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by The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
by Daniel Miller
This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance user/role security principal hierarchy.
by Christian Vos
How to use Microsoft Unity Interception as a solution for cross cutting concerns in a .NET application
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, Iqra Ali
Since I wrote an article previously, I had been asked on various occasions to share the code on Yahoo! or Bing, etc. I wanted to write an article, with the code, which covers all of those vendors as well.

Latest Articles

by Federico Di Marco
A tool which creates one or more Powershell scripts which in turn recreate one or more binary files
by Wessel Beulink
Azure spearheads cloud evolution, Azure Automation Runbooks manage hybrid/SOC environments effectively
by Federico Di Marco
How to enable Bitlocker hardware encryption on self encrypting drives
by Federico Di Marco
Create quickly VPN connections in Windows according to a XML configuration file

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