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Graeme_Grant 18hrs ago View    
INotiftPropertyChanged is for non-collection properties. ObservableCollection implements the INotifyCollectionChanged for the collection and INotiftPropertyChanged for the properties like Count.

So yes, update the PumpType class to use the INotiftPropertyChanged interface. The best way for you is to use the CommunityToolkit.Mvvm[^],

Rather than just keep guessing, please take the time to do a tutorial and learn how it works. You will save yourself a huge amount of time if you do. Here: MVVM Tutorial[^]
Graeme_Grant 19hrs ago View    
You can call it from the constructor.
Graeme_Grant 19hrs ago View    
Ah, my bad ... I was writing here without testing. I have updated my solution. Sorry about that.
Graeme_Grant 2 days ago View    
Please just don't dump code and expect us to debug and fix it for you.

What is wrong? Please click on "Improve question" and add more detailed information. IS there an error thrown? If so post that error with all information. Are the results not expected? What results are you getting versus what it should be? etc...
Graeme_Grant 3 days ago View    
I posted links to the documentation. My code follows that. I only have one screen, so I cannot fully test however I can't see how the documentation is wrong.