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Tech Code Freak 6-Sep-17 13:02pm View    
Oh thanks a lot!!!
You are my saviour
Tech Code Freak 8-May-13 7:07am View    
It's Okay!
Tech Code Freak 7-May-13 4:22am View    
Thank You so much!
This is exactly what I wanted!
Tech Code Freak 6-May-13 0:57am View    
Hello! Thanks for the reply!

I want to ask:
I have an AdDetail.aspx page which will take querystring parameter: "id" and then fetch data of that particular ad from the database. And also add meta description, keywords, etc tags at runtime (dynamically).
This url "" will nowhere be mentioned on the website. But this link will be generated dynamically in the Repeater control when ads are searched for.
So, will this link in any way be indexed by the search engines?
Tech Code Freak 28-Jan-13 8:48am View    
solved or not? if yes, accept the answer that helped!