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Hi there.
I've just installed Android Studio. But I have a problem with this IDE.
When the Android Studio is running, it uses a lot of RAM memory. The machine I'm running this IDE on that, have a 4GB RAM memory. Before running Android Studio, the RAM usage is on 40%, but after running this IDE the RAM memory usage goes on 85% !!!
So what can I do to use memory fewer than this? This amount of memory usage causes the machine to run so slow and sometimes to stop working.

Updated 26-Aug-17 7:29am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Mar-15 12:42pm    
What do you mean "after"? Do you want to say that the RAM does not go down after your close the IDE? Then don't trust your source of information; all memory is reclaimed, for sure.
rogerfederer670 20-Mar-15 13:37pm    
I mean when i'm running Android Studio, RAM usage is so high! Such that when IDE is not running, RAM usage is on 35-40%, but when IDE is running the RAM usage is on 80-85%. This is the problem I have with Android Studio.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Mar-15 14:40pm    
All right then. This is what it is...

You can do nothing to improve this. I am also using Android Studio, and it uses RAM similarly. That is why I don't prefer Google's software; Picasa, Chrome etc. They all are not memory efficient software. I prefer Microsoft's Visual Studio[^] or Eclipse[^] or NetBeans[^] IDE. They're all better than Android Studio; Visual Studio doesn't support native Android development.

There is only one solution, you should use Eclipse which uses less RAM, and does the same thing, provides an IDE for your development processes, also note that before Android studio, Eclipse was supported as the IDE for development of Android applications. But it is not official anymore.
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rogerfederer670 20-Mar-15 12:36pm    
OK thanks. I hope google improve it as soon as possible.
Hi I'm change the gradle properties file and it's work for me ;-)
Open '' file in editor and change it like this:


Change to:
org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xms512m -Xmx1024m

The 'Xms' is minimum and 'Xmx' is maximum memory of the gradle can use it.
So the value of that is depend of your system memory (RAM).

I hope this solution is work for you.
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