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by Daniel Vaughan
Calcium provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Includes a host of modules and services, and an infrastructure that is ready to use in your next application.
by Nick Polyak
This article explains the most important and basic concepts of Avalonia WPF-like multiplatform UI package.
by Alan Beasley
Explanation and examples of Additional Templates and Generated Content of a ListBox. Covering Layout, Transitions, and Animation.
by Dr. WPF
This article describes a new approach by which an element can remove its visual and logical relationships to its children while maintaining a conceptual parental relationship with those children.

Latest Articles

by Sbk123
This is a multi player Pong game written in C#/ WPF using Visual Studio
by Peter Sun (247)
Implement ChatGPT API in C# WPF with GPT3.5-turbo
by Chandru BK
This article will assume you have basic knowledge of C# and Xamarin Forms and shows how to implement the Xamarin Form Validations using simple Data Annotations applied on the models.
by Michael Chourdakis
A set of tools to create a new VCXPROJ file automatically

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17 Jun 2009 by Sacha Barber
This is a rant about .NET 3.5 SP1 StringFormat Binding Property
27 Dec 2006 by Anil Kr. Sharma
19 Apr 2012 by Jani Giannoudis
Concepts and patterns for the handling of strings in multilingual applications.
13 Jul 2010 by Alan Beasley
The WC Door button, covering all the missing skills needed to create the buttons shown in my first tutorial. As well as all 10 buttons for download!
19 Mar 2022 by Yang Kok Wah
A tool to generate face images and animated gif files for different angles and lighting using only a single face image. Also includes Face Matcher using Microsoft Face API.
20 Oct 2004 by Livid
A guide to using 3D tags in Mobiform and Longhorn XAML.
11 Jul 2008 by Seshi
State space search algorithms - implemented with C# .NET 3.0 WPF
29 Jan 2011 by 69Icaro
Analyzing the Snake game, we'll study an application for the new Windows Phone 7 platform, focusing on localization, Inversion of Control, navigation, transition effects, triggers, Isolated Storage, audio and we'll also use Blend to create a rounded glowing button, and other things...
11 Dec 2011 by Raj Lal
Chapter 11 of "Fun with Silverlight 4" More information at
18 Jan 2009 by adam.cataldo
An article on a useful extension to the WrapPanel control.
13 Nov 2014 by Daniel Vaughan
Learn how to combine T4 and a custom markup extension to share and consume image files between projects.
16 Aug 2013 by Robert Köpferl
This article provides a better browser control than the one included in WPF
12 Oct 2012 by ntg123
Different approaches for implementing MVVM over byte/bit based data.
19 Feb 2021 by Leif Simon Goodwin
A 3D surface plot control in C#
8 Mar 2011 by Sacha Barber
Set of utility classes to observe a chain of INotifyPropertyChanged objects.
21 Nov 2019 by Leif Simon Goodwin
This article presents a simple WPF Carousel Control
19 Sep 2009 by jebarson
New features of Visual Studio 2010 discussed
3 Mar 2017 by wim4you
Launch additionally a limited number of hand picked Programs, Documents or Folders from the taskbar
29 Jul 2012 by Winfried Ripken
This article presents a framework allowing you to integrate the workflow designer more easily in your own applications
31 Mar 2009 by Timmy Kokke
A detailed walkthrough on how to style a basic Silverlight button into a "Glass Orb" button.
19 Apr 2007 by Josh Smith
A guided tour of the Windows Presentation Foundation, one feature at a time.
4 Apr 2007 by Josh Smith
A guided tour of the Windows Presentation Foundation, one feature at a time.
4 Apr 2007 by Josh Smith
A guided tour of the Windows Presentation Foundation, one feature at a time.
7 Apr 2007 by Josh Smith
A guided tour of the Windows Presentation Foundation, one feature at a time.
13 Apr 2007 by Josh Smith
A guided tour of the Windows Presentation Foundation, one feature at a time.
1 Sep 2015 by David Maw
A way to embed help pages within a Windows RT or Phone program
22 Jan 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Implementing text highlighting in a WPF TextBlock control with MVVM
21 Jun 2008 by mariocatch
Basic concepts ranging from XAML layout, to C#->XAML communication and databinding.
22 Jul 2016 by Mohamed Kalmoua
In this article, I will create a master-detail view using the Entity Framework.
18 Feb 2020 by webmaster442
A Media player control for WPF, based on MPV player that can play almost any media file.
31 Jul 2012 by Shuqian Ying
The source code and a simple demo program for a plug-in in Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) that provides visual display of email messages.
17 Jun 2009 by Sacha Barber
ImageBrush in WPF
3 Feb 2010 by Dr. Song Li
This article introduces a more flexible and secure method to configure Silverlight applications using the Web.config file from the ASP.NET host application.
24 May 2008 by
An easy way of sorting the WPF ListView with a generic method.
18 Jan 2021 by John Whitmire
A customizable way to set enum flags
10 Jul 2009 by Andrius Mudinas
A multilingual Silverlight virtual keyboard.
15 May 2015 by Lộc Nguyễn
Example of data binding for nested tree structure, and MVVM pattern.
22 Feb 2009 by Raul Mainardi Neto
An implementation of the MVVM Patterns + CommandModel within a WPF LOB application.
4 Nov 2010 by logicchild
An article that illustrates how to simulate a pendulum.
6 Jul 2011 by Weidong Shen
This article describes building a sample Silverlight application with the MVVM Light toolkit, WCF RIA Services, and a pluggable application architecture using MEF.
4 Apr 2013 by Michael Mann (mann.DEV)
Plugin migration with new features of .NET 3.5.
4 Nov 2010 by logicchild
An article that describes WPF for the beginner and provides some tips for the intermediate.
11 Jan 2011 by Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
A Quick Guide to Silverlight Ribbon Controls (Part - 1)
1 Nov 2010 by wujiong
Explains how to implement and use this powerful behavior
30 Jan 2012 by Dirk Bahle
UI and code-behind is executed in different threads. Long running processes need asynchronous execution. This artice shows a way of doing this in a ViewModel approach.
5 Jan 2010 by Aviad P.
A custom control based on a TextBox which allows autocompletion based on a custom filter from any items source.
7 Jul 2011 by Weidong Shen
Part 1 of a series describing the creation of a Silverlight business application using MEF, MVVM Light, and WCF RIA Services.
8 Jul 2011 by Weidong Shen
Part 2 of a series describing the creation of a Silverlight business application using MEF, MVVM Light, and WCF RIA Services. In this second part, we will go through various topics on how MVVM Light Toolkit is used in our sample application.
8 Jul 2011 by Weidong Shen
Part 3 of a series describing the creation of a Silverlight business application using MEF, MVVM Light, and WCF RIA Services. In this part, we will discuss how custom authentication, reset password, and user maintenance are implemented in the sample application.
3 Mar 2010 by Jevgenij Pankov
A Silverlight application using the WCF RIA Services Class Library. Demonstrates how to implement a custom Authorization Service, utilize localized resources, and add unit tests for DAL.
8 Mar 2011 by Weidong Shen
Part 2 of a series describing the creation of a Silverlight business application using Self-tracking Entities, WCF Services, WIF, MVVM Light Toolkit, MEF, and T4 Templates.
12 Apr 2011 by Weidong Shen
Part 4 of a series describing creation of a Silverlight business application using Self-tracking Entities, WCF Services, WIF, MVVM Light toolkit, MEF, and T4 Templates.
28 Jun 2010 by Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
A Simple Application using Silverlight Physics Helper Library
16 Dec 2018 by Praveen Raghuvanshi
An application explaining the basic implementation of Autosave feature
2 Dec 2011 by Gordon Zhang
Utilize the Grid and GridSplitter to compose a SplitContainer
10 Aug 2012 by dreamgarden
SoapBox Core uses WPF's MEF to provide a base application framework that is easy to extend. This is a simple example that includes elements of a basic application (toolbar, statusbar, document area, etc.).
15 Dec 2009 by Dr. Song Li
This article shows a simple and flexible way of creating a Silverlight splash screen.
16 Aug 2011 by Reto Ravasio
A WPF app that uses dynamic types and databinding for displaying MSI files.
11 Apr 2023 by IssamTP
A .NET XAML user control to get a simple PropertyGrid
12 Jan 2010 by Abhinav S
A simple Quickstart for using the Unity Container with Silverlight.
21 Jun 2010 by Arun Jacob
This is a simple Silverlight RSS Reader which pulls out data from a feed URL.
26 Mar 2012 by Achilleas Portarinos
How to program a simple Canvas Snake Game in WPF
23 Dec 2010 by Ashley Davis
Explains how to create a control whose position you can data-bind a property to
7 Apr 2010 by Dr. Song Li
This article introduces a simple XML document viewer control for WPF applications to display XML documents in a nicely formatted way.
1 Mar 2010 by Josh Fischer
Give your users quick, visual help without forcing them to leave your app.
25 Jul 2014 by JamesHurst
Walks through the creation of an on-screen virtual keyboard for entering non-ASCII chars
27 Apr 2008 by h32
A shameless (and for sure buggy) clone of Identitymine's ElementSnapshot
5 Jan 2009 by Lev Danielyan
A style for giving WPF buttons a glassy, Windows Vista-like look
8 Feb 2016 by Azim Zahir
This is a Text Editor App for Windows 8.
11 Jun 2008 by Florian Kruesch
This article is all about implementing a triangle primitive as a custom control in Silverlight 2.0 that can be used for 3D effects in Silveright.
15 Jan 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
A touch screen keyboard which emulates the basic functionality of a real keyboard.
18 Apr 2004 by Marc Clifton
Demonstrates Using MyXaml With A Vector Graphics Engine to Create an Analog Clock
7 Feb 2008 by Philipp Sumi
A strongly typed enhancement of the regular WPF TreeView control.
20 Oct 2008 by Anil Kumar T R
An enhanced ViewStack component for Silverlight 2 with transitions and cache management.
25 Jul 2008 by AndyL2
Another example of how XAML can solve issues that most developers automatically assume will require "coding".
15 Apr 2008 by Islam ElDemery
An Internet chat application with file transfer.
3 Jul 2014 by Alexander Wieser
The article showcases a Windows 8 themed WPF Ribbon inspired by Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2013.
30 Sep 2014 by Bernardo Castilho
The article presents an ICollectionView class that supports filtering and sorting.
16 Jun 2008 by TonyTonyQ
This article describes how to create a fade in and fade out irregular pop up window using WPF
21 Mar 2011 by Ashley Davis
Examines a custom content control that can be used to zoom and pan its content
9 Sep 2011 by Magnus Gudmundsson
A WPF DateTimePicker that Works like the one in Winforms
24 Apr 2008 by Derek Bartram
An article presenting a WPF library for producing extensible runtime customisable graphs
23 Aug 2019 by Leif Simon Goodwin
This article presents a highly configurable rotary dial control.
19 Jan 2012 by Barry Lapthorn
A WPF short TimeSpan custom control using a spinner custom control.
16 Jan 2012 by Barry Lapthorn
A WPF custom spinner control.
30 Apr 2020 by Leif Simon Goodwin
WPF tab header control using two button controls and a modified listbox with list items arranged horizontally
6 Mar 2009 by Marc Schluper
Creating a simple tool to get wallpapers right.
9 Mar 2012 by Barry Lapthorn
A XAML-only font combobox.
7 Jan 2014 by Petr Ivankov
Application of abstract approach to real-time.
8 Jun 2010 by David Bobeck
Using attached properties in WPF or Silverlight to loosely couple UI element events to arbitrary code.
9 Oct 2017 by DaveMathews
Integration of a Chatbot in a C# application using SIML (Synthetic Intelligence Markup Language)
29 Mar 2011 by Mircea Deliu
In this article, you will find out what you need to do if you want to add a Facebook Like button to your Silverlight application.
3 Oct 2013 by NitinShrivastava
In this tip, we will discuss a quick way of how to locate a point in the Map and then adding a customized pushpin to these locations through a sample XML.
22 May 2010 by Shai Raiten
How To Use Win32 To Add Your Control On Top Another Application Using Win32 Hooks.
1 Nov 2011 by mbcrump
A look at how to add an Application Bar to your XAML Metro applications.
29 Jan 2007 by Josh Smith
Reviews an advanced layout customization for the WPF TreeView.
15 Apr 2015 by Juan Pablo G.C.
StateTriggers with multiple properties and initialization, setters for attached properties, deep property path, set values to null,custom attached properties, visual state group as resource and trigger inside datatemplates workaround
1 Oct 2017 by Jecho Jekov
Provides a solution for localization of WPF application both in XAML and in code-behind
16 Jun 2016 by Clifford Nelson
This is an alternative for "Advanced WPF Localization" that adds functionality for capitalizing and pluralizing the text to be display.