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Google Map Joiner

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20 Dec 2007CPOL 39.5K   590   25   8
Merge some small print-screen maps to a big one
Screenshot -


This code uses the mouse's move and drag events to move Google map, then copy the map of the current-screen, finally merge them to a big one.


When I have to go to another city, I always need the help of maps. Because my mobile cannot access the Web when I travel, I always collect the Google map, then merge it into one big map, and put it into my mobile. The code I discuss below does the task.

Using the Code

First, open Google Map, select a place you want to copy.

Second, move the mouse to the left-top point of the useful map, then stop for two seconds; the code will remember the left-top point.

Third, move the mouse to the right-bottom point of the useful map, then stop for two seconds; the code will remember the right-bottom point.

Screenshot - example.JPG

Fourth, select how big the map will be. The code will copy the map as shown in the following picture. The current screen will be centered.

Screenshot - example.JPG

Finally, click start.

The mouse move code looks like this:

static extern bool SetCursorPos(int x, int y);

static extern void mouse_event
    (uint mouseEvent, int dx, int dy, uint data, int extrainfo);

SetCursorPos(x1, y1);
mouse_event(MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTDOWN, 0, 0, 0, 0);
SetCursorPos(x2, y2);
mouse_event(MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTUP, 0, 0, 0, 0);


  • 15th December, 2007: Initial version
  • 21st December, 2007: Updated to delete Temp folder


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Comments and Discussions

GeneralNice One Pin
mbaocha4-May-09 16:28
mbaocha4-May-09 16:28 
GeneralIt can't work. Because i let mouse switched left & right button. Pin
Andy Byron27-Sep-08 8:02
Andy Byron27-Sep-08 8:02 
GeneralThis code sucks Pin
Member 271004229-Feb-08 13:37
professionalMember 271004229-Feb-08 13:37 
GeneralVery Good, But How can I add Latitude and Longitude to it Pin
kedanz2-Feb-08 17:12
kedanz2-Feb-08 17:12 
GeneralDANGER !!! Pin
carlop()18-Dec-07 4:12
carlop()18-Dec-07 4:12 
GeneralRe: DANGER !!! Pin
lovexia18-Dec-07 20:07
lovexia18-Dec-07 20:07 
GeneralRe: DANGER !!! Pin
lovexia18-Dec-07 20:10
lovexia18-Dec-07 20:10 
en, suggest Modify the program and bypassing the temp directory
GeneralRe: DANGER !!! Pin
kesmellon20-Dec-07 15:36
kesmellon20-Dec-07 15:36 

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