by Gaurav Aroraa
Introduction In these days RAD (Rapid Application Development) is growing at its large. There are numerous framework available to develop Web Applications or Web Projects. We can use either ASP.Net or ASP.Net MVC from Microsoft or any other framework. Although, NancyFx is having its own support for
24 Mar 2015 by Matt Perdeck
Add a database to your web site on AWS with automatic fail over using RDS
13 Aug 2015 by KASQLDBA
Downgrading from Enterprise to standard edition (SQL server) for those servers which are not using any of enterprise features.
19 Nov 2015 by Manjuke Fernando
How to capture and analyze deadlocks in SQL Server
3 Feb 2016 by Michael B. Erickson
Add rich reporting of exceptions to improve error reporting to users and diagnostics to development.
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - The CSV and Excel Importer Code
30 Sep 2017 by #realJSOP
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - How Packages Are Run
8 Feb 2018 by Viral Surani
Snapshot Isolation Level in SQL Server
30 Apr 2018 by Ryan G Conrad
Using Powershell and Windows Task Scheduler API to detect malicious login attempts on a remotely accessible SQL Server database
19 Apr 2018 by charles922
AngularJS and REST API Tutorial - Part 2
27 Apr 2018 by Member 11896794
This custom database first approach token authentication will enable you to apply token-based authentication in your application in a simple way with no hassle.
12 Nov 2018 by Vlad Neculai Vizitiu
How to write automated tests using entity framework core
15 Nov 2018 by Srinivasa Dinesh Parupalli
Custom APIs using .NET SDK for SQL API
25 Nov 2018 by Vivek Johari
This post discusses how to migrate SQL database to Azure SQL database using SSMS deploy.
27 May 2019 by DiponRoy
Creating or using cursor in SQL-Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases
20 Oct 2019 by Ravi K. Acharya
The complete step-by-step guide to build a CI/CD pipeline for your Microsoft SQL Server database using Github, TeamCity and Octopus.
9 Jan 2013 by Abhishek Nandy
In depth details of an Ultrabook
10 Jan 2018 by ASkaeff
A simple yet powerful tool to analyze SQL object dependencies in quite a fast and reliable manner.
4 Jan 2016 by Han Bo Sun
Detailed description of how many-to-many association works with Hibernate, using MySQL and Spring
1 Feb 2018 by Member 11127135
ETL Testing and data-validation, dynamic SQL rule generator
5 Nov 2015 by Vyacheslav Voronenko
As a contractor software developer I am asked from time to time to perform audit of LAMP projects. As project configuration is different, I use so-called "umbrella repository environment" which allows me to wrap such projects into reusable vagrant environment without need to amend audited projects c
24 Feb 2022 by Sander Rossel
How to transform data to produce statistics and visualize data using Power BI
28 Jun 2022 by Jerry Cruise
Innovations against the shortcomings of SQL have been made to SPL. SPL redefines and extends many operations of structured data, specifically, it adds the discreteness, enhances ordered computation, implements a thorough set orientation, supports object references, and advocates stepwise operation.
26 Nov 2022 by Rudi Breedenraedt
How to share a transaction across multiple Entity Framework contexts
31 Mar 2009 by BobP1339
Explains how to do multi language reports in SSRS
14 May 2009 by merlin981
How to access data in SQL Server Compact databases (.sdf file) using new development technologies such as LINQ
24 Jun 2009 by Kuldip Rindani
Monitoring group of Linked SQL Servers from a SQL Server
26 Jul 2009 by AlexS9999
The article provides a simple interface for handling large text in SqlClient and C# file streams.
4 Aug 2009 by bobleith
A generic interval range table to generate permutations
5 Aug 2009 by bobleith
Bits for Event Patterns
2 Oct 2010 by bmharwani
Mobile Web Development with PHP, MySQL and jQTouch
8 Dec 2010 by Gil Fink
EF Feature CTP5: Raw SQL Query/Command Support
20 Apr 2011 by pinaldave
A Quick Guide to Find Potential Peformance Issue
9 Aug 2011 by AnnuAbraham
A single report can be used to display different sets of data.
6 Mar 2012 by nguyenannhon
This article introduces the steps to create a report with a custom search area.
8 Mar 2013 by Himanshu DS
Here are some styles of source code comments in C#, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
12 Apr 2013 by g00p3k
Coding in SQL Server Management Studio doesn't have to be relegated to a second class citizen with the proper tools...
8 Aug 2013 by h_wiedey
An approach using updatable views with check option and deferred constraint checking.
26 Jun 2013 by ThatsAlok
Step by Step creation of SSIS package using C# with Conditional Split
18 Jan 2014 by Petr Ivankov
Application of abstract approach to database domain
11 Feb 2014 by harleydk
Linq-to-SQL enums support
6 Mar 2016 by markkang
This is about how to hash your binary data that exceed the limit (8000bytes) of allowed input values of HASHBYTES in SQL Server.
23 Oct 2016 by Matthew So (Hong Kong)
A task processing server with RDLC Implementation and extensible to customized handlers
4 Nov 2016 by Nagaraj Muthuchamy
Design and implementation of custom pagination and cascaded filtering with rad grid.
9 Jan 2018 by Nicolas Bohorquez
In this article, we’ll explore using Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraDB for MongoDB service, which allows us to set up NoSQL databases in a simple but scalable way.
4 Jul 2018 by Krishna P Seetharaman
Issues faced and learnings found during the generation of pipe delimited flat file generation
22 Oct 2018 by Łukasz Bownik
How to reliably version database schemas
13 Nov 2018 by Vlad Neculai Vizitiu
ASP.NET Core 1.1 and Identity Adventures
14 Feb 2019 by Melick
This is a complete guide to install SharePoint in a three server farm using AutoSPInstaller
16 Aug 2019 by Marijan Nikic
An HTML tool written in JavaScript to convert a regular Oracle SQL query into a spooling script
4 Apr 2020 by Venkatesh Subbarao
How to copy tables with Stored procedure data from one database to another in AZURE SQL.
10 Dec 2020 by Leif Simon Goodwin
Simple WPF app that shows how to use PetaPoco library to manage an SQL database
21 Dec 2006 by 2sky
A brief overview of how the Hera Application Framework aids you in the development of data-driven applications.
30 Oct 2021 by Hardik.Sheth1717
How to install and configure SSRS
7 Feb 2022 by Rahul__Sharma
How Managed Identities enable a Spring Boot web app running in Azure App service
8 Feb 2022 by Rahul__Sharma
How Managed Identities enable a containerized Spring Boot web app running on Azure Kubernetes Service
9 Feb 2022 by Rahul__Sharma
How Managed Identities enable a Spring web app to obtain credentials from Azure Key Store and use them to access both Azure APIs and external APIs
22 Feb 2022 by Sander Rossel
How to write a Python app to ingest weather data into Azure using an Azure Event Hub
2 Mar 2022 by Glenn Prince
In this article, we create an Event Hubs instance and a demonstration application that sent messages using the Kafka API.
13 Mar 2018 by Paolo Parise
Dockerized Postgre to improve coupling between versioned codebase and DB schema
20 Feb 2000 by Len Holgate
The ATL OLE DB Provider templates only seem to support read-only rowsets and making them support updating of data isn't as easy as you'd expect!
8 Nov 2005 by fstrahberger
How to do full text search with Oracle Text
5 Feb 2007 by Pman75
A 2 tier menu generator that can be navigated forwards and/or backwards.
15 Oct 2007 by Tijoy Tom
Deadlock analysis in SQL Server 2000.
4 May 2008 by AKA MAJO
The MySQL engine permits user level locks. This article explains how to manipulate these lock types.
9 Oct 2008 by docsmaker
A new free tool to easily manage database users, their privileges and more.
11 Jun 2009 by ColinBashBash
Templates to fix changes in sort-order as they occur.
9 Jul 2009 by bobleith
How to dump SQL data in pivoted format
5 Oct 2009 by merlin981
How to create T-SQL CASE statements with LINQ to SQL
17 Nov 2009 by Ramy Mahrous
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 November CTP - Database Engine feature #1
11 Jan 2010 by Divan van der Watt
Column search functionality that works as easy as sp_help.
7 Apr 2010 by BarrySolomon
Support for Reading XML in MySQL
1 Jul 2011 by zenwalker1985
This article explains a refactored code snippet on passing parameters for a stored proecedure via SP schema rather than hard coding the column/param names.
20 Sep 2011 by Wendelius
This article describes how to mimic the null-safe equal to operator using an UDF in SQL Server.
11 Oct 2011 by KP Lee
Specific example for improving some SQL performance problems
7 Nov 2011 by Paul_Gordon
An easy way to call and manage Stored Procedures in .NET.
10 Nov 2011 by Phani Krishna Kollapur Gandla
How to solve performance issues in data migration to SQL Server.
30 Jan 2012 by abhijit.dalvi29
This article describes how to get the Menus Based on Role in XML Format and Bind them to the Menu Control in ASP.NET
9 Aug 2012 by Alexandros Pappas
This article provides a program to measure the performance of the different transaction isolation levels. It also examines the effect of using the UPDLOCK hint in SQL.
25 Apr 2013 by Robert William Gates
Azure based repository for Major Technical Celebrity and Public Figures
28 Apr 2013 by JoewyCodes
White Stone Helps Businesses Give Their Customers Greater Value for their Money.
13 May 2013 by jluhman
How to take an existing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Modern app and extend it to the web.
30 Apr 2013 by MartinDGut
An Azure Database to hold a Knowledge Base
3 May 2013 by mf81
This will be a lightweight site that helps the user track their weekly comics subscriptions.
3 Jun 2013 by Mark Kestenbaum
An entry to the Windows Azure Developer Challenge.
5 Sep 2013 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
Easy way to map the table in the mysql database.
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
There's a lot of great information on SQL Server Security covering both SQL Server 2000 and 2005.Blogs/DevCentersSQL Server 2005 Security on
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
From MSDN: "The LINQ Project is a codename for a set of extensions to the .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated query, set, and
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Most ASP.NET sites talk to SQL Server or a backend SQL Database and there's a number of ways to manage that configuration.I always start with the
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
There's quite a few data source controls in ASP.NET and one that folks are increasingly excited about is the LINQDataSource.BlogsLINQ to SQL
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Start with listening to Anders talk about LINQ in Anders Hejlsberg on LINQ and Functional Programming this video and reading the MSDN Introduction to
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
There's a lot of great information on the net about accessing data in common data access patterns with ASP.NET 2.0. VideosSQL Server Videos  -
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
LINQ to SQL is an interesting Object-Relational Mapper because it remembers the relationships objects have between each other.  As usual, LINQ to SQL
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
I had to create Umbraco database on my shared hosting (I am using Winhost at the moment) couple of days ago.After checking few examples on
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
For ASP.NET developers, there is good news from Microsoft with the latest SQL Server release, Denali CTP3.Many developers like ASP.NET developers
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Contains Like search in SQL Server 2005 This is my first post to wiki. Here I have to show how to contains like search into sql server 2005.There is
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
If you use the membership providers, having visual studio keep this sql database file around for deployment can sometimes be convenient.
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
The connection string specifies information about how to initialize a connection to a data store.It contains keyword/value pairs. the first pair is
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
using System;using System.Web;using System.Data.Common;using System.Configuration;using
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Abstract: Here we listthe materials which can help you know more about Azure and start itquickly. Welcome anyone add more if you have
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
1) Install SQL Server on Window Server 2003/2008 on Network (Select Network option when installing SQL Server)2) Configure Windows Server as a domain
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
DAL Should like following when inserting a image. I used the Enterprise Library to data access. Data type of EmployerImage is image @ SQL Server
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Open SQL Server and open a database (Already created) . On the Storage section find the Full Text Catalog. Right click and create a New
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
While professional developers are waiting for the Visual Studio Tools and Designers for SQL Server Compact 4.0, I will show how impatient developers
5 Mar 2014 by bconlon
XSD 1.1 support in Liquid XML 2014
29 May 2015 by Asanka Perera
This process can be set up to run on a daily basis to make sure that reports which are interrelated does reconcile with each other, in order to make sure the consistency in report quality.
22 Jun 2015 by Terence Wallace
The primary purpose of this article is to provide quality sample source code for VB.NET developers interested in building data-centric applications using the .NET Framework.
17 Apr 2016 by Alex_2979
A lot of modern Business Intelligence solutions offer to transfer work of analysts to developers or rise technical level of business analysts, make them closer to developers. Instead of it, I advise to consider a solution, which takes information from Database and gives it to business analysts.
13 Mar 2017 by yuvalsol
Keep the view state out of the web page and store it in SQL Server
6 Sep 2017 by HotRod19579
Using LINQ to SQL to create and read temporary tables
3 Jan 2018 by Twain Taylor
This post explains how to use data warehouses in the cloud, and compares popular options on major public cloud platforms.
7 Jun 2018 by harleydk
How to generate a pie chart with Grafana and MS SQL
6 Jul 2018 by Manjuke Fernando
How to replace sp_depends with sys.dm_sql_referencing_entities and sys.dm_sql_referenced_entities
27 Jan 2019 by Melick
How to resolve the issue: AppFabric installation failed because installer MSI returned with error code: 1603
3 Feb 2019 by Melick
SharePoint 2016 Installation using AutoSPInstaller Online - how to set up the environment and service accounts
12 May 2019 by Manjuke Fernando
Observations made for a strange behavior on JSON_VALUE when table contains blank and non-blank values
3 May 2013 by Mohan Mallampalli
A HTML5 note taking app capable of capturing Video notes.
5 Nov 2003 by Redgate Software
SQL Compare automates database structure migrations; it runs the comparison, shows you the differences, and generates the script, which can be run from SQL Compare, to synchronize the chosen databases.
30 Nov 2003 by Redgate Software
Automate all your SQL Server comparison and synchronization tasks
4 Jan 2004 by Simon Galbraith
Managing the design and creation of database objects such as tables, stored procedures, and views is a fact of life for database developers.
24 Jun 2004 by Redgate Software
A simple solution to scripting when sysdepends are damaged
3 Aug 2004 by Redgate Software
SQL Packager packages up the schema and contents of Microsoft SQL Server databases so that installing a database is much simpler.
20 Jan 2005 by Redgate Software
It's a high-tech case of &quot;physician, heal thyself.&quot;
21 Feb 2005 by Redgate Software
The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice use Red Gate Software's SQL Bundle, when migrating to SQL Server improving the quality of juvenile justice tracking.
16 Mar 2005 by Redgate Software
Using SQL Toolkit to allows developers and database administrators to use Red Gate's tools for SQL Server within the applications they create.
9 Sep 2005 by SoftWidgets
In just a few minutes, predefined templates, containing formatted sheets and charts, can be generated from any database using simple SQL statements, macros and/or custom C# or VB.NET snap-ins. Generated files can be distributed to a file server or as an email attachment. Usually, no coding is needed
27 Jul 2005 by Redgate Software
SQL Data Compare and SQL Packager help iCOMCept ensure customer’s database accuracy
24 Aug 2005 by Redgate Software
Using Red Gate Software’s SQL Packager and MacroVision’s InstallShield to package web site authoring software
30 Aug 2005 by Petr Palas
Create professional web sites with this new, flexible CMS for every .NET developer
31 Aug 2005 by Tran NQLSoftware
The most revolutionary advance in Natural Query Language for SQL Databases...
29 Sep 2005 by Redgate Software
Using SQL Toolkit to remotely update customers' databases on the fly.
20 Oct 2005 by Redgate Software
Using a combination of iScala, SQL Server and Red Gate's software tools to manage data processes.
3 Feb 2006 by Redgate Software
Essential tools for easy migration to SQL Server 2005.
2 May 2006 by Petr Palas
This article compares various approaches to storing, editing, and displaying structured content on the web. It shows the advantages and disadvantages of using XML and relational SQL databases.
30 Jun 2006 by Redgate Software
SQL Dependency Tracker allows you to graphically visualize database object dependencies. This means that users can track down potential &quot;collateral damage&quot; before pushing database changes through. With this ingeniously simple to use tool, you can also document database dependencies.
1 Nov 2006 by Redgate Software
This article describes how you can use SQL Refactor to sharpen up your T-SQL.
7 Nov 2006 by Daniel Wood
Learn how changing the way you write queries can make them run faster. This article will describe the automated approach to optimizing SQL. DBA's have been doing it for years, now it's available for developers.
7 Dec 2006 by James Westgate
Use an agile managed database framework, and feel you've finally reached programming heaven.
21 Dec 2006 by Redgate Software
Database professionals have a special role in their workplace because they bear responsibility for customer database integrity. This article argues that the 'online' or 'lock ladder' database development model, which uses live instances is the only way to ensure true database integrity.
18 Oct 2011 by Redgate Software
Identifying an application’s performance bottlenecks is all about understanding how the application is spending its time. Only with the most complete understanding of how an application is operating is it possible to understand what it is doing wrong, as this article describes.
7 Jan 2008 by Visual Numerics, Inc.
This document focuses on the combination of VSTO 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition.
9 Jan 2008 by AccuRev
Why organizations considering moving to an Agile development methodology to increase product quality, decrease costs and respond more quickly to market needs should also consider the changing requirements that the new model places on the SCM system and which aspects are critical to success.
22 Feb 2012 by Redgate Software
Article about Red Gate's SQL Source Control
19 Nov 2012 by Code Effects
This article discusses the use of one such new feature, namely, rule-based filtering of LINQ queries using Web Rule, the XML-based super-fast rules engine, implementable as an ASP.NET or MVC component.
2 Jul 2009 by Eric J. Smith, Shannon Davidson
In the time that LINQ to SQL has been available, we have been identifying ways to make LINQ to SQL better. We have compiled all of those cool tips and tricks including new features into a set of CodeSmith templates. PLINQO opens the LINQ TO SQL black box giving you the ability to control your source
1 Feb 2013 by Redgate Software
G.Russon tells the tale of when his most mission-critical app collapsed, what this meant for him and his team and how they solved the problem with the help of ANTS Performance Profiler.
1 Mar 2013 by John_Joseph
Breaking Through the Analytic Limitations of Access and SQL.
1 May 2013 by Redgate Software
When trying to speed up a slow-running application, it helps to know where the problem is. There are many causes of performance issues, but one of the most common and difficult to diagnose issues is around the application's data access.
4 Jul 2013 by Tiago_Pascoal
Microsoft MVP Tiago Pascoal goes through the best practices, tools, and techniques he uses to optimize the performance of web applications.
8 Aug 2013 by Pradeep_Prabhu
DevOp ROI relies on combining best practices with the right tools. Tooling enables practices, and vice versa. The CloudMunch platform makes it happen.
29 Aug 2013 by Dan Appleman
What are the differences from a software developer’s perspective of .NET/SQL as compared to What do you need to know to make that transition?
11 Nov 2013 by Dynamsoft
In this article, we will illustrate how to use document scan features in an ASP.NET web application to save scanned files as PDFs to an SQL Server database. We’ll also cover retrieval of image files and their display within your ASP.NET web page.
20 Apr 2015 by Jeffrey T. Fritz
How IT operations can engage more with a customer’s experience and assist software development in isolating problems in a production environment with no code changes needed from the development engineers.
3 Apr 2014 by Redgate Software
An interview with senior .NET Developer, Lyle Keeton on use of SQL Source Control
16 Apr 2014 by Stephen_Ball
How to write once, and test encrypted data storage for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, Android and iOS
12 Aug 2011 by carl.b.anderson
Industrialize your application developments using CodeFluent Entities
22 Aug 2011 by David Abramson
Discover how quickly and easily you can create BI apps, deploy scalable dashboards and reports, and embed analytics into existing apps. You can then deploy your apps to any number of users on any platform, including mobile - all without per-user fees.
10 Aug 2015 by Alessandro Alpi
MVP and DBA Alessandro Alpi discusses the advantages of source controlling databases, and shows why SQL Source Control is the best tool for SQL Server Management Studio users.
4 Jun 2014 by rapidagiledevelopment
The Software Development process can be time consuming and stressful. Outlined here are some practical tips on how to ease the strain with kissIT!® applications within the context of Prototyping / Agile methods for SQL, C# & VB.NET.
14 Jul 2014 by Redgate Software
If you’re thinking about adopting database source control, or have a system but aren’t using it consistently yet, here are seven tips to avoid deployment disasters.
1 Aug 2014 by Chris_Yates
When managing a large amount of servers and databases, having an efficient way to search for objects in a particular database, SQL Server instance or the object metadata is crucial. DBA Chris Yates tells us why SQL Search from Red Gate helps him achieve this with ease, and at no cost.
13 Oct 2015 by Ben Emmett
When an application suffers from performance problems, it’s common to assume the database is at fault. Ben Emmett examines why this often isn’t the case, and shows how you can dig into a .NET application’s use of SQL Server with ANTS Performance Profiler.
28 Oct 2014 by Grant_Fritchey
Grant Fritchey argues that getting your databases under source control is not only vital for the stability of development and deployment, but it will make your life easier when something does go wrong.
10 Dec 2014 by Jason_Taylor
In this post, we’ll explore the "culture of logging," and share what we’ve done to address it, much of which has become a part of Stackify’s Smart Error & Log Management (SmartELM) product.
12 Sep 2016 by Redgate Software, Dan Nolan
In this article, I’m going to show you how you can continue using EF Code First to model your database, while also using ReadyRoll to do the actual deployment of T-SQL change scripts and overcome the challenges of the Code First approach.
10 Mar 2017 by Redgate Software
SQL Clone exploits the existing virtualization technology within Windows to take much of the sting out of the traditional problems surrounding database provisioning.
27 Jun 2017 by Microsoft
ZPMC manufactures heavy-duty equipment that enables modern shipping. That equipment is a source of real-time data, which needs to be retrieved, monitored, and analyzed. ZPMC uses Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, Stream Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI to help it become a comprehensive service provider.
22 Sep 2017 by Redgate Software
If you could gain an extra hour in your working day, what would you spend it on? One way to save time and work efficiently, is to use tools available at your fingertips. Learn how SQL Prompt Core, included free in Visual Studio Enterprise, helps you speed up working with SQL and be more productive.
24 Jun 2022 by Jerry Cruise
SPL can greatly simplify complex computing logics in real-time queries and speed up development with its Agile syntax and procedural programming.
9 May 2022 by Sander Rossel
In this article we’ll send the results from the Form Recognizer back to Dataverse so we can use them in our Power App.
18 Jul 2016 by wells cheung
Standalone Privilege Control, Single Sign-On Solution
7 Nov 2021 by Sergii Syrovatchenko
Open source index maintenance tool for SQL Server and Azure
23 Nov 2021 by Rick Drizin
Simple structure for keeping SQL Server Auditing Tables and Versioned Records in the same set of tables, using Audit Triggers and Entity Framework
19 Aug 2019 by koolprasadd
SQL 2017 new features
12 Jan 2014 by Christian Graus
In this third installment, we look at how Common Table Expressions can simplify your SQL and help you perform complex tasks
21 Apr 2004 by Armen Hakobyan
Using SQL-DMO to shrink SQL Server transaction logs.
7 Mar 2016 by Akhil Mittal
In this article we’ll learn on how to write unit tests for WebAPI controllers i.e. REST’s actual endpoints.
8 Dec 2015 by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
Overview of built-in support for JSON text processing in new SQL Server
21 Mar 2017 by Dave Clemmer
Mo+ is the first technology that fully supports model oriented development, allowing software developers to powerfully scale the work they already do.
1 Apr 2016 by Akhil Mittal
This is the last article of the RESTful series in which I’ll explain how you can leverage OData capabilities in ASP.NET WebAPI. I’ll explain what OData is and we’ll create OData enabled RESTful services.
12 Sep 2003 by Jonathan de Halleux
A helper framework for generation of SQL queries in C++ and Lua
11 Apr 2016 by VijayRana
MongoDB Tutorial - MongoDB specific queries
16 Jan 2014 by Christian Graus
Discussion on pivot and other ways to turn columns of data in to rows in SQL Server
30 Dec 2021 by Higty
A DAL generator that generates StoredProcedure client class and creates Table and Record classes
26 May 2021 by Giovanni Bejarasco
A walkthrough in UDT programming with primary focus on database concepts
5 Dec 2016 by jamuro77
The article explains how to get simple, practical and powerful SQL Queries using Grouping Sets, Rollup, Cube and Pivoting by means of detailed examples.
12 Mar 2015 by TarikHuber
SQL Table Toolkit is a Class Library offering a quite large amount of tools for fast and easy work with SQL Tables
2 Jan 2005 by Jon Sagara
This article provides an easy method to lookup a U.S. City/State by ZIP Code, or one or more ZIP Codes by City/State. It also describes a method to calculate the distance between two ZIP Codes and find all other ZIP Codes within a radius of X miles of a specified ZIP Code.
28 Apr 2005 by emadns
How to start a connection using ATL OLE DB consumer classes and how to obtain a session so that you can use it to query or edit the database.
20 May 2010 by Evoluteur
A step wizard for ASP.NET to export database objects to CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, or SQL
6 Apr 2009 by Kamran Bilgrami
This article demonstrates how you can monitor usage of your Web Services using .NET and SOAP Extensions.
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
Building High Performance Queue in Database for storing Orders, Notifications, Tasks
11 Mar 2020 by Dan Letecky
Create an AJAX monthly event calendar (with drag and drop support) displaying data from SQL Server database in just 10 minutes (including a coffee break).
21 Mar 2016 by Sergii Syrovatchenko
Starting from SQL Server 2005, the default trace is enabled by default on every SQL server. Default trace is a lightweight system trace, which stores a lot of useful information about the changes in the system...
10 May 2017 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
Inthis article, I talk about how to use ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework Coreand Angular 2 to implement a CRUD SPA (Single Page Application).
5 Sep 2014 by Abhishek Jaiswall
Data parsing SQL to JSON
7 Nov 2015 by Syed Hasan Hyder
Provides plausible and high performing data display, for very large data (over a million records)
25 Mar 2018 by Ryan G Conrad
Prevent brute-force login attacks on a remotely accessible SQL Server database using T-SQL
28 Dec 2011 by Evoluteur
A look at the minimal metadata needed (database mapping and user interface) for generic CRUD applications using the example of a to do list.
24 Nov 2021 by Rick Drizin
An overview of how to design a scalable Multi-Tenant Database using Row-Level Security Predicate Functions and DDL triggers to enforce that all shared tables are always restricted according to the tenant.
17 May 2018 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see how to create a simple CRUD application for ASP.NET Core Blazor using Entity Framework and Web API.
28 Feb 2016 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see how to create and manage a User Role based menu using ASP.NET MVC, WEB API and AngularJS.
18 Mar 2021 by VijayRana
A tutorial for MongoDB Tutorial
17 Jan 2018 by Pragmateek
Using an Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite Database from VBA
26 Apr 2016 by Jose Segarra
Support routines for handling JSON in SQL Server
8 Sep 2013 by Manoj K Bhoir
A graphical interface to select a color from a set of various colors.
7 Oct 2020 by Henry Sheldon
A study in communication across multiple technologies using Azure cloud services, all based on a centralized informational domain
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
Production Architecture for a SaaS web application built using ASP.NET and SQL Server that guarantees 99.99% availability and super performance
6 Dec 2015 by syed shanu
Simple MVC Pivot HTML Grid using AngularJS and Web API 2
6 Aug 2013 by Michiel du Toit
Explaining and demonstrating the use of the APPLY keyword for SQL Server
18 Sep 2016 by syed shanu
In this article, we will learn how to create a simple web based music player system using MVC, AngularJS and Web API.
12 Feb 2008 by Muigai Mwaura
Use LinqToSql to query these popular RDMS products
12 Jul 2005 by Chester Ragel
A tool which can be used to do common tasks which Microsoft Content Management Server API provides.
27 Mar 2017 by Tyler Rhodes
Reflections on writing a simple blog engine in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core
12 Jul 2016 by Wendelius
When considering to use NOLOCK hint, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.
2 Oct 2019 by Eduard Silantiev
Using various approaches to increase ASP.NET Core WEB API application's productivity.
7 Nov 2014 by Adriaan Booysen
An example of a nearly complete unknown type being used accross EF, WCF and consumed client side
22 Aug 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will give you an idea about how to integrate an OLE Object that is a COM+ API with SQL Server and write a message into a Windows event log.
15 Dec 2010 by Evgeny Vinnik
A simple workaround for Windows Phone 7 apps to work with SQL Azure directly.
26 Jan 2021 by Kemal Erdogan
Addressing the general problem of representing directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) in SQL databases
21 Mar 2014 by Baxter P
Dependency Injection Data Demo with Lazy Loading and Data Mocking
1 Mar 2015 by mbarbac
The seventh version of the dynamic, configuration-less and self-adaptive Kerosene ORM library, that provides full real support for POCO objects, natural SQL-like syntax from C#, and advanced capabilities while being extremely easy to use.
22 Jul 2015 by Shenwei Liu
How to fix Function Import mappings for EF stored procedure returning multiple result sets
18 Aug 2014 by DiponRoy
Here, we will see the basic differences or similarities between various joins of MS SQL Server.
30 Nov 1999 by Shekar Narayanan
16 Aug 2005 by Omar Al Zabir
Comprehensive guide to development of .NET 2.0 Smart Clients working with existing Service Oriented Architecture based XML web services, fully utilizing the Enterprise Library
1 Mar 2015 by mbarbac
A deep dive into the Kerosene ORM Entity Maps operational mode that provides full real support for POCO objects.
21 Jan 2014 by Christian Graus
A description of the best way to create tally tables, and how to use them
22 May 2008 by S. M. SOHAN
An article that shows a simple way of changing the default value of the DataContext CommandTimeout
17 Dec 2014 by John Atten
If you are new to SQLite, you may well run across one of the most confounding of its implementation details the moment you attempt to do some sort of bulk or batch processing of inserts or updates. What you will discover is that unless properly implemented, inserting or updating multiple records
2 Jan 2021 by Brad Joss
Alter your clipboard contents before pasting to automate tasks
27 May 2014 by Shuqian Ying
Implementing a unified structured query system of service based relational data source with build-in intelligence.
12 Nov 2009 by Don Kackman
Parsing SQL statements to create LINQ Expressions.
3 Jan 2005 by Mike Ellison
A user interface web control for building conditions suitable for use in a SQL statement.
23 Apr 2002 by Eugene Khodakovsky
A class to dynamically manipulate databases data using ATL/OLE DB technology
1 Jun 2009 by Dan-el Khen
An open source utility that synchronizes your database structure with a LINQ to SQL model.
21 Dec 2011 by Matt Perdeck
In Part 2, we saw how to pinpoint bottlenecks related to the database server hardware - memory, disks, and CPU. In this last Part 8, we'll look at fixing those hardware issues.
29 Oct 2008 by Ahmad Eid Salim
Provider Design Pattern is a new pattern that Microsoft formalized in .NET 2 to increase application performance where there is no need to explicitly instantiate classes.
30 Nov 2015 by Sreekanth Mothukuru
The idea is to use Dependency Injector (DI) framework Ninject to dynamically target our application to SQL Server or Oracle database either by using Entity framework (EF) or Dapper ORM using global settings
23 Jun 2020 by Ciumac Sergiu
Explains sound fingerprinting algorithm, with a practical example of detecting duplicate files on the user's local drive.
1 Mar 2016 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see in detail how to create a simple Student Master CRUD (Create/Read/Update and Delete) using scaffolding.
4 Apr 2017 by Robert_Dyball
Covering conversion from Angular 2.40 to Angular 4.0 + Publishing the ASP.Net Core / Angular 4 SPA to IIS using VS2015.
3 Feb 2009 by C.L. Moffatt
This article describes SQL Joins in a visual manner, and also the most efficient way to write the visualized Joins.
31 Mar 2017 by CHill60
Alternatives to using procedural loops in Transact SQL, demonstrated by examples.
1 Mar 2016 by Akhil Mittal
This article will explain how to make WebAPI secure using Basic Authentication and Token based authorization.
25 Jul 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate the procedure to shrink the database transaction log.
22 Oct 2009 by APIReport
Generate an HTML table in 4 lines of code either from a SQL query or a DataTable. Highlighting, sorting, all is customizable
28 Apr 2010 by Stephen Boissiere
Part 1 of 3 in a series of articles about generating SQL from an XML file format. This part describes the background to the project and talks about the development of the file format and an XSD schema.
2 Oct 2013 by Dnyaneshwar Pawar
Implementation of AES in C# and SQL Server 2008.
26 Mar 2011 by Wendelius
SQL Server not having the aggregates you need? Why not build your own.
21 Apr 2015 by Braden Murphy
Lightweight SQL & HTML Web Server Reporting
16 Dec 2016 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we'll discuss an approach of using jQuery's Ajax requests to implement an indexed search filter based on an example of creating a simple phone book web application with ASP.NET MVC.
10 Mar 2017 by Dave Clemmer
Going over key features of the VITA open source ORM and .net application framework, with sample SPAs using the MVC/AngularJS/WebApi/VITA technology stack.
12 Oct 2007 by Ward Bell
A response to Ted Neward's 2004 article compating Object Relational Mapping to the American debacle in Vietnam.
15 Apr 2007 by azamsharp
An article on how to transfer data using SQLBulkCopy
16 May 2013 by Todd Sprang
This article explains how to create a general-purpose data-access library for creating dynamic queries using LINQ-to-Entities.
26 Mar 2007 by Wojtek Jeziorczak
How to send/receive MSMQ messages in SQL Server using CLR Integration
14 Jan 2010 by alex turner
They might seem like just another not entirely required feature, but actually table variables are a very handy extension to SQL Server
30 Jan 2010 by Bryan Thomas Weikel
LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and NHibernate used in a parallel fashion in a three-tier WinForms application.
18 Mar 2015 by Akhil Mittal
Creating MVC Application & Perform CRUD operations using LINQ to SQL
1 Mar 2016 by Akhil Mittal
Resolve dependency of dependencies using Inversion of Control and dependency injection in Web APIs with Unity Container and Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF).
8 Jun 2015 by Stefan Wloch
An introduction to custom roles based access control in an ASP.NET MVC application using the Entity Framework.
12 May 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
In this article we will learn creation of subreports, drilldown reports, custom coding and expression, web service and wcf service consumption frm SSRS,custom paging and sorting, working with databars and indicators with real time examples
19 Jun 2002 by Carlos Antollini
Simple database catalog access using a set of ADOX classes
5 Apr 2018 by syed shanu
In this article, we will see in detail how to display role-based dynamic menu after a user logs in. For this, we will create a Menu Master table and insert a few records to display the menu and link the URL to the menu based on the logged in user's role.
18 Oct 2013 by Brian C Hart
To save you from hunting through the docs and locating downloads, we gather both databases here and walk you through installing them using SQL Server Management Studio Express -- updated for SQL Server 2008 Express Edition!
9 Nov 2012 by Abdul Quader Mamun
To develop scalable applications, effective paging is essential. Devoid of smart and effective paging and sorting to handle thousands of thousand data takes extra time and system resources.
14 Dec 2011 by Matt Perdeck
Part 1 of an 8 part series on improving database performance.
17 Aug 2002 by Tomaž Štih
A solution to the problem of storing hierarchical data in a relational database
28 Feb 2014 by ASP.NET Community
This article explains how to work with NoSQL databases, why to use NoSQL, what NoSQL databases are present, .NET APIs for NoSQL and Further Reading
29 Sep 2013 by Gyanendra Jaiswal
Dimension loading using SQL task gives better performance than SCD transformation.
24 Jul 2014 by dale.newman
Combining de-normalization, transformation, replication, and awesome-ness.
3 Oct 2016 by Mark W Solomon
In this article, I developed a way to determine all the SQL Servers in our environment at will and filter this information into Microsoft's Sunset report for Microsoft SQL Server and present all this information in an SSRS report.
30 Nov 2006 by siva pinnaka
This article explains how to migrate data between different SQL Server environments.
8 Jul 2011 by Weidong Shen
Part 2 of a series describing the creation of a Silverlight business application using MEF, MVVM Light, and WCF RIA Services. In this second part, we will go through various topics on how MVVM Light Toolkit is used in our sample application.
19 Aug 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
A list of Global variables in SQL Server and their uses in Transact-SQL
26 Jun 2008 by johnnycantcode
Create and manage your mobile database using SQL Management Studio and export them to SQL Compact Edition databases
14 Dec 2014 by Martin Arrivets
WPF automated trading application
8 Mar 2012 by Manjuke Fernando
Locks and duration of transactions in SQL Server
19 Mar 2007 by Adam Nelson
Presents a SQL Server Extended Stored Procedure wrapper around the author's C++ implementation, and discusses use of Double Metaphone with relational databases in general.
15 Nov 2010 by Ferhat_Karatas
Restoring SQL Server Express 2008 Database with Click Once
14 Aug 2017 by raddevus
Learn the basics (and challenges) of using LocalDb to make your SQL dev easier and localized using tools like SqlLocalDb, sqlcmd and built-in Visual Studio server explorer. Now, also includes SqlCmd scripting.
28 Apr 2005 by Thomas Kurek
Unsatisfied with the accuracy of code online that assumes the Earth is a sphere, I have implemented the oblate spheroid model used in GPS.
2 Apr 2017 by Wendelius
This is an alternative for "What You See Is What You Update"
9 Aug 2019 by Niemand25
Designing simple yet functional database for financial accounting application
9 May 2014 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
An implementation of dependency injection, repository and unit of work patterns using Castle Windsor and NHibernate.
30 Dec 2013 by Monjurul Habib
Introduction to Agile software development methodologies and how to apply them. It is about how to work together to achieve a common goal. This article focus on how technology team work together well to plan, build and deliver software.
14 Aug 2012 by Abdul Quader Mamun
Custom TreeView web user control for parent child relatioinal data upto infinity
2 Jun 2014 by Woong Gyu La
This is an alternative project of "OraLib - a lightweight C++ wrapper over Oracle's OCI library"
8 Mar 2017 by syed shanu
In this article, let’s see how to create a ASP.NET Core CRUD web application with Angular2 Animation using Template Pack, WEB API and EF 1.0.1
24 Aug 2016 by syed shanu
In this article you will learn about Insert/Select to database using Angular2 and WEB API in ASP.NET Core1.0.
16 May 2013 by Joffrey Brouillet
This is an alternative for "A set of ADO classes - version 2.20"
5 Feb 2018 by Stas Wolski
This article describes how to implement a meeting room booking system in an ASP.NET MVC project with dhtmlxScheduler.
1 Jan 2012 by Dr. Song Li
This article presents an example to upload and download files with SQL Server in ASP.NET.
16 Aug 2013 by Karthik. A
sBlog.Net is a minimalistic blog engine created using the ASP.NET MVC 3 framework.
21 Feb 2015 by Wendelius
How to log information into a table from inside a transaction, even if the transaction is rolled back.
20 May 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Write your next CodeProject article using CodeProject.Show, a WinForms application
26 Nov 2019 by @Abdul Azeez Thekkekandy
This article explores Data Science lifecycles - Business Understanding, Data Understanding and Data Preparation
12 Dec 2013 by Nirosh
Architecting a Windows Forms based system on top of a framework. This will help you develop a form based application faster.
3 Apr 2008 by Sacha Barber, Fredrik Bornander
WPF: A Beginner's Guide series, end exemplar and fun with Physics.
27 Oct 2007 by Cedric Baelemans
Discussion of audit trail techniques and a script to automate audit trail implementation on a Microsoft SQL database
7 Aug 2006 by craigd
Save your database diagrams *outside* the database in a Transact-SQL text file, for backup and/or source-control.
21 Mar 2019 by John-ph
Microservices sample architecture for .NET Core Application
13 Aug 2016 by Shashangka Shekhar
In our previous article we have seen how to startup with .Net Core. In this article we will take a look on database operation according to previous sample application based previous concept.
3 May 2018 by Måns Tånneryd
How to extend the Entity Framework with bulk insert functionality, using DbContext
4 Oct 2009 by lepipele
Generate Word documents by appling XSLT on XML data.
7 Aug 2020 by Rick Drizin
Dapper Query Builder using String Interpolation and Fluent API
11 Mar 2014 by mbarbac
Implementing the Repository and Unit of Work Patterns dynamically using Kerosene ORM
8 Jan 2012 by Wendelius
This article describes how to use a sequence to mimic the SQL Server identity column in Oracle.
1 Mar 2016 by Akhil Mittal
In this article we learn how to write unit tests for core business logic and primarily on basic CRUD operations.
1 Mar 2016 by Akhil Mittal
In this article I’ll explain how to write your own custom routes using Attribute Routing.
1 Mar 2016 by sachin verma, Akhil Mittal
This article of the series will explain how we can handle requests and log them for tracking and for the sake of debugging, how we can handle exceptions and log them. We’ll follow a centralized way of handling exceptions in WebAPI and write our custom classes to be mapped to the type of exception th
2 Jan 2012 by Mark J. Caplin
Developing an Order Entry application with MVC.
29 Dec 2006 by Hari Prasad K
The DMVs; newly introduced in SQL Server 2005 gives database administrator information about the current state of the SQL Server machine.
23 Oct 2009 by Bernardo Castilho
This article describes the implementation of a QueryDesignerDialog class that allows users to create SQL queries based on a given OLEDB connection string.
1 Aug 2008 by Jammer
An article detailing with the odd problems and solutions to using SQL Compact 3.5 in desktop applications.
2 Jun 2017 by AhsanAhmed
A brief introduction on how to use FOR XML clause in RAW mode in MS SQL Server to return data in XML format
22 Aug 2004 by Shams Mukhtar
This article will enhance your vision on the usage of Robustness Analysis in conjunction with Model View Controller, using UML with application in ASP.NET. This article is a sequel to my articles on Architecture and Design with ASP.NET.
1 Mar 2016 by Akhil Mittal
My article will explain how we can make our Web API service architecture loosely coupled and more flexible.
16 Nov 2010 by Abdul Quader Mamun
Paging must be effective for large scaleable applications. Without smart and effective paging and sorting for huge amount of data, user request takes more time and uses more resources.
12 Apr 2016 by DataBytzAI
How to bring CSV and XML data into MS SQL server
9 May 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
In this article we will explore on the new features that Denali has offer us from a SSMS perspective
9 Jun 2015 by Freek Kootstra
This is a project to control the modelcars on a vintage toy car track using an Arduino and a Windows Azure service.
28 Jun 2008 by Derek Bartram
A Code Project orientated Kevin Bacon game utilising the CodeProject.dll
7 Mar 2005 by Vic Mackey
An extended stored procedure for SQL Server that implements an optimized MD5 hash algorithm. Very small DLL (barely 7 KB).
10 Jun 2013 by Mario Stopfer
Generic database access model which generalizes the interactions with any particular database system.
24 Jun 2011 by Rob Groves
A C++ wrapper around the SQLite embedded database library.
6 Sep 2005 by Carlos Antollini
Simple database access using an ADO class.
14 Sep 2013 by Mubin M. Shaikh
In this article, I am going to show you the importance of data warehouse.
13 Jul 2010 by Md. Marufuzzaman
Overview of SQL server stored procedure
25 Jun 2018 by Dirk Bahle
A quick guide to managing 100000'ish records efficiently with SQLite and C#/.Net.
13 Mar 2007 by azamsharp
Create draggable objects and drop them in a shopping cart
5 Apr 2011 by Dean Pepper
Iron Speed Designer relies on the table relationships in order to determine how best to provide the quickest and most efficient experience.
2 Oct 2019 by Eduard Silantiev
Create a test RESTful WEB API service using ASP.NET Core 2.1
8 Jul 2016 by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
How to build REST services with ASP.NET Core Web API and Azure SQL Database
23 Feb 2014 by Paulo Zemek
Generate DataReaders at run-time and get the best performance by avoiding repetitive code and by using the database's most appropriate Get methods.
15 Oct 2016 by Saineshwar Bageri
In this article we are going to have a look on how to secure WEBAPI.
3 Nov 2009 by buttonpusher
NetBase is a small database system that reads and writes to DBF-like files, with a SQL front-end. The second part of this series discusses the SQL parser.
10 Dec 2017 by syed shanu
In this article lets see in deep on how to work with WEB API, EF for performing a Inventory Management priority based Reorder level system CRUD operation using Angular5 and ASP.NET Core application
20 Jul 2016 by syed shanu
In this article we will see in detail how to create a Dynamic MVC Dashboard display using AngularJS and Web API
1 Dec 2012 by Nicolas Dorier
Debugger API, explore and modify running program easily
4 Jan 2005 by DGoins
This article explains a brief introduction to SOA and a Subscriber-Publisher model, along with how to implement one using WSE SOAP Receiver and WSE SOAP Sender classes inside a Windows .NET application.
8 Jun 2009 by Al-Farooque Shubho
As part of a series of articles on several data access optimization steps in SQL Server, this article focuses on using some advanced indexing techniques and using de-normalizations to optimize data access.
13 Jan 2013 by Anand Ranjan Pandey
Design a website architecture that must be simple, easily understandable by any web designer using MVC, EF, Knockoutjs and Bootstrap
23 Jul 2002 by Carlos Antollini
A list of ODBC DSN Connection Strings.
2 Dec 2011 by Huisheng Chen
Monitor SQL Server processes and jobs, view executing SQL query, kill process / job, object explorer, database shrink/log truncate/backup/detach/attach, object version control & compare
17 Jan 2011 by Bert O Neill
Get updates to your browser immediately when a change has occurred within the database.
5 Aug 2004 by Jasmin Muharemovic
An article about optimization and performance testing of MS SQL Server 2000 stored procedures used for paging of large resultsets in ASP.NET
17 Apr 2017 by Bryian Tan
An article on SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting with sample code in C#.
4 Sep 2014 by Dukhabandhu Sahoo
Explore the Entity Framework Code First convention and configuration for creating primary key
6 Feb 2015 by Richard Protzel
I decided to create my own sample project which connects to a named server (anSQL 2008 R2 server on my local machine – will also work on SQL Server 2012Express
7 Jan 2010 by hussain.attiya
A database-driven banner rotator control rotating based on a specific time (and not on page refresh). Each banner will have a display time (in seconds) to move to the next one.
8 Mar 2009 by Adrian Pasik
This article is about transferring backups without raising the privileges of SQL Server, or using custom copying tools.
9 Sep 2015 by syed shanu
Use AngularJS and WCF Rest Service to create an online Mind Reader quiz game
11 Jan 2011 by Tim Corey
The developer’s guide to writing powerful SQL commands while avoiding the pitfalls that come from an incomplete knowledge of what is going on under the hood.
22 Nov 2009 by Dimitri Witkowski
SQLite lacks case-insensitive sort of UTF8 data. In this article, you will see how to get rid of this limitation in .NET.
31 Oct 2007 by David Veeneman
A simple, straightforward tutorial that will get you up to speed on the fundamentals of NHibernate as quickly as possible
5 Jun 2014 by CatchExAs
How Formula 1 is beginning to use StreamInsight to broadcast data analytics to your screen in real time
18 Mar 2015 by Akhil Mittal
How to create MVC application and perform CRUD operations using EntityFramework
10 Oct 2014 by Kalvin Lawrence Ernst
Generate a web app instantly, directly from a database (SQL Server)
20 Jan 2017 by Ole Oren
Fast and simple REST development for SQL devs
15 Nov 2008 by Adrian Pasik
In this article, I would like to show you step by step how to use this fantastic database in your C# application.
27 Oct 2015 by Wonde Tadesse
An article that explain hows to expose SignalR feature through an ASP.NET Web API, which helps applications that can use REST service and to broadcast a real-time message to their clients.
6 Aug 2011 by Wendelius
This article shows few examples for using Table-Valued Functions.
27 Oct 2012 by Anand Ranjan Pandey
The purpose of this article is to create a proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of ASP.NET Web API Beta Version.
23 Oct 2009 by Ivan_Komarov, Apriorit Inc
We will describe how to create your own native Firebird extension and show some approaches how to use it in managed code applications
9 Dec 2010 by AnupKumarYadav
Can be used in Multilevel Marketing with binary tree (can be modified accordingly to be used for n Tree)
21 Feb 2011 by Christopher R Davis
Use model driven development to keep your API and database in sync.
1 Jun 2009 by Al-Farooque Shubho
As part of a series of articles on data access optimization steps in SQL Server, this article focuses on refactoring and applying TSQL best practices to improve performance.
20 Apr 2017 by Saineshwar Bageri
In this article, we are going to learn how to secure web API using custom token based authentication.
2 Dec 2008 by Wendelius
How to pass multiple records to a Stored Procedure in a single roundtrip.
8 Nov 2009 by Al-Farooque Shubho
As part of a series of articles on several data access optimization steps, this article focuses on diagnosing performance problems in SQL Server.
7 Jun 2011 by Shivprasad koirala
SQL Query Optimization FAQ Part 1 (With video explanation)
27 Dec 2011 by Wendelius
This article describes a few techniques for how multiple SQL statements can be executed with one SqlCommand.
23 Sep 2015 by Alberto Venditti
Using a .NET Windows service as an engine for specialized custom plug-ins execution
22 Aug 2011 by TeapotDev
In this article, I explain how to create an application like Googlebot - it finds and indexes websites throught hyperlinks.
19 Dec 2011 by David Catriel
Creating a .NET trigger for SQL Server that will log (down to the field level) all changes made to tables.
13 Jun 2018 by Bojan Sala
SqlBinder is a free, open-source library that helps you transform a given SQL template and a set of conditions into any number of valid SQL statements along with their associated parameters.
10 Jul 2017 by Wendelius
This article discusses some basic requirements for successful database operations such as error handling, use of parameters and transactions.
6 Apr 2005 by Stefan Prodan
Deploy MS SQL Server databases using System.Configuration.Install and a VS.NET Setup Project.
1 Mar 2016 by Akhil Mittal
Enterprise level application architecture with Web APIs using Entity Framework, Generic Repository pattern and Unit of Work.
21 Jun 2006 by gtamir
Three approaches to storing passwords - explained with examples.
1 Jul 2018 by Graeme_Grant
DotNet.Core.SQLite - a lightweight performance wrapper library for working with SQLite including usage examples in C# & VB
25 Aug 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
Basic overview of SQL Server 2005/2008 Table Indexing
5 Oct 2014 by Antonio Ripa
A real world implementation of a Many to Many relation using MVC5 and Entity Framework
20 Mar 2014 by Lizandro Campbell
Using Visual C# 2008 to establish connection to a MySQL 5.1 database with MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.7
24 Jan 2014 by Sander Rossel
The second of two; everything you need to create the most amazing queries!
10 Jun 2013 by KK Kod
Developing .Net application with Mongo Db as Back end
26 Nov 2014 by Akhil Mittal
This article is an introduction to Knockout.js and CRUD Operations in ASP.NET Web Forms using Knockout.JS.
6 Jan 2001 by Stefan Chekanov
CODBCRecordset class is intended to be a full replacement of all ClassWizard generated CRecordset derived classes in MFC projects.
20 Mar 2010 by Md. Marufuzzaman
Few step(s) to remove SQL Server database user(s) when you are facing error like “The database principal owns a database role and cannot be dropped.” for dropping a user.
19 Aug 2010 by martin.nedopil
Map your database table as network disk
17 Dec 2011 by Matt Perdeck
Proven techniques to speed up expensive SQL queries.
2 Sep 2001 by Rashid Thadha
Use the MS DataGrid control in your C++ app with ADO
26 Jan 2010 by BackyardHackMechanic
Describes how to get more control over the XML output when using the FOR XML AUTO statement. For instance, when adding XML tags.
4 Jul 2010 by Amit Kumar Tiwari
This code sends automatic SMS to birthday boys/girls :) from phone
10 Jun 2009 by Robin_Roy
MS SQL Server 2008 new feature, the HierarchyID data type.
14 Jul 2013 by ThatsAlok
Step by Step creation of SSIS package using C#
19 Mar 2011 by Wendelius
How to create custom aggregates in Oracle using PL/SQL
4 Dec 2011 by Bret Hill
A step-by-step tutorial describing how to implement localization within SQL Server Reporting Services using the power of the .NET localization methods.
14 Feb 2012 by DaveDbViewSharp
Describes two techniques to use when generating dynamic SQL in stored procedures and provides an example that demonstrates what happens when they are combined
25 Jul 2014 by Ajit Kumar Thakur Microsoft
This article explain step by step approach to implement SSAS Cube.
10 Oct 2012 by Weidong Shen
This article describes how to use the enum type with Self-Tracking Entity Generator and Visual Studio 2012.
15 Jun 2012 by fraser125
A detailed look at SQL CLR procedures and how to create one that does serious work.
5 Jul 2012 by Erick Cerra
Implementing and using an INCLUDE method in classic ADO.NET.
16 Dec 2011 by Matt Perdeck
In part 1, you saw how to identify missing indexes. In part 3, you'll see how to add those indexes.
16 Jan 2005 by Sumit Amar .
Stored procedure to generate INSERT..VALUES statements in SQL Server.
30 Apr 2017 by Wendelius
This article explains the problem, when another transaction (concurrent or not) accidentally overwrites previously modified data and how to prevent this from happening.
23 Mar 2009 by Al-Farooque Shubho
Exploring Set based and Procedural approaches to write better SQL in SQL Server.
4 Oct 2015 by syed shanu
In this article, we will learn about DataGridView Gantt Style Chart Using C# WinForm.
27 Nov 2012 by CoperNick
This article provides an example solution for presenting data in "real-time" from Microsoft SQL Server in an HTML browser. The article presents how to implement Comet functionality in ASP.NET and how to connect Comet with Query Notification from SQL Server.
30 Jun 2008 by junnark
We will create a very simple web chat application using the latest ASP.Net 3.5 technologies from scratch.
15 Apr 2006 by Raj Lal
A dynamic web application needs an admin section for CRUD actions on the records/tables in the database. Wouldn't it be nice to have a database admin, which can be plugged to any web application? Just give your SQL connection string and it dynamically manages all table operations in just five pages.
28 Apr 2009 by Al-Farooque Shubho
As part of a series of articles on several data access optimization steps in SQL Server, this article focuses on using indexing to optimize data access.
26 Jul 2012 by Omar Frometa
Learning how to make a call to a Web Service from a Stored Procedure.
10 Jan 2005 by Abin
A DLL injection library that works on both Win9x & NT platforms.
3 Feb 2016 by DataBytzAI
Useful things to know for developers put in charge of an MS database server
18 Aug 2019 by Niemand25
Designing a simple yet functional database for financial accounting application
11 Aug 2008 by Marian Dumitrascu
Use DotNetNuke user store and management for SharePoint web applications that use Forms based authentication.
5 Jun 2005 by smiling4ever
To make a dictionary that will work with Google Suggest like Dictionary.
1 Mar 2015 by mbarbac
A deep dive tutorial on Kerosene ORM Dynamic Records and other core concepts of the library
23 Jan 2005 by Colin Angus Mackay
Discusses various aspects of SQL Injection attacks, what to look for in your code, and how to secure it against SQL Injection attacks.
12 Dec 2014 by Wendelius
Some simple scenarios to calculate running totals in SQL Server.
26 Jun 2015 by Stefan Wloch
An introduction to Custom Roles Based Reporting for ASP.NET MVC applications using the Entity Framework. Protecting confidential information is a business requirement and in many cases also an ethical and legal requirement.
30 Jan 2008 by Sam Shiles
A step by step guide to communicating with WCF from a CLR Trigger in SQL Server 2005
7 Sep 2012 by peterchen
ORDER BY what-the-user-said
27 Mar 2007 by Anton Milev
Optimized KD-tree and multidimensional nearest neighbours search
11 Jun 2014 by CatchExAs
StreamInsight: A simple demonstration
13 Sep 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
A simple example of SQL server admin tools.
18 Mar 2015 by Akhil Mittal
Unit of Work Pattern and Repository Pattern, and how to perform CRUD operations in an MVC application.
18 Apr 2005 by earmitage
An article on enumerating SQL Server instances in C# using ODBC thus removing any dependancy on SQLDMO. Based on the C++ article by Santosh Rao.
9 Aug 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate how to split a string using Transact-SQL.
27 Aug 2001 by Carlos Antollini
Two classes that make easy to work with ODBC
29 Apr 2009 by Kamran Hazari
How to create Linked servers in a minute in an easy way
9 Jun 2011 by Md. Marufuzzaman
How to create your first SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package - part 1
31 Oct 2014 by Darek Danielewski
Up until version 1.26 of Dapper, it was not possible to utilize TVP.
13 Aug 2019 by Benktesh Sharma
Demonstrate how to add EF support in .NET Core project
20 May 2012 by Wendelius
This article describes a mechanism how trigger actions bypassed based on database user information
3 Jan 2023 by George Swan
An introduction to employing Dapper in an ASP.NET 7 application
4 Jan 2023 by Bert O Neill
Features and functionalities associated with Autogenerate DB Unit Test app
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
The most hyped new feature in Visual Studio 2008 is LINQ, which stands for Language INtegrated Queries. It's awesome, and you'll be using it to talk
24 Apr 2019 by QxOrm
QxOrm C++ library: Persistence (based on QtSql Qt library) - Serialization (based on boost::serialization library) - Reflection (introspection)
2 Mar 2015 by mbarbac
Kerosene ORM support for complete database-alike WCF services and connections
1 Jan 2010 by Shakeel Iqbal
Manage your daily tasks and To-Do list using some exciting features of Windows 7.
14 Apr 2012 by Niladri_Biswas
In this article we will explore on the new features that Denali has offer us from a T-Sql perspective
28 Mar 2013 by Khorshed Alam, Dhaka
How to execute multiple long running SQL Statement Asynchronously in smaller chunks
27 Sep 2005 by Mikael Håkansson
QueryCommander SQL editor with IntelliSense, wrapped in a Visual Studio type of environment. QueryCommander supports: Microsoft SQL Server 6.5-2005, MySQL 4.*-5.1, and Oracle 9i.
4 Aug 2005 by Doga Arinir
Using Microsoft's tracing infrastructure for ODBC.
12 Mar 2012 by Voicent Support
How to make a performance meter that looks like the one in Windows Task Manager
22 Jan 2012 by Ali Daneshmandi
Restaurant and Waiter project! (WPF - Windows Mobile)
25 Nov 2013 by S. M. Ahasan Habib
In this article I will demonstrate how to read a large CSV file chunk by chunk (line basis) and populate DataTable object and bulk insert to database.
15 Nov 2014 by Michael Ulmann
The introduction of the ADO.NET Entity Framework implicitly created the need for ASP.NET providers such as membership, role and profile that leverage this new technology.
30 Dec 2007 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
This article builds a web based message board and uses several new technologies introduced with Visual Studio 2008 such as LINQ, WCF Web Programming, WCF Syndication, ASP.NET ListView, ASP.NET DataPager etc.
25 May 2006 by Syed Adnan Ahmed
Some useful SQL queries to analyze and monitor SharePoint Portal solutions usage.
8 Jan 2011 by dasblinkenlight
Working around an Entity Framework exclusion of sql_variant
2 Dec 2009 by Akram Mellice
Generate strongly typed datasets
1 Sep 2016 by NaibedyaKar
SQL Server database project creation using Visual Studio 2013
8 Nov 2009 by Al-Farooque Shubho
As part of a series of articles on several data access optimization steps, this article focuses on organizing files/file-groups and applying partitioning in SQL Server databases.
24 Jun 2021 by Shivprasad koirala
In this article we will talk about the next 5 interesting SQL Server 2012 features.
22 Aug 2014 by Gurdeep Singh Toor
A Complete Guide to develop aplication using MyGeneration code genration framework. We will develop a Meeting Room Booking web application in this Article.
17 Dec 2012 by Curtis Shull
Using IOC/DI and Repository Factory with LightCore.
29 Jan 2009 by Nitesh Maharaj
How to create simple and advanced pivot tables in C# and ASP.NET
8 Jul 2015 by syed shanu
How to use AngularJs Filter, AngularJs Sort, AngularJs Animation, Image Mouse Over and Mouse Out Event
26 Jan 2017 by Fred Song (Melbourne)
From this article, I’d like create ASP.NET Core (Net Core) application with Angular 2.
20 Oct 2015 by Andy Feng
Serilog is a portable and structured logging framework to record diagnostic logs into files, console and SQL/NoSQL databases.
17 Nov 2007 by pinaldave
SQL SERVER - 2005 - Generate Script with Data from Database - Database Publishing Wizard
10 Sep 2004 by mysorian
A step-by-step approach to creating a report from scratch using the SQl Server 2000 Reporting Services.
9 May 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
In this article we will explore on the new features that Denali has offer us from SSIS perspective
28 Jul 2013 by Dino Konstantopoulos
Running MapReduce in a SQL Server database.
30 Nov 2008 by robertford
How to create simple SQL time zone functions to use in queries.
9 Apr 2014 by Jesús López Méndez
This article introduces you to EntityLite and explains how to use it
21 Feb 2015 by liron.levi
Utility for comparing two SQLite database files for both structure and data
5 Feb 2017 by Michael Chourdakis
A very quick file manager for your PHP site
10 Jul 2006 by BoneSoft
An API for logging information in response to application events such as exceptions.
4 Sep 2013 by Mubin M. Shaikh
This article shows how to create and populate date dimension for data warehouse.
11 Jan 2008 by Rafik Robeal
Build occasionally connected applications using Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET
8 Jul 2004 by Simon Steed (SimonAntony)
This article explains how using caching within your Windows Forms application can speed up data access for frequently used data and avoid performance bottlenecks over the network.
3 Mar 2008 by Alex Baker
Change collation order for all text columns in a database
7 Mar 2016 by dale.newman
Importing Excel & Delimited Files into a Junk Database
4 Jun 2010 by Syeda Anila Nusrat
Create a Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer classes, and Stored Procedure scripts from a database table.
16 Feb 2010 by dawright, ProtoBytes
A heurisitc graphing tool to help discover 'Big O Notation' function thru infinite asymptotic's and instrumentation.
24 Jan 2017 by O.Nasri
You will learn how you can build a management user interface using DotnetCore, Angular2, typescript and web API.
27 Dec 2010 by Pranay Rana
A discussion of LINQ queries for matching SQL queries, with visual representations.
22 Sep 2009 by Nitin Chilka
An article on how to handle deadlock
19 Jun 2012 by Samer M. Abdallah
Access SQL database from iPhone Via WCF and JSON hosted on IIS 7.5
3 Sep 2008 by pinaldave
SQL SERVER - 2008 - Configure Database Mail - Send Email From SQL Database
10 Jan 2006 by darkoman
An article on a simple ODBC SDK wrapper library.
12 Aug 2014 by Thilina Chandima
An introduction on how to store and retrieve images from SQL Server 2008 by using Stored Procedures and C#.
20 Jul 2014 by Mubin M. Shaikh
This Article will give you a good start for Creating SSRS Report First time with SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP Cube
13 Sep 2008 by Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi
Grouping Sets, a new feature in T-SQL in SQL Server 2008.
29 Aug 2011 by MerijnDeJonge
This document presents a new, graph-based, way for expressing and executing Microsoft ADO.Net Entity Framework queries. Using an extensive performance comparison, we show that Graph-based Querying (GBQ) easily outperforms traditional querying with LINQ in terms of expressiveness and performance.
4 Dec 2014 by saddam abu ghaida
Creating Object relation mapping from scratch
1 Apr 2012 by Torsten Tiedt
Database development with Server Data Tools
1 Dec 2016 by Sibeesh Passion
In this post, we will see how we can perform CRUD application in our SQL database using Node JS.
27 Nov 2003 by nickadams
A set of classes to encapsulate DB2 CLI APIs in ADO style.
7 Aug 2016 by Rahul S Chavhan
Validate an XML document in SQL Server using XSD by Rahul Chavhan
26 Nov 2014 by Akhil Mittal
How to do custom mapping and entity to entity mapping with the help of AutoMapper.
11 Apr 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article is for beginners about writing and reading Unicode data from different data sources; including text files, user input, databases. It also demonstrates how to display that data in .NET applications, including ASP.NET web applications.
1 Nov 2011 by Keshav Singh
CTE In SQL Server
4 Oct 2015 by syed shanu
This article shows how to create a Are You Genius game using MVC, AngularJS and Web API 2.
8 Oct 2010 by Sergey Busel
A small ORM library
26 Jan 2016 by syed shanu
Use AngularJS and WCF Rest Service to create a simple Online Shopping Cart
15 Dec 2015 by databaseobjectmodel
A sample infrastructure project such as erp, mrp, crm, admin panel.
17 Mar 2005 by Dan Farino
An Extended Stored Procedure to use regular expressions in T-SQL.
15 Apr 2008 by Andrew Golik
This article explains how to maintain the web application state.
20 Jul 2002 by Ed Gadziemski
How to create a basic WTL database application using an ATL wizard-generated OLE DB consumer and WTL's version of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDX)
22 Dec 2017 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on loading and saving WPF Tree View based content.
17 Aug 2012 by AmitGajjar
Create, Read, Update and Delete operations in ASP.Net with MySQL database with N-Tier Architecture
9 Jul 2017 by Alejandro Xalabarder
HTTP for everybody
24 Jan 2013 by Srinivasu Pemma
This kind of requirement is useful in many applications originally posted on
18 Aug 2006 by _oti
Automated generation of PostgreSQL data transfer classes.
8 Nov 2013 by DaveDbViewSharp
Using lightweight server and database components, the article builds a REST server that returns serialised JSON objects to a single-page web application written in JQuery or AngularJS.
23 Aug 2016 by Suvendu Shekhar Giri
Introduction of new useful features in SSMS 2016
14 Nov 2004 by Lars-Inge Tønnessen
An article on how to setup and configure the MSFT MSDE 2000.
9 Jan 2013 by Rahul Rajat Singh
This article talk about what SQL injection is, how can that effect the security of our websites and what steps should be taken to create an ASP.NET application SQL injection proof.
13 Nov 2014 by Nirosh
This tutorial is designed for .NET programmers who need to understand ‘Nido’ framework and its application.
14 May 2016 by yuvalsol
POCO generating application for SQL Server
8 Jan 2009 by Paw Jershauge
Generate class shells from SQL Server database tables, (SQL 2005 & 2008 only). Output languages supported: C# and VB.NET.
11 Dec 2016 by Wendelius
Desribes how to store and fetch binary data to a filestream column compared to a varbinary column.
12 Nov 2001 by Anthony Roach
This article is the first of a series OLE DB articles that cover database access using the OLE DB Templates
29 Dec 2008 by Tomz_KV
Introduces a methodology for authenticating user in cross domain/platform and transferring user data from one site to another during the authentication process.
24 Oct 2014 by Shivprasad koirala, Marla Sukesh
This is the part 3 of the series Learn MSBI step by step
27 Dec 2004 by Gavi Narra
An implementation of Google suggest using remote scripting.
5 Sep 2008 by Niklas Henricson
Migrate MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server in just a few simple steps
28 Jul 2009 by Abhijit Jana
Overview of Views, system Views, creation of Views, and binding and securing Views.
12 Feb 2009 by junnark
We are going to build a simple web chat application using Silverlight 2 and the technologies surrounding it like, ASP.NET 3.5, C#, WCF, and LINQ-to-SQL. We will use MS SQL Server to store user details and messages from this chat room.
15 Sep 2019 by Niemand25
Designing a simple yet functional database for financial accounting application
20 Nov 2005 by Jason Witty
With the release of SQL Server 2005, Microsoft introduces the long overdue ROW_NUMBER() function. In this article, we will walk through a C# implementation of pagination using the ROW_NUMBER() method.
21 Jun 2007 by DreamInHex
Create an AJAX DataGrid that binds, sorts and pages with no post-backs
14 Aug 2012 by Duong Ba Hong Minh
A good way to setup and install a multi-tree level structure by using a MS SQL Server database.
8 Sep 2014 by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat
This article introduces how to create an MVC application using LINQ to SQL. You will create a simple MVC application for Book registration with a Publisher where the Publisher and Book have one-to-many relationships.
4 Oct 2010 by Mike Barreyre
Demonstrates an e-commerce style grid with product comparison checkboxes, sorting, images in a database, expandible/collapsible product summary, selectable row display, and product comparison page.
17 Jan 2000 by George Poulose
A tool that allows you to query OLE DB sources
15 Sep 2014 by DiponRoy
Some queries to find generation of each row, all possible children, all possible parents, managing recursion
26 Mar 2016 by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
How to easily insert array of JSON objects into SQL Server 2016 tables
4 Jul 2007 by Padoor Shiras
Automated Windows DTS Package for SQL Server 2005 Database Backup
12 Apr 2011 by David Veeneman
This series describes how to create modern desktop applications using the Microsoft Desktop Stack -- WPF, Entity Framework 4, and SQL Server Compact Edition 4. The series covers creating a WPF app designed around the MVVM pattern, integrating WPF with Entity Framework 4, using Entity Framework 4.
24 Sep 2021 by adriancs
A tool to export and import MySQL database in .NET
3 Apr 2013 by Pierre Kellerman
Explaining different ways to join tables
23 May 2016 by Miljan Radovic
Simple, open-source, fully customizable, lightweight SQL Server scheduler
22 Nov 2016 by William SerGio
Angular Shopping Cart for Affiliate Marketing in Angular 5 that Is Responsive with TV Commercials with Powerful Features that Drive Real Sales like Unlimited Distributor IDs for Commissions with Editor
3 Sep 2015 by syed shanu
How to use MVC, AngularJS and Web API 2 and create a word puzzle game
24 Oct 2006 by Jürgen Bäurle
This article describes how to create Data Access Layer Components (DALC) using ASP.NET build providers and a self-defined description language in C#, including an easy scanner, parser, and CodeDOM generator.
29 Jun 2006 by _oti
An article and source code regarding the implmentation of B-Trees in C++.
31 Jul 2008 by Anton Ponomarev
By following steps outlined in this article, you will be able to get Report Viewer to generate reports in Microsoft Word formats (DOC, RTF, WordprocessingML, and OOXML) when working in the local mode.
19 Apr 2007 by Frank Kerrigan
Using SQL Server to do paging of sql results.
13 Feb 2009 by Sandeep Mewara
How to localize the SQL Server Reporting Services Reports
29 Jul 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate the best practice to protect SQL server code object.
5 May 2009 by Steve Krile
Create a Rolodex type control for viewing contacts using the SliderExtender control and the GridView.
9 May 2007 by Peter Weissbrod
This is the second part in a two-piece article focused on optimizing the efficiency of your NHibernate ORM layer.
23 Jul 2014 by Matthew Katakam
ASP.NET MVC Edit Primary Key Values for Composite Keys
15 Feb 2010 by Tim Schwallie
A few ways to work with In-Clause and Stored Procedures with SQL Server and C#.
7 Mar 2008 by Alexander Kojevnikov
sqlTunes is a small tool that exports iTunes library information to the SQL server.
20 Apr 2008 by gan.gary
An article on a SQL IDE for different type of RDBMS databases
22 Dec 2009 by Suresh Suthar
How to execute DTS packages through VB.NET and use global variables.
26 Jul 2015 by Sumit Tech Brain
Fluent Migrator makes the database migration very easy. It is a database migration framework for .NET and uses fluent interface to manipulate database.
6 Jan 2014 by Christian Graus
Just a quick explanation of why it's not always a good idea to use DISTINCT
22 Jun 2009 by SteveHarrisBeast
How to make a password verification form in VB that uses LINQ and SQL
3 Mar 2016 by Gene R. Browning
Get a quick look at your data characteristics using this tool.
21 Mar 2016 by Dan Letecky
How to display AJAX Gantt Chart in ASP.NET application.
3 Jan 2014 by Sander Rossel
The first of two, everything you need to create the most amazing queries!
5 Sep 2009 by Anwar Ibáñez O'Kamell
The present document tries to describe the architecture of a specific layer of access to data for relational databases. This document tries to present/display a form to automate tasks of access to data.
12 Feb 2016 by Peter Elzinga
This is a generic solution for converting the output of any SQL server script to an Excel file (using SSIS).
4 Nov 2006 by Uwe Keim
An application to manage support request with tickets and events
5 Apr 2016 by SQLMonger
SQL Function to parse a delimited string and return it as a table. Handles multi-character delimiters and returns the results as a table.
23 Nov 2010 by Adam Nachman
Provides a framework for predictably compiling, extracting, and deploying a database project.
8 Feb 2015 by SupperSlonic
The Web API token based authentication via OWIN OAuth2 middleware supported by Facebook, Google, Microsoft.Extracting additional user's information from social networks.
14 Mar 2013 by Shivprasad koirala
In this article I will discuss 5 features of SQL Server 2012 and the rest will be followed in other parts..
11 May 2006 by Bernard Ho-Jim
Extending the Personal Web site Starter kit by implementing efficient data paging to the Photo Gallery.
25 Feb 2011 by Wendelius
This article describes the pseudo column to identify the unique physical location of a single row.
15 Apr 2016 by Akhil Mittal
In this article I’ll explain how we can host aWebAPI in another process independent of IIS.
9 Sep 2009 by Virat Kothari
CLR Stored Procedures can be efficiently implemented in an n-tier architecture.
12 Nov 2013 by FLouis38
WeatherScraper for your data warehouse
20 Sep 2006 by DarkLizener
Tutorial on writing your own MySQL User Defines Functions
7 Sep 2006 by Shahed.Khan
This paper demonstrates an extensible mass emailing framework (Smart Mass Email SME). The demo implementation uses cutting edge .NET technologies available today such as C#, .NET 2.0, Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 Service Broker, MS Provider Pattern, Enterprise Library January 2006 etc.
2 May 2011 by Keshav Singh
This article focuses on how MS SQL Server uses indexes to read and write data.
3 Nov 2014 by Mohd Manzoor Ahmed
jQuery Based Ajax ASP.NET MVC Google Maps Web App
21 Jun 2016 by Emmet M
MVC-like for classic ASP.
22 Aug 2005 by Patrice Borne
This article demonstrates how to implement a paging DataGrid with an Oracle database. It also demonstrates how to limit the volume of data to exchange between the Web Server and the browser by retrieving only the rows necessary and updating changes in bulk.
25 Jul 2012 by Wusheng Hu
This article tries to fit all levels of readers by covering both basic database concept and practical tips for handling Entity Framework.
31 Jul 2005 by _Asif_
Article that helps writing SQL in XML to provide better support
23 Jul 2014 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Ever wished you could truly embed SQL functionality in your C# code without using strings or late binding? Imagine being able to write complex Where clauses purely in C#.
27 Aug 2014 by R M Shahidul Islam Shahed
ASP.NET MVC 5 applications
15 Feb 2011 by Sadeque Sharif
Easiest way to delete more than one duplicate row from a table in SQL Server
7 Jul 2011 by Weidong Shen
Part 1 of a series describing the creation of a Silverlight business application using MEF, MVVM Light, and WCF RIA Services.
30 Aug 2010 by Petr Kozelek
Logging of data changes in relational databases
27 Apr 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
A program to demonstrate the copy files from one location to another and rename them after putting time stamp by using Sequence Container, Foreach Loop Container, File System Task and Script task
23 Dec 2009 by Dr. Song Li
This article makes an experimental comparison on the performance of the different methods to pass structured data to SQL Server Stored Procedure parameters from ADO.NET.
31 Dec 2012 by Srinivasu Pemma
This is most common but very important part of every developer's life, Taken from my technical blog
12 Feb 2009 by Kemal Erdogan
An implementation of role-based authorization control (RBAC) model with row-level access control capabilities at the database server level
19 May 2017 by Yuriy Magurdumov
Two flavors of IDataReader implementations used together with SqlBulkCopy to insert static and dynamic data structures into SQL Server table.
3 Nov 2012 by Abhishek Sur
The article demonstrates how you can use SQL Server Query Notification feature to get notification from database whenever the result of a command gets changed. Sample application demonstrating SqlDependency and SqlCacheDependency is also included.
11 Oct 2009 by db_developer
describes how to create SQL Wrapper for Regular Expressions using SQL Server CLR Integration
9 Nov 2021 by Daniele Fontani
That is the question. A comparison between these two technologies and some tips to choose the best that suits your needs.
2 Aug 2015 by syed shanu
In this article, we will create a simple dynamic project scheduling from a database using a Stored Procedure using MVC and AngularJS.
4 Apr 2006 by Salvatore Vetro
The art of swap from a database to another changing a flag
24 Sep 2010 by David Veeneman
This article discusses how to create a private installation for SQL Compact
9 Jan 2005 by Kim Sheffield
The RDL Project is an open source (GPL) implementation of the RDL for the .NET environment created by fyiReporting Software. RDL is an XML based language created by Microsoft with the goal of promoting interoperability of reporting products. Project RDL is a compact implementation of RDL.
27 Oct 2016 by syed shanu
Tutorial for creating a simple web based Hotel Room Booking System using MVC, AngularJS, and WebAPI
9 May 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
This article will describe in simple ways as how to work with Pivot and Unpivot transformation component
6 Feb 2017 by Anuja Pawar Indore
Multi-Tenancy means same instance shared amongst all customers.
19 May 2007 by Moim Hossain
Describes SQL server 2005 Integration Service object model and different data flow components
29 Nov 2010 by Stephen Boissiere
Part 2 of 3 in a series of articles about generating SQL from an XML file format. This part describes the development of a code model for the new file format.
29 Mar 2018 by Shashangka Shekhar, ZahidOnAir, Abhijit Bhowmick Dip
In this post we are going to create a Single Page Application (SPA) with AngularJS and ASP.Net Core. We will use Angular-UI-Router for our application routing instead of MVC routing.
8 Nov 2019 by Sanwar ranwa
How to login with Facebook and Google using Angular 8
12 Dec 2012 by Venkat Krishna Turlapati
Automated process of downloading a XML file and inserting the contents into a database.
13 Nov 2018 by Vlad Neculai Vizitiu
LINQPad - a developer’s best friend
29 Sep 2019 by Arthur V. Ratz
How to predict S&P 500 Index on the SAP-HANA SQL-engine backend using EML library
4 Mar 2015 by DiponRoy
Table Hierarchy or Generation Finder For Relational Database In SQL Server
16 May 2012 by Smitha_Kalakoduvath
How can we configure our foreach loop container, even when the task inside it failed
23 Mar 2016 by rohit7209
Use AccessRemoteMySQLDB-API in your project to access web-server MySQL database
12 May 2006 by Malik Nasir
An article on generating an Excel sheet with different charts, based on the data in the sheet, and then emailing it.
11 Jul 2014 by CatchExAs
Using evolutionary techniques to deduce an optimal poker strategy
5 Apr 2021 by Vadim Loboda
A way to persist C# object graph to database with single procedure using ADO.NET and table valued parameters
11 Mar 2013 by Hafiz Muhammad Suleman
This article clears the differences between the On cluase and Where clause when used with left join.
12 Mar 2014 by Christian Graus
The second in my series digs in to some of the different things you can do within a select statement.
28 Sep 2005 by Akram Hussein
An article on distributed messaging using Service Broker in SQL Server 2005.
15 Aug 2004 by Elvin Cheng
Solve the ViewState problems using the industry well-known pattern - Provider Model design pattern.
16 May 2006 by Koushik Biswas
How to call an Oracle Stored Procedure that returns one or more REF CURSORS, using ADO from C++? Think it should be easy to find on the internet or make it work with a little luck? Not before this article was posted!
14 Mar 2007 by yincekara
An article about How to Save Old Versions of Records Using MSSQL Server 2005 Xml Column
16 Dec 2015 by syed shanu
In this article, you will learn how to perform DataGridView CRUD with saving image to SQL Server using C#.
17 Oct 2009 by Nitinpatel
T-SQL script to generate the document of SQL 2000/2005 database
6 Dec 2015 by Den367
Short glance at drawing on geographical tiles by using of Microsoft.SqlServer.Types assembly.
11 Jul 2006 by Chris Tillotson
Convert UTC to local time
5 Mar 2011 by Amir Mahfoozi
This article describes implementing and manipulating a tree structure by means of SQL
25 Aug 2012 by Mihail Mateev
One of the highly-anticipated features in the Entity Framework 5 is a Spatial support.
18 Feb 2016 by Sreekanth Mothukuru
How to create an interactive interface (help documentation) to represent our RESTful API using popular framework Swagger & Swashbuckle
27 Jan 2015 by syed shanu
Project Scheduling using GridView in ASP.NET
25 Dec 2006 by Danilo Mendez
SmartCode is a template based code generator.This tutorial describes the process of building a templates to SmartCode
24 Jun 2014 by Debabrata_Das
In this article we will create a project to see how one-to-many relationship can be implemented in ASP.NET
1 Jun 2016 by icemanind
Automatically generate Business and Data layers in C# or VB.Net from a SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySql or SQLite database design.
31 Mar 2015 by Naren Neelamegam
Building robots from the scratch with speech recognition, remote voice control, learning intelligence with Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo and Microsoft Azure.
10 Oct 2005 by Michael.Piccolo
How to add DataGrid columns dynamically with ITemplate, XML and templated controls.
31 Jul 2011 by Alaric Dailey
Building an O/R Mapper: step 3.
9 May 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
This article will demonstrate as how to work with SSIS Script component with two live example
17 Aug 2009 by P. Ganesh Kumar
Helps in assigning row numbers in the returned result of an SQL query
21 Apr 2006 by Swift coder
How to simplify the ASP.NET DataGrid by eliminating code-behind.
29 Jan 2010 by Alaric Dailey
Working around issues when using SQL Server indexed views.
25 Mar 2009 by mbyamukama
In this article, I will show you how to interface your simple C# applications to the FirebirdSQL Server using the Firebird ADO.NET Client 2.5.
26 Jul 2008 by Ali Daneshmandi
CLR Function for Persian Date Converter in Microsoft SQL Server
11 Jan 2008 by Irfan Baig
General tips and guidelines for performance improvement
23 Jan 2014 by Christian Graus
The first in a series of articles seeking to explain the intermediate to advanced features of T-SQL
17 Apr 2005 by Gael Fraiteur
If you want to tune your SQL statements, you need to understand how the server executes them. The article explains this.
27 Sep 2010 by psined
Introduction to Boomerang Framework
27 Feb 2012 by BillLange1968
Solution for creating a Leaderboard for a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) XNA game
11 Mar 2014 by Er. Puneet Goel
This article is about how to start with MVC. Its very simple and useful article that include basic Save, Update and Delete methods using MVC.
22 Sep 2014 by Jitendra Ku. Sahoo
Overview of SQL server error anatomy.
13 Dec 2008 by Steve Abraham
This article shows the reader how to construct a library of scalar and table valued functions for SQL Server 2005 to perform regular expression analysis.
10 Jan 2008 by Shivprasad koirala
An article listing SQL Server Interview Questions
25 Mar 2008 by Matt Sollars
Overcoming challenges with LINQ to SQL and using LINQ with SQL Server Compact Edition.
28 May 2007 by Dmitry Tsuranoff
Determining SQL Server performance for temporary tables and and table variables.
23 Jun 2015 by syed shanu
This article shows how to create a menu dynamically from a database using AngularJS, MVC and WCF Rest service.
30 Nov 2006 by HerbD
Describes how to return tables of values as the result of user defined functions (UDF) in Excel.
5 Aug 2014 by a.alghabban
19 Sep 2015 by VijayRana
Signal R Message Logging Application
17 Aug 2015 by DataBytzAI
Method for implementing an audit-trail
6 Jan 2013 by demouser743
How to implement CRUD operations using Stored Procedures in Entity Framework.
23 Oct 2005 by Phorozan
When you create a backup, you must be able to restore this backup into the same database and same location. But this code also helps you to restore a backup into a new database or existing database.
5 Jan 2005 by Teo Lachev
Introducing Microsoft Reporting Services.
22 Nov 2004 by Dave Handley
A library of template classes that enables the rapid production of client-side database code.
1 Jul 2003 by Saumendra Poddar
SQL Server Transactions and Error Handling
30 May 2007 by Hayder Marzouk
A small framework to design and print documents containing shapes, text, images, bar codes...
30 Dec 2015 by Daniel Miller
This article describes standard naming conventions for tables and columns, and it provides code that leverages the conventions to visualize dependencies and automatically validate and generate foreign key constraints.
28 Dec 2015 by Marla Sukesh
In this article we Learn step by step how to create project with MSBI.
24 Nov 2005 by James Curran
An article on locating MS SQL Server instances on the local network, and retrieving information about them.
26 Jul 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
An easy way to get a list of extended storedProcedure allowed to you for common use
26 Jan 2016 by Rasik Bihari Tiwari
Dependency injection, DI containers, IoC containers and Inversion of control are a world of confusion. Let's take them head-on.
8 Mar 2011 by Keshav Singh
CDC is a new feature for logging DML changes. In this article, we will see how CDC could be put to use and how efficiently it could serve our purpose.
14 Jan 2010 by Alaric Dailey
Using information from the .NET DataProvider to improve dynamic SQL and allow the use of multiple databases
7 Sep 2016 by Emanuel Santos
In this article i will show how to create a basic application to detect and recognize faces using EmugCV.
12 May 2011 by santosh poojari
This article will illustrate the approach to open SSRS report in ASP.NET UI using URL command and IFrame Method.
15 Jun 2016 by Vishnu Prasad C
Data insertion from flat file into SQL through BCP utility
17 Sep 2016 by Snorri Kristjansson
A SQL server CLR Stored Procedure that can query the Active Directory directly in T-SQL code
23 Jan 2014 by Christian Graus
A discussion of ways to create random number sequences in SQL Server
6 Mar 2018 by Sibeesh Passion
Continue with learning indexes in MongoDB
11 May 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
This article will help in understanding the myraid ways of report creation, deployment and invocation of report from various client applications
24 Sep 2008 by Sandeep Mewara
How to build reports from Report Builder and save it on the Report Server.
9 Mar 2009 by Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi
This article discusses some unknown feature of SQL LIKE operator e.g. using set, range, exclusion and escape sequences
16 May 2013 by Peter Hancock
Using NAnt and CruiseControl.NET to continuously integrate database changes
6 Feb 2018 by Saineshwar Bageri
In this article, we are going to learn how to create a secure Web API in ASP.NET Core MVC.
29 Nov 2014 by Ahmed Charfeddine
Websocket, SSL, Json, MySQL are all combined together with Push Framework to produce a C++ server that interacts with an Angularjs web front-end. The application shows the ease of implementing CRUD.
24 Feb 2016 by Chris_Yu
To code our own MVC framework from scratch
22 May 2006 by Jeff Modzel
How to create your own ASP.NET 2.0 custom resource provider to replace resource files (resx) with SQL Server.
13 Aug 2014 by Reza Ahmadi
This article discusses basic concepts in AOP and uses PostSharp to implement AOP concepts in a C# application.
29 Aug 2014 by Asif Bahrainwala
Detect memory leaks
23 Feb 2016 by Sreekanth Mothukuru
A look at the free SQL Server Schema Comparison Tool in VS2013
25 May 2008 by Ahmed IG
A Simple GUI Tool for SQL 2005 Reports deployment without using BI Development Studio
2 Oct 2015 by Math08avan
The important things to understand, how missing values are treated in SQL Server
17 Oct 2014 by Han Bo Sun
In this article, I will show you how to integrate Hibernate Search into a simple yet feature complete web application with the Spring MVC and Hibernate enabled.
12 Sep 2005 by Huseyin Altindag
ADO.NET for beginners.
15 Feb 2002 by Yap Chun Wei
A Class to Read and Write to Excel and Text Delimited Spreadsheet
17 Jan 2000 by George Poulose
A tool that allows you to query ODBC sources
9 Aug 2009 by Wael R. Mansour
Convert numbers to characters for Arabic applications.
21 Feb 2005 by Alon_Catz
This article presents an alternative solution to paging large datasets using Open Source Sql.Net library.
30 Nov 2013 by DaveAuld
Too much data is breaking the system, we need a fix!
14 Sep 2006 by ShirleySW
How to use the ASP.NET 2.0 ReportViewer control in Local mode.
18 Aug 2016 by syed shanu
In this article, you will learn about MVC AngularJS Master/Detail CRUD, Filter and Sorting using WEB API 2 with Stored Procedure.
10 Dec 2018 by Vivek Johari
This article “SQL Triggers – An Introduction” will give you the detailed knowledge about the SQL Triggers which can be very helpful in your work.
13 Jul 2018 by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
Learn about various use cases how you can leverage JSON support in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database
13 Feb 2007 by Vlad Hrybok
This article describes how to run DotNetNuke content management system on UltiDev Cassini web server, which unlike IIS can run on Windows XP Home and can be redistributed along with the DotNetNuke applications.
30 Oct 2014 by Vaclav Naydenov
How C++ library YB.ORM can help manipulate the data stored in RDBMS using domain classes. Basic concepts of ORM are explained by examples.
27 Jul 2015 by syed shanu
Design your Winform at Runtime.Perform CRUD operation to your Form at Runtime with out writting any code using Stored Procedure.
30 Oct 2014 by Nirosh
Nido Framework with .Net 4.0 and Entity Framework help you standardize your Business Logic Layer (BLL).
16 Jan 2017 by O.Nasri
A good example of how to build a CRUD web application using ASP.NET CORE with Angular2 and WebApi
14 Jul 2016 by koolprasadd
New feature list of SQL 2016
20 Nov 2014 by Vadim Stadnik
Generality and efficiency of a semigroup in C++ are achieved by using an augmented B+ tree. Basic and advanced applications of such a semigroup are discussed.
14 Dec 2006 by Chris Hambleton
A utility that generates INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE SQL statements.
30 Dec 2013 by Kareem.S
This is an enterprise solution for sending mails from the SQL Server database engine to SMTP servers.
29 Aug 2012 by mbarbac
Describes how to use C# dynamics to convert a delegate into an expression tree
20 Aug 2009 by gaurav_verma_mca
How to send bulk data using table value parameters from C#
18 May 2008 by defwebserver
A wizard that allows you to FTP an application to a remote server and then launch the configuration wizard from the web browser to update the database connection.
30 Jul 2012 by mgoad99
Create a SQL Reporting Services report to show the status of all SQL Jobs and drill down to the status of the steps within each job.
26 Aug 2009 by Andy_L_J
Generate unique column values using UDFs and Stored Procedures
28 Feb 2009 by Igor Krupitsky
This article explains how to do Market Basket Analysis in SSAS 2005 (Microsoft SQL Analysis Services).
28 Apr 2016 by Sharad Chandra Pyakurel
Generic repository application of employee with documents
5 Sep 2006 by Leon Segal
Includes description of an asynchronous HTTP handler (vs. alternative WebHandler) implementations that uses an asynchronous DB read operation to render a BLOB DB column as an image to any client browser.
18 Dec 2008 by Mycroft Holmes
A workaround for the limitation of only being able to pivot one column.
22 Dec 2009 by Farooq Kaiser
In this article, I will examine how to store and retrieve binary files such as image or PDF into Microsoft SQL or Oracle database.
19 May 2011 by andrewwasfy
An introduction to SQL Server Indexed Views.
6 Jun 2007 by Mark J. Miller
Provide array functionality in SQL Server using T-SQL or the CLR
18 Apr 2005 by Uri Lavi
A simple database viewer to manipulate SQL Server data types (in particular: image, binary, varbinary and text).
17 Mar 2008 by Shabdar Ghata
A Windows application to backup and restore SQL server tables,views,user defined functions and stored procedures
4 Mar 2007 by Mark J. Miller
Understanding how the SQL Server and CLR security models work together to keep your database secure
2 Mar 2005 by Ach1lles
A simple technique for selecting random records from a table.
20 Dec 2010 by Mike Emerson
An Open Source RDL engine for rendering reports to WinForms or ASP.NET
15 May 2011 by kribo
How to insert images / binary data into a database.
18 Dec 2011 by Matt Perdeck
Looks at fixing any locking issues you found in Part 2. You'll see how to determine which queries are involved in excessive locking delays, and how to prevent those delays from happening.
12 Nov 2014 by Mohd Manzoor Ahmed
ASP.NET MVC Web App on 3-Tier for Beginners – Part 1
28 Oct 2004 by Alexandru Ghiondea
Describes how to upload and download pictures to and from a SQL Server database.
9 Aug 2014 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This articles describes how to kick start a shop website using ASP.NET and the software Microsft WebMatrix
13 Nov 2017 by Haroon Ashraf
This article helps beginners to generate over million records of random test data for a database object like books in SQL.
8 Feb 2017 by Rasik Bihari Tiwari
Let's understand exactly what is Dependency Inversion principle and what it is not. How people confuse it to be dependency injection which is it NOT.
11 Dec 2007 by Danilo Mendez
Describes how to generate NHibernate objects and ASPX pages using Smart Code
17 Jan 2014 by Mubin M. Shaikh
Learn Custom MDX Query Step by Step
16 Aug 2018 by Narapareddy Shyamprasad
SQL Dynamic Pivots
14 Sep 2007 by Frank Kerrigan
Move SQL Server 2005 databases back to SQL Server 2000.
20 Jul 2011 by Mihaly Sogorka
Schedule timed tasks through ASP.NET administration pages.
15 Apr 2008 by Ali Hamdar
How we can access the Windows Indexing Service using OLEDB.
16 Oct 2014 by Omar Al Zabir
SQL Server Performance Dashboard (SSPD) is a small open source web app that shows you performance & problems of one or more SQL Server instances and their databases in near real time.
28 Jan 2005 by Dan Letecky
An example that shows how Firebird database excels in embedding.
19 Mar 2008 by Dennis Betten
Export all tables and data to an Excel file.
7 Dec 2016 by Kuv Patel
A quick and simple way of generating POCO classes and EF mappings for database tables.
15 Dec 2011 by Matt Perdeck
In part 2, we'll pinpoint a number of other bottlenecks, including locking issues, lack of execution plan reuse, fragmentation, and hardware issues.
13 Jun 2016 by john_1726
MVVM Silverlight Application with Entity Framework and WCF Service
22 Dec 2008 by Neeraj Kr
Provides an insight into creating automated process for Backups and Restorations
9 Aug 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate how to get a file name or a file extension as well using Transact-SQL.
8 May 2001 by George Poulose
A tool to generate class files to implement stored procedures
2 Oct 2008 by Andrew J Dixon
Explaining Database deadlocking to non-technical people
22 Sep 2004 by Eugene Lepekhin
How to get all power of trees in SQL
21 May 2016 by VijayRana