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by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
by Evoluteur
A full jQuery UI widget which supports various configurations and themes
by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
Reordering table rows using drag and drop functionality with jQuery DataTables plug-in in ASP.NET MVC applications
by Hovhannes Bantikyan
This is a simple infinite scroll with Ajax post and JSON. Have fun :)

Latest Articles

by Minh Danh Nguyen (ToughDev)
Recently I was tasked with upgrading jQuery in a web portal which was last maintained in 2013 to the latest
by Zijian
How to generate strongly typed client API in TypeScript for ASP.NET Core
by Bhargav Technical Lead
Angular migration to version 16

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31 Oct 2014 by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
23 Apr 2012 by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
Reordering table rows using drag and drop functionality with jQuery DataTables plug-in in ASP.NET MVC applications
14 Aug 2014 by Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
14 Aug 2014 by Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
6 Mar 2016 by DataBytzAI
Get on top of memory leaks and improve user experience when using JQuery/KnockoutJS in a SPA or SPA based Hybrid Mobile Application
22 Mar 2017 by raddevus
Part 1: Master the ASP.NET MVC Project Template & Technologies (Razor, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS). Part 2: Build an ASP.NET MVC app which runs in the browser but feels like using a desktop app.
16 Jul 2019 by Mustafa Kok
SignalR server and client applications for demonstrating common scenarios like connecting, disconnecting, joining and leaving groups, sending messages to all clients, to specific or group of clients
23 May 2015 by Mostafa Asaduzzaman
Simple Message/Reply app using MVC 5
3 Jun 2013 by rgubarenko
jsRazor is unbeatably powerful and stupidly simple client-side rendering approach that consists of ONLY TWO functions. Tiny javascript library entirely eliminates the need for server-page rendering, in the same time giving your apps unmatched simplicity and flexibility.
15 Dec 2014 by Hassan Mokdad
In this article I will demonstrate two things: First a very basic and simple code snippet to show how we can use task factory to make our web applications more responsive, the next part will be on how to use the SignalR to broadcast messages from the Web Server to all the clients connected.
15 May 2017 by Charles d'Avernas
A ready-to-use solution for dynamically querying an Entity Framework DbContext in ASP.NET
13 Aug 2013 by Florian Rappl
Creating a highly extensible presentation app with multi-user and device integration for tablets.
31 Aug 2016 by Sheshnath Kumar
This article will find out a solution to serialize/deserialize object by reference at server and client, also will serialize/deserialize objects having circular references.
19 Dec 2019 by Dan-el Khen
Sample code on building a client-side Grid control in C# using SharpKit
18 Dec 2013 by Gokuldas
Real time SPC is a Web Application for iPad and Androind using HTML5 and jQuery AJAX.
18 Sep 2013 by Sergey Zwezdin
For modern web-applications has become the usual to use AJAX when you create user interfaces. However, it makes our headache from time to time. And often these difficulties are associated with authentication and processing such requests on the client.
21 Oct 2013 by Bert O Neill
Using IndexedDB as a client repository
15 Jan 2019 by Paul D. Sheriff
As more and more users interact with web applications on their mobile devices, it is becoming increasingly important for software developers to allow them to work offline; PouchDB can help.
19 Jun 2013 by Shmuel Zang
In this article, I explain, step by step, how we can implement a simple tool for moving and resizing HTML elements, using HTML5 SVG.
18 Jan 2017 by Bart-Jan Brouwer
.Net Core datagrid with server side paging, sorting and filtering
16 Oct 2017 by Anton Kleshchev
Coding jQuery widget to accept Bitcoin payments
15 Sep 2019 by Marc Clifton
Edit markup, styles, and Javascript with live preview as well as a style "property grid."
5 Mar 2013 by Prasad Khandekar
A dropline menubar control tag library for JSP.
24 Jun 2015 by Akki Kumar
Image Combobox in HTML is no longer a pain, thanks to JQuery and CSS
12 Aug 2013 by Bill SerGio, The Infomercial King
SwipeClouds HTML5 Canvas Framework for JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap & Cordova
7 May 2015 by Marc Clifton
View GitHub commits, open and closed issues from this web page which can run directly from your local file system - no web server required
29 May 2017 by
In this article, We will learn why do we need to manage the stages of our application.
18 May 2012 by hoonzis
This article describes how to use KnockoutJS, JQuery and Google Maps to create a responsive GUI of web applications. The usage of MVVM helps to keep JavaScript code organized and easy to evolve and maintain.
14 Jan 2014 by Bert O Neill
MVC5 - JQM - SignalR2.0.1 - SqlDependency - Sql Server 2008R2
16 Aug 2018 by Proneetkumar Pradeep Ray
JQuery Datatable (Dynamic columns) populate after Ajax JSON response via server side processing - Using EF Raw SQL query
3 Dec 2010 by Dr. Song Li
This article presents a simple method to load clean HTML fragments from the web servers using jQuery and MVC.
21 Feb 2012 by jeff00seattle
WebSlideProjector is a ASP.NET 3.5 Web Application that manages a fullscreen background slideshow (presented by supersized! jQuery library) with handling of anonymous user Projector Setup and login-administered Slide Carousel loading (using IZWebFileManager ASP.NET File Manager library).
31 May 2012 by rcarlson-cayen, Cayen Systems
This article details how to make a legacy code base more maintainable by utilizing a JSON architecture.
2 Jan 2016 by Atish Dipongkor
Creating Custom Date Picker, People Picker and Choice for SharePoint 2013 Apps or Content Editor Web Part using AngularJs/jQuery.
5 Jul 2016 by Michael Chourdakis
Client side signing and verification
4 Nov 2016 by UberGeoff
A reusable MVC popup message box with Ajax functionality - that can bind to any model
8 Jun 2012 by Pranay Rana
Calling Server Side function from Client Side Script
20 Jun 2013 by Levente Kupás
If you have big reports which run slowly, you may use this T-SQL based engine to speed-up them.
24 Jun 2013 by Dave Kerr
In this article, we'll look at how you can add social networking buttons to your website to connect it to other networks. We'll use BuildButtons for the heavy lifting.
21 Oct 2017 by mahmood kabi
extract overlapped polygons and calculate the overlapped area and write an API for it
3 Apr 2013 by Modesty Zhang
Porting PDF.js to Node.js with interactive forms elements
9 Jan 2013 by Adrian Holland
JSRazor brings the power of razor-like templates to client-side javascript.
25 Jul 2013 by Mehul Harry
Web Design Tip: How-To Add jQuery Yellow Fade effect to ASP.NET GridView.
18 Sep 2013 by bhavik1st
Demonstrates Google Cloud's experimental support for PHP
28 Mar 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Demonstrates how to use SQLite database for mobile development
5 Apr 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Demonstrates creation of apps using JQM.Show, a RAD JQuery Mobile Development Platform: A second installment of the article
30 Aug 2015 by Dr. Song Li
This is a study note on Angular. I realized that Angular is a larger topic than I initially thought of. I hope I can be concise enough to cover a few interesting aspects in as few sentences as possible.
29 Aug 2016 by bmiller367
jQuery XML Parser and Search
18 Jun 2016 by Chris Solutions
The implementation of a no-framework client application using high-level developer governance.
10 Feb 2018 by Changming Wang
A complete event calendar, using trucking/shipping as an example, built with Visual Studio Community 2015, C# MVC and jQuery.Fullcalendar
24 Mar 2017 by raddevus
Building the ASP.NET MVC desktop UX (User Experience). See ContextMenu in action.
1 Jan 2018 by Farooq Kaiser
Build your own digital photo frame with a $35 Raspberry Pi and an old screen
3 May 2012 by Baliah Senthilkumar
Updating the MVC music store app with RequireJS on BackboneJs
18 Apr 2013 by defwebserver
This is a Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Picture File Manager that uses WCF RIA Services to upload and view files on the web server.
12 Sep 2013 by Nitij
This article demonstrates how to create JavaScript tooltips.
12 Nov 2013 by SupperSlonic
control for edit a weekly schedule based on ASP.NET MVC
9 Jan 2014 by CorvinusSoftware
A fairly complete PHP example demonstrating how to use the jQuery 'sortable' method with a single DB Update
3 Sep 2014 by _yaRus_
Frontend design for ASP.NET web applications
25 Jan 2016 by Nitij
Number of cases where GridView controls can be used effectively in ASP.NET web pages
16 Feb 2016 by Andy South
We have established a goal to decide, what solution (as in a combination of software and services) among those we chose allows extending the audience of an event with minimum efforts.
16 Jun 2016 by Chris Solutions
With evidence in hand, no-framework is the perfect alternative to frameworks.
15 Jul 2016 by Gabor L Ugray
A quick Windows programmers' guide to building a secure .NET Core web app for a Linux VPS and NGINX
19 Jul 2016 by Puja Jagani
Spring Hibernate Integration along with JTable widget.
19 Jul 2016 by Puja Jagani
Using jTable instead of drop-down list.
27 Oct 2016 by luigidibiasi
This article describes yet another drag and drop approach that can be used when the jQuery-ui and touch-punch library fails (when the project uses transform-origin or other coordinate transformations)
20 Feb 2018 by Satish A. J. Wadekar
Implement google charts with some easy steps.
10 Feb 2020 by Han Bo Sun
This tutorial will introduce the basics needed to use RequireJS to build modularized web applications with JavaScript.
4 Feb 2012 by Dan Randolph
How to Export data in a to a "comma separated values" file using the built-in browser Open/Save feature
16 Dec 2012 by Gianmaria Gregori
How to create and customize a Twitter Bootstrap site with WebMatrix 2 and OrangeBits Compiler
9 Aug 2013 by Julian Bucknall
Welcome to PhoneJS
22 Jul 2014 by Pradip Koli
Using NoSQL DBreeze database with ASP.NET on SQL Northwind Database.
7 Oct 2016 by Paulo Uechi
Uechi APM Web is an APM (Application Performance Management) Open Source Server Performance Monitor written and developed in Java and C # for all Linux and Windows platforms. The Uechi.APM.Web offers a complete resource for unlimited monitoring servers in real time. Have full control of the CPU cons
29 Sep 2017 by Er. Puneet Goel
This is the implementation of Treeview with Multiselect node functionality wide requested by users.
20 Jan 2019 by Paul D. Sheriff
In this 2nd part of my series on PouchDB, you learn how to perform multi-document inserts and reads.
1 Nov 2020 by Han Bo Sun
How to design a previewable HTML editor, and how to use this control in your application
2 Feb 2020 by Arthur V. Ratz
A Simple Web Application User Authentication Project using Passport.js And JSON Web Tokens (JWT) explained
17 Oct 2023 by Zijian
How to generate strongly typed client API in TypeScript for ASP.NET Core
18 Apr 2011 by Fabio V Silva
A Google Chrome extension that changes the display of time/dates in the CodeProject forums
5 Mar 2012 by jqwidgets
How to connect our jQuery Chart to MySql Database using PHP
7 Mar 2012 by marcofranssen
How to write some OOP style JavaScript
13 Apr 2012 by simonech
In this post I’m going to briefly cover the reasons why I ended up choosing Wijmo, and then I’m giving a quick introduction on the set of widgets available.
25 Mar 2013 by HTML5 Partners
In this, the third of three articles on jQM, I show how to build a custom theme using the Theme Roller, as well as look at some custom themes that allow a mobile Web application to look more like an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone application.
13 Jun 2013 by Nick Gaulin
A detailed look at how jTypes compiles C#-like object definitions into prototype-based instance matrices.
18 Jun 2013 by Thanigainathan.S
Export your content from jQGrid to PDF format with less pain using iTextSharp.
25 Jun 2013 by Alexandr Belotserkovskiy
This series will be about Web API and its use in Windows Azure
14 Oct 2013 by Jamesking56
Adding functionality to the iDevUI framework
17 Dec 2014 by wliao
Implementing an auto completion feature with Redis, NodeJS and jQuery
15 May 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Create JQuery Mobile Apps with JQM.Show on your PC with these tools.
1 Jul 2015 by Omar Al Zabir
A Javascript-only, web based Dashboard library, that you can use to make eye-catchy Charts showing Transactions stats for your application, Server CPU, Memory, IO graphs etc. It offers libraries to convert different types of delimited text files into Charts.
19 Jul 2016 by Puja Jagani
JTable Spring Demo with database integration
23 Jul 2018 by Dave Ceddia
. React 16.3 added a new Context API – new in the sense that the old context API was a behind-the-scenes feature that most people either didn’t know about, or avoided using because the docs said to avoid using it..
7 Sep 2021 by gstolarov
An imbeddable SVG editor - jQuery plugin
4 Nov 2009 by Paul Erin
This article describes how DHTMLX components might be effectively used with ASP.NET MVC with extended routing functionality to build a flexible web application.
20 Jul 2011 by tanvon malik
Slides the blog posts and news automatically. The news slider is completely built with jquery and CSS.
1 Dec 2011 by zoyobar
In order to see more quickly, we may display only part of the data in Repeater, while the more detailed information is achieved by child view.
31 Jul 2013 by nwhitfield
Mobile, geo-centric app for Business Users, Consumers and Sales/Marketing Professionals
21 Sep 2013 by maftahur
See the power of Infragistics Ignite UI, how easy it is to configure controls for lots of functionality with very few lines of code.
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Following script will move the selected items from one list box item to another list box item.Markup:
21 Aug 2015 by Dr. Song Li
This study note presents a simple example to upload files to the server by jQuery Ajax calls.