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A Z80 Assembler

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3 Oct 2020CPOL3 min read 17K   408   12  
Back in 1984, I wanted to write a Z80 assembler. At the time, this would have meant coding it in Z80 machine code, but due to the conveniences of modern technology, I have now done it in C++.
A self contained Z80 assembler that can optionally write to a .sna file.


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Software Developer (Senior)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I started programming in 1983 using Sinclair BASIC, then moved on to Z80 machine code and assembler. In 1988 I programmed 68000 assembler on the ATARI ST and it was 1990 when I started my degree in Computing Systems where I learnt Pascal, C and C++ as well as various academic programming languages (ML, LISP etc.)

I have been developing commercial software for Windows using C++ since 1994.

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