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Articles by Gil Yoder (Articles: 2, Tip/Trick: 1)

Articles: 2, Tip/Trick: 1

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Desktop Programming
23 Jan 2012   Updated: 23 Jan 2012   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 8   Popularity: 4.52
Licence: CPOL    Views: 86,443     Bookmarked: 34   Downloaded: 9,098
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In this article, I describe how to display data from a simple XML file in a WPF TreeView control.
30 Jan 2012   Updated: 30 Jan 2012   Rating: 4.83/5    Votes: 5   Popularity: 3.38
Licence: CPOL    Views: 24,701     Bookmarked: 13   Downloaded: 1,429
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WPF Controls Tester is a small application written to test several WPF controls and panels in order to study their behavior. Beginning WPF programmers may benefit by studying techniques used within this application.

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General Programming
24 Jan 2012   Updated: 24 Jan 2012   Rating: 0.00/5    Votes: 0   Popularity: 0.00
Licence: CPOL    Views: 21,030     Bookmarked: 1   Downloaded: 0
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Visual Studio 2010 has a new visualizer for WPF that exposes a dependency object's visual tree.

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United States United States
Gil Yoder is an application performance analyst at Chevron. He has been working in their IT organization for about fifteen years. Before Chevron computer technology was more hobby than profession for him. He still considers it a hobby and enjoys learning about all of its aspects.

He starting learning how to program on a TRS-80 Model I computer with 4K RAM and 4K ROM. Those who can remember those days know that the 4K ROM contained all of the "OS" for the computer, and somewhat crippled version of Microsoft BASIC.

After a while he was able to upgrade the computer so that eventually he had a fully loaded 64K system, 48K RAM, and 16K ROM. With that he learned to program in BASIC and Z80 Assembly Language. He sold his first machine language program to 80-Micro Magazine (shortly before it folded) for $500. The program was a Z80 Debugger that sported a feature allowing single stepping within ROM.

At this time most of Yoder's free time is spent programming and learning about C#, WPF, SilverLight, MVVM, and other related technologies.

Mr. Yoder lives in a small suburb of Houston, TX with his wife. He and his wife have one daughter who is married and has two wonderful boys. Yoder looks forward to the day he can teach his grandsons how to design and create WPF controls.