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In my windows phone app I am including Microsoft Media Player Framework (MMPPF) to include MediaPlayer and WebVTT functionality. I am referencing the DLL's and winmd files that were built from the MMPPF universal project as appose to referencing the installed MMPPF extension in Visual Studio. On x86 and ARM(non phone) devices this worked just fine but on ARM phone, no. According to the MDILXapCompileLog the offending file is Microsoft.Media.WebVTT.winmd. Attached is the MDILXapCompileLog. Bellow is the directory tree of what is included. That bracketed by * are what is referenced in the app. The rest is what is dragged in with it.

|   |   Microsoft.Media.WebVTT.pri
|   |   *Microsoft.Media.WebVTT.winmd*
|   |   
|   \---Microsoft.Media.WebVTT
|       |   Microsoft.Media.WebVTT.xr.xml
|       |   
|       \---themes
|               Generic.xbf
|   |   *Microsoft.PlayerFramework.dll*
|   |   Microsoft.PlayerFramework.pri
|   |   
|   \---Microsoft.PlayerFramework
|       |   Microsoft.PlayerFramework.xr.xml
|       |   
|       \---Themes
|               Classic.xbf
|               Entertainment.xbf
|               Generic.xbf
|               Phone.xbf

I have taken a look at similar posts but have not found anything that applies.

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Universal App Deploy error code: 2147942411


1 solution

Did you find any solution for this problem? I had similar issue with Microsoft Advertisement dll and I managed to fix it with these steps -

1. Build in Debug mode and deploy to the device.
Deployed successfully.

2. Now clean the solution, build in Release mode and deploy to device.

I fount the hint from below link:
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