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Posted 9 Apr 2009

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WPF: Circular Progress Bar

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22 Jun 2009CPOL
Circular Progress bar in WPF

Ever wanted a slightly different progress bar from the standard WPF Progress bar which looks like the following (IsIndeterminate is like the WinForms Marquee enum value):

1:  <ProgressBar VerticalAlignment="Top"
2:      Height="22" IsIndeterminate="True"/>


What I would like is one that is more like the ones you see all over the web, where we have a round wheel sort of progress indicator. Would you like one of those?

Well fear not, your search is over, here is a very simple idea, just arrange some Ellipses in a circle within a Canvas and do a constant Rotate StoryBoard and bam, a circular progress bar.

Here is the XAML for such a UserControl.

 1:  <UserControl x:Class="Sonic.CircularProgressBar"
 2:      xmlns=""
 3:      xmlns:x=""
 4:      Height="120" Width="120" Background="Transparent">
 5:      <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="Transparent"
 6:            HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center">
 7:          <Grid.RenderTransform>
 8:              <ScaleTransform x:Name="SpinnerScale"
 9:                              ScaleX="1.0" ScaleY="1.0" />
10:          </Grid.RenderTransform>
11:          <Canvas RenderTransformOrigin="0.5,0.5"
12:                  HorizontalAlignment="Center"
13:                  VerticalAlignment="Center"
14:                  Width="120" Height="120" >
15:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
16:                       Canvas.Left="20.1696"
17:                       Canvas.Top="9.76358"
18:                       Stretch="Fill" Fill="Orange"
19:                       Opacity="1.0"/>
20:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
21:                       Canvas.Left="2.86816"
22:                       Canvas.Top="29.9581" Stretch="Fill"
23:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.9"/>
24:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
25:                       Canvas.Left="5.03758e-006"
26:                       Canvas.Top="57.9341" Stretch="Fill"
27:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.8"/>
28:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
29:                       Canvas.Left="12.1203"
30:                       Canvas.Top="83.3163" Stretch="Fill"
31:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.7"/>
32:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
33:                       Canvas.Left="36.5459"
34:                       Canvas.Top="98.138" Stretch="Fill"
35:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.6"/>
36:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
37:                       Canvas.Left="64.6723"
38:                       Canvas.Top="96.8411" Stretch="Fill"
39:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.5"/>
40:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
41:                       Canvas.Left="87.6176"
42:                       Canvas.Top="81.2783" Stretch="Fill"
43:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.4"/>
44:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
45:                       Canvas.Left="98.165"
46:                       Canvas.Top="54.414" Stretch="Fill"
47:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.3"/>
48:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
49:                       Canvas.Left="92.9838"
50:                       Canvas.Top="26.9938" Stretch="Fill"
51:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.2"/>
52:              <Ellipse Width="21.835" Height="21.862"
53:                       Canvas.Left="47.2783"
54:                       Canvas.Top="0.5" Stretch="Fill"
55:                       Fill="Black" Opacity="0.1"/>
56:              <Canvas.RenderTransform>
57:                  <RotateTransform x:Name="SpinnerRotate"
58:                                   Angle="0" />
59:              </Canvas.RenderTransform>
60:              <Canvas.Triggers>
61:                  <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="ContentControl.Loaded">
62:                      <BeginStoryboard>
63:                          <Storyboard>
64:                              <DoubleAnimation
65:                                  Storyboard.TargetName
66:                                      ="SpinnerRotate"
67:                                   Storyboard.TargetProperty
68:                                      ="(RotateTransform.Angle)"
69:                                   From="0" To="360"
70:                                   Duration="0:0:01"
71:                                   RepeatBehavior="Forever" />
72:                          </Storyboard>
73:                      </BeginStoryboard>
74:                  </EventTrigger>
75:              </Canvas.Triggers>
76:          </Canvas>
77:      </Grid>
78:  </UserControl>

And here is all the C# codebehind:

 1:  using System;
 2:  using System.Collections.Generic;
 3:  using System.Linq;
 4:  using System.Text;
 5:  using System.Windows;
 6:  using System.Windows.Controls;
 7:  using System.Windows.Data;
 8:  using System.Windows.Documents;
 9:  using System.Windows.Input;
10:  using System.Windows.Media;
11:  using System.Windows.Media.Animation;
12:  using System.Windows.Media.Imaging;
13:  using System.Windows.Navigation;
14:  using System.Windows.Shapes;
16:  namespace Sonic
17:  {
18:      /// <summary>
19:      /// Provides a circular progress bar
20:      /// </summary>
21:      public partial class CircularProgressBar : UserControl
22:      {
23:          public CircularProgressBar()
24:          {
25:              InitializeComponent();
27:              //Use a default Animation Framerate of 20, which uses less CPU time
28:              //than the standard 50 which you get out of the box
29:              Timeline.DesiredFrameRateProperty.OverrideMetadata(
30:                  typeof(Timeline),
31:                      new FrameworkPropertyMetadata { DefaultValue = 20 } );
32:          }
33:      }
34:  }

And here is an example of one of these CircularProgressBar controls in use:

 1:  <Window
 2:      xmlns=""
 3:      xmlns:x=""
 4:          xmlns:local="clr-namespace:Sonic"
 5:      x:Class="Sonic.MainWindow">
 8:      <Grid>
 9:              <local:CircularProgressBar/>
10:          </Grid>
12:  </Window>

And here it is in action (obviously, it looks better in run time)… Enjoy!



This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Comments and Discussions

QuestionIts not working with asynchronous call Pin
Member 34620802-Mar-12 20:31
Member 34620802-Mar-12 20:31 
AnswerRe: Its not working with asynchronous call Pin
Sacha Barber2-Mar-12 23:43
Sacha Barber2-Mar-12 23:43 
QuestionDoesn't appear when toggling visibility property. Pin
hopmedic15-Dec-11 9:59
hopmedic15-Dec-11 9:59 
AnswerRe: Doesn't appear when toggling visibility property. Pin
Sacha Barber15-Dec-11 20:14
Sacha Barber15-Dec-11 20:14 
Before I start, let me say this is very old code, I have done much better progress bar since then. There will be links shown below. DO NOT USE THIS ONE

The problem you are having is that WPF only have 1 active thread, the same as Winforms. It is called the Dispatcher thread. What is happening is that you are starting some work on the Dispatcher thread (your 20 second SQL call), and then trying to get the dispatcher to do some more stuff, like toggling the visibility of the progress wheel. Which does not work as the Dispatcher is busy doing your SQL call.

What is happening is the Dispatcher message pump can't push the toggle visibility message through as its too busy. In winforms you solved this with a DoEvents(), WPF doesn't have that exactly, what you need to do is push an empty DispatcherFrame (or empty delegate) onto message loop.

But that is neither here or there, what YOU should be doing, is launching your long running call in a new thread. Starting a new thread can be done in loads of ways.

New Thread
Task Parallel Library
Async Delegates

Loads of choices.

What you basically need to do is this

1. Click button (say) that starts work
2. Toggle visibility of progress wheel to visible
3. Start new thread which does stored procedure 20 seconds work
4. When new thread is done, get results out, and also toggle visibility of progress wheel to hidden

You will of course need to take care when getting the results back into WPF land, as they may required some threading synchronization.

I actually do this thing you want to do a lot using WPF and MVVM. I have even written a specialized control which you can grab from my own MVVM framework

The class you want is this one : AsyncBusyUserControl, which relies on some ViewModel code and also makes use of AsyncFailedUserControl and the CircularProgressBar controls.

If you download the Cinch V2 codebase and look at the WPF sample you will see an example of that controls usage.

I also use it here : Showcasing Cinch MVVM framework / Prism 4 interoperability (demo 1)

So there you go I would just use the control I wrote, it just works, you will have to dig through the code but its all there.
Sacha Barber
  • Microsoft Visual C# MVP 2008-2011
  • Codeproject MVP 2008-2011
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