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Training Series for Development on Intel-based Android Devices

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1 Oct 2015CPOL2 min read 8.4K   2  
This series of videos presents an overview of Intel tools available for Android developers through Intel® Software.

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This series of videos presents an overview of Intel tools available for Android* developers through Intel® Software. You´ll discover the benefits of these tools in your everyday life as a programmer whether or not you´re targeting Intel devices. These tools will improve your life as a developer by saving you time, allowing you to create better experiences, and helping you target your app to multiple platforms and architectures. Take a look at the five training videos and follow the links to learn more about each tool.

Intel Tools for Android* Developers

Xavier Hallade, Intel Technical Engineer and GDE

Android* developers can benefit from one or more of the tools that Intel offers. Xavier gives a quick description of some of the tools available, what they can do for you, and the benefits you can gain in terms of productivity and results. He also covers how the tools that can help you in debugging, performance optimization, cross-platform development and more.

NDK: Discover the Android Native Development Kit

Xavier Hallade, Intel Technical Engineer and GDE

Xavier introduces us to the Android* Native Development Kit (NDK), the official component you can use to integrate C/C++ into Android* applications. In some scenarios the usage of the NDK can generate a big performance boost on your app.

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 

Seth Schneider, Intel Technical Engineer

Seth presents the Graphics Performance Analyzers, a set of powerful tools that help developers utilize the full performance potential of their platform. The Analyzers provide a system performance view in real time, track down errors, locate graphic issues and more.

Build Multi-OS Native apps with Intel® INDE​

Karthiyayini Chinnaswamy, Intel Technical Engineer, and Jeff Kataoka, Intel Marketing Manager

Karthi and Jeff walk us through Intel INDE, a developer productivity suite that enables cross-OS and cross-architecture native mobile application development using Java* and C++. Take a look at the set of tools that will allow you to improve your app performance and save time through code reuse and streamlined access of platform capabilities.

Develop Apps in HTML5 Using the Intel® XDK

Dale Schouten, Intel Technical Consulting Engineer

The Intel XDK allows you to develop in HTML5 and obtain installable mobile apps for Android*, Windows* and iOS*. Dale walks us through the features of the tool that makes it easy for developers to create, debug, and deploy apps across multiple OSs, using one code base.


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Intel is inside more and more Android devices, and we have tools and resources to make your app development faster and easier.

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