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Inspired by codewitch's "What is a Coroutine?"

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25 Mar 2020CPOL4 min read 10.8K   48   4  
Abstracting codewitch's article into a cooperative worker implementation
Specify multiple workers that manage their own state and abstract out the stepper method and execute the work step using an enumerator.


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All my life I have been passionate about architecture / software design, as this is the cornerstone to a maintainable and extensible application. As such, I have enjoyed exploring some crazy ideas and discovering that they are not so crazy after all. I also love writing about my ideas and seeing the community response. As a consultant, I've enjoyed working in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, boatyard management, remote sensing, emergency services / data management, and casino operations. I've done a variety of pro-bono work non-profit organizations related to nature conservancy, drug recovery and women's health.

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