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Vipin_Arora 17-Apr-22 10:22am View    
Code was needed in C# (not in VB.NET) and that too in 2012. However, appreciate your efforts :)

~ Happy Coding
Vipin_Arora 27-Nov-18 3:51am View    
Name the chart you want to use. Also if you want Bar or pie charts, then logically total of all fields will not be part of pies/bars. However, Total would be shown separately.
Vipin_Arora 27-Nov-18 3:45am View    
Please elaborate the problem more clearly.
Paste your code snippet in the section "What I have tried:"
Vipin_Arora 27-Nov-18 3:42am View    
Are you working on Windows forms, ASP.NET or Cshtml?
Also check whether problem exist only while printing with your application or is it a printer/driver issue
Vipin_Arora 19-Dec-16 5:11am View    
You are little bit late..just 4 years