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by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
by The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB
by Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can implement a thread-safe events (similar to .NET events) mechanism using the standard C++ library.

Latest Articles

by Udi Cohen
How I wrote a utility to sort files in FAT-32 storage devices and fixing products that are affected by improper sorting order, such as various music players.
by Ben McNamara
Container classes much faster than STL.
by vblover Programmer
Load Menu from Resource-Only DLL (created by VC++) and Set for Form As MainMenu by API Functions.
by Svetoslav Chekanov
Fast implementation of 2:1 image shrink (full image or part of it)

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Objective C 

6 Nov 2007 by .Suchit
Generating smooth lines with antialiasing; sample code for animation is included
11 Sep 2018 by _Flaviu
A way to use OpenCV in MFC project
4 Jan 2000 by _stefanu_
Using fixed panes to add rulers to your view
2 Apr 2004 by Abbas_Riazi
A tree control to show installed devices like Device Manager
25 May 2004 by Abin
A file/folder browsing control that integrates an editbox and a button with built-in images
26 Nov 2010 by Achilleas Margaritis
C++0x Dynamic Message Passing Ala Objective-C
29 Oct 2009 by Addison-Wesley
It is also possible to write debug messages to the Xcode console when you write your application. Accessing these capabilities is not limited to Objective-C applications. Your hybrid applications can do these things from within JavaScript.
22 Sep 2010 by Addison-Wesley
This chapter covers only the basic parts of the C language
9 Sep 2011 by Addison-Wesley
This chapter will cover some of the core concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP) and how they apply to both iPhone and Windows Phone 7 programming
15 Jul 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
That article present a way to retrieve the GET-POST data from a form into an ISAPI extension.
13 Jul 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
A way to build HTML pages in ISAPI using OLE DB database access
16 May 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
Sample of using ISAPI extension to give online data to graphical applets.
25 Jun 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
This article presents a utility that lets you retrieve raw information from web servers using HTTP's GET and POST commands.
1 Feb 2013 by Ahmed Charfeddine
A Visual C++ Project Wizard for the fast creation of high performance TCP servers in C++
12 Sep 2001 by Alan Wen
This is a 3-tier application. A COM component returns SQL data in XML format, then using XSLT to transform to HTML at client side. By using XML, all the data can be sort, split into pages locally, that will give users a quick response!
28 Jul 2001 by Ales Krajnc
An include file that allows you to specify colors by name instead of RGB value
9 Oct 2002 by Alex Mol
Classes to make working with time and date data in different timezones easier.
29 Sep 2018 by Alexander Atamas
A splitter control derived from CStatic for dialog controls, and that can be used not only within the restricted splitter pane.
4 Dec 2003 by Alexander Bischofberger
See how to have tear-off menus in your program
12 Jan 2002 by Alexander Kovachev
Simple class to represent tree data structures in C++
6 Aug 2002 by Alexander Kuzmin
A static splitter with the ability to hide/show multiple columns/rows
12 Jan 2021 by Alexander Schichmanter
Concept, Motivation and Implementation of Dynamic Logging - a valuable aid to the C++ programmer
17 Dec 2019 by Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET
2 Jan 2020 by Alexandre Bencz
DotNetPELib is a library which abstracts managed information such as namespaces, classes, fields, methods, and instructions. The information can then be used to generate assembly language source files, or PE executables or DLLs.
14 Dec 2019 by Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET.
16 Dec 2021 by AlexeyAB
Atomic operations and C++11 memory barriers and assembler instructions generated on x86_64 CPUs
27 Sep 2019 by Alkenso
Smart queue that executes tasks in threadpool-like manner
21 Sep 2001 by Alvaro Mendez
A simple app that converts to and between time_t, DATE, and regular date string expressions
6 Feb 2000 by Amir Zalzberg
How to create a window with holes in it
8 May 2001 by Amit Dey
This article shows how to handle custom events generated in a VB ActiveX component in a Visual C++ client.
27 Nov 2012 by Amory Wong
A GLKView class that can be dropped into your project.
28 Apr 2014 by Andre' Gardiner
A c banking atm concept console application
22 Jan 2019 by Andrea Ricchetti
Two ways to make a IEEE 754 conversion (32 bit) pack and unpack
1 Dec 2013 by Android on Intel
Intel® HTML5 Tools for developing mobile applications
1 Mar 2016 by Android on Intel
This article takes a simple app and demonstrates the use of the above mentioned sub items.
27 Jan 2003 by Aniket Nayak
26 Mar 2014 by Anna Koneva
An article about interoperation issues in mixed C/C++/Objective-C development
25 Mar 2014 by Anna Koneva
An article about interoperation issues in mixed C/C++/Objective-C development
17 Apr 2000 by Anton Stuck
A class that provides some simple, yet spectacular window animation effects. Try the demo!
7 Aug 2018 by Artem Moroz
Using ESP8266 module to remotely control high power electrical appliances
1 Sep 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this brief article, we will demonstrate how to deploy a Node.js application and run it on Docker's Windows Server Core 2016 Containers
30 Dec 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will demonstrate how to compute full SVD of a given matrix A and discuss about the code in C++11 implementing the full SVD computation by using simple iteration and Jordan-Gaussian methods.
1 Mar 2021 by Ayush Swiss
Establish the communication between WebView2 and JavaScript by which you can send and receive the message via WebView2
5 Aug 2003 by BadJerry
Drawing HTML text onto a device context
17 Aug 2002 by Barretto VN
3 Aug 2002 by Barretto VN
11 Jan 2003 by Barretto VN
An article showing methods of screen capture
17 Apr 2003 by Barretto VN
Article on changing screen resolution
31 Oct 2001 by Bassam Abdul-Baki
Serializing data into an XML string in a window dialog
9 May 2003 by Bassam Abdul-Baki
This article shows how to save a structure into an XML file (using STL), then load the file back using XML
14 Dec 1999 by Bernd Wißler
Demonstrates how to use an animated gif stored in your resource file as an animated cursor
27 Oct 2013 by Bernhard Häussermann
A set of source files that extends the UITableView so that it has sections that can be collapsed and expanded.
20 Jan 2013 by Bernhard Häussermann
An Objective-C class that sub-classes UIViewController to enable easily implementing split views in iPad applications.
2 Apr 2013 by Bernhard Häussermann
Shows how to programmatically enable full-keyboard-access tabbing behaviour in your Mac OS X application.
29 Mar 2013 by bkelly13
Goal: Describe how asynchronous or non-blocking TCP code works
14 Sep 2018 by bkelly13
Goal: Describe how asynchronous or non-blocking TCP code works
20 Mar 2006 by Boby Thomas P
An example for reusable code - an XML writer class
17 May 2001 by Bogdan CRIVAT
Demonstrates how to use ATL Server to build SOAP servers/clients over various transport channels
20 Apr 2019 by, sibani.p
Creating a simple ORM for C++ on-top of SQL database
11 Aug 2000 by Brian C Hart
Brian's detailed answers to your most frequently asked questions about his DCOM tutorial.
14 Dec 2000 by Brian Heilman
Code to help calculate sunrise and sunset times
8 Sep 2010 by brochpirate
An iPhone media player designed specifically for listening to audiobooks
2 Apr 2007 by c_07
Helps programmers new to Winsock start programming TCP sockets in C++
8 Dec 2018 by CalicoSkies
Mixing audio from multiple WAV files to a single WAV file. Includes a C++ class for reading and writing WAV audio files, derived from an AudioFile class for future support of other audio file formats.
11 May 2004 by ChauJohnthan
An XML parser to substitute the big MSXML.
8 Sep 2002 by chia hung liu
Use application resources to create your owner drawn menu
4 Jan 2005 by Chris Hills
Other articles describe replacements for MessageBox() with extra buttons for "Yes to All" and "No to All", but you still have to write the code to handle those buttons. This article presents a class that does all the work for you.
12 Jul 2010 by Chris_Hall
This article shows you how easy it is to process and track mobile payments with PayPal.
29 Jan 2016 by Chris_Riley
In this post I will explain how quality imaging is the most critical element for an application I’m working on to support both OCR and NLP.And how I’m using the MobileImage SDK to do it.
3 Jun 2001 by Christian Graus
Using GDI+ to create a paint program with soft brushes and loading/saving images
12 Dec 2013 by Cloud Hsu
Samples for present Android and iOS to control torch.
19 Feb 2003 by compiler
This article introduces a template-based off-shoot of the subject/observer pattern called Intercom. Intercom achieves some advantages over subject-observer designs by using a three component model (Message, Notifier, Observer).
26 Jan 2004 by Corneliu Tusnea
Observer Pattern implemented in a nice template model, easy to use as it does not require the classical inheritance and can easily decouple Subject and Observer
2 Dec 2003 by Cory Nelson
An advanced article on allocating and using memory in another process using the Win32 API.
2 Jun 2009 by Craig Giles
There are a few things missing from the tutorials. This is the amendment, going to patch up the final few things to get you back on track!
2 Jun 2009 by Craig Giles
I have been learning quite a few development strategies as of late, and the newest one that I’ve taken a peek into is Test Driven Development (TDD), or Unit Testing.
22 Oct 2009 by Craig Giles
Simply put, I was getting a few FPS problems with the development of my game, and thought I would come up with a way to batch all of my drawing into as few OpenGL calls as I could.
31 Dec 2018 by Craig Muller
This article introduces a convenient class for hooking into idle processing.
15 Aug 2000 by Cristi Posea
DevStudio-like docking window
14 Jan 2003 by Dan Clark
An article that allows easy drag & drop and a bitmap background with other tree control functions
19 Feb 2004 by Dan Clark
Allows someone to have an unlimited number of views associated with a splitter pane
1 Dec 1999 by Dan Pilat
Two classes to add advanced print functionality to your MFC application
19 May 2002 by Dana Holt
This class makes it easier to use the shell function SHBrowseForFolder
13 Sep 2001 by Daniel Larocque
Small game framework based on the state pattern
19 Jul 2004 by Danil Shopyrin
This paper addresses the problem of merging object-oriented and automaton-based programming technologies.
24 Jan 2005 by darkoman
An article on creating 2D animated charts using Windows GDI.
21 Feb 2007 by darkoman
An article on rendering reflections and shadows using Windows GDI
18 May 2017 by darkoman
Article about the 2D isometric game engine
13 Oct 2004 by Dave Handley
An article on a templatized implementation of composite and visitor interaction
15 Jul 2000 by Dave Lorde
Simple customised Window captions, including multi-line captions
23 Mar 2006 by DaveeCom
CAlarmClock is a C++ class that can generate repeating asynchronous alarms
1 Aug 2008 by David Crow
20 Feb 2019 by David Lafreniere
A compact C++ finite state machine (FSM) implementation that's easy to use on embedded and PC-based systems
25 Jan 2019 by David Lafreniere
Simplify passing data between threads using this multithreaded, portable C++ asynchronous callback framework
26 Jan 2019 by David Lafreniere
A framework combining state machines and multicast asynchronous callbacks
1 Dec 1999 by David Lantsman
A tree control / list control hybrid
8 Mar 2016 by David MacDermot
A simple to use grid control for Windows SDK C applications.
25 Jun 2018 by David Serrano Martínez
A lazy stream has been implemented in C++11, so as to highlight the functional capabilities of this new specification