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by codestarman
X86/ARM emulator written using C++ and assembler for the .NET environment.
by Jose A Pascoa
Rolling up a practical solution
by Ryan Scott White
CudaPAD is a PTX/SASS viewer for NVIDIA Cuda kernels and provides an on-the-fly view of your Cuda code.
by CMalcheski
How to Create a Complete DirectX Game in Assembly Language

Latest Articles

by shunninghuang
C# arcade emulator, ROM hacking
by InvisibleMedia
This article is written right after a new conversation with ChatGPT ( This conversation is the next step in writing a new algorithm that sorts numbers into o(n). And, ChatGPT says that it is possible to compute a sorting algorithm to have the complexity in o(n).
by Michael Chourdakis
Try deep CPU features
by Andrea Simonassi
A simple subtraction algorithm for multiple precision arithmetic

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7 Aug 2014 by Jerry.Wang
Modify methods' IL codes on runtime even if they have been JIT-compiled, supports release mode / x64 & x86, and variants of .NET versions, from 2.0 to 4.5.
30 Jun 2015 by Toby Opferman
Building your own 64-bit Windows Extender
30 Dec 2006 by akyprian
Maximum performance, reduced size applications using 32-bit assembly is easy
29 Jan 2019 by Zuoliu Ding
A discussion on some basic practices highly recommended in Assembly Language Programming.
1 Nov 2017 by Jose A Pascoa
Rolling up a practical solution
15 Aug 2012 by Arman Aşçı
Time division multiplexing between 6 x 7-Segment displays control with Parallel Port and x86 assembly.
26 Apr 2016 by Dr. Song Li
This is a note on how compilers implement function calls to pass the parameters to and get the return value from the called functions.
9 Aug 2012 by Dr. APo
This article presents an experimental platform consisting of two computers to conduct hardware programming and research, unrestricted by any Operating System.
5 Aug 2014 by Babu_Abdulsalam
A Simple Profiler for C++ apps on x64 platform
8 Sep 2008 by flyhigh
Introducing a simple method to display a transparent PNG file.
4 Jan 2013 by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of a Windows Phone 8 Run Tracking application that uses a number of the new Windows Phone 8 features.
19 Aug 2007 by zhzhtst
This article supplies the source code of the _ValidateEH3RN function in Structured Exception Handling.
8 Jul 2013 by JP van Mackelenbergh
Abstracting the ORM Framework via Repository/Unit Of Work patterns
7 Oct 2016 by digital performance
This article shows how to access Windows API with plain x64 assembly programming language (MASM style). It shall also give an overview, how to apply some programming techniques like OOP and multithreading on a low level.
2 Nov 2011 by Rene Pally
Advanced .NET Debugging Extracting Information from Memory
17 Sep 2017 by leon de boer
Introducing SmartStart something like a BIOS for the Pi
9 Nov 2008 by Joshua Tully
A look into what goes into the area of preventing reverse engineering, and gives developers some functions and ideas about preventing reversing engineering of their programs.
2 Apr 2010 by Nish Nishant, Professor Cuthbert Calculus, Glenn Quagmire
This paper is a summary of a research exercise conducted in conjunction by Nish Sivakumar, Professor Cuthbert Calculus, and Glenn Quagmire.
3 Sep 2008 by RockmanZero
An extendable report editor. You can simply add your own controls without recompiling the program or writing annoying plug-ins.
16 Sep 2015 by minor_28
Masm code editor with syntax highlighting, etc.
5 Apr 2007 by akyprian
Display simple, animated GIFs in your applications using the AniGIF custom control (packaged as a DLL and a static library).
8 Sep 2004 by Marcello Cantelmo
Simple check for break-points on eXecution of a system debugger!
5 Jul 2016 by T. Herselman
2 years ago I went OCD on memcpy/memmove; and wrote over 140 variations (80,000 lines of code) of memmove; testing, disassembling, optimizing and benchmarking them on multiple machines. I never released the article or the code; until now! So I need to do it before I loose my mind!
14 Oct 2008 by AlexAbramov
In this article, I will talk about the theories and implementations of API hooking. API hooking is a powerful technique that allows someone to hijack a function and redirect it to a custom one. Anything can be done in these functions before passing control back to the original API.
17 Feb 2015 by Jan Dolinay
This article describes software library for the FRDM-KL25Z board which allows writing programs for this board using the Arduino API.
26 Dec 2011 by Drag0nHunter
ASM.Net a assembly x86 emulator which emulates the language the managed way
5 Mar 2014 by Mike Hankey
Learn the basic of the AVR micro controller and the assembly language
17 Nov 2009 by 0x3c0
Descriptor tables and interrupts.
1 Oct 2009 by 0x3c0
C++ support code and the console.
14 Nov 2019 by CPallini
An assembly implementation of the AES-128 cipher algorithm for the 8051 microcontroller
1 Jan 2013 by Dávid Kocsis
A new general purpose language that aims to be fast, high level and simple to use.
1 Jan 2013 by Dávid Kocsis
A new general purpose language that aims to be fast, high level and simple to use. (I renamed it from Anonymus)
1 Jan 2013 by Dávid Kocsis
A new general purpose language that aims to be fast, high level and simple to use.
23 Jul 2008 by arnavguddu
Here I will present a simple "Hello World" application that you can boot into from Floppy Drive, like an Operating System.
11 Oct 2006 by S Keller
Writing your own operating system.
5 May 2010 by fhrdina
An article on Windows XP logon process modification
3 Jul 2011 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
A quick view under the hood of Cosmos and how it works
18 Jul 2011 by Hubert Haien
Presentation of a memory-wrapper class written in ASM that provides methods to organize and serialize data. Comes with its own 32 bit algorithm.
23 Jun 2009 by Ziad Elmalki
Replace any method with another method at runtime. Updated for 3.5 SP1.
12 Feb 2009 by Gregory Shpitalnik
How to inject some code into running Linux application
11 Dec 2016 by Russ Osterlund
Code Obfuscation in 64-Bit Land
12 Jul 2016 by David A. Gray
Share Win32 string resources without the risk of conflicting resource IDs
17 Dec 2019 by Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET
14 Dec 2019 by Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET.
13 Jan 2018 by Pritam Zope
In this article we will create a simple kernel such as printing HelloWorld first and then writing functions for printing numbers, Keyboard I/O, Box Drawing GUI, and Tic-Tac-Toe game in kernel in C
19 Nov 2011 by RobLazarus
Review about the Creating Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language Book
11 Jul 2020 by Ryan Scott White
CudaPAD is a PTX/SASS viewer for NVIDIA Cuda kernels and provides an on-the-fly view of your Cuda code.
19 Mar 2004 by Toby Opferman
Learn how to debug problems in software.
28 Mar 2004 by Toby Opferman
Introduction to the most important ally in the fight against bugs, the stack.
20 Mar 2004 by Toby Opferman
24 Mar 2004 by Toby Opferman
This tutorial we will attempt to write a simple debug extension.
8 May 2004 by Toby Opferman
Learn how to debug handle leaks in Windows.
6 Aug 2004 by Toby Opferman
Learn the basics of the kernel debugger.
7 Aug 2004 by Toby Opferman
Learn the basics of debugging deadlocks and other issues.
29 Nov 2006 by S Keller
How to build and test your own Operating System.
26 Dec 2018 by Michael Chourdakis
Trigger all your cores from DOS
26 Jun 2010 by bjames02
Learn the benefits of using this simple technique to design and document your code
4 Apr 2005 by Elias Bachaalany
An article showing how you can programmatically check if your code is running inside a virtual machine (such as VPC or VMWare).
29 Sep 2014 by Ben M Watson
Understand exactly what happens during object allocation in .NET, why it's extremely efficient in the common case, and how to trigger slower code paths
14 Jun 2017 by CMalcheski
Part II - Laying the Foundation for the Migration to Assembly
8 Jun 2017 by CMalcheski
How to Create a Complete DirectX Game in Assembly Language
10 Jul 2017 by CMalcheski
App Initialization and Main Window Creation
26 Jun 2018 by CMalcheski
A Full DirectX Sample Application Created in Pure Assembly Language
12 Sep 2008 by gabrielmaldi
A very simple way of doing it.
4 Nov 2013 by CodeProject
Dave Butler, VP and Senior Business Leader at MasterCard, offers developers insight into the company’s worldwide OpenAPI platform.
27 Apr 2005 by Toby Opferman
Introduction to TDI Client drivers and more IRP handling.
29 Jan 2006 by Toby Opferman
Introduction to the Windows display driver model.
10 Oct 2013 by Code Artist
Example implementation of dynamic assembly loading in C#
11 Apr 2019 by Jose A Pascoa
Although most Windows programmers have already used the RichEdit Control, many of them are not aware of all its capabilities. One such capability is image embedding.
22 Sep 2015 by Jerry Evans
Adding cross-platform round-trip JSON serialization to C++ classes
8 Jun 2017 by David A. Gray
Historically, ETW has been portrayed as having a very steep learning curve, along the lines of the effort required to summit Everest. Realizing its potential value, I set about to reduce the effort to that required to summit Pike's Peak.
19 Sep 2004 by skywind3000
A Smallest Game Demo Code
20 Oct 2007 by akyprian
A processes and threads manager application.
26 May 2019 by CMalcheski
Part 1 of this article discussed an algorithm for addressing all pixels within a circle with surgical precision, optionally expanded to filling in those pixels as required to create a color wheel; this is part 2 of 2, covering the actual implementation.
9 Mar 2015 by Jan Dolinay
This article describes faster but still easy-to-use version of digital I/O for Arduino
3 Dec 2009 by Tomek Kawecki
An article which describes how to implement a fast polymorphic math parser using machine code generation methods.
5 Mar 2007 by Ultrano
Optimized implementation of a readers/writers-lock sync object.
22 Aug 2016 by Sanmayce
Tuned function for searching a needle in a haystack
15 Dec 2008 by Murali Kartha
How to get the virtual address of an API in a user land process from Ring0
3 Oct 2011 by Jose A Pascoa
Using Borland Assembler Language in 32-bit and 64-bit Delphi programs.
22 Sep 2013 by Simbey
The CNativeInvoke class generates x86 function calling code at runtime and executes it.
4 Mar 2016 by JorgeLuisOrejel
This article is based on Chapter 2 of my unpublished textbook “Applied Algorithms and Data Structures.”
1 Jul 2014 by JIANGWilliam
This article introduces a handy way to get the calling Testing Assembly from a called Assembly
7 Mar 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Add functionality to a project using existing compiled machine code.
11 Feb 2019 by Sarthak S
Assembly inspection and hacking with windbg
20 May 2009 by cyb70289
Inject user mode routine into kernel space and execute
16 Jan 2012 by Tomas "Frooxius" Mariancik
Explanation of the basic workings of the computer in simple language.
10 May 2012 by icemanind
This article takes you through a step-by-step process of creating your own virtual machine.
27 Feb 2010 by icemanind
This article takes you through a step-by-step process of creating your own virtual machine.
23 Jul 2009 by Apriorit Inc, Alex Kolesnyk
This article describes the first steps in low-level programming on the example of developing of simple boot loader
15 Sep 2004 by RedSunBeer
Some thoughts on estimating before having a design in place.
12 May 2014 by MSBassSinger
Compiling and running C# code from your application.
19 Sep 2005 by Doga Arinir
Calling C++ operations from assembler code using member function pointers.
9 Sep 2021 by Carles Cortés
Macros to help assembler programmers to improve source code
30 Jun 2009 by siyahdeniz
How to use debug
15 Feb 2012 by Sasha Goldshtein
This article shows several examples of situations where understanding assembly language helps debug seemingly impossible problems with .NET applications.