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Windows 10 will soon start nagging you to switch from local account to Microsoft Account
Because everyone should enjoy the reports of password leaks
Industry News Neowin 19 Apr 2024 440
Attackers are pummeling networks around the world with millions of login attempts
In related news: Pope remains Catholic, bears enjoy woodlands
Industry News Ars Technica 19 Apr 2024 378
Industry News Windows Latest 19 Apr 2024 261
Cybercriminals pose as LastPass staff to hack password vaults
Greetings fellow password having personage. Please do the needful and send us all your passwords for inspactining
Industry News Bleeping Computer 19 Apr 2024 357
Developer News .NET 19 Apr 2024 319
Developer News ZDNet 19 Apr 2024 814
Microsoft’s AI Copilot is starting to automate the coding industry
But if AI is your copilot, who will you eat when you crash in the mountains?
Developer News IT Pro Today 19 Apr 2024 341
Low-code tools boost developer productivity
When creating applications, or when you rewrite them later in a non-low-code language?
Developer News Beta News 19 Apr 2024 681
Hot Threads CodeProject 19 Apr 2024 273
Resources to learn RUST
Just keep yourself moist, and ungreased
Hot Threads CodeProject 19 Apr 2024 302
Google Announces Agent Builder, Expanded Gemini 1.5, Open-Source Additions
At the Google Cloud Next 2024 event, Google announced the launch of Vertex AI Agent Builder, the public preview of Google's most advanced generative AI model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, and the addition of open-source language models to the Vertex AI platform.
Tips and Tools InfoQ 19 Apr 2024 25
Building a scalable gateway with .NET for Microsoft AI
We realized the need for a high-performance and reliable gateway to be the front-end and ingress layer for Microsoft AI.
Tips and Tools .NET 19 Apr 2024 241
A blueprint for making quantum computers easier to program
A CSAIL study highlights why it is so challenging to program a quantum computer to run a quantum algorithm, and offers a conceptual model for a more user-friendly quantum computer.
Tips and Tools MIT News 19 Apr 2024 18
Announcing a Benchmark to Improve AI Safety
MLCommons has made benchmarks for AI performance—now it's time to measure safety
Tips and Tools IEEE Spectrum 19 Apr 2024 15
Meta Llama 3
Our latest version of Llama is now accessible to individuals, creators, researchers, and businesses of all sizes so that they can experiment, innovate, and scale their ideas responsibly.
Tips and Tools Meta 19 Apr 2024 48
SAMMO: A general-purpose framework for prompt optimization
Large language models (LLMs) have revolutionized a wide range of tasks and applications that were previously reliant on manually crafted machine learning (ML) solutions, streamlining through automation. However, despite these advances, a notable challenge persists: the need for extensive prompt engineering to adapt these models to new tasks.
Tips and Tools Microsoft Research 19 Apr 2024 21
Stable Diffusion 3 API delivers powerful image generation
Stability AI is providing the next iteration of its powerful text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion 3, to developers through its API and an innovative new creation platform.
Tips and Tools Developer 19 Apr 2024 29
Science And Technology Neowin 19 Apr 2024 461
Major first: Quantum information produced, stored, and retrieved
When "it worked" is worthy of news, you might have a problem
Science And Technology Science Alert 19 Apr 2024 293
Ex-security engineer gets three years in prison for $12 million crypto hacks
He's smarter than the average smart contract (but not smart enough, apparently)
Industry News Security Boulevard 18 Apr 2024 1,429
Industry News Infoworld 18 Apr 2024 686
Industry News Ars Technica 18 Apr 2024 985
Industry News Neowin 18 Apr 2024 1,744
Most developers have adopted devops, survey says
Most developers would be surprised to hear that, blurb writer says
Developer News Infoworld 18 Apr 2024 1,868

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