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I have following string


and i want it as


in Jquery
Updated 5-Jun-20 2:45am

There is nothing built in for that...You must run a loop to check duplicates...
Here a sample for you to start with...
var json = [

var ids = [];
var clean = [];

$.each(json, function(index, value) {
    if($.inArray(, ids) == -1)

The ids array is a helper to check for duplicates and contains only the unique ids from the original array, where clean will hold the actual array with no duplicates...
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Devraj Kapdi 10-Mar-15 7:38am    
Thank u Peter. i tried before with the same but it wont helped me . you solved my issue. thank u.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 10-Mar-15 7:41am    
You're welcome...
Hafiz Muhammad Farooq 1-Jan-18 3:28am    
Peter, A perfect solution to remove duplicates. Thanks
function removeDuplicates(json_all) {
var arr = [],
collection = [];

$.each(json_all, function (index, value) {
if ($.inArray(, arr) == -1) {
return collection;
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CHill60 5-Jun-20 8:48am    
No different to Solution 1 posted 5 years ago. Copying other members work and posting it as your own can lead to your account being closed. I suggest you delete this post.

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