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by Chakravarthi Elchuri
How to use WIA supported scanner using C#
by DataBytzAI
How to make some data storage resources available to the cluster
by ASP.NET Community
The process of serialization converts an object into a form so that it can be transported across the network or can be placed in a storage location.
by ASP.NET Community
Open SQL Server and open a database (Already created) . On the Storage section find the Full Text Catalog. Right click and create a New

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by Illya Reznykov
PowerShell script which copies certificate to another storage
by Arkadeep De
How to upload files in blob storage using C#
by sanathjs
This article briefs you about the Azure blob storage and how to use it in less than 10 steps.
by DataBytzAI
How to make some data storage resources available to the cluster

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4 Jul 2014 by Chakravarthi Elchuri
How to use WIA supported scanner using C#
12 Dec 2017 by DataBytzAI
How to make some data storage resources available to the cluster
21 Aug 2018 by MadMyche
In all reality a JAR package is just a ZIP file, and you can directly embed just about any file type within it; such as your executable. What the real trick becomes is how to run that file. Easy answer- read the executable from within your java application and write it as an executable file to...
27 Aug 2020 by Sandeep Mewara
Quote: The database was backed up on a server running version 8.00.0194. That version is incompatible with this server, which is running version 14.00.1000. Either restore the database on a server that supports the backup, or use a backup that is...
12 Apr 2022 by Member 10339467
I am developing an app that needs to store microblog messages consisting of multiple paragraphs of HTML formatted text and multiple images. I am planning to use Azure storage for all data and am storing structured data in Azure Table Storage. I am wondering whether it would be better to store...
1 Dec 2013 by CHill60
OP doesn't want to use FTP.Here is a link with a VB sample on how to use OAuth2 with credentials.[^]As to storing those credentials you should consider encrypting them...
31 Jul 2017 by Graeme_Grant
A quick how to read Azure table - Google Search[^] turns up the following very helpful articles (with code): * Working with Azure Storage Tables using C# - CodeProject[^] * Get started with Azure Table storage using .NET | Microsoft Docs[^] * Azure Storage Table Design Guide | Microsoft...
17 Aug 2017 by OriginalGriff
Your whole approach is not going to work: You are "hiding" the MP4 file in a resource, which means it's "inside" the EXE file, and you can't do anything about that. But you aren't protecting it at all - you are actually distributing it yourself with your code! You assume (correctly or...
25 Aug 2017 by Graeme_Grant
I would uninstall: 42.1024.0-beta1 constraint: Xamarin.Firebase.Common (= 42.1024.0-beta1) and then reinstall: NuGet Gallery | Xamarin.Firebase.Storage.Common 42.1021.1[^] before NuGet Gallery | Xamarin.Firebase.Storage 42.1021.1[^]
8 Oct 2018 by F-ES Sitecore
You can't do this for security reasons. You can only access local items\cookies etc that belong to the same site your code is running on and the port number is a part of that identification so to your browser localhost:80 and localhost:8080 might as well be and,...
10 Jun 2019 by deepakdynamite
CloudStorageAccount cloudStorageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(configuration.GetConnectionString("Storage")); CloudTableClient tableClient = cloudStorageAccount.CreateCloudTableClient(); CloudTable myEntityTable =...
10 Sep 2020 by W Balboos, GHB
I presume you have a database, somewhere, to access and test the original login. If you could add in php then you could store a uid/key pair in a $_SESSION variable. Check the UID/KEY for every page open that you wish to secure - and also...
18 Aug 2013 by Member 10196936
I can't connect table, but connect blob is ok.Here is my code: storageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(CloudConfigurationManager.GetSetting("tableStorage")); audioBlob =...
20 Sep 2013 by alimohammad2011
Greeting for the day !!Dear friends I am stuck on a solution i need to provide to my clients. Describing the requirement in detail so please don't mind the length of this post.I am supposed to develop an offline model for my (4.5) web application along with SQL server as db on...
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
The process of serialization converts an object into a form so that it can be transported across the network or can be placed in a storage location.
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Open SQL Server and open a database (Already created) . On the Storage section find the Full Text Catalog. Right click and create a New
1 Dec 2013 by BobilProject
I want to use FTP as last choice.Many users already has a Dropbox or Skydrive account, this is my first try...
30 Oct 2014 by OmniSource
Hi,I am working on a distributed application with Azure Storage Queue for message queuing. queue will be used by multiple clients across the clock and thus it is expected that it would be heavily loaded most on the time in usage. business case is typical as in it pulls message from queue,...
24 Dec 2014 by agent_kruger
I want to know that how the storage of an image is determined (the size of an image is determined). i have read some articles but some say that 1 pixel = 1 byte (which according to me should be wrong) and some says it takes 32 bits for high depth image colors. Can somebody explain me how the...
24 Dec 2014 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
For me, it won't be wrong, think of an 8-bit image etc, it depends on the quality of the image that is being saved. Images that are of high quality might require more space and meaningly, more data for each of the pixel notation on the screen, that is why most images in low quality would take...
23 Apr 2015 by Member 11528472
Sunasara, I am doing something similar with the media-capture plugin and got the photo uri (something like this: /CapturedImagesCache/WP_20150424_001.jpg). the plugin creates a folder called CaptureddImagesCache and save the pic in there.Then I simply set my image this way: path =...
23 Apr 2015 by Member 11528472
function recordVideo() { console.log("recordVideo"); // start video capture flagMedia = 'v'; navigator.device.capture.captureVideo(captureSuccess, captureError, { limit: 2 });}function takePicture() { flagMedia = 'p'; console.log("takePicture"); ...
23 Apr 2015 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
Hello,Following are my solution: This solution will works only, when you save your file at mentioned location:I am saving file at ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder; using server code and displaying at client (browser) side using C# Code// Save a downloaded images to the app’s...
30 Oct 2015 by Richard MacCutchan
Just use a standard int type for each number and you will cover most bases. Windows API has the POINT structure[^] to hold these values, and .NET has the other Point structure[^].
18 Nov 2015 by ZurdoDev
The first google search result is,[^]
18 Nov 2015 by Member 11990320
While I am trying to read the list of blob data on azure, I am getting the following error:Function evaluation disabled because a previous function evaluation timed out. You must continue execution to reenable function evaluation.How to resolve this?
9 Jan 2016 by Duncan Edwards Jones
If you are using Windows Azure as a backing technology for an event store based system, there are three possible choices, each with pros and cons.
15 Feb 2016 by Member 10686270
Hello, I have create a Azure Cloud Service with WCF where i am trying to list my containers and blobs. I've been able to list both my containers and blobs. What i am trying to do is that when i select a container in my ListBox, it will display the blobs it contains in another...
7 Jul 2016 by GoodyGoodyGoody
I need advice on implementation of Data Lake. Any good references or examples of how to implement the data lake concept (tutorial) or pointing me to the right direction will suffice.Thanks in advanceWhat I have tried:I'm looking to set this up for my organization and I have no idea...
15 Sep 2017 by Member 13258163
I have setup a single node hadoop cluster (2.71.1) on windows 7 and now trying to establish it's connection with Azure storage (wasb) with no success. I am getting the error: No FileSystem for scheme: wasb I have been following several blogs but was focused on : articles/ at...
20 Jul 2017 by Eshika Roy
First you need to follow some steps for enable WASB on Hadoop • We need to create an account on windows azure. • Than take service • Than we need to implement Hadoop. Follow this to better understanding:...
7 Jun 2020 by deepakdynamite
Problem Definition: 1. Read all the records from Azure storage. 2. Loop through each row and generate another row. 3. Insert a newly generated row into the same table. I have around 50000 records in the Azure table. So my question is How can read data in batches for such a big operation in c#...
17 Aug 2017 by Member 13359351
I was looking for block that way who wants copy the mp4 files And I'm finding the way, that i changed mp4 file to resource By this way: private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { String openVideo = @"c:\temp\video.mp4"; System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes(openVideo,...
25 Aug 2017 by Member 13368516
Im trying to install 'Xamarin.Firebase.Storage.42.1021.1' so I can upload photos to my firebase database Im targeting 'MonoAndroid,Version=v7.1' However when I try to install the package I get the following Unable to find a version of 'Xamarin.Firebase.Common' that is compatible with...
15 Sep 2017 by Leviya bl
hi here is the step by step process [^]WASB is automatically enabled in HDInsight clusters. But you can also mount a blob storage account manually to a [^]Hadoop Administration instance that lives anywhere as long as it has Internet access to the blob storage. Here are the steps: I assume...
21 Dec 2017 by Member 13589269
I am working on a testing tool for nvme-cli(written in c and can run on linux). For SSD validation purpose, we are actually looking for sending I/O commands to a particular Submission queue(IO Queue pair). We needed this because we wanted threading, but for threading to happen we need to send...
12 Mar 2018 by PrafullaVedante
The exception is telling you that .traineddata cannot be found, eventhough, according to your directory, it is there. The reason why it does not find the file is because you have /tessdata/ in your data path. You should NOT have /tessdata/ in your file path. The Tesseract OCR library itself...
21 Aug 2018 by Member 13956679
Hi, I want to store an executable file for my Java application to call. I want to make this Java application into an executable on a disc and for the Executable file in the Java Program to be called elsewhere. What I have tried: I have tried to use Java to put my executable file into it as...
11 Sep 2018 by tedhill13
I am confused, both parameters, "EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI" and "INTERNAL_CONTENT_URI", access and display images from "Photos" and "Camera". Shouldn't only the second parameter access them? Furthermore, I did not ask for any permission to read image files from these places and yet I can read and...
8 Oct 2018 by Ayrton Yagami
Good morning people. I'm having a little problem. I'm working with two servers, IIS and Tomcat. On the IIS server I have an Iframe that shows the pages that are on the Tomcat server. The big problem is that I can not store data in Tomcat's LocalStorage, which is on port 8080. How can I send...
13 Nov 2019 by Anil K. Choudhary
Hey, There are multiple ways to add alerts through code please use below ARM Template. ARM Templates { "$schema": "", "contentVersion": "", "parameters": { "alertName": { ...
19 Dec 2019 by frostcox
Hey guys, So I have a process that uploads files from a website and stores them in a datastore currently Azure Blob storage. This all works great but for one of our customers we will be installing the the software on premise and storing in Azure will not be an option. That brings me to my...
27 Aug 2020 by Maideen Abdul Kader
Hi Mssql 2017 is running in server. I need to restore old data back version 2008 to version 2017? When restoring, The error prompt Please advice me Thank you Maideen What I have tried: Error: The database was backed up on a server running...
10 Sep 2020 by ynjay
I'm using vue-cli and I'm trying to figure out how I can prevent the app from going to login when a user hits refresh, I just want the page to be the same it was before refresh was hit. Any help would be great, thanks! What I have tried: I...
16 Dec 2020 by Nikhil Sreenivasan
I'm working on a project, there's a online website which offers different artform courses where user can register, subscribe to the course and download it's videos to their own account and not local storage? How can I achieve this functionality....
29 Dec 2020 by OriginalGriff
This isn't a "Quick Answers" question - it's a discussion starter rather than something where you can get a "definitive answer" that fits in a little text box! You need to ask this in a discussion style forum, so try asking here instead: The...
30 Dec 2020 by RickZeeland
See: cloud-storage-services-for-developers[^] And: self-hosted-cloud-storage-solutions[^]
8 Apr 2021 by rupali.namdeo
How to upload data from a CSV file to directly in Azure table storage without using powershell? What I have tried: Tried to use storage explorer and there is no option to import data.
9 Nov 2021 by KarNullKa
Is there any reasonable reason to have the numeric ID stored as a string? I have come across a number of occurrences where a number is written as a string in the database or in code. It seems like a waste of space, memory and computer power,...
9 Nov 2021 by OriginalGriff
None whatsoever: always store data in the most appropriate datatype. That means numbers in numeric field (INT, DECIMAL, FLOAT, ...), dates in DATETIME, DATE, or DATETIME2, and only string based data in strings. Storing data in strings when it...
21 Feb 2022 by Illya Reznykov
PowerShell script which copies certificate to another storage
12 Apr 2022 by Rajeev Jayaram
How big are your images? I would prefer to use blob incase of memory requirement is more than approx 4MB (due to limit on table storage per entry). Usually table storage is for small data that needs to be queried independently. Blob is more like...
7 Jun 2022 by gsegria
I am investigating how to find out physical address from start offset to end offset. For example: 1) There is a 70GB storage. (F:\) 2) There are four 17GB files. 17GB-1.bin, 17GB-2.bin, 17GB-3.bin, 17GB-4.bin 3) copy 17GB-1.bin, 17GB-2.bin,...
12 Jun 2022 by Ayesha Tassaduq
Hi i am trying to store a text file in mangoDb. the text file has data of some generated hashes. but i am receiving this error when i try to store file. Error "failing because no such method exists." % self.__name.split(".")[-1] TypeError:...
12 Jun 2022 by Richard MacCutchan
I just tested this with the MongoDB server running and it works correctly. You need to make sure you have a server instance running on your system.
29 Jun 2016 by Joel Ivory Johnson
The storage APIs available to UWP applications are a little different than those in other .Net environments. This article will introduce you to the storage concepts specific to UWP with examples of how to use many of them.
30 Dec 2019 by RickZeeland
If you mean how many write cycles an SD card has, see answer here: What's the life expectancy of an SD card? - Super User[^]
9 Sep 2014 by Ahmed Alaa El-Din
This articles provides a brief description of different methods that Android platform can provide for a developer to save different data types with different storage methods like Shared Preferences, Internal Storage, External Storage, SQLite DB, and Web Services
1 Dec 2013 by ExcelledProducts CEO
Have you tried looking into an ftp server? Many of them are free with 20GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth. You can use the System.Net class and create a new WebClient (Dim wc as New WebClinet With {.credentials("USERNAME","PASSWORD")} to upload data, strings, and files to your web...
14 Sep 2014 by Varavut
Lean about how to manage the data
6 Jan 2019 by Arkadeep De
How to upload files in blob storage using C#
28 Jan 2014 by RCL_SPD
I use a somewhat cheap NAS (Network Area Storage) called My Book Live to store stuff that I need to access from several computers. However, only recently I learned how to enable SSH access to the device, and it turned out that this is a PowerPC-based embedded board running Linux:MyBookLive:~# uname
30 Dec 2019 by Richard MacCutchan
As many times as you want. If it gets corrupted you will soon find out.
30 Dec 2019 by OriginalGriff
None. SD cards don't fit into USB ports, they fit into SD card reader slots. If you are looking for the mechanical reliability of USB sockets or SD card sockets, then start here: Basics of Connector Reliability[^] but you will probably have to do some serious googling to find actual MTBF...
30 Dec 2019 by AKWonder
you can insert it and eject it as you want but you should eject it safety .
9 Sep 2018 by sanathjs
This article briefs you about the Azure blob storage and how to use it in less than 10 steps.
30 Oct 2015 by Member 12100682
With line graph line at some point (such as an endpoint) began to record the coordinates of black pixels point by point, such as:(3,6),(4,7),(5,7),(6,6),(7,5),(8,5),(9,5),(10,4),(10,3),(9,2)。With this way to store line diagram,each black pixel to be stored two coordinates(x,y),he number...
9 Jun 2016 by Mr.Roga
the external hard drive not detectable on pc but detectable on tv and readable on tv (2 TB toshiba hdd).i don't want to format any dataWhat I have tried:NTFS , spent a day on this but in vain, tried various softwares but didn't get any results.don't want to loose any data so don't...
30 Dec 2019 by Member 14570523
How many times can I insert or eject a SD card into the computer?Maximum How many times What I have tried: How many times can I insert sd card into the computer using usb port ? Is there any possibility of a memory card corrupted?
28 Sep 2014 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
I am using PhoneGap to develop application for Windows, Android and iOS platform.I have one problem and need expert assistance from you guys.I have created one plugin for Windows Phone. Plugin is basically download images from URL and stored in isolated storage folder inside Downloads...
27 Nov 2014 by girishkalamati
hiOmniSourceIf you come to the Performance increase in azure queues service , at first thought Service Bus Queue would be a prominent answer for this ?but i was wrong and also right in some case please go through this linkmy answer would be if you can comprmoise in decreasing the...
7 Jan 2016 by Member 12231063
i make a program that has sdf database. but my problem in sdf have many limitation. so i will like to use mdf database file to become storage but my problem is my client didnt want me to install here pc with sql. Is there are dll or any method that can access the mdf even without a sql?
9 Jun 2016 by Jochen Arndt
When the HDD has been formatted by the TV it may use a format that is not recognised by Windows (e.g. Linux ext3, ext4). Then you can try to access the data using a Linux system (e.g. a live system booted from DVD or USB stick) that mounts the HDD and copies the data to a local disk.But even...
15 Jun 2017 by jeAntoni
I have an Azure Table Storage where data is expected to be inserted from a web service. My App (ASP.Net MVC , VS 2017) has SignalR implemented to receive any changed data from Azure Table Storage. My Problem After a new data arrives in Table Storage, only if I refresh a browser, the latest...
12 Mar 2018 by Member 13376650
But I get this error message: Quote: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failure delivering result ResultInfo{who=null, request=0, result=-1, data=null} to activity {com.m.finalocr/com.m.finalocr.MainActivity}: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Data file not found at...
13 Nov 2019 by madhukrishnahere
Instead of creating alerts in every environment for Azure resources, need to add alerts for the following resource through ARM templates. API Management Service App Service SignalR Key Vault Azure Storage Cosmos DB Kubernetes Service What I have tried: I haven't found proper references for...