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Visual Basic.NET 7.x (2002/03)


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by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB
by kirkaiya
A very simple, XAML-based month-view calendar that shows appointments, exposes events, and allows dragging appointments in the current month.
Implementation Nhibernate concept in VB.NET
by Avatar2400
This is a simple class that allows you to have message box with checkbox and other small features.

Latest Articles

by Richard Atkins
Create a fluid, multi-column, vertically ordered list using nested, floating divs
by Eric P Schneider
Basic demo on how to serialize and deserialize custom collections
by Avatar2400
This is a simple class that allows you to have message box with checkbox and other small features.
by icemanind
How to automatically create data access layers and business layers from a Microsoft Access or a SQL Server database

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Visual Basic.NET 7.x (2002/03) 

13 Sep 2005 by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB
21 Aug 2009 by kirkaiya
A very simple, XAML-based month-view calendar that shows appointments, exposes events, and allows dragging appointments in the current month.
7 Jan 2008 by S.SRIVATHSAN
Implementation Nhibernate concept in VB.NET
14 Aug 2008 by Yasser M. Jaffal
In this article, I discuss an example of how you can use information retrieval to grab data out of MSN Money pages to get a free Web Service for currency exchange rates and other quotes.
22 Dec 2007 by Miles Gibson
Iron Speed Designer builds database, forms, and reporting applications for .NET – without hand-coding. Quickly create feature-complete custom applications that integrate Web pages, controls, data access, validation and security. Accelerate development and eliminate infrastructure programming.
7 Dec 2007 by vadimas
Troubles putting JavaScript code inline with VB.NET or C# code
14 Feb 2008 by Jarno Burger
How to seek and get the position and duration for your DirectShow movie with VB.NET.
3 Jun 2008 by Darren Fieldhouse
Using LINQ to XML to download RSS enclosures.
6 Oct 2008 by chrissie1
An article on how to use the new AAA (Arrange, Act and Assert) syntax using VB.Net. And the difference between the new and the old syntax.
4 Aug 2008 by Amir Emamjomeh
A simple example of how to classify data using genetic algorithm and VB.Net
26 Apr 2013 by Sebastien Lebreton
Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Reflector or JustDecompile. Reflexil is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. Reflexil also supports "on-the-fly" C#/VB.NET code injection.
23 Apr 2007 by Herbrandson
A simple solution to keeping multiple projects version numbers in sync
31 Oct 2009 by Abhishek Sur
This article will enable you to add custom search rules to your application using Bing Search API with much more
1 Dec 2010 by Scott Rippey
A string template method that allows you to fill a string with data. Easy to use, fast, extensible, and extremely powerful! Uses Reflection, Conditional Formatting, iterating through Arrays, and more!
14 Jan 2014 by ISpliter
When discussing VB6, we should look at the reality of the situation and not on preconceived opinions. New source code projects are made daily in Visual Basic 6.0. The paper proposes the reintroduction of Visual Basic 6.0 on the market, in parallel with Visual Studio line.
7 May 2009 by CS Rocks
This article demonstrates how to download a file from a (HTTPS) WebDAV server in VB.NET
12 Nov 2009 by Rahul Singla
A new productive way of producing Office documents with dynamic content substitution.
17 Dec 2007 by Ivan Krivyakov
Rhino Mocks version 3.3 can mock any MarshalByRefObject.
21 Nov 2012 by richnewman
An article clarifying the various ways of comparing two values for equality in .NET
12 Aug 2010 by Mostafa Kaisoun
Calculate Moon's age and draw Moon Phase on any given day
2 Nov 2015 by icemanind
6 Jun 2007 by Miran.Uhan
A VB.NET class implementing an image Hue/Saturation/Lightning adjustment.
22 Dec 2009 by Suresh Suthar
How to execute DTS packages through VB.NET and use global variables.
22 Jun 2009 by SteveHarrisBeast
How to make a password verification form in VB that uses LINQ and SQL
7 Jan 2008 by Joe Lynds
Use the Windows Volume Shadow Copy service from .NET.
22 Nov 2010 by Vitaly Tomilov
A simplified and unified way for accessing most frequently used information about Process, System, and Environment.
19 Nov 2019 by Richard Atkins
Create a fluid, multi-column, vertically ordered list using nested, floating divs
26 Nov 2014 by Pascal Ganaye
In this article, I try to highlight some issues in the .NET Framework generic list and how to circumvent them
19 Apr 2009 by Qaiser_Iftikhar
VB.NET/C# and JavaScript communication, how to.
25 Mar 2009 by namrata khandeparkar
this article allows you to send SMS to any mobile using GSM modem or your mobile connected via USB able to Computer
20 May 2009 by Jeroen De Dauw
A multithreaded file downloader with progress details, speed info and more
24 Jun 2008 by Chris Kolkman
A fairly simple to use Winsock component, allowing simple networked applications. Built modeling the VB6 component of the same name, with enhancements.
27 Nov 2007 by Philip Liebscher
An examination of dynamic object instantiation and runtime machines to boost performance.
26 May 2008 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A component that allows you to monitor all the controls on the form and list any that have changed (for dirty checking)
10 Jan 2016 by David Vanson
Generate you own barcodes for your business, Promotional items or to share links with friends.
15 Nov 2010 by Ludvik Jerabek
Read and write to INI files in VB.NET and VBScript
25 Jul 2007 by aleksisa
Create an Open File Dialog for a Windows Mobile 6 (SmartPhone) devices.
10 Jun 2008 by Ted Osberg
An extensible, hybrid Listview/TreeListView control
19 Sep 2013 by Ron Schuler
ASP.NET PDF document viewer control that does not require any Acrobat product to be installed
17 Feb 2009 by The ANZAC
An article about the simple, yet often annoying to achieve, backtracking algorithm for Sudoku generation.
21 Dec 2008 by jelizondo21
Complete demo of embedding images in an email message.
24 Apr 2011 by LiQuick
How to mail enable AD accounts using LDAP and Exchange 2007.
23 May 2007 by maz2331
Generate and check license keys embedding 16-bit configuration information
7 May 2009 by jabit
Generates a bunch of gibberish from real text.
27 Jun 2009 by Qaiser_Iftikhar
An article to demonstrate how to calculate system idle time without installing any system wide keybaord/mouse hooks.
24 Sep 2007 by Junaid Raza
This code snippet can be used to download all the versions (if exists) of a document from within folders and subfolders inside a given document library.
21 Jan 2008 by Sajid.Majeed
This article will address tools and technologies to identify bottlenecks and key consideration points for performance improvement.
8 Jun 2009 by TonyTonyQ
A virtual file system created using VB.NET, an easy way to store multiple folders and files in two real physical files.
7 Feb 2008 by Laughing.John
How to easily override key processing in a form or user control
16 Oct 2008 by keenthinker
An object oriented class automating the creation of PDF files from any file using freeware tools.
18 Jun 2009 by LarryCharlton
A WPF XAML markup extension with a "Glass" look
27 May 2016 by icemanind
How to automatically create data access layers and business layers from a Microsoft Access or a SQL Server database
14 Dec 2009 by konikula
Inherited ListView which enables user to order multiple items by mouse, and automatically scrolls if necessary
1 Dec 2011 by DCUtility
Screen Snaper is perfect to quickly share a picture-perfect representation of anything on your screen.
10 May 2007 by FrankNight
The article shows how to use SQL features of Microsoft LogParser with ADO.NET
22 Apr 2014 by Duncan Edwards Jones
Introduces and discusses the Common Language Runtime framework classes used in printing from a .NET Windows Forms application.
5 Nov 2007 by aleksisa
How to build a simple event log montior/watcher (using TCP in .NET) to monitor event log changes on a remote machine(s).
12 May 2011 by Elizalde G. Baguinon
Most programmers prefer hand-coding database queries. This is a class that automates query building, while the code is as readable as the program logic.
7 Jul 2009 by CS Rocks
This article demonstrates how to manually create a COM DLL with VS 2005.
16 Jul 2009 by John M Bundy
Allow users to customize your forms
27 Dec 2007 by robertosari
This article aims to show the creation of Network Links for Google Earth.
27 Feb 2007 by Orka
This article describes how to get information about digital certificates stored on your local machine. It also shows how to search certificates by name, and retrieve a certificate hash.
30 Dec 2007 by Paul Selormey
Learn how to write user manuals with the Sandcastle Help Compiler.
17 Jun 2008 by Senthil Sambandam
Simple Image Cropping with Image Resizing Using VB.NET
2 Apr 2016 by David Vanson
A progress bar control you can customize
15 May 2007 by FrankNight
This article shows an example of how to build a software component according to best practices that is customizable through code generation techniques.
10 Jan 2008 by Warrick Procter
QuickSort revisited, with optimisations to minimise machine cycles, stabilised to retain original order, and generalised for convenience.
20 Dec 2007 by petersgyoung
Web user control that simulates a PDA browser
3 Nov 2009 by Jeroen De Dauw
Component that extends the native .NET progress bar with percentage properties and the ability to display it in the progress bar.
25 Apr 2008 by Senthil S
Export data from VB.NET Dataset to Excel without using Datagrid/DataTable
24 Jul 2007 by jamesfancy
Macro to find related .h/.cpp files and do some action.
14 May 2008 by delcatto
With the free wordviewer 2003/2007 and some xml docs you can print everthing any time
10 Jun 2008 by Junaid Raza
How to upload files to the SharePoint Document Library and update any metadata columns.
15 Feb 2007 by Star Vega
Extending the Windows.Forms.Label control.
24 May 2007 by alhokail
This is a control that takes a starting point and an ending point as objects and draws a line between them
29 May 2012 by Joshi, Rushikesh
Create a customized project template, and let your team use it for repaid development.
26 Nov 2008 by db7uk
A brief overview of Extension Methods.
21 Mar 2007 by Pixa
Uses pure VB.NET code to extract and display icons as bitmap objects.
19 Apr 2007 by Amir Pournasserian
This class will help you to calculate/evaluate formulas based on a string which could be changed at run-time.
12 Aug 2008 by Yasser M. Jaffal
This article guides you to simply, yet effectively, prevent your software customers from copying your product without your authorization. I admit it is not a top-security solution, and it will be easy to crack without protecting your compiled code, but it is just for conveying the idea.
5 Jun 2007 by Philip Liebscher
A Windows Explorer-style Thumbs.db web viewer.
30 Aug 2007 by Rajneesh Noonia
xDock is a smoothly animated, per pixel alpha-blended application written in 2003
14 May 2008 by jrhea
An ASP.NET Handler for resizing and rotating/flipping images dynamically.
11 Jul 2008 by Calle Mellergardh
Create a listbox control that provides events for when adding or removing items.
6 Aug 2012 by dawmail333
An example of how to implement and validate non-personal CD-Keys (ideal for distribution on the back of CD cases)
25 Sep 2007 by Artem Smirnov
This article is about when to throw an exception, why take some effort and define a custom exception class, how to provide more information to the developers that consume your component, and, finally, how to unit test your exceptions.
4 Feb 2007 by igalnassi
This project, along with the suggested form of use, will let you organize your iTunes libraries and make them ready for iPod Sync, making use of a reusable progress window that has a cancel button.
24 Mar 2008 by o m n i
5 Oct 2008 by Michael Rosqvist
A utility to capture a bit of the desktop.
15 Jul 2008 by Dan Dombrowski
Replace a cursor system-wide and restore it to the original cursor.
21 Apr 2009 by Steve Krile
Expand the usefulness of the AutoComplete Ajax extender
19 Jan 2009 by Scott Bright
How to access the file DropEffect in VB.NET in order to tell cut from paste for a file DropList.
22 Dec 2007 by Hamed.M
A simple way to snap a form without borders to the screen.
11 Mar 2008 by HADBI Moussa Benameur {Mozads}
Explain how to make a picture converter & downloader (Only HTTP is supported)
23 Dec 2008 by Thulasee Shan
A piece of reusable code that implements the functionality to update a UI element from a thread.
15 Jan 2009 by Indra PR
An article about linking datagridview with XML file
9 Mar 2008 by Alessandro Del Sole
An introduction to some new cool features of the Visual Basic 9.0 language syntax.
22 May 2003 by User 30735
A FilesystemTree view control in VB.NET. Developed with VS.NET, using the namespace