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by CodeProject
Version 2.0.8. Our fast, free, self-hosted Artificial Intelligence Server for any platform, any language
by Hatem Mostafa
Artificial Neural Network C++ class with two use cases: Counter and Handwritten Digits recognition
by Dmitriy Gakh
The perspectives of creating bots that write programs with two simple examples.
by Andrew Kirillov
The article demonstrates usage of ANNT library for creating convolutional ANNs and applying them to image classification tasks.

Latest Articles

by Ammar Albush 1997
Logo Recognition System Program written in C# .NET 6.0 Windows Form (,Tensorflow.keras,Emgu Cv,ScottPlot.WinForms,Newtonsoft.Json)
by Sean Ewington
In this article I use CodeProject.AI Server, Agent DVR, and Home Assistant Container to detect when a person is in the camera's frame, start recording, then take a snapshot that gets sent to my phone with an alert.
by Sean Ewington
In this article I set up Home Assistant Container to work with CodeProject.AI Server and a Wyze Cam v3. Then as a proof of concept, I'll use CodeProject.AI Server to detect a person from Home Assistant.
by Sean Ewington
In this article I use CodeProject.AI Server and Blue Iris to detect an unknown person and send an email notification with a picture when that happens.

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Artificial Intelligence 

22 Oct 2017 by Shun Huang
Machine learning is a term that people are talking about often in the software industry, and it is becoming even more popular day after day. Media is filled with many fancy machine learning related words: deep learning, OpenCV, TensorFlow, and more.
3 Oct 2020 by Sandeep Mewara
A detailed look at how to deduce insights using Matplotlib with real world examples.
25 Feb 2010 by César de Souza
A complete explanation for the totally lost, part 1 of 2. The Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm provides a numerical solution to the problem of minimizing a (generally nonlinear) function. This article shows how the Levenberg-Marquart can be used to train Neural Networks.
24 Nov 2017 by Nikola M. Živković
Common neural network activation functions
10 Jul 2016 by Simon Jackson
Technology it seems is moving ever faster and faster, especially in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Barriers to entry are breaking down and huge cloud offerings from all the major suppliers are popping up left right and center.  We see these on our devices (Siri, Cortana,
24 Mar 2017 by Rob Kraft
An overview of the techniques that can be used to damage the most popular AI in use today, neural networks
21 Oct 2016 by marcus obrien
Computer engineering and the hidden neural network brain in the Arduino 101
20 Jun 2017 by Dave Ceddia
If you are learning React, start small
17 Dec 2014 by Paul M Watt
Why computers haven't replaced programmers
7 Aug 2017 by John Newcombe
Hopfield Neural Network for Character Recognition in .NET and C#
22 Nov 2017 by Bahrudin Hrnjica
How to setup learning rate per iteration in CTNK using C#
28 Mar 2013 by Bahrudin Hrnjica
Function optimization with genetic algorithm by using GPdotNET
10 Jan 2015 by Simon Jackson
A review of Unity AI programming essentials
7 Jul 2016 by Steve Naidamast
Author’s Note… Please note that the use of the words game, war game, and simulation are all used interchangeably through this paper.
21 Jan 2018 by Nikola M. Živković
The biggest power of ANNs is that they can be familiarized with some kind of problem in the process of training and are later able to solve problems of the same class – just like humans do! But how do they do that?
15 Nov 2017 by Nikola M. Živković
Did you know that first ideas revolving around AI can be traced back to the 40's? Nevertheless, it is still a field that is in its infancy, so to say, and a concept that we still don't know a lot about.
1 Mar 2018 by Philipp_Engelmann
With recent scientific advancements in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, as well as steadily evolving tools such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, and Keras, writing, testing and optimizing your own Neural Networks is now easier than ever before.
19 Jul 2016 by Steve Naidamast
The State of the Industry  One of the most alluring aspects of software development is the creation of one’s own game or a utility to support a game genre.
18 Dec 2020 by Sandeep Mewara
A quick look into basic workflow when we apply Machine Learning to a problem
28 Apr 2012 by snorkie
This paper explores what a virus is, their evolution, and where they may be encountered today.
8 Aug 2012 by rtybase
This post is dedicated to K-Means Clustering Algorithm, used for unsupervised learning.
22 Dec 2017 by Philipp_Engelmann
In this part of this series, we will add some more Turing machines and extend the logging.
19 Feb 2013 by Chris Boss
Today's development tools are becoming so complex that it makes one wonder, what has happened to software development.
12 Feb 2018 by Shun Huang
In the previous article, Machine Learning Basics and Perceptron Learning Algorithm, the assumption was that the Iris Data Set trained by Perceptron Learning Algorithm is linear separable, so the number of misclassification on each training iteration eventually converge to 0.