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by Dr. WPF
.NET 3.5 SP1 is here! It's time to break out your DirectX skills. This article provides the information necessary to get started using a new DirectX interop feature in WPF called D3DImage.
by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
by Hans Dietrich
XQueue implements a shared-memory first-in first-out (FIFO) queue, based on memory-mapped files, that works on all versions of Windows.

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by Shao Voon Wong
C++ Multithreaded Count Benchmark using Visual C++, G++ and Clang
by honey the codewitch
Get location information based on your IP address using an ESP32 and
by honey the codewitch
Explore my user interface library with an example of an Internet enabled clock
by Jovibor
Library for parsing internal structures of PE32/PE32+ binary files.

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5 Sep 2001 by Marat Bedretdinov
Shell interfaces in use. IShellFolder, IEnumIDList, etc.
29 May 2003 by Nicolas Bonamy
Simulate the Class Wizard in VS.NET 2003
4 Feb 2003 by Nicolas Bonamy
Two simple ways to add "Do not ask again" Message Boxes to your application.
12 Nov 2007 by Lou Franco
Atalasoft leverages their DotImage toolkit to manipulate color channels for the purpose of image enhancement, in this case satellite images. The article is a tutorial on image enhancement and it includes all source code and test images.
13 Sep 2009 by Sanjeev Venkat, kb-boxer
Are your classes that implement the Template Method Design Pattern "Decorator aware"?
6 Nov 2009 by hxhl95
Escalating a process to system critical status using a Win32 kernel function
16 Apr 2001 by Igor Sukhov
The ATL and MFC versions of the class that implements a dialog for selecting users(computers) within the Windows Network.
27 Mar 2007 by vishalkmehta
This article demonstrates how to leverage the power of images and inheritance to achieve a "skinned" look for your Windows applications.
19 Sep 2006 by tanvon malik
This article shows you ways to run Control Panel applets from VC++, even those that don't have a cpl extension file.
4 Jan 2018 by john morrison leon
Class method emulation for plain arrays plus unified handling of plain arrays, std::arrays and std::vectors
7 Jan 2001 by Mumtaz Zaheer
This article is all about how to create a context menu shell extension. 'Copy To' & 'Move To' will be added to the files/folder context menu.
28 May 2002 by Wooseok Seo
This macro will help you when you want to quickly move between function headers in your code.
23 May 2012 by Sergeant Kolja
This is an alternative for "Memory leak detection for WinCE".
15 Nov 2003 by Prakash Kumar Singh
This article explains and demonstrates various ways to implement localization in your .NET application.
20 Dec 2005 by Johann Anhofer
24 May 2003 by Erik Westermann
Book Review of .NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide
2 Nov 2010 by Daniel Ranger
Native C++ implementation of the .NET Asynchronous Design Pattern using Windows I/O Completion Ports
11 Mar 2003 by Leon Finker
An example of using LDAP/OpenLDAP with .Net
7 Aug 2014 by Jerry.Wang
Modify methods' IL codes on runtime even if they have been JIT-compiled, supports release mode / x64 & x86, and variants of .NET versions, from 2.0 to 4.5.
3 Sep 2013 by michaelas
The article discusses .NET code protection methods.
30 Sep 2013 by Florian Rosmann
COM Interop using a little post compiler. As a result, it is possible to use multithreading in combination with COM interfaces.
22 Aug 2003 by flipdoubt
Command Prompt Here for VS.NET Users
19 Feb 2004 by Mathias Taylor
Export Microsoft Outlook data using XML DataSets and the Outlook COM Object Library.
27 Aug 2004 by Lim Bio Liong
Demonstrates how to intercept .NET console keyboard input and display a * in place of each actual typed-in character.
4 Feb 2001 by Naveen K Kohli
Using the ProcessThread class to monitor the states of threads inside a process.
9 Dec 2002 by Stoyan Damov
A Draft Implementation of an Idea for .NET Dynamic Software Load Balancing
27 Dec 2006 by Anil Kr. Sharma
29 Oct 2018 by Leo Chapiro
List all available .NET Frameworks and check linked .NET components of installed apps
4 Apr 2007 by Perry Marchant
An article on decoding Ogg Vorbis audio files in .NET.
30 May 2008 by Daniel Pistelli
An article about .NET internals and native compiling.
19 Jun 2004 by Mikhail Cholokhov
Implementation of a LCD User Control in .NET using C#.
26 Sep 2002 by Jörgen Sigvardsson
This article describes a design pattern on how to implement generic delegates as found in .NET, but using ordinary/unmanaged C++
28 Oct 2005 by Daniel Pistelli
An article on .NET Manifest Resources internal format.
17 Sep 2004 by Nick Parker
A free IE toolbar that pulls up namespace and class documentation on the new MSDN site.
5 Mar 2007 by bjarneds
A tool for browsing public and private members in any running .NET application (and a generic InvokeRemote method that wraps the code injection).
20 Jun 2003 by zhi
An upper logic layer transparent way to redirect .NET remoting calls, enabling exposure of .NET remoting services behind firewall/NAT, to anywhere.
5 Feb 2001 by Naveen K Kohli
Microsoft's RemSpy sample's implementation has been explained and more remoting explanations.
15 Nov 2004 by Hugo Wetterberg
A new(?) approach to scripting in .NET applications.
19 Aug 2003 by Ryan Binns
An implementation of synchronous .NET style delegates in non - .NET VC++ 6.
13 Aug 2002 by Bill Ferreira
File encryption object using Managed Extensions for C++
27 Apr 2011 by Mattias Högström
Develop Windbg extensions in Visual Studio and call .NET libraries
14 Jul 2003 by leppie
15 Jul 2022 by Maxim Kartavenkov
Article describes created .NET wrapper library
18 Mar 2003 by Marc Clifton
When to use .NET's ThreadPool class, and when to use something different.
27 Sep 2010 by ZhaoRuFei
This article provides a macro + template solution to support .NET-like Reflection for enums such as ToString, IsDefined, Parse, GetValues, GetNames.
29 Dec 2012 by Marius Bancila
This article proposes a list of even more debugging tips for native development with Visual Studio.
28 Jan 2013 by fraudlabs
solution to prevent chargebacks and to reduce fraud for online merchants
19 Jan 2003 by peterchen
Setting up doxygen, a free tool to document your code, in a few simple steps.
30 Dec 2012 by Marius Bancila
This article proposes a list of debugging tips for native development with Visual Studio.
18 Apr 2012 by Ivan Shcherbakov
The article describes 10 time-saving debugging techniques available in Visual Studio.
27 Jul 2009 by Mohammad Shafieenia
Optimum algorithm for calculating factorial of large number
25 Feb 2020 by Elmue
A digital oscilloscope with serial analyzer for the parallel port
1 Oct 2013 by Mohamed Kalmoua
2-3 tree implementation in c++
13 Sep 2021 by Mircea Neacsu
Various algorithms for 2D interpolation
15 Mar 2004 by Muhammad Asif Khan
An article on displaying icons with more than 256 colors in system tray
5 Jan 2014 by Roy, Philippe
Cloud computing means opportunities as well as challenges. Here's an overview of cloud computing intersecting with the IVR world.
23 Oct 2023 by honey the codewitch
Create ASCII art from common image formats and text
24 Jan 2005 by darkoman
An article on creating 2D animated charts using Windows GDI.
19 Apr 2005 by Karel Donk
Describes how to do 2D Blits in DirectX 9 with direct surface access between various surface formats (using color conversion).
20 Jul 2012 by Sunil P V
This article is a simple geometry library for drawing lines, circles, arcs, text, etc.
8 Feb 2010 by Ozgur Ozcitak
An article explaning how to create a user control for 2D shape drawing with OpenGL
19 Oct 2007 by Chesnokov Yuriy
This article demonstrates the use of 2D Fast wavelet transform for image processing
5 Aug 2003 by Nikolai Teofilov
An ActiveX control for 2D data visualisation
8 Mar 2012 by Marius Samoila
Plots multiple data sets, interactive tooltip info, zoom/pan, edit color/width/format, annotations, print/save
14 Apr 2014 by auralius manurung
An article on designing your own robot simulator
5 Jun 2002 by Alex Chirokov
This article presents a 2D Matrix container with [][] indexing. Indexing works as if you had overloaded the mythical operator [][].
7 Jan 2003 by valgouss
A simple 2D Pie Control
20 May 2008 by Chesnokov Yuriy
The article demonstrates a 2D vector wrapper, optimized with SSE intrinsics, for math operations with floating point precision.
28 Apr 2011 by Tom Gee
A WTL control class to add water effect to an image, like what's done in the TortoiseSVN About dialog
8 May 2003 by mdgray
SafeArray Wrapper to simplify and speed up 2D CComSafeArray
10 May 2017 by Raghavendra Hosad
2D DFT for Color Image - GUI implementation
6 Apr 2005 by asef
An article for drawing a String formula at a static.
15 Jun 2003 by Mike Melnikov
Google-like Toolbar with customization from xml file and update from web features
30 Dec 2006 by akyprian
Maximum performance, reduced size applications using 32-bit assembly is easy
24 Aug 2008 by cppnow
64 bit pointers are wasteful if you don't need to access TBs of RAM
30 Nov 2003 by bob__0
An article on using 32-bit integers for checksum
1 Feb 2024 by Orphraie
Study of 3D graphics in video games with minimal prior knowledge of mathematics
20 Mar 2014 by ashcairo
The process of porting our cross-platform 3D third person shooter game to support the Intel x86 Android environment.
2 Aug 2003 by Nikolai Teofilov
An ATL/STL ActiveX control based on OpenGL library for 3D data visualization
18 Mar 2011 by darkoman
This article is about the 3D software rendering engine.
17 Feb 2002 by John Aspras
Ever seen 3D Studio 2.5 Slidable DialogBar? Want to know how they did it?
17 Feb 2009 by MikeTheDwarf
Helper class to display 3D data
6 Jun 2005 by asef
An article to draw a 3D math function on a static control.
13 Jul 2011 by Amro Ibrahim
3G Modem Internet Dialer
3 Nov 2008 by Babu_Abdulsalam
This linked list allows to connect a node with four adjacent nodes and shows how a node can be navigated in multiple directions.
29 Jan 2019 by Zuoliu Ding
A discussion on some basic practices highly recommended in Assembly Language Programming.
10 Sep 2013 by Pablo Aliskevicius
Memory reallocation generated by string concatenations can create performance bottlenecks. .NET has System.Text.StringBuilder, JavaScript has Array.join, and we have string::reserve.
6 Jul 2005 by ThatsAlok
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum between 10 Dec 2004 to 23 Jan 2005.
31 Jul 2005 by ThatsAlok
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum between 25 April 2005 to 8 June 2005
25 Jul 2010 by ThatsAlok
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum
15 Jul 2011 by ThatsAlok
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum
22 Nov 2021 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Wanna add basic database functionality to your C++ app? Too lazy to use SQLite directly? Read on!
2 Aug 2020 by Evgeny Pereguda
Clone of PCSX/PCSX2/PPSSPP emulator for Windows 10 on WPF/C# with "touch" control
20 Jul 2015 by Android on Intel
In this paper, we introduce some of the new features in ART, benchmark it against the previous Android Dalvik* runtime, and share five tips for developers that can further improve application performance.
10 May 2017 by Petrov Vladimir
Former NeHe OpenGL Lessons adapted to MSVS-15 pro MFC in INICODE and the samples of the Joystick implementation
8 Jun 2017 by Petrov Vladimir
Former NeHe OpenGL Lessons adapted to MSVS-15 pro Win32 in INICODE and the samples of the Joystick implementation
1 May 2015 by Intel
64-bit Android and Android Run Time
20 Jan 2015 by Android on Intel
64-bit Android* and Android Run Time
20 Apr 2009 by Jakub Piwowarczyk
This article demonstrates the use of serial number DS1990 to obtain authorized access to the application.