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Comments by Thanks7872 (Top 200 by date)

Thanks7872 21-Jan-20 5:02am View    
Why in future? Start following tutorials right away. It really helps.

This is not a question. In order to get a answer, you need to show what you've tried and where are you stuck?
Thanks7872 21-Aug-19 3:17am View    
If you can't code, how any suggestions here would be helpful?
Thanks7872 8-Feb-18 8:08am View    
Try to refer QA guidelines first. If you want an answer to your question, it should be posted with as much details as possible. Above question doesn't make sense. Why? Because we can't access your screen and see the code.
Thanks7872 8-Jan-18 8:00am View    
Try to provide some details. Show your code, explain what is expected and whats going wrong.
Thanks7872 15-Nov-17 7:40am View    
Make sure you have connection string as conn1 in your application.