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WPF Behavior to Ensure a ToggleButton/CheckBox is Selected

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4 Apr 2018CPOL4 min read 10.5K   123   11  
This behavior will require that for any Group of ToggleButton/Checkbox controls that are associated together, the user cannot set all to not IsChecked.


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Software Developer (Senior) Clifford Nelson Consulting
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Has been working as a C# developer on contract for the last several years, including 3 years at Microsoft. Previously worked with Visual Basic and Microsoft Access VBA, and have developed code for Word, Excel and Outlook. Started working with WPF in 2007 when part of the Microsoft WPF team. For the last eight years has been working primarily as a senior WPF/C# and Silverlight/C# developer. Currently working as WPF developer with BioNano Genomics in San Diego, CA redesigning their UI for their camera system. he can be reached at

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