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Feature Forums
Forum Description Last Post Total
- Uncategorised posts -
Misplaced questions from users. If you find yourself posting in this forum then either try and choose a more appropriate forum, or make a suggestion in the Suggestions forum for a new forum 
1 Feb 2023 6:04AM 1,088
General Programming
Forum Description Last Post Total
.NET (Core and Framework)
Discussions on the .NET Core, .NET Framework and .NET 5 frameworks 
13 Mar 2023 10:11AM 31,293
Discussions on Mathematics and Algorithms 
25 Jan 2023 10:29AM 7,917
Artificial Intelligence
AI, machine learning, and data science programming discussions. 
23 Jan 2023 4:03AM 79
Discussions on ATL, WTL and STL programming 
24 Nov 2022 2:59AM 9,902
C / C++ / MFC
C, Visual C++ and MFC discussions 
21 Mar 2023 9:01AM 466,017
C# discussions 
23 Mar 2023 6:04AM 381,630
COM discussions 
19 Mar 2022 2:27AM 11,679
Design and Architecture
Discussions on Design, Patterns and Architecture 
20 Mar 2023 6:25AM 7,469
DirectX, OpenGL and GDI/GDI+ discussions 
13 Dec 2022 11:47PM 2,392
Hardware & Devices
Discussions on hardware (choosing, setting up, troubleshooting) and device drivers (for those who like the colour blue) 
12 Mar 2023 11:12AM 5,897
Internet of Things
IoT programming discussions covering both software and hardware. 
13 Feb 2023 1:06PM 25
Java discussions 
17 Feb 2023 11:05PM 10,138
Linux Programming
Discussions on anything to do with programming on Linux. Whether it be C++, web development, bash scripting or digging into the Kernel. 
14 Mar 2023 1:57PM 464
Managed C++/CLI
Discussions on Managed Extensions for Visual C++ .NET 
16 Jan 2023 12:10AM 14,907
Objective-C and Swift
Objective-C and Swift language and programming discussions. 
7 Jun 2022 12:57AM 212
Discussion on Python on any platform, anywhere, everywhere. 
17 Mar 2023 2:44AM 64
Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions discussions 
23 Mar 2023 6:24AM 673
Visual Basic
Visual Basic Questions 
10 Mar 2023 12:06PM 120,330
Windows Development
Discussions on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows RT 
19 Feb 2023 7:26AM 496
Windows Forms
Desktop and Windows Forms development 
23 Mar 2023 4:22PM 7,080
Silverlight, WPF and XAML programming discussions 
6 Mar 2023 6:39AM 18,583
Discussions on XML and related technologies 
22 Jun 2022 12:25AM 6,788
Web Development
Forum Description Last Post Total
ASP.NET web development 
22 Mar 2023 6:49AM 198,553
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing 
25 Mar 2022 3:11AM 250
JavaScript discussions 
16 Mar 2023 11:23PM 5,782
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
LAMP discussions 
15 Mar 2023 7:10AM 3,808
Web Development
Discussions on HTML5, CSS, Scripting, Ajax etc. 
24 Mar 2023 10:37PM 35,928
Mobile Development
Forum Description Last Post Total
Discussions on Android development 
26 Jan 2023 3:39AM 2,333
Discussions on iOS development 
10 Sep 2022 9:20PM 179
General Discussions on Mobile related development. For Android specific development please see the Android forum 
17 Oct 2022 2:15AM 7,943
Product Lifecycle
Forum Description Last Post Total
Application Lifecycle
Application Lifecycle discussions 
16 Nov 2021 12:49AM 386
Collaboration / Beta Testing
For those looking for development partners or beta testers 
3 Feb 2022 11:41PM 2,201
Free Tools
Free Tools - reviews and recommendations 
9 Feb 2023 4:31PM 1,304
Running a Business
General discussions on running a software business including getting started, planning, strategy, legal issues, and staying afloat 
25 Dec 2022 11:29AM 529
Sales / Marketing
Discussions on marketing, pricing and selling your software. Please - no ads 
28 Feb 2023 10:06PM 234
Database & SysAdmin
Forum Description Last Post Total
Discussions on database access, SQL, and ADO 
23 Mar 2023 2:52PM 61,616
Hosting and Servers
Hosting and managing server discussions 
2 Feb 2023 6:31AM 820
System Admin
General discussions on System Administration and support. Are you your company's IT expert? 
8 Aug 2022 5:09PM 12,237
General Discussions
Forum Description Last Post Total
Article Writing
Discuss writing articles, add your requests for articles here, or search for ideas for a new article. Do not post programming questions here 
24 Mar 2023 11:36AM 9,916
CodeProject API
This forum is for discussing the CodeProject APIs. Feedback, suggestions, bugs and general help. Note that is currently in early beta. It has bugs. 
7 Jan 2023 9:13AM 151
Site Bugs / Suggestions
General discussions, site bug reports and suggestions about the site. 
24 Mar 2023 12:06AM 78,044
Spam and Abuse Watch
Reports of spammers, trolls and other abuse 
25 Mar 2023 6:17AM 85,244
The Insider News
The Insider. Your Daily News 
24 Mar 2023 7:07AM 89,913
The Lounge
For discussing anything related to a software developer's life but is not for programming questions. Got a programming question?

25 Mar 2023 8:07AM 2,003,115
The Weird and The Wonderful
It was the best of code, it was the worst of code. Coding Horrors, Worst Practices, and flashes of brilliance 
23 Mar 2023 6:53AM 20,093
Where I am: Member Photos
A photo gallery of members' cities, office, home, or crazy places they've visited. What does the world look like through the eyes of others? 
25 Mar 2023 3:47AM 446
Work Issues
Talk about work issues, get tips on resume writing, hiring, firing, office issues, co-workers and coffee etiquette. 
21 Mar 2023 6:15PM 2,596