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Microsoft fixes Windows 11 22H2 file copy performance hit
Now taking guesses as to what this breaks
Industry News Bleeping Computer 1 Dec 2022 618
Industry News Gizmodo 1 Dec 2022 623
Google customers win class-action status in lawsuit over app store prices
The pennies they get from the result may almost pay for more apps!
Industry News Ars Technica 1 Dec 2022 397
User interface rules that should never be overlooked
Black on black is never a good colour scheme?
Developer News Information Week 1 Dec 2022 1,011
I/O is no longer the bottleneck
The program will always find a new bottleneck
Developer News Ben Hoyt 1 Dec 2022 1,836
Developer News Jeff Geerling 1 Dec 2022 722
Because who doesn't want to mangle their databases?
Developer News Google 1 Dec 2022 547
Unit tests, whom's unit I need to test ...
Just need adding tests until the software is late
Hot Threads CodeProject 1 Dec 2022 405
Replicating Food Delivery App UI with Uno Platform
We will see step by step each one of the components obtained from the analysis, and we will learn how to convert it to XAML code.
Tips and Tools Uno Platform 1 Dec 2022 56
Unfold your UI
While foldable devices have been a thing on Android for quite a while, we don't see too many apps really making use of them.
Tips and Tools 1 Dec 2022 48
Kotlin Coroutines use cases for Domain Layer
In practice, in the domain layer we mainly have to suspend functions that call other suspending functions.
Tips and Tools KT.Academy 1 Dec 2022 40
Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Ships with .NET MAUI Support
Visual Studio for Mac v17.4 shipped earlier this month along with its Windows counterpart, with support for .NET MAUI heading a host of improvements.
Tips and Tools Visual Studio magazine 1 Dec 2022 60
SwiftUI is convenient, but slow
I'd like to draw attention to some performance limitations, in the hope that a SwiftUI engineer might see this and understand pain points that might not be so obvious from their side.
Tips and Tools Alin Panaitiu 1 Dec 2022 96
Physicists create a wormhole using a quantum computer
Not sure if I should make a Deep Space Nine reference, or StarGate?
Science And Technology Quanta magazine 1 Dec 2022 763
Amazon satellite experiment puts the cloud in low earth orbit
In space no one can see your Cloud bill
Science And Technology Gizmodo 1 Dec 2022 365
Sony steps into the Metaverse with the 'Mocopi' motion tracking system
For everyone waiting to "jack into cyberspace" as an anime heroine
Industry News Engadget 30 Nov 2022 1,430
Industry News Vice 30 Nov 2022 4,989
Developer News Visual Studio 30 Nov 2022 1,812
Developer News The Register 30 Nov 2022 2,742
Developer News Tech Xplore 30 Nov 2022 2,095
Software disenchantment
Evergreen article: Things aren't as good as they were in the old days
Developer News Nikita Propokov 30 Nov 2022 2,402
Elon goes to war
"When two tribes go to war, a point is all you can score"
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Nov 2022 1,996
Underappreciated surprisingly well
Read me a bedtime story, Mr. Edge
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Nov 2022 1,728
Science And Technology Tech Xplore 30 Nov 2022 868

Page 1 of 2,465