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What Resources Are Available to Developers Using Intel® INDE?

16 Sep 2015CPOL4 min read 16.7K   2   1
In this article, we will introduce the components of INDE and show how developers can use them to create new applications and optimize existing applications. To start with Intel® INDE provides support for IDE integration.

This article is in the Product Showcase section for our sponsors at CodeProject. These articles are intended to provide you with information on products and services that we consider useful and of value to developers.

New to Intel® Integrated Native Develop Experience (also called Intel® INDE)? Are you confused as to what is available and how it can help you? INDE is a cross-platform productivity suite, which provides developers many resources and tools to develop, debug and optimize their applications, while achieving native performance and look-and-feel.

In this article, we will introduce the components of INDE and show how developers can use them to create new applications and optimize existing applications. To start with Intel® INDE provides support for IDE integration.

IDE Integration

In the mobile application development, the dominant IDEs preferred by the developers have been Android Studio*, Microsoft Visual Studio* and Eclipse*. INDE provides freedom to integrate tools into preferred IDE: Visual Studio, Android Studio and Eclipse.

Links :
Please refer here to see how Intel® INDE sets up this environment feature for you.

1. SDK/API for development in Media

INDE exposes SDKs and APIs to develop media application on Mobile (Android, iOS*and Windows-RT) and Windows*. The various Media components provided by INDE are provided below:

  • Media for Mobile, a feature of Intel® INDE is a set of easy to use components and API for a wide range of media scenarios like video editing and transcoding, reporting media file information and capturing video from camera to a file. Current version of Media for Mobile exposes these capabilities in the form of classes on Android, iOS and Windows-RT.

    Links :
    To get started with Media for Mobile please refer here.
    Please refer to samples. Please refer here for more information on available classes and release notes.

  • Media SDK for Windows, is a cross architecture API that includes video editing and processing, media conversion, playback and video conferencing. It also provides support for audio through a dedicated library for audio codec processing.
    Intel Media SDK Developer’s Guide can be found here.
    Please refer the tutorials and samples that showcase the media concepts, new and important features provided by Intel Media SDK.

2. Intel® Threading Building Blocks
Intel threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) lets you easily write parallel C++ programs. It contains a C++ template library that can be used for task parallelism.

For more information on Intel® TBB, please refer here.
To get started, you can go through the tutorials for Intel Threading Building Blocks.

3. OpenCL™ Code Builder
It is a software development tool that enables development of OpenCL applications via well-known integrated development environments to build, debug and optimize OpenCL™ application on Windows and Android.

For more complete information about OpenCL™, please visit here.
Please refer the user manual for more details and quick installation guide of OpenCL™ development on Windows with Intel INDE.

4. Graphic Performance Analyzer

Intel® INDE Graphics Performance Analyzers are designed to analyze, optimize, and debug your games and graphics applications. This analytics suite consists of: System Analyzer, Platform Analyzer, and Graphics Frame Analyzer for DirectX*, and Graphics Frame Analyzer for OpenGL.

Each component consist of a unique perspective on your application:

  • System Analyzer allows you to capture frames, record traces, and view real time system metrics as your application runs.
  • Platform Analyzer allows you to analyze trace data captured from System Analyzer, providing an in-depth, execution pipeline view of your platform.
  • Frame analyzer allows you to analyze a single frame captured from System Analyzer, providing erg data, render target data, experiments, shader editing, pixel history and much more.

Getting started with Intel® INDE Graphics Performance Analyzers is easy; no code changes, no special drivers / environment, no hassle. See how studios are using Intel® INDE Graphics Performance Analyzers to help improve their great games!

5. Debugger Extension for VS-Android:
Intel® INDE includes the Debugger Extension for Android in Visual Studio tool that allows you to debug C/C++ source files of an Android* application on a Windows* host system for Intel® 64 or IA-32 architectures.
For more information please refer here.

6. Intel C++ Compiler for Android and Windows
INDE comes with Intel C++ compilers. Intel compilers help create applications that can take full advantage of advanced hardware capabilities available Intel processors and co-processors.
Please see how ICC compiler outperforms other compilers here.

7. Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel HAXM)

Intel HAXM is also a feature of INDE. Intel HAXM is a hardware assisted virtualization engine that uses Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) to speed up Android app emulation on a host machine. In combination with Android x86 emulator images provided by Intel and the official Android SDK Manager, HAXM allows for faster Android emulation on Intel VT enabled systems.

8. Context Sensing SDK
Intel® Context Sensing SDK is an Android library that helps you easily incorporate services and context aware capabilities in your Android applications. The SDK includes Context APIs, which are useful to create context aware applications by taking advantage of many built-in context type providers.

Explore the possibilities and learn about more about context SDK from here.

9. Intel® INDE Open CV - Beta
INDE contains the binaries and libraries for you to develop Computer Vision applications. It is also optimized for Intel Platforms with heterogeneous computing.

Learn more about Open CV features by Intel® INDE here.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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