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by Chris Boss
More about BASIC and what can be accomplished with the language
by Tough Developer
How to open 16-bit Win apps natively on 64-bit Windows using OTVDM/winevdm
by ToughDev
Exploring PCx86 - IBM PC emulator written in JavaScript
by thatraja
Printing files list(in a directory) using DOS

Latest Articles

by ToughDev
Exploring PCx86 - IBM PC emulator written in JavaScript
by ToughDev
How to develop PC-speaker MIDI player for IBM PC XT
by ToughDev
How to use NFS to transfer files between Windows and MS-DOS 6.22
by ToughDev
In order to facilitate transferring files from my main PC to my VirtualBox machine running MS-DOS 6.22, I installed Microsoft

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2 May 2021 by Michael Chourdakis
All in one: x86, x64, Virtualization, multiple cores, along with new additions
8 Jan 2019 by Michael Chourdakis
All in one article about raw CPU technologies, access multiple cores and protected or long mode from DOS while still having access to DOS interrupts
20 Sep 2012 by Palavos
x8086 assembly program that encrypts/decrypts text input from the keyboard by using basic assembly language ideas
9 Apr 2019 by Elias Bachaalany
Practical and useful Batch files scripts for beginners and advanced users
10 Jan 2023 by FormerBIOSGuy
This article describes a set of batch, AWK, and PostScript files that together allow you to create personalized, 12-page PDF calendars for some year.
6 Mar 2016 by FrostedSyntax
How to create batch files that make navigating the filesystem in the command prompt a breeze.