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hi every body,
i am sorry about my English in advance.
I want to buy a template like this website, but i couldn't find any template like this.[^]
all feature in this web site is complete and perfect. i searched alot.
i need your help. its so necessary for me.what is template of this website? or do you know some thing like this?
thank you so much

1 solution

I would suggest contacting the makers of the site to see if they can point you in the right direction.

You can also use the developer tools in your browser to view the source and the js files and get a good idea about how it was built.

And if you can write code, which is what this site is about, then you can build anything you like. :)
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MissProgrammerSara 4-Dec-14 5:14am    
the makers of the site wouldnt say to me.
and i searched alot by firebug and its class. but the file's name of javascript and css is encrypted. do you can help me to find a google maps template ? do you know any template like this?
ZurdoDev 4-Dec-14 7:18am    
It's probably just google maps with some other controls.

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