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28 Nov 2022 -
  5 Dec 2022
How would you describe your current job?
Fighting dragons everyday or clicking the same boxes on the same forms, day after day?
21 Nov 2022 -
  28 Nov 2022
When thinking about your job, how important is the option to work from home?
Some bosses are casual about where you work, and some, naming no names, will insist you're in the office, always. What are your thoughts?
14 Nov 2022 -
  21 Nov 2022
Is the "." part of a file's extension?
Your personal opinion, not "what my framework says". Is the "." in "filename.ext" part of the extension or not?
7 Nov 2022 -
  14 Nov 2022
How prepared are you at product launch (or major release) time?
Time for some brutal honesty here.
31 Oct 2022 -
  7 Nov 2022
How forgiving are you of other developer's mistakes?
Our job is to not allow mistakes in insanely complex systems and we know the consequences of mistakes. To what standard do we hold developers around us?
24 Oct 2022 -
  31 Oct 2022
How solid do you feel in your current employment given the latest shakeups in the IT industry?
It's been a bit of a roller coaster these last few months. How is your current gig looking?
17 Oct 2022 -
  24 Oct 2022
What's your least favourite of these languages to code in?
And no, you can't pick more than 1. Add a comment if there's another language that bugs you even more.
10 Oct 2022 -
  17 Oct 2022
Do you feel Artificial Intelligence should be regulated?
Because regulation around software development has generally solved the problems they were designed to solve, right?
3 Oct 2022 -
  10 Oct 2022
What topics would you like to learn more about?
Contributed by Marc Clifton.
26 Sep 2022 -
  3 Oct 2022
When building an application, when is the most important time to consider the User Experience?
They are the ones we write code for, right?
19 Sep 2022 -
  26 Sep 2022
Who do you listen to most when making decisions about software development?
11 Sep 2022 -
  18 Sep 2022
Which of these do you feel you could confidently explain to a non-programmer?
"Confidently explain" meaning "explain well enough that they get the gist and could, more or less, explain it to someone else to your satisfaction"
5 Sep 2022 -
  12 Sep 2022
How do you rate the ways you can purchase software?
Rate these 7 options, with 1 = "No way, ever", to 5 = "Absolutely support this model". Answer generally, if you can, and add you specific "it depends" caveats in the discussion forum
29 Aug 2022 -
  5 Sep 2022
A user, following obviously incorrect documentation, uses a piece of hardware incorrectly, which triggers a software bug and causes an expensive hardware failure. Who's at fault?
22 Aug 2022 -
  29 Aug 2022
How old is your newest graphics card?
"Your" means "of the machines you get to use day to day", and include eGPUs such as compute sticks or Thunderbolt eGPUs
15 Aug 2022 -
  22 Aug 2022
Do you expect users to read the instructions when using your apps?
8 Aug 2022 -
  15 Aug 2022
Do you feel you fully understand the vision and purpose of the software project you're working on?
Sure you can be told the "what", but do you have the "why"?
1 Aug 2022 -
  8 Aug 2022
Have you ever taught anyone to code?
"Teaching" can mean from start to finish, or simply just helping someone learning to code work through a coding issue (like helping with homework or being a support tutor)
25 Jul 2022 -
  1 Aug 2022
When buying a new computer, how important are each of the following?
18 Jul 2022 -
  25 Jul 2022
Do you code on sick days?
Some stay in bed, som binge watch TV. And some of us can't keep away from the keyboard

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