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Great Reads

by codestarman
X86/ARM emulator written using C++ and assembler for the .NET environment.
by Jose A Pascoa
Rolling up a practical solution
by Ryan Scott White
CudaPAD is a PTX/SASS viewer for NVIDIA Cuda kernels and provides an on-the-fly view of your Cuda code.
by CMalcheski
How to Create a Complete DirectX Game in Assembly Language

Latest Articles

by shunninghuang
C# arcade emulator, ROM hacking
by InvisibleMedia
This article is written right after a new conversation with ChatGPT ( This conversation is the next step in writing a new algorithm that sorts numbers into o(n). And, ChatGPT says that it is possible to compute a sorting algorithm to have the complexity in o(n).
by Michael Chourdakis
Try deep CPU features
by Andrea Simonassi
A simple subtraction algorithm for multiple precision arithmetic

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