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Comments by Jim Meadors (Top 45 by date)

Jim Meadors 3-Feb-19 2:30am View    
Why don't you learn to code? What you have outlined here sounds like you could do it in 25 - 50 lines of code. Just download and install the Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition and then google some samples that do something close to what you want. And then look up what you can do to make it do exactly what you want it to do. What Griff is telling you is basically your only other option and it can be an expensive one.
Jim Meadors 9-Dec-18 14:41pm View    
Your "code" appears to be a random set of characters...
Jim Meadors 7-Dec-18 23:41pm View    
I just thought I should mention that if you are going to actually use this in some real production environment, you will also have to look up ways to encrypt your data.
Jim Meadors 30-Apr-18 21:54pm View    
It is not clear what you mean by "not sure how to finish it". Just add code for what you want to run inside the If statement.
Jim Meadors 31-Jan-18 22:12pm View    
I would right click on a page that did what I wanted and select "View Source" and then find the code that does the magnification thing. Good Luck.