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Comments by Kenneth Haugland (Top 200 by date)

Kenneth Haugland 22-Dec-23 7:06am View    
Any reason not to try Binary serializing? Otherwise, can you demand that T implements IClonable?
Kenneth Haugland 12-Oct-23 8:09am View    
You could also replace cos(x)/sin(x) with either cot(x) or 1/tan(x), but I dont know if that will be better.
Kenneth Haugland 23-May-23 11:15am View    
I find it easiest to create an attached property/behavior to the listview, and use Linq to do the filtering.
Kenneth Haugland 13-May-23 9:45am View    
I think you have some logical flaws in your code. Why not check if the num1 == num2 and num2 == num3 instead?
Kenneth Haugland 11-May-23 6:38am View