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Calculate the Factorial of an Integer in C#

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19 Oct 2011CPOL 12.5K   7
My preference for run-time speed is:long Factorial(int input){ if (input 1; input--) { if (long.MaxValue - answer < answer) throw new...

My preference for run-time speed is:

long Factorial(int input)
    if (input < 0)
        return -1;
    if (input < 2)
        return 1;
    long answer = input;
    for( ;input >1; input--)
        if (long.MaxValue - answer < answer)
            throw new ArithmeticException();
        answer = input * answer;

    return answer;


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Bryan Lee learned to code on a RadioShack Color computer II.

Comments and Discussions

GeneralActually, this is not a joke. How can you check that a multi... Pin
YvesDaoust24-Oct-11 21:51
YvesDaoust24-Oct-11 21:51 
GeneralJust for the sake of being picky, how can you be sure that w... Pin
YvesDaoust24-Oct-11 21:45
YvesDaoust24-Oct-11 21:45 
GeneralUpdated with simplistic overflow detection. This works only... Pin
ARBebopKid19-Oct-11 4:16
ARBebopKid19-Oct-11 4:16 
Updated with simplistic overflow detection.

This works only through 19!

Alternative 7 using BigInteger is the way to go.
GeneralJust demonstrating my preferred algorithm. And if long is 6... Pin
ARBebopKid19-Oct-11 3:21
ARBebopKid19-Oct-11 3:21 
GeneralShouldn't you add overflow detection ? (Doing it without the... Pin
YvesDaoust18-Oct-11 22:31
YvesDaoust18-Oct-11 22:31 
GeneralTrue, but I do not consider that a means of calculating Fact... Pin
ARBebopKid18-Oct-11 4:21
ARBebopKid18-Oct-11 4:21 
GeneralAs regards speed, nothing beats Alternative 4. Pin
YvesDaoust17-Oct-11 20:34
YvesDaoust17-Oct-11 20:34 

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