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by Maxim Kartavenkov
Articles describes how to create virtual video capture source directshow filter in pure C#
by Maxim Kartavenkov
Article describes how to make H.264 Video Encoder DirectShow Filter using NVIDIA encoder API in C#
by Maxim Kartavenkov
Article shows how easy to make various video effects using PixelShaders in Direct3D.
by Maxim Kartavenkov
Articles describes how to make pure C# rendering video on VMR9 with custom allocator presenter over Direct3D in .NET

Latest Articles

by Sergio Andrés Gutiérrez Rojas
Face detection and recognition with support of multiples faces in the same scene and other interesting features using C# and EmguCV
by tugrulGtx
Header-only C++ tool that supports basic array-like usage pattern and uses multiple graphics cards in system as storage with LRU caching.
by Bohdan Stupak
A simple snippet of how you can convert video in .NET Core
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
A cross-platform replacement for all those office presentation applications in a single file

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30 Oct 2012 by Pascal Ganaye
Very simple program for in-situ video compression.
23 Feb 2021 by Bohdan Stupak
A simple snippet of how you can convert video in .NET Core
10 Apr 2010 by Sandrino Di Mattia
Based on the scripts I recently used to download all the MIX presentations (, I created the following 2 scripts:SPC2010_Download.batSPC2010_Rename.batDownload the scripts: (3,15 kb)Download cURL:...
16 Apr 2010 by imagiro
Ever had to enumerate the supported media files under Windows for example for the filter-string for GetOpenFileName?Here is a simple solution (using ATL for the registry access):void EnumSupportedMediaFileTypes(){ CRegKey key; CString s; DWORD dwLen; DWORD dw =...
2 Oct 2011 by Julien Villers
After installing the RC of Silverlight 5, you can't play DRM protected videos, here's a fix.
30 Oct 2017 by Member 13443508
I am going to explain how to get hand on a texture containing Blackmagic captured frame, so you can display it into your DirectX scene
6 Nov 2012 by Philipp Sch
How to use an IStream-Interface with FFmpeg
23 Feb 2014 by SOHAM_GANDHI
Video write and process image frames. This project has been made in EmguCV 2.4.9 version and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 platform.
14 Feb 2015 by DrABELL
Customize YouTube® video playback by adding web query parameters
12 Apr 2015 by virinext
This tip is about HEVC, HEVC syntax elements and opensource tool for analyzing HEVC bitstreams.
4 Oct 2016 by Arun Chandrasekhara Pillai
Create a screen recorder using C#