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thatraja 7-Feb-22 12:36pm View    
Update your question with more details
thatraja 6-Feb-22 7:36am View    
It's like you have write txtCompany.AllowDrop = false inside lbxSubjects_MouseDown().
thatraja 5-Feb-22 0:35am View    
What are you getting? What's your expected output?
thatraja 4-Feb-22 14:31pm View    
Trust me, my reply not even harsh.

All we're asking you is spend some more time with answers before follow-up questions.

You welcome!
thatraja 4-Feb-22 12:55pm View    
Did you check that link atleast? You need patience with learning. You won't get instant or 100% perfect solutions always.

That link has many examples. Try those & take whatever you need and leave the rest.

For example multiple replace is one simple option.
Ex from that link : print(s.replace('one', 'XtwoX').replace('two', 'YYY'))