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I have image saved in database in binary form .I want to display it in Jtable.

<script type="text/javascript">

    $(document).ready(function () {

        //Prepare jtable plugin
            title: 'The Student List',
            paging: true, //Enables paging
            pageSize: 10, //Actually this is not needed since default value is 10.
            sorting: true, //Enables sorting
            defaultSorting: 'Name ASC', //Optional. Default sorting on first load.
            actions: {
                listAction: '/PagingAndSorting.aspx/StudentList',
                createAction: '/PagingAndSorting.aspx/CreateStudent',
                updateAction: '/PagingAndSorting.aspx/UpdateStudent',
                deleteAction: '/PagingAndSorting.aspx/DeleteStudent'
            fields: {
                StudentId: {
                    key: true,
                    create: false,
                    edit: false,
                    list: false
                Name: {
                    title: 'Name',
                    width: '23%'
                EmailAddress: {
                    title: 'Email address',
                    list: false
                Password: {
                    title: 'User Password',
                    type: 'password',
                    list: false
                Gender: {
                    title: 'Gender',
                    width: '13%',
                    options: { 'M': 'Male', 'F': 'Female' }

        //Load student list from server


Can any one help me to display it
Updated 31-Mar-21 2:37am

1 solution

The img tag can use binary for its image source if it is in base64 encoding. For example:

<img src="...">  // just fill in your base64 encoded image
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