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Converting Color to Grayscale Using ATL::CImage

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5 Nov 2009CPOL 37.7K   1.9K   9   6
Demonstrates how the ATL::CImage class can be used to do color-to-grayscale conversion on images.
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This is just a simple MFC application that demonstrates how you can use the ATL::CImage class to do color-to-grayscale conversion.


Conversion is done by:

  1. obtaining the red, green, and blue values in each pixel's color information,
  2. adding together 30% of the red value, 59% of the green value, and 11% of the blue value,
  3. using the sum obtained in step 2 as the new red, green, and blue values.

Using the Code

There are two implementations for doing the conversion:

  • MakeGrayscale_Slow() --> simple but slow
  • MakeGrayscale_Fast() --> a little complicated but fast

Points of Interest

MakeGrayscale_Slow() and MakeGrayscale_Fast() produce different grayscales for the same color image. I have no idea why this happens. Anyone who knows?


  • 2009/11/06 - Uploaded this article


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Comments and Discussions

GeneralMy vote of 2 Pin
Mahdi Nejadsahebi1-Feb-14 23:07
Mahdi Nejadsahebi1-Feb-14 23:07 
You didn't put source code to understand better,but thanks.
GeneralMy vote of 1 Pin
SteveScanlon9-Nov-09 9:24
SteveScanlon9-Nov-09 9:24 
GeneralMy vote of 2 Pin
Nick Gorlov9-Nov-09 0:36
Nick Gorlov9-Nov-09 0:36 
General"Anyone who knows?" Pin
Axel Rietschin6-Nov-09 15:32
professionalAxel Rietschin6-Nov-09 15:32 
GeneralSome comments [modified] PinPopular
mluri6-Nov-09 0:08
mluri6-Nov-09 0:08 
GeneralRe: Some comments Pin
Darryl Bryk9-Aug-10 11:45
Darryl Bryk9-Aug-10 11:45 

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