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by Daniel Vaughan
Calcium provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Includes a host of modules and services, and an infrastructure that is ready to use in your next application.
by Nick Polyak
This article explains the most important and basic concepts of Avalonia WPF-like multiplatform UI package.
by Alan Beasley
Explanation and examples of Additional Templates and Generated Content of a ListBox. Covering Layout, Transitions, and Animation.
by Dr. WPF
This article describes a new approach by which an element can remove its visual and logical relationships to its children while maintaining a conceptual parental relationship with those children.

Latest Articles

by Sbk123
This is exciting Pongs game written in C#/ WPF using Visual Studio 2022
by Peter Sun (247)
Implement ChatGPT API in C# WPF with GPT3.5-turbo
by Chandru BK
This article will assume you have basic knowledge of C# and Xamarin Forms and shows how to implement the Xamarin Form Validations using simple Data Annotations applied on the models.
by Michael Chourdakis
A set of tools to create a new VCXPROJ file automatically

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11 Apr 2020 by #realJSOP
Any technology suitably advanced will generally be viewed as "magic".
29 Jul 2008 by 2sky
Translate a WPF User Interface using the Google AJAX Language API in real-time
29 Jan 2011 by 69Icaro
Analyzing the Snake game, we'll study an application for the new Windows Phone 7 platform, focusing on localization, Inversion of Control, navigation, transition effects, triggers, Isolated Storage, audio and we'll also use Blend to create a rounded glowing button, and other things...
13 Apr 2016 by @nkit Bajpai
This article discuss a simple application built using WPF MVVM design pattern and explain the basics of Command Binding and DataBinding.
5 Jan 2009 by _anil_
Store and organize your shortcuts for easy launching of files and applications
27 Sep 2016 by _eol_
The goal of this article is to create flat image buttons with bindable properties.
21 Oct 2013 by _Noctis_
Sorting out the confusion about these properties, and providing a demo app for them
20 Apr 2016 by _Noctis_
To save you from doing this every time you want a WPF/MVVM project, here it is, all rolled into one.
23 Aug 2009 by A Eastman
Project aimed at joint development between programmer and graphics artist
22 Dec 2016 by Abdulrahman Emad, Muhammad Magdi
A generic CRUD control implemented based on the MVVM pattern
22 Dec 2016 by Abdulrahman Emad, Muhammad Magdi
A generic CRUD control implemented based on the MVVM pattern.
20 May 2009 by Abhinav S
Finding a child control inside another control
12 Jan 2010 by Abhinav S
A simple Quickstart for using the Unity Container with Silverlight.
1 May 2009 by Accusoft, CaseyMuse
This article provides a quick tour of the ImageGear for Silverlight toolkit from Accusoft Pegasus, while developing a multi-page image viewer that runs completely on the client via managed code.
26 Mar 2012 by Achilleas Portarinos
How to program a simple Canvas Snake Game in WPF
2 Dec 2008 by Adam Berent
Embedding a .NET WinForms application in an internet browser using WPF.
18 Jan 2009 by adam.cataldo
An article on a useful extension to the WrapPanel control.
7 Sep 2007 by AdamNathan
This article introduces some of the main concepts that WPF introduces above and beyond what .NET programmers are already familiar with.
22 Nov 2007 by AdamNathan
An introduction to Silverlight, the promising alternative to Flash, which enables the creation of rich web content and applications using a lightweight add-on that is friendly to both designers and developers.
24 Sep 2010 by Adhish Pendharkar
Data binding in Silverlight Web Services
28 Jun 2015 by adityasahver
In this article we will learn how to use Microsoft Band to connect to your Device.
19 Oct 2015 by adospace.NET
Layouts is a Javascript library that let you create web applications with complex UI using Xaml
22 Oct 2012 by Adrian Akison
Submission of Meteor Madness to The App Innovation Contest.
2 Apr 2011 by Adrian Alexander
Make your life easier by inserting a Presentation Model layer (aka ViewModel) between your domain-model collection contents and template-generated WPF objects.
11 Apr 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article is for beginners about writing and reading Unicode data from different data sources; including text files, user input, databases. It also demonstrates how to display that data in .NET applications, including ASP.NET web applications.
17 Jun 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article, I would explain the steps to create a simple WPF application that can read out text for you; using .NET framework's Speech API and Installed voices.
16 Jul 2011 by Ahmedn1
A simple GPS system to locate the current location of the phone
20 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
Complex bindings in XAML made almost as simple as in JavaScript frameworks
15 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
Open source library for music engraving in desktop, mobile and web applications
13 May 2009 by Al Alberto
A simple to implement editable listbox for WPF.
31 Dec 2010 by Al Alberto
A series of articles exploring how to develop applications for Windows Azure using Bing Maps.
3 Apr 2010 by Alan Beasley
Beginner's guide to building robust, scalable, and easily editable buttons
4 Apr 2010 by Alan Beasley
All the tools you need to create, tweak and style the Arcade button
9 Jun 2010 by Alan Beasley
How to build your first re-useable Control from scratch in Expression Blend
13 Jul 2010 by Alan Beasley
The WC Door button, covering all the missing skills needed to create the buttons shown in my first tutorial. As well as all 10 buttons for download!
26 Apr 2010 by Alan Beasley
How to Style the Control Template of a ListBox in a small MVVM application
6 May 2010 by Alan Beasley
Explanation and examples of Additional Templates and Generated Content of a ListBox. Covering Layout, Transitions, and Animation.
11 May 2010 by Alan Beasley
Simulating a random motion animation without code, using Spirographic Shapes, PathListBoxes, Storyboards & Behaviours
4 Jan 2008 by Aleksey Zaharov
This article shows you how to bring revolutionary UI provided by MS Silverlight to the world of ASP.NET control development with the help of the recently released ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions CTP.
27 Oct 2011 by Alessandro Del Sole
This article explains how to bind Pie Chart controls from the Silverlight Toolkit to a LightSwitch screen
12 Jul 2017 by Alexander Sharykin
WPF HexGrid Panel
3 Jul 2014 by Alexander Wieser
The article showcases a Windows 8 themed WPF Ribbon inspired by Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2013.
11 Feb 2009 by alexander_l
This article will show you how to use the DrawingVisual class to draw the game of GO
2 May 2019 by Alexandros Pappas
Rehosting of WorkflowDesigner in WPF and Windows Forms application, and invoking the workflow
29 Jun 2008 by AlexDov
About serialization of Bindings to XAML with the standard MS XamlWriter.
26 Feb 2009 by Alexei Prokudin
Syntax highlighting TextBox in Silverlight 2.0.
4 Jan 2023 by Alexey A. Popov 2
A simple implementation of Miller columns (cascading columns) control
3 Oct 2009 by alexy.shelest
This article will compare and contrast the MVC, MVP, and MVVM, and suggest which pattern to use based on your technology of choice and the problem that you are trying to solve.
10 Feb 2012 by alexy.shelest
This project is a real-time multi-threaded trading application framework developed with WPF / MVVM
21 Oct 2008 by Ali Daneshmandi
Persian (Farsi) language support for Silverlight 2.0
22 Jan 2012 by Ali Daneshmandi
Restaurant and Waiter project! (WPF - Windows Mobile)
17 Apr 2007 by Ali Iqbal Khan
Third article in a Windows Workflow Foundation tutorial
13 May 2009 by Alphakoda
A first look at commanding in WPF
14 Sep 2011 by Amir Eshaq
This code demostrates how to use Silverlight 5 with OOB+elevated trust to play a local video (.avi). Uses P/Invoke support for native code
21 Feb 2011 by Amit Kumar Dutta
Discusses a simple and testable way to bind Commands inside DataTemplates (Parent-Child scenario) in any WPF or Silverlight application built with the MVVM design pattern
11 Jul 2013 by Amit_Mittal
A way to achieve automatic scrolling during a drag operation
6 Sep 2014 by amitthk
Quickly generate Getter Setters for a number of your properties in C# - using regular Expression based templates
2 Nov 2014 by amitthk
Yet another Basic .Net Wpf Mvvm Framework CRUD application – hands on in 14 (or so) easy steps for WPF/MVVM beginners / for practice.
27 Aug 2018 by amitthk
RunCmd is a windows batch file editor,runner utility. It can be used to automate our repetitive tasks using commandline batch files.
18 Jan 2018 by Ammar Shaukat
Using XAML Progress Bar in WPF for Indeterminate Mode
7 Nov 2008 by andre arpin
Shows some of the steps, pitfalls and differences in porting a simple application from WINFORM to WPF
6 Jul 2005 by Andrej Benedik
Class library for importing 3D objects from 3DS files into Avalon, and a simple 3D object viewer.
18 Sep 2019 by Andreoli Carlo
Matrix digital rain, Matrix code or sometimes green rain, is the computer code featured in the Matrix movies
30 Jan 2015 by Andrew Whiddett
This is an alternative for "WPF: Data Virtualization"
9 Feb 2015 by Andrew Whiddett
Creating a scaleable ObservableCollection that supports pagination, async and (for the first time) FULL write operations
11 Aug 2018 by Andrew Wood
A WPF localization solution with runtime updating and design-time support in Visual Studio
22 Jun 2014 by Andrey Karinskiy
In this article I want to show how binding controls directly to the View Model methods can simplify development of XAML UI, and completely eliminate manual work with Commands.
10 Jul 2009 by Andrius Mudinas
A multilingual Silverlight virtual keyboard.
21 Jun 2012 by Andrzej Skutnik
Developing a navigation theme started in the article "Navigating the different modules through a TreeView in Prism."
5 Jul 2012 by Andrzej Skutnik
Accordion versus TreeView and the DataGrid in the navigation data in Silverlight.
8 Aug 2012 by Andrzej Skutnik
This article is describing behaviors ala Intellisense. I'll talk about how to extend the RichTextBox display behavior without interference in the control, without overwriting any of the members, fully configurable in the Xaml code, with the possibility of dynamic control.
28 Aug 2012 by Andrzej Skutnik
The vision is now the problem of reflecting styles of RichTextBox display controls. Applies the technique commonly known as behavior.
22 Jul 2008 by AndyL2
Published WPF resources discussing control customization focus almost exclusively on editing local copies of ControlTemplates, while implementing and interacting with an actual Custom Control library requires a DIFFERENT set of techniques and reference syntax to be used
13 Aug 2008 by AndyL2
Creating a maintainable, extensible WPF custom control library is a lot easier if you know a few tricks.
10 Oct 2008 by AndyL2
A 100% WPF solution to creating custom Window frames of any shape, supporting all standard frame behaviors
25 Jul 2008 by AndyL2
Another example of how XAML can solve issues that most developers automatically assume will require "coding".
4 Jun 2009 by andywilsonuk
Creating an embedded, bindable WPF Colour Picker based on a Slider control using a LinearGradientBrush.
27 Dec 2006 by Anil Kr. Sharma
17 Oct 2008 by Anil Kumar T R
ViewStack component for Silverlight 2 – An inevitable control in RIA space
20 Oct 2008 by Anil Kumar T R
An enhanced ViewStack component for Silverlight 2 with transitions and cache management.
26 Feb 2009 by Anil_gupta
How to show mutliple types of items in a single listbox by using multiple templates.
10 Aug 2014 by Anis Derbel
It's Time to make Money with your Apps
14 Jan 2010 by Anoop Pillai
A set of Silverlight Experimental Hacks (1) A custom implementation of EventTrigger and PropertyTrigger (2) Invoking methods in your view model in MVVM (3) Conditionally invoking triggers and behaviors (4) ReactiveTrigger for exporting your custom events
3 Nov 2010 by Anoop Pillai
The article explain Server side image rendering using data bound XAML. You'll be able to render WPF controls and create data-bound image visualizations using this technique
31 Dec 2007 by Antonin Hildebrand
The article discusses the concepts of data driven web games. An example game 'SilverStunts' is presented and described in technical details.
5 Jan 2013 by Anup Kumar Verma
Using all Ultrabook sensors on Desktop Application
2 Aug 2009 by Apoorv Khurasia
A parsable text box validates and parses text inside it to strongly typed .NET objects
6 Oct 2009 by Aran Mulholland
A TextBox that waits a user defined interval of time after the user has stopped typing to update its binding source
25 Apr 2012 by Arash Sahebolamri
PersianDate type, and two WPF controls (PersianCalendar, and PersianDatePicker) for working with Persian dates
31 Jan 2010 by Arik Poznanski
The question this posts tries to address is: Where to put value converters?
7 Feb 2010 by Arik Poznanski
An easy way to add fade-in / fade-out effects to your user controls, when you change their Visibility property
1 Apr 2011 by Arik Poznanski
Flashcards.Show – Planning a Cross-Platform Solution
20 May 2011 by Aron Weiler
WPF UserControl enabling simple page transitions, such as slide, grow, spin, etc.
17 Mar 2010 by Arun Jacob
Article about Tag driven application or Tagged Objects in Surface SDK
21 Jun 2010 by Arun Jacob
This is a simple Silverlight RSS Reader which pulls out data from a feed URL.
27 May 2015 by Arup Banerjee
The project is a simple Temperature Converter WPF Application which will allow user to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. The objective however is to demonstrate techniques that are important when building large-scale front-end enterprise software.
17 Feb 2010 by Ashish Kaila
Easy way to localize your WPF app declaratively
2 Aug 2010 by Ashish Kaila
Illustrates UI modelling in WPF, leveraging templates.
27 Dec 2010 by Ashish Kaila
Declaratively and visually create custom windows in WPF