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Posted 3 Jun 2013



Synagogue Management System

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3 Jun 2013CPOL
An entry to the Windows Azure Developer Challenge.

This article is an entry in our Windows Azure Developer Challenge. Articles in this sub-section are not required to be full articles so care should be taken when voting. Create your free Azure Trial Account to Enter the Challenge.


This article will track my experiences in getting started with Windows Azure. I will develop an application which will allow synagogues to manage their activities and give their members easy access to important information.


One of the challenges facing synagogues is informing their members about activities and services. While many have web sites, the process of keeping these websites updated is difficult since many activities are tied to astronomical events such as sunrise and sundown. I would like to provide a platform on which synagogues can define their activities and make them available in a variety of formats to their members vie web or mobile applications.

Using the code

I haven't started yet, so this will be filled in later.

Points of Interest

I expect to learn many interesting things about Azure. I'll keep adding to this section as I learn.


  1. First Challenge: Getting Started 

Created a new Windows Azure account. One of the surprises here was that I actually received a phone call from a Microsoft representative offering to help me. I've been using Microsoft products for years and this is the first time they have contacted me directly. Azure must be very important to them. 


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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