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jeron1 5 days ago View
jeron1 5-Feb-24 10:22am View    
What if the string only contains zero's? "000" for example.
jeron1 26-Jan-24 16:57pm View    
ok, is there a question?
jeron1 26-Jan-24 11:20am View    
while(T--) {
int N;
cin >> N;
vector<int> h(N);
for(int i=0; i<n; i++)="" {
="" cin="">> h[i];

I believe N and h will go out of scope once you exit this while block, I am surprised this compiles.
jeron1 12-Jan-24 11:20am View    
What leads you to think it isn't right?

:edit: Looks like the GetItemIndexRect() would be used for subitems.