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Objective C


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by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
by The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB
by Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can implement a thread-safe events (similar to .NET events) mechanism using the standard C++ library.

Latest Articles

by Udi Cohen
How I wrote a utility to sort files in FAT-32 storage devices and fixing products that are affected by improper sorting order, such as various music players.
by Ben McNamara
Container classes much faster than STL.
by vblover Programmer
Load Menu from Resource-Only DLL (created by VC++) and Set for Form As MainMenu by API Functions.
by Svetoslav Chekanov
Fast implementation of 2:1 image shrink (full image or part of it)

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Objective C 

10 Mar 2002 by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
6 Jan 2020 by The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
13 Sep 2005 by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB
13 Aug 2018 by Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can implement a thread-safe events (similar to .NET events) mechanism using the standard C++ library.
6 Feb 2000 by Keith Rule
Create visually complex, yet programmatically simple, non-rectangular GUIs
10 Sep 2018 by Kewin Rausch
Moving forward in the future networks evolution
22 Jun 2021 by Miroslav Fidler
Creating a simple utility for converting text to SVG path in U++
18 Jan 2018 by Jan Dolinay
Source level debugger for Arduino with GDB and Eclipse
17 Oct 2021 by Petrov Vladimir
Starting Threads in MFC and Win32 and some handling samples
14 Sep 2018 by bkelly13
Goal: Describe how asynchronous or non-blocking TCP code works
16 Jan 2019 by Phil Hopley
Second part in a series on a ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot
30 Dec 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will demonstrate how to compute full SVD of a given matrix A and discuss about the code in C++11 implementing the full SVD computation by using simple iteration and Jordan-Gaussian methods.
10 Dec 2001 by Yuriy Zaporozhets
Very primitive function that creates region from *.bmp files
28 Apr 2019 by Phil Hopley
In this article, we will add AI to an existing ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot.
17 Jan 2019 by Phil Hopley
Third part in a series on a ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot
3 Nov 2018 by Michael Haephrati
A simple way for sending WhatsApp messages to an individual or to a group in C++
26 May 2020 by stefan stammberger
A novel allocator implementation for managing huge sets of data in STL's std:: containers for Windows operating systems
5 Jan 2023 by vblover Programmer
Load Menu from Resource-Only DLL (created by VC++) and Set for Form As MainMenu by API Functions.
15 Jul 2000 by Dave Lorde
Simple customised Window captions, including multi-line captions
30 Sep 2000 by Sherwood Hu
11 Jul 2007 by Giuseppe Marazzi
A small tip for implementing a fallback resources process with MFC that's useful for localization
20 May 2018 by Eric Lynch
In this article, we explore the implementation of a Visual Studio editor that allows editing of a fictitious "Colorful" language. The editor minimally implements both syntax classification / coloring and IntelliSense completion.
26 Nov 2018 by Jonas Selling
Clarifying the use of multi-pass filter cutoff correction
21 Jan 2011 by Emilio Garavaglia
Depends on what do you mean with "similar".A binary compare (even with the only raw data) doesn't work, because a same music played in different executions is not necessarily made by the same identical "waves".A method that can give you some success is try to guess suitable periods (a low...
31 Mar 2013 by Melih Mucuk
Creating a WCF Service with JSON data for use on iOS
31 May 2019 by Rick Lunglhofer
Details the Implementation and use of a C Language Interpreter with a browser Interface running on an ESP32
23 Jan 2011 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Disclaimer: this is not an answer, because it is impossible to give any definitive answer.My answer is a (very tentative) draft for a whole research program:1) Develop conversion of all files into identical raw format (see answer by Andrew).2) Develop Fourier analysis for a arbitrary...
16 Jun 2018 by Shao Voon Wong
Overloaded Operators to write concise code on STL Set Algorithms
25 Aug 2018 by Kewin Rausch
Introduction to protocols to manage Key Exchange in secure channels communication
1 Sep 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this brief article, we will demonstrate how to deploy a Node.js application and run it on Docker's Windows Server Core 2016 Containers
5 Jul 2013 by Maximilien
You have to look at the application "domain" you are interested in pursuing your career.You want to do some mobile applications, then learning Objective-C might be fun and useful.You want to do some "scientific" (or high performance) applications, then learning C++ could be a good...
7 Apr 2021 by Member 4206974
Board based automation and environment control
1 Mar 2021 by Ayush Swiss
Establish the communication between WebView2 and JavaScript by which you can send and receive the message via WebView2
14 Sep 2010 by Ohmu
Low-level text rendering in iPhone.
12 Dec 2013 by Cloud Hsu
How to remind review in iPhone App
6 Aug 2018 by raddevus
Build this circuit and learn how easy it is to grab GPS data and store it on an SD Card. Walk around your neighborhood and then upload data to a map.
13 Dec 2018 by Tareq_Gamal
Simple way to create a Multitasking code for your Arduino project without using any external library.
14 Apr 2020 by Member 4201813
Jump forward/backward procedures for XorShift RNG explained step by step
25 Feb 2021 by Stephane Capo
Kigs framework C++ Windows project to retrieve and display what other channels are subscribed by subscribers of a given YouTube channel.
27 Jun 2002 by Paul J. Weiss
C++ implementation of the Doomsday Rule to determine the weekday
14 Oct 2015 by yuetwong
This article shows the steps to create an Apple Watch app that draws a pie chart using CoreGraphics.
15 Nov 2015 by David Lashkhi
Working with UIPopoverPresentationController
23 Feb 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Recycle objects that are expensive to create and improve the performance of your application
15 Jul 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
That article present a way to retrieve the GET-POST data from a form into an ISAPI extension.
21 Jan 2011 by Andrew Brock
Since you have listed your platform as iPhone, you have the exciting choice of C, C++ and Objective C programming languages, which are mostly the same thing and can be mixed and matched pretty easily.This is good, because most open source projects are written in C/C++.The basic method...
20 Jun 2012 by ThatsAlok
CWinThread with TWO-Way communication using window message
29 Mar 2013 by bkelly13
Goal: Describe how asynchronous or non-blocking TCP code works
8 Nov 2018 by Member 13737597
This article shows you how to implement trampolines on x64, introduces the idea of sync and async hooks, and dynamically added runtime filters and loggers.
2 Apr 2019 by Petrov Vladimir
Build up our own AVI editing application and explore some fun techniques using simple code additions
9 Jun 2019 by cassert24
Template code for basic reflection functionalities (e.g., dynamic casting, instance type comparison, class name) with C#-like singular inheritance rule (a.k.a, one-base-multiple-interface rule)
27 Sep 2019 by Alkenso
Smart queue that executes tasks in threadpool-like manner
31 Mar 2021 by Fedor Naumenko
Find type of distribution and parameters from set of distributed physical values
13 Aug 2010 by Ohmu
A step-by-step Guide to getting a pure code application template.
23 Jan 2011 by Espen Harlinn
One approach could be to create an audio fragment recognition/matching system based on Hidden Markov Models[^] (HMM), where the audio is considered a piecewise signal.This is an elaboration on SAKryukov's answer, that I think may have some relevance to 3), 4) and 5) Update:As with most...
13 Jul 2011 by Guyverthree
switch (operator) { case 1: { first; break; } default: first;}this needs to be inside a function block, this is why this code is failing to be built.
27 Feb 2012 by OriginalGriff
Because the string is immutable, but not the reference. You assigned a new, immutable string to str2 in the third line witrhout changing the content of the original string.
2 Apr 2013 by Bernhard Häussermann
Shows how to programmatically enable full-keyboard-access tabbing behaviour in your Mac OS X application.
5 Jul 2013 by pasztorpisti
It really depends on what you want to work on in the future. If you want to learn a new language "just because" then it really doesn't matter what you choose, you will learn something new with any choice. If you are in the "just because" category then I would recommend python. Python is a...
1 Dec 2013 by Android on Intel
Intel® HTML5 Tools for developing mobile applications
4 Mar 2014 by Melih Mucuk
Configuring and using CocoaPods on iOS projects.
27 May 2014 by Stefan_Lang
If insertion order is your problem, you get that with std::vector at no cost, but not with std::set.If memory is your problem, std::vector uses less memory than std::setIf performance is your problem, std::vector is faster than std::setIs there even a single good reason for you to...
12 Oct 2014 by KarstenK
you must you the keyword "nil". The compiler distinguishes between the integer value "NULL" and the null pointer "nil". It is a "feature" of Objective-C ;-)
31 May 2015 by OriginalGriff
This isn't a question we can answer: all languages have "venture potential" - it depends what kind of market you are going into, what kind of products you are going to produce.For example, PHP works for websites, C++ doesn't. C++ works for native PC apps, but C# doesn't. C# can be used on PC,...
1 Mar 2016 by Android on Intel
This article takes a simple app and demonstrates the use of the above mentioned sub items.
9 Jul 2018 by ThatsAlok
Let's explore the world of StateFulWidget with respect to Flutter
15 Nov 2018 by Yves Florido-Monnier
A safe and functional hold of managed types from native c++
18 Feb 2020 by Mircea Neacsu
Case folding for UTF-8 code
18 Oct 2020 by Roozbeh Abolpour
The data-driven MPC is implemented in this project that can be easily exploited
2 Apr 2022 by Michael Sydney Balloni
If you were on the fence about adding mscript to your arsenal of system tools, have another look.
20 May 2002 by Jason Henderson
Draw and animate ASCII characters to a window using this COM object.
5 Sep 2002 by Dirk Vandenheuvel
An easy way to store and retrieve binary data in an ISAP DLL and display them on a web page
2 Jun 2009 by Craig Giles
There are a few things missing from the tutorials. This is the amendment, going to patch up the final few things to get you back on track!
25 Apr 2010 by Inam86
I am trying to create an iphone application that allows me to connect my iphone to an ip camera. The way I am going about this is to create a server/client via a PC. PC acting as a server and the iPhone acting as a client. So basically I would like any information that will help me in creating a...
21 May 2010 by clay12
I used DragonFireSDK to create an App (Ditto!) in an iPhone Simulator, test the App on my iPhone and send the App to the App store without ever touching a Mac.Ditto! - -
29 Mar 2011 by Dave Kreskowiak
You can start by asking your question here[^].
19 May 2011 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
"Using try/catch is a good practice?" Not just this.Not using try/catch is impossibly bad practice. The only acceptable alternative is not caring about errors and other exceptional conditions (yes, this is quite acceptable in some cases).Now, try/catch can not be an issue of performance...
18 Jul 2011 by Richard MacCutchan
Sorry but we do not provide code to order. Unit conversion is simple mathematics; just get a list of conversion values and create a table of units and factors. The rest should be easy.
25 Sep 2011 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
This simply illustrates the fact that "writing" code with interface builder has it deadly sins which should be avoided. Don't rely on all those "interface builders", "Designers" and other stuff designed to please the weak-minded :-) in serious work. While helping in designing something...
28 Sep 2011 by avlaw
I found a good article regarding your questionDuplicate songs detector via audio fingerprinting[^]
11 Dec 2011 by Albert Holguin
You should be able to use GCC for objective-C. To run GCC in Windows, you may have to install Cygwin (although they might offer a Win package independent of Cygwin).
12 Dec 2011 by paladin_t
Please take a look at this:[^]hope it helps.
16 Mar 2012 by Jozef Bozek
Ligth object wrapper for iOS CoreData.
5 Feb 2012 by Abhinav S
Start with[^][^]
13 Apr 2012 by PK DEVELOPER
Hi all,I want to find something like System.Windows.Forms.SendKeys.SendWait(string); to send unicodechars & keys to focused window using MonoMac. I first tried to simulate key press but that is not what I am looking however event simulating key press bothered me alot(and after 3 days hard...
14 Jun 2012 by OriginalGriff
Google is your friend: Be nice and visit him often. He can answer questions a lot more quickly than posting them here...A very quick search gave nearly one and a half million hits: Google[^]In future, please try to do at least basic research yourself, and not waste your time or ours.
31 Jul 2012 by Christian Graus
You can't. You need a Mac to write Apple products. Why on earth would they not use the iPhone to sell Macs ?
2 Aug 2012 by Christian Graus
shouting won't change reality. You need to buy a Mac.
8 Aug 2012 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Look at this converter:[^].(Referenced from[^], please see.)This is all I could find. As far as I understand, it is fully written in JavaScript, so you can look at the...
27 Dec 2012 by ridoy[^][^][^]
27 Jan 2013 by nakulkundra
Please help , i just wan to run my old code , but its not working .. i have a 4.2 os ipad and the code was working fine before i ugraded my mac book to lion../Volumes/Development/XIAPSUIT 26-aug-2011/build/Debug-iphoneos/ object file format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable...
9 Feb 2013 by C.CoderCreator
this is my code textbox1 is the NStextfeildNSString *searchURL = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"", [_textbox1 stringValue]];and this is my errordata argument is not used for...
12 May 2013 by _Maxxx_
By testing for the two strings being == you are actually asking whether the objects pointed to by the variables are the same object.And I guess they're not.You need to check if the string values of those objects are equalif ([_thetimelabel.stringValue...
13 May 2013 by OriginalGriff
Try:DELETE FROM MyTable WHERE regno=1See also:[^]
19 May 2013 by Thomas Daniels
Hi,Have a look here:[^][^][^]
20 Jun 2013 by SanjeevJayaram
-(BOOL) deletedata:(NSString*)name{ const char *dbpath = [databasePath UTF8String]; if (sqlite3_open(dbpath, &database) == SQLITE_OK) { sqlite3_stmt *deletestmt; NSString *sql_str = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"delete from studentsDetail1 where...
25 Jun 2013 by Dennis E White
What really is the correct spelling for this conditional operator?
28 Aug 2013 by NSProgrammer
Anatomy of a Singleton.