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Comments by Pasan Eeriyagama (Top 15 by date)

Pasan Eeriyagama 24-Mar-16 3:14am View    
This is not possible at the moment.
Pasan Eeriyagama 14-Oct-13 0:51am View    
Hi, tried that as well, didn't work. I tried posting to group id 1951***, and also tried passing group id as 0. Will try to find some workaround and will post here if successful. Thanks for helping anyway.
Pasan Eeriyagama 8-Oct-13 1:34am View    
Have your own thoughts of some algorithm. and come up with a problem seems to be stuck, If you don't try, you won't learn and become more and more dumb having all answers set around you..,
Pasan Eeriyagama 2-Oct-13 5:58am View    
File not found!, Wonder at the moment, why there aren't a single specific code sample in any of languages that someone can refer to. Please post if there is any. Thanks.
Pasan Eeriyagama 12-Aug-13 5:11am View    
It can be used for both web or desktop, it's really faster and you don't need EXCEL installed in the machine. Hope you get it.