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A count down timer in c.

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10 Jun 2010CPOL 139.6K   3   6
set the variable count_down_time_in_secs in seconds for desired count down time.The Code is self explanatory.1 minute = 60 secs5 minutes = 60x5 secs30 minutes =60x30 secs1 hour = 60x60 secs#include #include int main (){ unsigned int...
set the variable count_down_time_in_secs in seconds for desired count down time.
The Code is self explanatory.

1 minute = 60 secs
5 minutes = 60x5 secs
30 minutes =60x30 secs
1 hour = 60x60 secs

#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>

int main ()
	unsigned int x_hours=0;
	unsigned int x_minutes=0;
	unsigned int x_seconds=0;
	unsigned int x_milliseconds=0;
	unsigned int totaltime=0,count_down_time_in_secs=0,time_left=0;

	clock_t x_startTime,x_countTime;
	count_down_time_in_secs=10;  // 1 minute is 60, 1 hour is 3600

    x_startTime=clock();  // start clock
    time_left=count_down_time_in_secs-x_seconds;   // update timer

	while (time_left>0) 
		x_countTime=clock(); // update timer difference


		time_left=count_down_time_in_secs-x_seconds; // subtract to get difference 

		printf( "\nYou have %d seconds left ( %d ) count down timer by TopCoder 


	printf( "\n\n\nTime's out\n\n\n");

return 0;




This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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I attended programming college and I have a degree in three most famous and successful programming languages. C/C++, Visual Basic and Java. So i know i can code. And there is a diploma hanging on my wall to prove it.
I am a professional, I am paid tons of cash to teach or do software development. I am roughly 30 years old .

I hold lectures in programming. I have also coached students in C++, Java and Visual basic.

In my spare time i do enjoy developing computer games, and i am developing a rather simple flight simulator game
in the c++ programming language using the openGL graphics libray.

I've written hundreds of thousands of code syntax lines for small simple applications and games.

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