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by Mark Pelf
Tutorial article on Asynchronous Events invocation in C#
by Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
An infinite set of biological shape fractals in the complex plain
by Dev Leader
Problem with async void and a solution for it
by Noah L
Beware the data race sneak attack.

Latest Articles

by Dev Leader
Problem with async void and a solution for it
by Mark Pelf
Tutorial article on Asynchronous Events invocation in C#
by Pete O'Hanlon
In the previous article, I started describing how I had built a more complex TypeScript web application that retrieves data from a separate API and displays the data in a relatively visually pleasing manner.
by Jim_Gray
Example code showing how to use Subtle Crypto to sign your request to Azure API in pure JavaScript or jQuery

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11 Sep 2022 by Mark Pelf
Tutorial article on Asynchronous Events invocation in C#
27 Nov 2017 by Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
An infinite set of biological shape fractals in the complex plain
30 Nov 2015 by Nejimon CR
Implement WCF web service access from WPF with busy indicator and premature cancellation feature without using delegates, background worker, or separate event procedure
14 Dec 2016 by Paolo Parise
Graph intersection using map reduce and Akka
8 Dec 2019 by Abdulrahman Emad
This article proposes a solution for plugging "Rg.Plugins.Popup" asynchronous into your code.
29 Sep 2021 by tugrulGtx
CLOCK caching (LRU approximation) with O(1) cache hit, up to N asynchronous O(1) cache misses
23 Jul 2020 by honey the codewitch
Explore adapting Socket's async model to a task based one and adding some awaitable socket operations to your projects
6 May 2021 by honey the codewitch
Explore the inner workings of a highly capable IoT display driver for the ESP32
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is one of the core technologies used in Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). Following links help you explore
20 Mar 2012 by Jaxon7
Restoring UI Responsiveness FromContinuations (Asynch file IO)
11 Aug 2013 by Dmitry Tretyakov
.NET library aimed for managing and querying entities from Windows Azure Storage. Contains LINQ to Azure Table provider.
29 Aug 2013 by Keith L Robertson
Write synchronous-looking asynchronous methods without async/await in Visual Studio 2010.
15 Jan 2014 by Peter Butzhammer
This article shows how to use C# 5 async functions to create a continuous asynchronous ping and report progress to the UI.
9 Apr 2016 by Mohamed Hamdy
A boring talk about What’s really going on at runtime...
21 Oct 2013 by Marla Sukesh
In this article, you should have basic knowledge of web development and some features introduced in prior versions of .NET Framework, especially ASP.NET features.
24 Jan 2017 by Jon McKee
Exploring multi-threading and related topics.
23 Jan 2016 by P. Marinov
Techniques for tackling multithreading problems in applications built on top of the ASP.NET core platform
7 Jul 2014 by Eduardo Antonio Cecilio Fernandes
How to handle asynchronous tasks in Android Activities
28 Mar 2013 by Florian Rappl
An introduction to async / await, popular mistakes and solutions for asynchronous programming, as well as usages and benefits from using asynchronous programming. We will also discuss interesting patterns based on concurrency.
24 Jul 2020 by honey the codewitch
Using await in scenarios where you want to await custom items with or without using Task.Run()
30 Dec 2014 by Babu_Abdulsalam
Various features supporting Concurrency in C++11
7 Nov 2016 by Dirk_Strauss
In this article by Dirk Strauss, author of the book C# Programming Cookbook, he sheds some light on how to handle events, exceptions and tasks in asynchronous programming, making your application responsive.
27 Mar 2015 by ASP.NET Community
Sending e-mail is an important and common feature in ASP.NET (through the System.Net.Mail namespace). In this article, I will show how to send asynchronous mail.
13 Mar 2016 by Maxim Komlev
Experiment of Video Transcoding and Streaming on the fly to all major internet browsers (just to video tag) without Flash or Silverlight
25 Jan 2013 by anshudutta
Multi-threading in .NET - A walkthrough.
28 Dec 2015 by danah gaz
A lightweight, high performance, easy to use asynchronous stream copy method using IOCP with progress, throughput tracking, and no explicit thread creation.
28 Nov 2016 by Neal Pandey
This article is a tutorial on creating a basic OData (Open Data Protocol) endpoint for a MongoDB database using MEAN stack.
6 Jul 2015 by phillipvoyle
A sample implementation of a minimal http web server using boost::asio in C++
25 Nov 2015 by Amir Dashti
Simply understand what happens when you use async/await keywords, what are the benefits and how to prevent deadlocks
17 Nov 2014 by bssrini
Browser control plays an important role in hybrid application development, when browser controls are used for a prolonged time its memory foot print starts to increase gradually. This article explains a way to host the browser control in a separate process which can be loaded/unloaded as needed.
1 Nov 2013 by Gabi Barcan
Call methods of an existing class in MFC asynchronously, while still preserving the thread affinity required by MFC and COM.
5 Dec 2015 by Krishna P Seetharaman
How to call web service in biztalk asynchronously. Error handling and retrying, sending error email when the web service is down. Resume the orchestration to completion when the service comes back
15 Jun 2016 by HiWay International
An absolute trick to consume WCF WebService at Xamarin Form PCL root
17 Mar 2016 by Daniel JXHV
No more ORM, EF, A Stored Procedure direct Access framework for JavaScript.
18 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Improve the scalability of a website and efficient design for time consuming processes.