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Great Reads

by CodeProject
Version 2.6.2. Our fast, free, self-hosted Artificial Intelligence Server for any platform, any language
by Dmitriy Gakh
The perspectives of creating bots that write programs with two simple examples.
by Andrew Kirillov
The article demonstrates usage of ANNT library for creating convolutional ANNs and applying them to image classification tasks.
by hzhou
A C# implementation of bucket elimination algorithm for inference in belief networks.

Latest Articles

by Chris Maunder
A registry for downloadable modules for installation in CodeProject.AI Server
by ADemontis
An overview on how to interrogate Dall-E in VB.NET
by Gareth Richards
An implementation of the Neural Network backpropagation learning algorithm in C++ using the BLAS proposal in P1673.
by Hatem Mostafa
Artificial Neural Network C++ class with two use cases: Counter and Handwritten Digits recognition

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